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Q&A: ETHAN REYNOLDS, Star of TV Vampire Drama ‘The Lair’ on here!, Really Sucks!

January 14, 2009 Posted by suefairview

All-around cool dude, super-hottie-model and former Ginch Gonch guy Ethan Reynolds (aka, ‘The Incredible Mr. E’) is branching out – and man does he suck!

Reynolds joins the cast of here! Networks‘ vampire horror TV series ‘The Lair,’ about the exclusive sex club where the clientele constantly bite off more than they can chew. Ethan joins the cast in Season 2, which kicks off Friday, September 5. Show also co-stars Colton Ford, Dylan Vox, Brian Nolan, and Johnny Hazzard.

Ethan took some time out of his busy blood-sucking schedule to talk with Muzo about his new show, sex on the beach, being romantic and what it takes to win his heart.

Muzo: First off, congratulations on joining the cast of Here! Network’s TV show, ‘The Lair.’ (The first episode airs Sept. 5) You will be playing a sexy vampire. How have you prepared for the role and what can we expect to see?
Ethan: I am no different than other guys! I am always trying to look sexy. So being asked to play a sexy character was quite the honor for me! But I didn’t have to do too much to prepare. My role wasn’t large, and being a vampire I couldn’t be too buff and tan. So I really didn’t have much prep work. I just wish I had more time to rehearse!

Muzo: But possibly even more important, since you will be playing a vampire, I assume you must really suck well. Was there an audition for that aspect?
Ethan: OH! You have seen my performance already. Oh, wait, you mean the other kind of suck!

Muzo: How did you originally get into modeling and how did that work help you get involved in acting?
Ethan: My first work as a model was actually for ‘XY Magazine.’ But you wouldn’t recognize me probably. I was a scrawny teen back then. But the photographers kept calling, and then I was given the opportunity to be on the cover of ‘Instinct Magazine.’ Everything really picked up after that! As for acting, I am not sure if any particular skills carried over. But when I was asked to be a spokesmodel for an underwear company, I was also expected to always be upbeat and positive. Have you ever stood around somewhere for a few hours in just your underwear? It’s not easy. Many things can happen, and there is not much you can do! So I think that’s when I learned some basics of acting!

Muzo: I always enjoy reading your blog posts on MySpace – you really put yourself out there about relationships, your feelings, etc. What type of response have you received from your blog? And how has your MySpace page affected your goals?
Ethan: I have always used MySpace as a way to stay connected with friends around the world. Even when I had my own Website, I still used MySpace as the way to just reach out. But lately I have been using the blog there a little more. Hopefully I am not scaring people away. I always say what’s on my mind.

Muzo: What do you look for in another guy?
Ethan: Honesty, loyalty, love and a fun personality. Oh, and compassion and understanding. I guess that would be the main things. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have learned a lot of lessons from past relationships. So I guess I am more on my guard now when I meet other guys.

Muzo: How does a guy win the Incredible Mr. E’s heart?
Ethan: He buys me pretty presents. No, I am just kidding. But I do like it when people do cute things to get my attention or show me they listen to me. Like if I mention that I love watching a certain movie and then a few weeks later the guy and I are enjoying a movie night and he remembers to have that movie to watch. That would mean a lot to me.

Muzo: Your thoughts on gay marriage? Will you ever get married?
Ethan: I don’t really think about it from a personal standpoint. I am not really for it or against it. Maybe it’s because I seem a little burned out on love right now. I absolutely feel that I should have the same rights as the straight man sitting next to me.

Muzo: Complete the sentence: ‘Deep down inside, I’m secretly in love with Muzo because…’
Ethan: He always has original gossip about the entertainment industry. Who needs the ever-cynical and bitter-sounding Perez Hilton when there is Muzo!

Muzo: Aside from MUZOPHILE: 24/7 Club Hits on Live 365 (clearly) what music do you like to listen to?
Ethan: Club mixes are fun, and I usually fill my iPod with dance and electronica, but I also love soundtracks, top 40, and anything that speaks to me through the lyrics. I am a romantic, and I love when the lyrics tell a story I can relate to.

Muzo: Your astrological sign is a Cancer – how would you describe the traits of a Cancer. That sign is the Crab, yes?
Ethan: Boy can I get crabby! I do seem to be ruled by emotions like they say about the sign. I act on them without thinking sometimes, and it can lead to trouble. I also rely on people around me. I think it’s the worst sign, and it is kind of hard to find anything nice about it. Cancer’s always seem to long for love. Now that I think about it, I guess I wish I was born a few days later!

Muzo: More ‘Complete the Sentence’ Time:

‘My favorite part of my body is…’
Ethan: My legs. Definitely my legs. Everything else needs help!

‘A fun weekend for me is…’
Ethan: Relaxing on the beach, hanging out with friends, and that doesn’t mean partying. I really enjoy doing active things. Like if one friend would call me and ask to go hiking, I would be putting my shoes on as I talked on the phone.

‘When on a date, the guy should…’
Ethan: Remember, I do not date very often. So please be gentle and take some initiative. I am still a very shy boy. Oh, and don’t be expecting sex on the first date. Which is probably why I am not asked out very often!

‘When having sex, the guy should…’
Ethan: Be loyal and not have a boyfriend waiting for them to come home. I despise cheating and seem to always attract cheaters. Oh, and if we do have sex…keep it to yourself. I hate gossip!

Muzo: Sticky or sweet?
Ethan: Sweet.

Muzo: If you could get naked with anyone famous, who would it be and why?
Ethan: Jonathan Rhys Myers on the ‘Tudors’ set. Maybe I can be the extra that holds the towel during his “private royal time” like they showed in season 1. Do I really need to answer the why part now? That would be a dream come true.

Muzo: Most interesting place you’ve had sex?
Ethan: On the beach in L.A. A few times.

Muzo: What’s next for the Incredible Mr. E?
Ethan: I would like to help others achieve their dreams. Many of the things that I have accomplished in life have been made possible because of my friends on MySpace and the Internet. I want to help pass that on to others as well.

But the immediate “what’s next” is easy. This Friday, September 5th, Here! TV will be airing the new season of ‘The Lair.’ I play the role of Jonathan, and people will finally get to see my first onscreen love scene! Should be interesting.


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Wake Up Call

July 3, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Time to rise and shine cutie pies!

Sources: So Slowly & Cesto de Gatos (links in sidebar)

Ethan Reynolds

March 12, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Ethan Reynolds has apparently landed on his feet. I really like these new photos by Adam Bouska. Ethan looks far less made-up and more masculine. All I can say is “Woof”. The photos enlarge quite nicely.

Photo credit: Adam Bouska
Hat tip:
G Cracker

Pleasant Dreams

January 9, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Ben demonstrating one of the many uses for the men’s tie during sex with his partner Ethan. Can you list other ways to use a tie during sex?

Ben and Ethan are now representing Ginch-Gonch underwear.

But, they cannot seem to keep the product on for very long! They make a cute couple, don’t they?