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Raging Stallion’s Q & A with Damien Crosse: 2010 Grabby Noms

March 18, 2010 Posted by suefairview

From the Raging Stallion Blog:

Q. You were just in Egypt last week. What is it like to be Gay in Egypt? Tell us about your trip.

There´s not really much as far as clubbing is involved, gay nightlife is pretty much at house parties. But that doesn´t mean you cant have fun. Taxi drivers will ask you if you’ve got a girlfriend. Tell them you don´t and after a few more questions they’ll have their dicks out. And if you’re into the whole military fetish thing there´s soldiers all over the street. You can get some hot Egyptian soldier to fuck you for less than five euros. It´s much cheaper than the camel ride to see the pyramids at Giza.

So be sure to read the rest here!


San Francisco-based Raging Stallion Studios set a new record with a total of 42 nominations spread across nearly every category for the upcoming (Memorial Day Weekend) Grabby Awards. Handed out every year during IML, the Grabby Awards are the major awards celebration for the Gay Porn Industry.

Here’s the list of Stallion nominations, for a complete list visit the Grabby’s website.

Menace/ Raging Stallion Studios

The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Ben Leon & Tony DiMarco
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios

Tony Dimarco
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Antonio Biaggi
Ricky Sinz
RJ Danvers
Ryan Raz

Logan McCree

Dan Rhodes
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios

Tony DiMarco
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Caliente/Raging Stallion Studios

Ink Stain/Raging Stallion Studios

Cole Streets
Focus/Refocus/Raging Stallion Studios

Derrek Diamond
Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios

Logan McCree
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Jason Crew
Menace/Raging Stallion Studios

Mitchell Rock
Focus/Refocus/Raging Stallion Studios

Fists Away/Raging Stallion Studios
Fist My Butt/Raging Stallion Studios
Junk Yard Fist Dogs/Raging Stallion Studios

Focus/Refocus/Raging Stallion Studios
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Luke Cassidy & Tristen Phoenix
Nailed and Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios

Orgy Scene on Damien Crosse
Focus Refocus/Raging Stallion Studios


Adam Killian/Steve Cruz/Ricky Sinz
Focus Refocus/Raging Stallion Studios

RJ Danvers & David Taylor
Nailed and Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios

Bruno Bond
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios

David Taylor
Focus /Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios

Steve Cruz
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios

Kent Taylor

Chris Ward/Ben Leon/Tony DiMarco
Focus/Refocus/Raging Stallion Studios

Tony DiMarco
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Damian Crosse, Fracesco D’Macho, Wilfred Knight, Steve Cruz and
Angelo Marconi

Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios
Nailed and Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios

Cole Streets
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios

Logan McCree
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios

Logan McCree
Steve Cruz

Grabby’s are awarded Saturday, May 29th at the Park West Theater in Chicago… abudy time in the windy city! It’s also IML and Memorial Day Weekend! Good luck to all the nominees and congratulations to our own performers and creative team!

Nailed & Screwed Scene 1: Reviewed

January 6, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Nailed & Screwed from Raging Stallion Studios

 The opening montage was a beautiful collage of hairy men having real sex! How refreshing, a turn on and welcome sight, promising that this will be one hot film!

David Taylor

RJ Danvers

Scene 1: David Taylor & RJ Danvers

 RJ Danvers is trying to get a screw drilled into something when he drops it and loses it. As he searches for it, we see David Taylor in a shirt and tie striding towards RJ’s workplace. When he arrives he sweeps apart the plastic and says “What are you doing?” RJ answers that he lost a screw and can’t find it. David answers smoothly that he should try looking here, gesturing to his pant’s crotch. RJ doesn’t hesitate and so commences the blow job. RJ begins slowly to lick the head and take it into his mouth, then he backs off and spits on it. He turns his head to the side and throats the whole thing with ease. David moans, and says “You’ll get a bonus for that.” RJ chuckles. David’s blow job for RJ is aggressive and messy. He ravages RJ’s cock as he sucks it in like a vacuum cleaner. RJ lies back on the rectangular work table just to be out of the way. David seems to suck in anything that isn’t nailed down; even an errant testicle. They switch positions, and RJ rims David for a while, pulling his ass closer down on the table. David’s asshole is beautiful and hairy, but the pucker is nice and tight. [I suppose because it is still virgin as he is only a top.]


Next, RJ mounts David on top of the table facing him. David’s cock slips right in and a rhythm is achieved quickly. The sex was so hot, that I couldn’t type during it. Summarizing, they used four positions, and it was well worth watching.


I have seen David Taylor in two films so far, this one and Focus/Refocus and have loved him in both. He is quite intense, gorgeous and such a fucking stud. I guess you could say I am a new fan. RJ was also very sexy in this and added a lot to the scene.

I highly recommend this film based on this scene and the opening montage. More scenes will be reviewed as time allows. You can order Nailed & Screwed from Raging Stallion Studios.

Focus/Refocus Reviewed

December 12, 2009 Posted by suefairview

As a murder mystery aficionado, I was very pleased with the plot of Focus/Refocus! I really liked how the ram skull hanging over Joe’s bed in the first sex scene presaged the plot entirely! All in all, this has got to be the hottest flick I have seen in a good long while and I think that Raging Stallion Studios will go very far with Focus/Refocus. I sat rapt as I watched the entire film all in one go!

My favorite scenes were the one with Joe (Cole Streets) and Eddy (David Taylor), which I have previously reviewed.

I also liked the scene where David Taylor rapes Scott Tanner, though at some point Scott seems to get into it [who wouldn’t???]. David is one very strong guy, as he is able to lift Scott into a sexual position [facing each other] that is usually done up against a wall, with a much smaller partner, and fuck him that way for some time. [NB: He could have done that with a much smaller partner, say like with me for instance, for far longer! Just sayin’.].

I just loved the orgy scene, but how could one not? An über gorgeous Francesco D’Macho politely shows Joe into the stylish mansion where the A-gays play. Damien Crosse has his arrogant “bugger off peasant” face on that he wears so well as he turns away to kiss Angelo Marconi. Francesco goes back to the couch and resumes kissing Wilfried Knight. Dario Stefano (played by Steve Cruz) enters in a black robe and sheds it dramatically to reveal his black brief underwear with red serpent designs as he joins Damien and Angelo. The orgy is so well choreographed and shot; I challenge you to find a hotter one! Everyone does everyone [even “the Chihuahua’s fuckin’ the Great Dane,” I love that quote from Steve’s blog!] and everyone cums at least twice! There are two bukakke scenes; one where everyone cums on Damien’s face and the last where Francesco is the cum whore. After it is all over and Joe has dutifully filmed the entire thing, keeping his cock in his pants the whole time, Francesco invites him to dump his load into the pile on his chest already. Joe quickly agrees and it takes him all of two seconds to do it!

The next really hot scene was with Adam Killian as Philip Stanwyk and Ricky Sinz as Sam the bartender from Chaps and Steve Cruz as Dario. Joe begins watching this online and then we go to it live as it is happening. I have to say that this scene was beautifully shot and Adam looked great. His skin was smooth and tan and his cut cock looked really edible! Again a really well choreographed and filmed three-way where everybody does everybody and the result was very hot! I was transfixed. Truly.

There were more hot scenes, but I don’t want to ruin the story by telling them. There is one really hot DP with Ryan Raz.

I think the standouts from this film will definitely include David Taylor. He is great looking physically and has pretty eyes and hair, plus he has that star charisma going for him. He is also a top and really strong. He has a terrific future in store and I sure don’t need a crystal ball to say so.

Cole Streets is another standout. He demonstrates his acting chops playing Joe and was a very convincing obsessed porn junkie.

Steve Cruz stands out for his acting talent and tremendous sexual abilities as does his partner, Bruno Bond. Steve demonstrates that he really knows his way around a cock and balls! Bruno demonstrates that he really knows how to give a blow job.

I always tend to think that when one sees a film and feels that there has been no directing, that that is when the director has done the job best of all. So, great job directing!!!

The sets were wonderful so kudos to Bruno who designed them. I especially liked the ram skull, as I have mentioned. I also liked the scattered bongs in people’s apartments and the realistic workplaces, such as the sex shop, bar and movie houses. I liked the décor in the mansion and the fancy bedroom where Philip is murdered. I only wish that more photos were available of the sets!

The pace was kept up throughout the film as we follow Joe through his porn obsessed cum fumbling detective adventure through his interrogation by chain smoker Detective Callahan who was well played by Joe Wicht.

This film is highly, highly recommended. Five of five stars!!! I loved it!

An Anonymous Package

November 28, 2009 Posted by suefairview

I received this white anonymous package in the mail that contained a missive with cut out letters from magazines:


It also had a DVD and a movie ticket torn in two. I put the DVD into my computer and a scene began with David Taylor and Cole Streets.

 They were in bed together and Cole was starting a camera. David asks him if it is in focus. Cole replies “It is auto-focus; no thinking necessary.” Then Cole says “Come on big boy, show me what you’ve got!” David admits that he’s never really done porn [cough], so why does Cole want to tape them now? Cole replies that he’s just curious. David says “Curiosity killed the cat.” Cole says “Yeah, so?” David replies “Yeah, so shut up and fuck me!”


Thus begins an extremely intimate sexual interlude between the two men that was simply gorgeous. During the entire thing they share little words of encouragement like “I want you to fuck me,” or “Oh baby, your dick feels fucking amazing!” All of it was so natural and the two men are so beautiful that I lost track of time watching them make love; it was that engrossing. Cole (Joe) has his load fucked out of him by David. David pulls out and ditches the condom. He is covered with sweat and the blush of sex. It doesn’t take him long to pump out his load too. At the end, Cole (Joe) says to David “That was fucking hot!” I have to agree. It WAS.


If this is the promo film for Focus/Refocus the film will be all and much more than I expected, which was a murder mystery adult film with mega stars. Add to that now these extremely intimate sexual interludes between gorgeous men that is completely natural and engrossing to watch. I cannot wait to see what has been done with the mega stars in this light.

You can order your copy of Focus/Refocus at Raging Stallion Studios.

Photo source: Guiltily Pleasured

Raging Stallion's Focus/ReFocus Trailer

October 23, 2009 Posted by suefairview

From The Sword:


Last week, a Raging Stallion employee leaked a girsly murder scene clip from its upcoming feature, Focus/Refocus. Commenters freaked out, porn fans discussed whether cumming on a dead man’s face constitutes necrophilia, and now I have your first look at the trailer.

After sweeping the GayVNs with last year’s equally violent To the Last Man, Raging Stallion has spent $175,000 on this year’s follow-up. Focus/Refocus is the most expensive movie to come out of the 2009 cock mill, and it stars all your favorite friends. Along with all the major Raging Stallion exclusives (think David Taylor and Cole Streets), there’s Steve Cruz, Mr. and Mr. D’Macho, Wilfried Knight and Ricky Sinz and a bloody knife.

Contoversy surrounding gay porn violence begs several questions. Is violence in porn movies comparable to violence in Hollywood movies? Will watching murderous fuck flicks inspire porn fans to murder their Craigslist hook-ups? Is it hotter when porn stars die outdoors or indoors? The movie is released on November 1. View the leaked snuff film and commenter controversy at Gay Porn Blog.

See the trailer here. I can’t wait until the film comes out!