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Men At Play’s COP OFF

February 17, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Leaked photos and taped emergency calls place Officer B.Knight and Office E. Anastos under suspicion of police corruption.
The two officers under suspicion would allegedly respond to break in calls and visit the victims in their homes only to then turn on them for their own sexual pleasure. Victim Justin Harris said ” I couldn’t believe it was happening. you think you can trust the police. Two of them held me down and abused me. It was an awful lot to swallow”
Examine the evidence below.

I don’t think he really has anything to complain about!

See the free XXX preview here.

Stag Homme Studios #9 MADRID BULLS Reviewed

February 7, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Madrid Bulls
Stag Homme #9
Directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho

Stag Homme presents a new group of situational porn scenes that will get you horned up and jerking off. Superstar model/directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho take you on wild ride through their vibrant and cum-filled fantasies. From office sex to a celebratory fuck between gangster bank robbers and straight friend fucking to sex shop counter attendants who attend to each other, these artistic vignettes get you going because they’re realistic, gritty and creative. None is more imaginative and exquisitely filmed than ‘Haleeb,’ a spectacular outdoor scene featuring Damien Crosse, Eliad Anastos and milk. You have to see it!


Dirty Caballeros

Hmm. What to say about Dirty Caballeros? I could safely say that it will blow you away. These two fellows go at it without restraint and do just about everything in the book twice! Eep! You heard me right! They flip-flop fuck and David Dirdam even cums twice! Because, you know, once is just not good enough with all of the chemistry and skill in the room. Damien just has to play with the first shot and of course, the second one he takes on his face. Of course! Dirty Caballeros is a must see for the reasons I’ve just mentioned. Oh, and Damien is more gorgeous than ever and it should be illegal. The camera work was terrific and there were plenty of views and close-ups. The sets were well chosen. Great work guys!


Haleeb surpassed all expectations in that it was shot outdoors, with two outrageously hot guys, Damien Crosse and Eliad Anastos, it had horses that came into play naturally [!], the sex was “Stag Homme”™ hot [if you are a member, you know what this means], the prop was milk [need I say more!!!], plus, during the rimming the the Islamic call to prayer is played, otherwise known as the Adhan, during which “Allahu akbar” or “Allah is the greatest” is sung five times a day to call the devout to pray towards Mecca. Though it does sound mysterious and hauntingly beautiful and it does add to the rimming quite well, the result is resoundingly scandalous as homosexual acts are considered heinous crimes in most Islamic countries! I guess Stag Homme isn’t worried about propagating a fatwā against themselves. I guess Allah is cool with this, because what a hit this film is!

Heat Stroke

I don’t even know what to say anymore. Stag Homme’s “Heat Stroke” transcends adult entertainment and enters the world of high art. It is the combination of the music, which sounds to me just like a wonderfully suited Arabic vocal; the scenery, which looks like picturesque rooftops in Madrid; the boys, which include the incomparably gorgeous and tanned Damien Crosse as well as the gifted Biktor Vossou; and the creative genius imaginings of whoever came up with the theme for this tableau. From the tiniest detail, like the fly buzzing around the roof, to the largest, this one was perfection realized.

The photos do not do it justice because there is no motion. One needs to see god-like Damien come to life from the magazine Biktor is reading, see him spray himself with cool, clean water and his huge, freshly tanned shoulders moving as he tries to throat Biktor’s giant cock while Biktor throws his head back in ecstasy. You will swoon!  I will not say more as Heat Stroke is a must see.

The Whistleblower

Porn is fine and all, but I love an intriguing story and that is just what THE WHISTLEBLOWER gives us. I got instantly wet seeing Goran holding a gun to answer the door! What a man! Someone catch me! He could easily be the next “Bond, James Bond”.

Johnny Hazzard deftly played the foil to Goran’s Eastern Bloc thuggishness, with his machine-gun, bag of cash and Americanism. The star-crossed love, or shall we say sex story of this pair was gorgeous to watch in this wonderful and well chosen location. From pool side to fully immersed as well as in the room, they demonstrated all sorts of advanced sexual positions; some of which were romantic.

Johnny has all the talents of an extremely experienced bottom, even moving quite a bit in the missionary position, which you rarely see. I was quite impressed with him. Of course we all know how much I love Goran! Sigh! The camera work was very well done.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER is well worth seeing for the story as well as for the sexual content. There is so much in it to relish, you have to see it to believe it. The couple just keeps moving from one position to the next and one locale to the next. The story is very intriguing and is not resolved at the end of the film. I sure hope there is a part 2 planned, because I want to know how it all turns out. Who gets the money? Can we trust Goran’s character? How do they escape the police? Francesco – it is so unfair to leave us hanging!

Trophy Boy

I enjoyed every single moment of this Stag Homme feature. It was so realistic, believable and hot that I was glued to my monitor to see what happened next. Everything that happened [especially cell phone rings] was timed so perfectly and I know that that is not easy to accomplish. Merging acting, which Manuel Lopez and Adrian Toledo handle like old pros, with props and sex is quite a challenge, but Stag Homme is up to that challenge and exceeds it, in split screen, no less! Demonstrating that once again that Stag Homme Studios is above all mainstream studios as far as  production quality and capability.

The quality is built into the product at Stag Homme. The actors are quality physically and it can be seen. [Hoo boy can you see it! Get a load of Adrian’s ass!] We must assume that they are smart, since they both can act so well, as is demonstrated. They also have more than a bit of chemistry together. Whoever came up with this plot and script is a genius. So clever and realistic, I cannot tell you! Almost from a Seinfeld episode it is so ironic. The location is perfect also. The videography is stunning as usual and of course Stag Homme leads the way in technology with the use of the split screen.

See the fire in the attic before the whole house burns down.

Clerks (Bonus Scene)

In this clip, CLERKS, the fun begins with Francesco pawing at Jean’s crotch. I was wondering why no one locked the door of the shop. Did they leave it open on purpose? You know, the excitement of discovery as they were in a porn shop to begin with. I would have locked it; I don’t like to share. Part 1 is mostly blow jobs, but I could watch Francesco give a bj all day; that is how good he is at it. He has an intensity when he gives one that is captivating. He holds the eyes of the recipient to make sure that they are enjoying it. It makes me wish I had a cock! He gets to do a lot more throating with Jean than most men, as Jean has a sizable cock.

Part 2 is largely the fucking. And fuck they do! Francesco keeps to his “o” face pretty much the entire time so it must have felt pretty great! Jean must use that big cock of his very well. He pounded the cum right out of Damien in KAMA SUTRA, but he seems to pound his own cum out in CLERKS. There is a terrific cum shot at the end that has to be seen to be believed.

Another great film from Stag Homme Studios starring Internationally know porn star Jean Franko and high production values we’ve come to expect from this studio. Exceptionally produced and directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho.


Madrid Bulls is the ninth DVD that Stag Homme has released via Raging Stallion Studios and it is number one on the list of this week’s releases. This is nothing new for Stag Homme DVDs. So at this point, we can safely conclude that Stag Homme is on to something. Let me tell you what I think it is. QUALITY.

That is right. Quality in terms of drop dead gorgeous, sexy men who are also highly skilled adult entertainers; quality in terms of creativity [scenarios, plots, locations, ideas, etc], quality in terms of technical expertise [direction, camera work, split screens, lighting, sound, editing, etc.]. I would venture that Stag Homme has it all. Plus they produce it consistently. Two very special men are responsible for this: Franceso D’Macho and Damien Crosse. Leading the industry by example. Vive Stag Homme Studios!

Highly, highly recommended! See the free preview for MADRID BULLS here.

Men At Play’s GENTLEMAN’S TRICK with Eliad Anastos

October 21, 2011 Posted by suefairview

It is a neat little trick that can be seen in the free XXX preview here.


Stag Homme’s HALEEB (MILK) Reviewed

August 23, 2011 Posted by suefairview

“Haleeb (Milk) is an Arab-themed sex flick which is without a doubt one of the finest works of sex art. The feature begins with Eliad Anastos and Damien Crosse in traditional Arab robes eyeing each other from opposite sides of a tiny river. Eliad washes his face and the water courses down his white robe outlining that big fat semi-erect cock of his under the wet cloth. Damien then pulls up his own robe and starts jerking his thick piece. What follows is a beautiful versatile suck sequence framed by dried up vegetation and mountains and utterly perfect blue skies. During the feast curious horses come from the background into the action as they watch in awe. This masterpiece of porn is only surpassed by what follows; the splattering of white milk all over the screen as Damien rims, fingers, and fucks the hell out of Eliad. Haleeb finishes with two luscious cum facials and an audience who will never see porn in the same light. Haleeb, Stag Homme’s finest sex art to date!!”


I was beginning to feel as if I was transported to a Middle Eastern field where cattle and horses were shepherded by young, handsome men, wearing traditional galabeyas, and I was even into the Arab music in the background. But then I saw a car zip by in the distance, followed by another, and the illusion was spoiled. But I struggled my way back into it. I did spot a telephone poll though. Other than that, the setting was great as were the costumes.

Eliad Anastos is super hot in his wet galabeya and his fat cock pressed up against the fabric while Damien Crosse looks at Eliad lustily. Eliad did a terrific job blowing Damien and was able to throat Damien’s meat with no problem. [I did notice that Damien was wearing his galabeya backwards during the blow job sequences. He was wearing it correctly in the beginning of the film so, why did he do that? Was it too tight across his back?] Damien did his trademark ™ gluck thing when he blew Eliad.

The rimming was very interesting for two reasons. First, during it the Islamic call to prayer is played, otherwise known as the Adhan, during which “Allahu akbar” or “Allah is the greatest” is sung five times a day to call the devout to pray towards Mecca. Though it does sound mysterious and hauntingly beautiful and it does add to the rimming quite well, the result is resoundingly scandalous as homosexual acts are considered heinous crimes in most Islamic countries! I guess Stag Homme isn’t worried about propagating a fatwā against themselves. [If it were me, I would not be traveling in any Islamic countries for a while or countries with large Islamic populations, like England.]

The second reason is the use of milk during the rimming. Actually, haleeb, or milk is the theme of this Stag Homme feature and combined with the setting and costumes plus the music turns this feature into a new experience. So we have Damien rimming Eliad in a field with the horses very close by and this hauntingly beautiful Adhan in the background. Damien is completely naked and he has no tan-lines! Gorgeous! Then Damien brings out a flask of milk and pours it over Eliad’s hole. He laps it up, finger fucks Eliad in the milk, and flops his meat in the milk. HOT! We can’t wait for Damien to fuck Eliad, and soon our wish will come true; followed by two incredible facial cum shots that have to be seen to be believed.

Talk about cutting edge – Stag Homme has gone to scandalous lengths to create their art here! And what art it is! If porn cannot be scandalous, what can? [Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses earned the writer a fatwa against him, and he wasn’t even writing pornography, he was just writing a novel that cleverly and humorously criticized Islam.] I can assure you that no studio will surpass this effort! Camera work was great. You will love HALEEB!

Highly recommended. See the full feature only at Stag Homme.

So, what did you guys pay the horses?

Stag Homme’s “S.P.Q.R.” Reviewed

July 20, 2011 Posted by suefairview

I have been waiting for so long for Francesco D’Macho to embrace his roots and play something Roman and in this vignette, he finally does. I must say that he looks absolutely fabulous as a gladiator; he certainly has the build as well as the face, with his perfect Roman nose, blue eyes and cheek bones. On a whole his physique is perfect! He has also done a fine job selecting a great costar to play a gladiator opposite him in Eliad Anastos. Eliad is also quite handsome, though with darker features than Francesco, and he too has a muscular body, though his arms are a bit smaller than Francesco’s. [But of course, no one can compare to my porn crush, nor should they!] I wonder if his ancestry is Greek? They also had gladiators. [Every now and then I ask myself where they find all these gorgeous men, but then I know the answer. Spain. I know it because I have been there and seen it for myself. Every other man is an Antonio Banderas look-alike.]

[NB: If you have ever been to Rome, gladiators are everywhere in front of ancient buildings and will pose for photos with you for a few Euros. They range from cheap looking to expensive looking. Also, they will stay in the background, or sometimes be pushy with hawking at you. I had one approach me at the Pantheon, while I waited outside at the fountain for my husband. He came up to me with his arms outstretched and said “Princess!” Ew. I am 54 and have been married for over 25 years, I am hardly a princess! Please! I gave him a look and he went away. I guess they are just trying to make a living like everyone else. But I am hoping you have not been to Rome, because then you will enjoy this film more and not be reminded of all the tawdry gladiators in Rome selling themselves. They’re not all like that though.]

I did like what the gladiators were wearing. Especially the leather woven belts, gauntlets and shin guards with sandals. The animal head masks were a nice touch and very unique. I also liked the outdoor location shots at Roman monuments.

At the beginning of the vignette, the gladiators fight and Francesco prevails [of course!]. He then takes his booty [LOL!] to his tent [his redecorated porch with many animal sounds] to further beat on him and have sex with him. But as Dan Savage would say, he is GGG and they swap blow jobs, punches and flip-flop fuck.

But, the eye candy is amazing! Just look at the photos! I could watch Eliad put his fat cock into Francesco all day, while grabbing onto those woven belts for leverage and pulling Francesco to him to fuck him as deep as possible. Listening to Francesco moan with ecstasy lights my fire.  Or watch Francesco pump up into Eliad’s ass staccato while Eliad holds his breath against shooting his load. Or, maybe that was me holding my breath. Yeah, I could watch that. That is my kind of porn! Isn’t it yours?

The camera work was very well done, and I noticed a new shot that was “blow-job” view. Nice work Damien! Great creative concept here and well worked out. Another home run for Stag Homme!

See it only at Stag Homme Studios.


I would suggest that next time Francesco play a Roman leader instead of a gladiator. There could be slave boys, rival leaders from different countries, generals, senators, etc.. The mind reels at the possiblities. It could be an entire series. Just a thought.