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Men At Play’s COCK FIGHT Preview

October 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


COCK FIGHT stars Dean Monroe [didn’t he retire?] and Tomas Brand. Here they squabble over a client and end up solving it by… well watch the free XXX preview to see how they resolve the issue.

Dean Monroe Retires from Porn

September 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview


From Dean’s blog:

After 13 exciting and wonderful years in an industry that has given me confidence, creative expression, financial stability, the opportunity to travel and many life long friendships the gay porn world today has become a total disappointment.

Last year I said yes to a request by Treasure Island Media, the largest and most well know bareback studio, to shoot 2 scenes for them. One in London and the other in California. As through out my career I’ve been a strong advocate of safe sex I agreed to it under the terms that the duo scene would be oral only and I would do a second jack off solo scene. All was agreed and the scenes were in the can.
At this point I need to add that most mainstream gay porn companies are now shooting bareback content. In the early 80’s after the Aids epidemic and discovery of the virus and how it was transmitted the gay porn world reacted by shooting condom only safe sex. It seems that today in 2013 the studios have decided to start relaxing the noose on condom use by shooting more bareback content due to it’s financial gain and due to the growing attitudes that its ok if you get infected you can still have a normal life the medication can control everything.

The backlash that followed the release of my 2 scenes for Treasure Island took me by surprise. On all the various blogs and websites the negative and hateful comments just kept pouring in. I had to break my silence and explain myself via that seem to be the epicenter of the whole discussion.
Well just like everything in porn the brawl lasted a mere few weeks and then was forgotten…..almost.

At the beginning of this year I received the Best Porn Star award at the Cybersockets voted on by the fans. With this in mind I returned to the U.S. with a fresh and eager attitude only to discover that not one of the many many studios I’ve collaborated with wanted to shoot me. This was a surprise and confusing to me but ultimately i knew the reason why. Which brings me to the situation in the industry today. In one word Chaos. Chaos in terms of the attitudes, the way people are cast, the standards that are followed and the greed and selfishness amongst the studio owners. In my situation no one wants to cast me because they believe i only do bareback now which means I’m likely HIV+ and that would be putting their filming at risk. Studios like MEN. com would prefer to use straight gay for pay actors who probably have never been tested rather than passionate gay performers who get tested regularly.
Unless there is a gold standard followed by the whole industry where every single performer is tested regularly before a shoot how can a studio know and decide on a models situation and whether he is suitable and safe. There is an ignorance and hypocrisy amongst studio directors today that is bringing the whole industry down and I only hope things will change very soon.

As for my situation I always knew the time would come when I would slowly have to say farewell and in no means is that sad. Im happy to have made it through these 13 years happy, healthy, sane and still safe. And much wiser.

When I began writing this blog in 2006 with the utmost enthusiasm it was my goal to let the fans and readers into my life and my adventures in porn. I hope you have discovered something of interest and had a few “happy” moments along the way.

Dean will be missed. I have met him, and he is a very sweet and nice guy, and obviously VERY talented!

Falcon Studio’s DRIPPING WET 4 Pic Spam

August 16, 2013 Posted by suefairview



As the hot sun beats down, the eight guys with beach-ready bods in Dripping Wet 4 get heated up and horned up. The cooling water of the swimming pool can’t keep their desires at bay. They want to be dripping wet with other forms of liquid: saliva, sweat, and semen. Director Bruno Bond combines these studs and all these fluids into a perfect mixture for getting off. As he ushers in the latest installment of this favorite Falcon poolside series, Bond excels at capturing facial expressions that portray the intensity of every sex act as he shoots this quartet of hook-ups guaranteed to make you drip and squirt. In each scene, swimsuits by Andrew Christian emphasize the flesh they’re designed to conceal, and each stud doesn’t take long to strip the suit off the other. When Paddy O’Brian parks his sexy haunches on the edge of the pool, the turquoise waters part and Johnny Ryder emerges, with a hot mouth in search of cock and a firm ass needing to be filled. Woody Fox is lucky to experience the amazing, wet cock sucking prowess of young hottie Ray Diaz, and then Fox takes a dick dive into Ray’s deep end. Christopher Daniels and Dean Monroe show how experienced porn stars do it: slow, savory sucking then an abrupt change to “fuck me now,” with each stud taking a turn as top. Cal Skye and Bobby Hart take to the open waters for a side-by-side floating 69 and rimming session before they reach land and Bobby takes the plunge into Cal. Don’t be fooled by the pool. What really gets these studs Dripping Wet is each other.

A movie I have not had time to review.

Trenton Ducati – what a man!

June 9, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Trenton Ducati recently won two Grabbys for Best Versatile Performer and Performer of the Year! I saw him again just last month in Chicago and he is still breathtakingly hot and so, so nice! His message is “Kill Meth!”; so buy those shirts! All I can say is “What a man!”

Don’t forget you can see him LIVE at Hustlaball in London on June 29th!

I got your Easter Basket right here!

March 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview