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LOGANMCCREE.TV: Me, Myself and You Part 07 (Wet shaving Special) Reviewed

July 15, 2012 Posted by suefairview

I still remember the first time I shaved my dick and balls. Man, was I excited, my cock was throbbing hard the whole time and at the end I shot my load after jerking off with the shaving creme. That’s been years ago, but it still gets me off to shave myself down there. In this clip I shave my dick my balls and my asshole for you guys and shoot a nice load at the end.


WOW! There was nothing not to like about this one! As a woman, I don’t get to see this sort of thing too often. I have seen Nick Moretti do one or two and also Francesco D’Macho had a clip on grooming where Daniel Marvin was doing the honors:

I guess a really big star has someone to do it for him. LOL! I posted these previously here.

But no one has done such a sexy take on it and I fully appreciate Logan‘s efforts in this area! I watched with bated breath and eyes wide open as Logan used an ordinary plastic razor of the same type I use on my legs and underarms to shave his most sensitive areas!!!! OMG! And sure enough, he nicked himself on his left side of his penis’ shaft!   Ouch! Hurt much? I could clearly see the blood [due to Bolko’s terrific camera work] and wanted to lick to lick it off for him. Slurp! That is not all I wanted to lick! LOL! But he continued as if nothing had happened.

Then Logan shaved his ass; I didn’t even notice the hair there until he began to shave it off. Logan made all of this shaving look so easy, when at times he couldn’t even see what he was doing. He winked his asshole at us. The he faced forward and jerked off with fervor. That was so hot! He looked so lonely in that big white tub with all that pristine water running down his toned and tattooed body. Lordy!

Highly recommended. See or own the free XXX preview here.

Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin from Kristen Bjorn

September 9, 2011 Posted by suefairview

They broke the mold when they made this pair! Of course this is from a vintage video from Kristen Bjorn of Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin playing well with others. I swiped it from my largest referrer, Roids N Rants.

Pedro Andreas & Daniel Marvin go down on Juan

May 14, 2011 Posted by suefairview

I want to be Juan!

See much, much more at Attempted Entertainment. This is, of course, an old film. But I couldn’t help myself but post it. Who could blame me???? Later they fuck him!!! *swoon* Directed by the fabulous Strongboli.

Jiffy Jim: a new link!

January 20, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Yesterday I learned a new word. Zentai. I had previously seen full body suits, but had no idea what they were called. It took Jiffy Jim’s blog, which is about “zentai, rubber, leather, spandex and more”, to educate me. Turns out that Jim and I have lots more than an interest in fetish gear in common though. We also both like Dave Mason and Slick It Up, Nick Moretti, Chase, Logan McCree, and Stan’s blog Metro Dystopia. It is a match made in blogger heaven! It was inevitable that we should link blogs! We have Erik of Roids N Rants to thank! So, please do check out Jim’s blog! Here are some sample photos from his blog [please enlarge them and I do apologize for there being so many].

Raging Stallion Studios Calendars!

October 25, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Wow! Did you know that 2 wall calendars are available from Raging Stallion studios for 2011? They are the STALLIONS and the DICK of the MONTH calendars. Below are some photos from each:

Daniel Marvin graces the cover and is Mr. January of the calendar. I am hoping that this is a new photo and I have recently heard from Daniel and intend to find out what he is up to these days. I will keep you posted!

Pedro Andreas is Mr. April. YUM! We all know my weakness for Mr. Andreas! Yikes!

Adam Killian is Mr. August. I could faint!

Bruno Bond in on the month at a glance page:

He’s so hot, he needed a fan! Others appearing on the calendar are: Junior Stellano, Derrick Diamond, Damien Crosse, Connor Habib, Aybars, Austin Wilde, Angelo Marconi, Max Shutler, Manuel Deboxer, and Mitchell Rock.

Here is the back of the DICK of the MONTH calendar:

Each page has a close-up of the erection and nut-sack, with the star’s face in the background, as you can see from the thumbnails on the back.

Now I ask you, is Pedro’s cock not a thing of beauty? As an artist, I am inspired! Look at the venation, and the folds of skin that transcend diagonally away from the central line as if his dick were a leaf. Gorgeous! That plus the plump cock head, perfectly in proportion with the shaft, make me hungry. Hungry for cock meat! Slurp! Then there is that nut-sack! So pink and delicate! Waiting to be tasted! I can feel my tongue on it now! Do I have to wait until April?

Others on this calendar are: Adam Killian, Daniel Marvin, Aybars, Damien Crosse, David Taylor, Derrick Diamond, Dominick Pacifico, Jason Crew, Luke Hass, Manuel Deboxer, Antonio Biaggi, Justin Christopher, and Austin Wilde.