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5 Porn Stars I would do…

January 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

FRANCESCO D’MACHO – Always my numero uno favorite of all time! My very first porn crush has held his place in my heart and in my, um, *cough* special private place too. He never fails to made me wet! Sigh. Oh Francesco!

PEDRO ANDREAS – My baby daddy! So warm and friendly, he’s always there with a big smile. What a great guy Andreas is! And so freaking hot! So, Pedro, are you sure you’re gay?

KURT ROGERS – I have admired him from afar. He is picture perfect from every angle and I adore him. His endowment would probably kill me were I to try to accommodate it. But I am probably safe, because it all remains a fantasy.

BRUNO BOND – What can I say about Bruno? He has that certain something that just clicks and turns me on. He is all man, strong in looks as well as personality. Plus he has a great sense of humor. I can just tell. I love everything I see of him in his films and I can’t wait to meet him this September. [I met him and he lived up to my expectations; he is Georgia sweet and London randy!] I would do him in a NY minute.

DAVID TAYLOR – OMG! The eyes, the hair, the body, the tatts! He has it all! He can rape me anytime! I am yours David! Call me.

This is meme from Lord Damien. Thanks!

Nailed & Screwed Pic Spam

May 9, 2011 Posted by suefairview

See the free XXX preview here. Read my reviews here and here.

Raging Stallion Studios Calendars!

October 25, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Wow! Did you know that 2 wall calendars are available from Raging Stallion studios for 2011? They are the STALLIONS and the DICK of the MONTH calendars. Below are some photos from each:

Daniel Marvin graces the cover and is Mr. January of the calendar. I am hoping that this is a new photo and I have recently heard from Daniel and intend to find out what he is up to these days. I will keep you posted!

Pedro Andreas is Mr. April. YUM! We all know my weakness for Mr. Andreas! Yikes!

Adam Killian is Mr. August. I could faint!

Bruno Bond in on the month at a glance page:

He’s so hot, he needed a fan! Others appearing on the calendar are: Junior Stellano, Derrick Diamond, Damien Crosse, Connor Habib, Aybars, Austin Wilde, Angelo Marconi, Max Shutler, Manuel Deboxer, and Mitchell Rock.

Here is the back of the DICK of the MONTH calendar:

Each page has a close-up of the erection and nut-sack, with the star’s face in the background, as you can see from the thumbnails on the back.

Now I ask you, is Pedro’s cock not a thing of beauty? As an artist, I am inspired! Look at the venation, and the folds of skin that transcend diagonally away from the central line as if his dick were a leaf. Gorgeous! That plus the plump cock head, perfectly in proportion with the shaft, make me hungry. Hungry for cock meat! Slurp! Then there is that nut-sack! So pink and delicate! Waiting to be tasted! I can feel my tongue on it now! Do I have to wait until April?

Others on this calendar are: Adam Killian, Daniel Marvin, Aybars, Damien Crosse, David Taylor, Derrick Diamond, Dominick Pacifico, Jason Crew, Luke Hass, Manuel Deboxer, Antonio Biaggi, Justin Christopher, and Austin Wilde.

The Folsom Street Fair 2010: A Memoir

October 8, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The photographs that go with this memoir are here.

I was so excited; my first Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco! I planned to wear my blue jean short-shorts with black thong underwear underneath [one never knows!], my black camisole top with lace fringe, my Harley-Davidson Pavement Harness Boots, with gray hiking socks underneath, my vintage Calvin Klein 1980’s eyeglasses with sun glass clip, my motor cycle cap, and my black Hopi fetish bear dangle bead earrings. I was a vision of leather bear lover mama!

[A note about the boots. Of course I couldn’t show up at a leather event without having a proper shine on them. So, when I was at Newark International Airport, I had my specialist, Patrick, work one into them. He was a real pro, twirling the brushes and everything! I was very impressed. Thanks Patrick, my man!]

So it was around noon and I was ready to hit that street! I did and not too far up ahead I saw Alexsander Freitas. I called out to him and he turned around, saw me and didn’t recognize me at all. I called to him again and he did the most marvelous double take. So we walked down 7th Street together to the fair, which wasn’t all that far. He got in for free, since he is an entertainer, and I paid a donation. Right away we saw a naked man with an erection and there was a small crowd taking his photograph. Alex said “Isn’t that amazing?” I kept wondering what was so amazing about it. It was just a guy with a stiffy in public. But I decided not to say anything.

There were lots of men in harnesses or naked, and lesbians in all kinds of dress. There were booths lining the sides of the streets and some in the center. Alex seemed wowed by it all. For me it was so similar to Folsom Street East, just far larger. There was a chariot of sorts with one lesbian driving and another hitched to it and pulling. He photographed it. Then we did a little video together that he posted to his site.

There was a huge center booth and tent erected and a commensurately huge crowd around it at about the center of the fair. It was the booth for where Van Darkholme was doing his shows. Apparently the nudity was the big draw. But when we were able to push our way past it, we began looking for the Raging Stallion booth in earnest since Alex had to report for work before 1 PM. We started asking around to see if anyone knew where it was. No one knew shit from shinola. But we turned a corner, and there it was; in front of the toilets!

Alex went over to the side to get ready and I quickly snapped a photo because he looked so much like a dancer. I stepped away and there was Race Cooper horsing around with Tony Aziz. I snapped a picture of them playing. Then Race showed me his authentic vintage riding cap that he got in a shop that smelled of moth balls. The rest of his outfit was achieved with an authentic riding crop and riding boots, leather gloves and bow tie, plus a new style of neoflex jeans by Slick It Up. Um, the to die for body ya gotta work for! LOL! By then the full complement of Raging Stallion men had shown up. In addition to those already mentioned, Jason Adonis was there as was Chris Porter and Kennedy Carter.

I decided to roam and see what I could see. I watched Van Darkholme tying up some guys. One of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence felt ill and they were all coming out of the medical area together when they gathered and posed for a photo. Divine! I went by the Hot House booth and photographed Kyle King. He wouldn’t flex for me because he felt small. I said “Honey, this is small!” And I raised my puny arm and made a pathetic bicep. But fine,  I’m not going to force anybody to do what they don’t want. Then I photographed Craig Reynolds who gave me my first and only freebie of the fair! A Hot House DVD that I have yet to watch! Thanks Craig!

I continued around the corner and the Falcon booth was next. Whoa! BLUE EYES! CUTE FACE! STOP THE PRESSES! Who is this hottie? It was Aden Jaric. [Click to enlarge.] I could just fall into his eyes. Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling… Head over heels. Okay, I got him to sign a photo for me. I am such a fan girl. Hopeless, that’s me. I’m probably old enough to be his mom. Sheesh. Should I be walking him across the street holding his hand like a little boy, or should he be helping the old lady across the street? LOL! Put me out of my misery already! OMG! Just shoot me! I think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon just quietly watching his dirty vids. Now THAT is a guilty pleasure.

Back to the real world. Folsom Street Fair. Ah, Mr. Washington! Please smile for the camera. Thanks! That was loverly. Diesel takes photos that I am jealous of. Like these:

Had I known that this shot was available for the taking, I would have tried for it!!! I wouldn’t have just settled for the ass shot that everyone got! Nice view, isn’t it?I don’t recall even seeing Logan at the fair! Now I hear he is trying to send me an email. If you read this, Logan, I have sent you a message on your Facebook.

I also spotted Bobby Clark. Then I realized that I was starving and needed food. So I trekked back through the now massive and mob-like crowd to get to 8th Street where the food vendors were. I passed Van Darkholme flogging a man and kicking him in the chest and found it very energetic and photogenic. So I stopped and clicked off a few snaps.

The bottle neck at the Kink booth, to see the naked people, was such that there were so many rows of people trying to pass each other, it was crazed nearly naked madness. You could have lifted your feet up and you would have been carried along by the crowd, or squeezed to death. I can see how people die in these circumstances if there is a panic. Finally, I pushed through and got to 8th and found some food and was eating some BBQ chicken on a stick. Off in the cloud of smoke, I could see Nick Moretti. I had to stop by and say “Hello!”

Nick was eating pad Thai noodles and had fresh pink and red flogger marks on his back. He was SO sexy with his furry bare chest and flogger hanging from his belt. YUM! I’ll say it again, pictures just do not so him justice. When you see him in the flesh he has tremendous charisma, force of personality. And body – wow! How can he have such a freaking hot body at his age? It is difficult to believe he is this troubled and vulnerable person he claims to be on his blog. He is all BDSM Dom and mature control when you meet him. Maybe he just had me fooled at the fair with his show persona? Oh well. It was fun! He was there with his really nice and cute friend [with pretty green eyes!] Paul from Fort Lauderdale. I asked Paul to grab Nick’s crotch and he put his hand down in the front of Nick’s jock. Nick almost jumped into the air, he was so shocked! Paul just got this really mischievous look on his face; he was enjoying every moment. After Paul took his hand out, Nick had to adjust himself a bit – it was too funny. Nick asked me if I thought that Van was micromanaging his shows. I told him that I really didn’t know enough about what I was watching to tell one way or the other, but certainly he was controlling every aspect. He looked shocked by my answer. He indicated that he thought I was an old hand in the BDSM game. I corrected him and said that I had no actual experience at all. I was married for 25 years and my sex-life was more or less vanilla. I only watch it on the internet and fantasize about it. We chatted a bit more about this and that and I found Nick to be sweet and genuine. Paul was wearing the Slick It Up arm guard and neoflex jeans and looked really hot in both! They were headed back to see Francesco D’Macho and I was also headed off in that direction, but it would be impossible to stay together in that crowd, so we separated.

I headed back for the Raging Stallion Booth and had to go through the meat grinder again. But once I got there I ran into Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse right away. I gave them both big hugs and my card and right away Francesco told Damien “Baby, we should get cards!” Then I told Francesco how I thought that StagHomme got ripped off by not taking home any awards. He said that he was quite happy with the 6 nominations and that for one company to produce so many in one year was quite impressive and sent a signal of quality to the entire industry. I said that he has a good point. Then I really wanted to have my photo taken with them, since the last time was at their wedding.

DO came up to me smiling because he finally had his shirt off and I could get a shot of him half naked for free! We had been joking at the Man of the Year party, I wanted him to take it off, and he said that he didn’t for business reasons. LOL! But I got one this time! Then Bruno Bond proved how useful short-shorts can be with the help of Cole Streets. See how unconcerned Bruno looks. He must get this kind of treatment all day long. Must be nice. I finally got to tell Cole that I loved his acting in Focus/Refocus. He thanked me and said that after that movie he got an offer to do a small mainstream film. I said “Oh! Just like François Sagat!” He laughed and said “Yes! François and I are just like that!” and held his two fingers together. We both laughed. The ever sexy Angelo Marconi passed by. Adam Champ showed up to do interviews for his television show. He interviewed Steve Cruz, and then Angelo Marconi.

Then I met Kent Taylor, who sends RSS DVDs to me for review,  who was a bit browner than usual because he had just returned from Costa Rica. I took his photo. Then Brian Randall, an Aussie from the Affiliates portion of RSS, came to meet me and I took his photo also. I told him to do something Australian and he held up his beer.  Both were really nice guys and very happy that I had come all the way from Connecticut to see the GAYVNs and Folsom.

Next I shot Dominic Pacifico, a really cool little dude. Then I walked backwards and took another ‘throw a rock, hit a pornstar’ shot of the RSS booth. They were everywhere! What an overwhelming experience! You just can’t imagine! Bruno tasted Dominic’s ass. I asked Dominic to take my photo with Bruno. He did a great job, taking 3 photos in all! Thanks Dominic! I had plenty of time to speak with Bruno and I told him how I enjoyed his set design in Focus/Refocus. and felt it was too bad that the GAYVNs deleted that award from the show or he might have won it this year. I mentioned that I was very impressed with the ram’s skull over the bed in the first scene presaging the entire plot in the movie. He took off then, and added that he had 46 costume changes and the color intensities in green and purple increased for each character as the plot intensified. [I kept thinking, there were costumes??? Just kidding!] We then got to talking about porn crushes. His first two are Francesco and Damien. My first is Francesco and my second is Pedro Andreas. I assured him that if he met Pedro in person, his list might change. He, Bruno, is number 4 on my list. For the life of me, I could not remember numbers 3 or 5 while I was there with him! [They are Kurt Rogers and David Taylor.] Bruno also said that he was now directing with Steve and having a blast doing that. By then Steve had returned and I congratulated him on his award for Best Supporting Actor. He told me that when he was assigned his role, he felt compelled to take acting lessons. LOL! Then Kennedy Carter came up to us and I provoked him by saying “Prove you are a ginger!” He was more than happy too! Steve gave him a hand! What a great shot that was!

Tommy Defendi made a very evocative pose and I snapped a photo of him. Kyle King came over to the booth with his sweety-pie. I caught a photo of a stud hanging out. Wilfried Knight came over to get us all laughing again. We were talking about the mash-up of people at the Kink tent, and Wilf said that Americans are so repressed, that when they see public nudity, they go apeshit, and rubber neck because they have never seen anything like it.

Then Tom Wolfe came up and wanted to meet me. I shook his hand and grabbed his leather gauntlet covered wrist with my other hand, and almost hurt myself on his metal spikes. Okay! But I gave him my last Fair View card anyhow.

By then I had been on my feet taking photos for 6 hours. The stars were packing up to leave and the fair was closing. I arranged to walk back to the hotel with Adam Champ. He donned his pants, tee-shirt and sneakers, grabbed his boots and we headed out. His fans stopped him numerous times for photos with him. Each time, he was patient and smiling. I even held his boots for him once. We made it back to the hotel, said our good-byes and parted. I was so wiped and exhausted I collapsed on the bed. I had a shower, ordered a small pizza and ate the whole thing. I had taken over 600 photos and had an unbelivable time.

The next day, I began traveling in the early morning. My flight wasn’t until 10 AM, but I left the hotel at 8 to get to the airport. It took me until 1 AM the following day to get home because of United Airline’s fuck-ups. Plus they lost my bag at O’Hare. I was sick for a week with sinusitis afterwards.

But it was definitely worth it. I would do it all over again.

Congratulations 2010 Grabby Winners!

May 30, 2010 Posted by suefairview

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: ‘Focus/Refocus’

BEST DIRECTORS: ‘Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco and Ben Leon’

BEST ACTOR: ‘Cole Streets’


BEST NEWCOMER: ‘Austin Wilde‘ &

Samuel Colt

BEST GROUP SCENE: Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Steve Cruz, Wilfried Knight, Angelo Marconi, Cole Streets ‘Focus/Refocus’

BEST SCREENPLAY: Dan Rhodes ‘Focus/Refocus’ [The mystery is eternal!!!]


Source: Raging Stallion Studios Blog






Adam Killian
Taken to the lowest level
Channel 1 Releasing


Matthew Rush


Adam Killian

Tony Buff


See all the winners here.

More photos here!