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IML Leather Market was XXX!

May 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I would like to thank International Mr. Leather for granting me a press pass to their events this year. Congratulations to Andy Cross, International Mr. Leather 2013, also Mr. San Francisco Leather. My seatmates and I were rooting for you, Andy! See all of the results at International Mr. Leather!

Notes: I met Matt at the bar, as I was getting my camera ready to enter the Leather Market. He was very friendly; and wanted to show me his green lightning bolt wallet that he got on, whodini is the artist; Tom Wolfe joking around with Hunter Marx at the ManHunt booth. ManHunt had a super idea this year – have the models put their jockstraps on the guys; meanwhile, Tom leans back to enjoy Hunter’s strength; a close-up of Tom’s ass; Tom decides to give me a private show and Connor Patrick is there to help; Connor rims Tom; Jay Black gets into the action with a blow job; now that is a pretty picture; Jay in a solo photo; Draven Torres leads the Fort Troff crew in some sit-ups; it was all over very fast, and I couldn’t get good photos, but Draven loves pain and collapses happily and hotly; he adds the goggles for the full effect; what better time for a little beating?; Lawson Kane poses with a fan; Alessio Romero is all tied up on the Bound Jocks booth; Dirk Caber “Trains” a sub; Topher Dimaggio fixed my hair before I took this photo!; classy and fierce shop gurl; had rad Elvish tattoos on her chest – can you read them?; JR Bronson is a customer!; the cobalt blue is perfect on him; JR checks his look in the mirror, giving us a view of his ass; back to the ManHunt booth, where Tom is being manhandled by a colleague; they pose; and again; and kiss. Tom has retired and I think that is great. He intends to go back and finish his doctorate. I just hope that 20 years from now he doesn’t realize what a hot stud he was at 30 and regret that he quit so early. But he can always come back!; Tom bends over backwards; this man is getting a new ManHunt jock. Tom begins by untying the shoes and removing them, then sensually undoing the belt and pant’s opening and lowering the pants. I so wanted to be a gay man!; down come the pants; all the way down; off of each leg; now it is the jock coming off – you can see in the background that Hunter is doing the same process to another individual; what a surprise, the customer is erect! How did that happen?; eye contact from Tom is electric, trust me, the man can turn it on; Fabio Stallone was at the Leather Market; this German puppy was so cute and lovable, I petted him and wanted to take him home; here he is without the mask, isn’t he the cutest?; Ryan Rose; Dirk Caber is ready for his “Training”; a blindfolded Dirk is teased by a mystery tattooed man as Jesse Jackman looks on; Jesse gets his phone ready to film the big event; JR is in the audience; Dirk is blown by his trainer; Dirk sees his trainer; a close-up of the action; Dirk is in ecstasy; very close-up; JR and Jesse make muscles; Raphael Alencar shows me the goods; Alessio Romero and a pal; Chris Porter was solo working at Nasty Pig.

Raging Stallion Studio’s COCK CRAZE Reviewed

January 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Cock Craze
Directed by Adam Killian

These wild, unruly, insatiable bottoms are overcome with an irrational, undeniable need for huge meat filling their holes. They have Cock Craze, and Director Adam Killian has found just the right way to satisfy their desire – for now. Adam Killian has serious credentials – call it Sex Cred – and in his Raging Stallion directing debut, he quickly taps into what Monster Bang is all about “Big Dicks and the Holes they Fill.” Cock Craze is a gritty vision of sex-famished, blue-collar guys in wife beaters and torn clothing, cruising each other on sets that look like they’re scheduled for demolition. Adam puts himself in the first scene, tasked with plugging crazed Derek Parker’s holes with his massive endowment. Beefy Trenton Ducati grovels in the dirt for new, hung Raging Stallion exclusive Jake Genesis, who takes his fill of Trenton in the rubble, then demands that Trenton surrender his ass as well. JR Bronson is on a mission to have his hole filled, but an eerie fog is preventing him from finding Fabio Stallone, who is looking for a hot hole to fuck. When the fog lifts, nothing gets in their way as hard muscle collides with willing flesh. Finally, Charlie Harding has a massive cure for Caleb Colton’s longing and never ending need to be filled with cock, and Charlie delivers an unrelenting, pounding injection that satisfies. The Cock Craze that’s affecting these studs leads them to rough and rugged anonymous sex in seedy locations, and it’s sure to have you jerking out load after crazed load.


I absolutely loved scene one that starred Adam Killian and Derek Parker because there was some of everything I enjoy in it. First off, I am a huge fan of Adam and could watch him fuck all day long! Next, there was ripping of clothes! I love it when that happens! Then, the sex was perfection, full of animal passion such as pit sniffing and lots of fur, etc. Also Adam took the opportunity to break all of the established porn rules for sexual patterns. No plain old blow, rim, sex in 2 or 3 positions and cum shots for Adam. No sir! Adam really mixes it up! There was sex interspersed with rimming; divine! What a treat to see! And everybody was talking. I was in heaven! Moreover, the set and lighting were totally artistically done and reminded me of the use of color and light in an Oliver Frey painting. For example, look at the use of light in the scenes below and compare it to the painting I have included.

craze1craze3oli_frey_03The models are limned in colored light from behind, and in brighter, whiter light from the front. The rest of the setting in the painting is an alley with trash in it which is similar to COCK CRAZE‘s set, which seems to be an urban construction site left to crumble into decay. It is as if this painting were the inspiration for the set and lighting for the whole movie. Amazingly, the STRIPPED 1 & 2 sets were reused for this movie. But Adam makes it work with some sort of artist’s eye and pure talent for use of junk. His set is wonderful! But more on that in the summary. All-in-all, this was a magical scene that I wished would go on forever! Good thing I can play it again and again!

MBV034_SA_700 MBV034_SA_738 MBV034_SA_750

I was so overwhelmed by the first scene, that I was wondering how Adam was going to follow it. But I was immediately swept away by the next opening sequence when I saw Trenton Ducati face down in cement block rubble, being rimmed by Jake Genesis. White spot lights were on Trenton’s face and ass and the set was very artistic again, with broken window frames in the background. The lighting broke models into light and shadows very effectively. This scene was a flip-fuck loaded with dirty talk! Which I just adore! Trenton says “You like cock boy?”. Then later, after he is asked how he likes it, Jake says “Great fuck! Holy shit!” The super-duper sex included ripping of clothes, intense eye contact, fingering, penetration shots, pit licking, and endless hot sex! These guys were so hot for each other I could taste it! What a pairing! Holy cow! This one was a winner!

MBV034_SB_146 MBV034_SB_161 MBV034_SB_194The next scene was starring Fabio Stallone and JR Bronson. I was quite impressed by JR because he seemed to really bring the best performance out of Fabio, at least from what I could see. Of course we cannot discount what Adam might have had to do with it.  And by the best I mean that Fabio spoke, softly, but he was talking. What an improvement! Kudos Fabio! Just a bit louder and you will have it! Other things that were cool about this scene were when Fabio fucks the shit out of JR in the doggy position and JR moves perfectly with him and is very reactive and says “Fucking give it to me!”, the many times that Fabio stopped the sex to blow JR and then back to doggy style, and JR’s extreme poise throughout this scene. There was one shot of the men reflected in the glass of french doors that was very creative. The cum shots were notable, as JR’s was copious and Fabio had a nice facial shot. This is the absolute best I have seen from Fabio. Great work guys!

MBV034_SC_456 MBV034_SC_485I noticed in the final scene that Charlie Harding is looking huge through the chest. Has he always been so big? There was more clothes ripping in this scene as well as a bit of pec punching. YUM! Charlie moves his ass while Caleb Colton rims him. What a nice blond fuzzy ass Charlie has. Charlie notes that Caleb is hard as a rock right away. Then Charlie rims Caleb. Next Charlie fucks Caleb doggy, then pulls out to rim him again. But Caleb says “Put your dick back in!” Charlie says “You like that?” Caleb replies “I love it!” Next they move to the stairs, where Caleb rides cowboy on Charlie. But they switch back and forth between that and reverse cowboy, interspersed with rimming and blowing for a very creative sequence. After a pit lick, ball suck and blow job interlude, there is some missionary and then the cum shots. My goodness, what a scene! Again the background was extremely artistic, as you can see from the photos, having pipes and such lit in orange and yellows, with larger columns in blue. The models in the foreground are lit in brighter light. Here I would like to make an observation that the camera could be held a bit more steady when it arrives at a close-up. I noticed it quite a bit in this scene and the scene before it, on the shots that were from the side. It is as if the camera man cannot decide precisely where the best shot is from. This was a superb pairing and great work by both men.

MBV034_SD_649 MBV034_SD_681 MBV034_SD_750 MBV034_SD_760

If you want hot porn, run out and buy COCK CRAZE. Though it is Adam Killiian’s directorial debut, he hits this one right out of the park and into the seats. He hires A list porn stars [plus some newcomers], puts all kinds of variation into the sex, gets everybody talking and performing at their best, assembles a brilliant set from garbage & trash, lights it spectacularly, films it with aplomb [although there is one minor issue], showing that he has a true artistic eye for the camera frame and what it sees. The result is pure hotness that everybody will want to jerk off to!

I sure hope Adam gets a chance to direct it again because has serious artistic abilities as well as directorial talent!

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.