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Bel Ami’s SCANDAL IN THE VATICAN Preview via Naked Sword

October 9, 2013 Posted by suefairview


After reading all about the Vatican and its many scandals, Bel Ami’s kinky angels decide to investigate.

ns_ScandalintheVatican_1 ns_ScandalintheVatican_2 ns_ScandalintheVatican_3 ns_ScandalintheVatican_4 ns_ScandalintheVatican_5 ns_ScandalintheVatican_6

I could not resist posting this one. Mea culpa!

See the free XXX preview here.

Just some guys 25…

September 11, 2012 Posted by suefairview

D.O. poses for Zoran Trifunovic in a spread for OHLALA Mag. See more there. Thanks Glenn!

Why does Colby Keller look so damn sexy wielding that bat???

Yum! Angelos Petheryotis poses on the beach with a pal.

Dave Mason on Santorini.

François Sagat being himself.

An old photo of Wilfried Knight, when he was new to porn.

Adam Champ, glorious after a shower.

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are all smiles!

Every time that Steve eats Trix, he gets narcolepsy. Isn’t he adorable? Photo by Bruno Bond.

Jonathan Agassi at Berlin Folsom. Woof!

Bryce Star has been touring the Orient. Here he is tanning on a beach in Viet Nam.

Uh oh! Bryce is gonna need someone to help apply some aloe! What do you think of his new hat?

OMG! It is the Toilet Tramps reunited! Adam Killian and Mitchel Rock! Remember them here:

This hot twitter hunk is Angel Aldemar. ANYTIME Angel.

Can anyone tell me who is sucking off Draven Torres?

Spencer Reed fucks Marco Sessions at Hustlaball London.

Just like most everyone else on the planet, Lucio Saints enjoys a cuppa joe in the morning.

And also just like almost everyone on the planet, Junior Stellano goes potty! Well, come on now, we all do it!

The absolutely stunning Leo Forte poses for Timoteo.

Samuel Colt and his fiance Chris Porter skype with pet dog, Eggs.

Trenton Ducati fucks his lover Tate Ryder. Tate is now in Australia for 3 weeks and they miss each other so much!

Tom Wolfe kisses bf Cal Skye.

Nick Moretti at home cuddles beloved farty, stinky, and deaf dog Cynder. You can’t stop loving a dog just because it gets old. Trust me, I know.

Dean Monroe posted this photo when he turned 40 earlier this year. He intends to continue working and is quite happy with the way he looks.

Jimmy Durano looks very hunky in this photo! Woof!

How much would you pay for a date with Landon Conrad? He was up for auction recently for a good cause. I have no idea what was paid for him though. LOL!

Ty Roderick answers his door. *cough*

Large Tony in an old photo.

How does sexy as fuck Russian Pavel Petel celebrate his birthday? In a blond wig and full makeup on a stripper pole, of course! What else? BUT STILL IN FUCKING RUSSIA!!!

Dylan Roberts is ass over teakettle and ready for trouble!

Rogan Richards is in Australia visiting his son, Rogan!

Alexsander Freitas goofs around! I love how he is relaxing his image! Check out his line of TrustNoBitch Clothing! I will post photos shortly.

Just some guys 14

February 3, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Dave in Madrid

The latex look full body suit modeled in LA

Newly single Angelo Peterson and pal.

Pavel Petel with acid lipstick and an aqua wig.

Halloween in the Classic Mercury suits!

Wilfried Knight out playing with his daughter.

D.O., doing one of the things he does best, modeling.

Steve Cruz directing and shooting Adam Killian for the movie Fahrenheit.

Joe Manganiello from Joe.My.God.  – WOOF!

A little tongue action from Steve and Bruno.

I don’t know who he is yet, but YUM!

I love Pedro Andreas’ new look. Don’t you?

Kurt Rogers looking cool and shady in the pool.

BITE ME!!!  [I don’t know why I find this image of Sagat as a vampire to be so hot!!!]

Warning to all you guys who purchase Slick It Up mega-stretch jeans: you might get arrested!!! So be careful out there while wearing them!


December 31, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Okay, now this just makes me angry. MAP has just got to show more than a pretty face in the photos and previews if they expect me to post this crap for free! I wouldn’t do this, but the Sean is so damn handsome, how could I not???

See the G rated preview here. That’s right, you could watch it with the whole family!

I sure hope the full feature is rated more than PG!

Just some guys 12

December 21, 2011 Posted by suefairview

All links in the sidebar.

Alexsander Freitas evoking Tom of Finland for his friend and photographer Mike Ruiz.

Jonathan Agassi nude back…

and front!

François Sagat looms over the jungle and Rio.

Dave Mason with the amethyst geode he just won at auction from Elizabeth Taylor’s collection.

Peddro Andreas is having a blast in Mexico!

Angelo Peterson and Colton Ford.

Antoine Vaillant was the bodybuilder that Dave Mason wanted to use as a Slick It Up model, but Antoine’s contracts with supplement companies preclude it. But Dave sent him a whole bunch of gear, and we’ll just see if any photos come back! I hope I can get my hands on some of them!!!!

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond dress up for the Raging Stallion Studios Christmas Party.

Brody in the SIU Mercury suit at the Folsom Street Fair.

Photo from Mechadude. Below also.

SIU Net suit and hood on a huge hunk!

Close-up of Jessie Colter in Sektor 9 from Roids N Rants.