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Jocks ESCAPE Reviewed

January 18, 2012 Posted by suefairview


Directors Andrew Rosen and Bruno Bond

Escape into the new world of hot All-American studs, as this cast of eight young bucks goes at it with the intensity and passion. Filled with hot pairings like Brandon Lewis and Marcus Mojo, Exclusive Jesse Santana and Brandon Jones, and Tommy Defendi and Exclusive Andrew Jakk, Escape will take you on a non-stop sex-athon: the newest sex-crammed video from the reinvigorated Jocks Studios There’s no escapin’ the hot action our cast of eight generate right here!


Marcus Mojo has always been pretty to look at, but he doesn’t really do it for me, and that is just a personal preference. He looks great typically and it is no fault of his certainly, it is just they way I feel. Brandon Lewis is really not my type, so it would be very difficult for this pair to reach me in any way at all. But, in this scene they almost did! The setting was idyllic, they were in a bricked and ceramic square tub with a waterfall overlooking vineyards, surrounded by dahlias and shaded by ancient oak trees. Success of the scene was partly this was due to their great chemistry and good communication. Also a factor was the terrific camera work. If you are a fan of Marcus, you’re gonna love this scene! Though the smart ass in me cannot help but comment that a new form of torture might be blowing someone with a waterfall landing on your head! Good scene!

I must say that I was very impressed with young Brandon Jones in this, his debut performance. Brandon has boyishly rugged good looks and an extremely fit body for a twink. His ass is to die for hot, and his dainty little hole is just gorgeous! Jesse Santana makes sure we get to see plenty of it, while both men shove their fingers in and out of it at the same time! Brandon has all makings already of an porn “star”, in that he does all the right things. He moves well and at the right time, and he talks and says dirty things like “You like my hole, Babe?” He almost outshone Jesse! Another nice thing about this scene was the break in the routine when Brandon blew Jesse in between sexual positions. Again, the camera work was terrific and there was great chemistry. Hot scene!

A screen shot of Brandon’s dainty hole!

I have never been so turned on by Tommy Defendi as in this scene. I just want him to fuck me right now! LOL! Seeing him in that big comfy bed in the room overlooking the Pacific, all furry with that huge erection, just made me hot! Andrew Jakk did just what I would have [and I suspect we all would have], when he dove under that duvet to blow Tommy. This scene was really hot! Tommy fucked the living daylights out of Andrew while saying things like “Does that feel good, huh? With that big cock in that tight little ass?” Wow! That made me wet! Andrew was quite subdued here, but at least we weren’t hearing as many of his usual “Fuck yeah’s”. Tommy was wonderfully emotive and responsive, plus he did all the work of the fucking! What was in his Wheaties this morning? Then, as if to top it all off, Tommy cums into his own mouth. I wonder how long he has been practicing that trick at home? It was kind of okay that Andrew was invisible in this scene because it made it easier to imagine one’s self in the bed with Tommy. In any event this was an extremely hot scene.

The final scene took place on the porch at sunset and was the debut of Mike Martin with Paul Wagner. Mike has a 9″ dick and is 6’1″ tall. He really needs to hit the gym if he plans to continue to be in porn. Also, he was visibly nervous in this scene and seemed frantic at times early on, as if he felt he needed to put his hands everywhere at once. But the fucking was very nice as both men were very reactive. Paul was his usual brilliant self, responding with “Oh, fuck, fuck, yeah! Aw, fuck! Aw fuck! Yeah!” and the delightful facial mannerisms to match such comments. Mike made sounds and facial mannerisms that would be appropriate if he were screwing a virgin. Paul enjoyed a very nice cum shot of 5 or so streams, while Mike only had one big fat ooze. Mike will probably improve with time. But, all in all, this was also a quite good scene.

Buy Jocks ESCAPE if you are into younger men getting it on and you can’t miss! It is certainly one of the hotter films out there today as all four scenes are home runs! Everybody in this film gives it their all, with maybe the exception of Andrew Jakk. Certainly  Tommy Defendi is at his best here, as is Paul Wagner, Jesse Santana, Marcus Mojo, and Brandon Lewis. Also see Brandon Jones for the first time, and remember his name, he is going to go far. Also see newcomer Mike Martin for the first time. The direction and camera work were fantastic. I was amazed at some of the close ups! Bruno should be very proud of this movie!

Highly recommended.

Fetishy Fairytales by Slick It Up

September 1, 2010 Posted by suefairview

CINDERELLA: Prince Dave offers the sneaker to the wicked stepsisters, while they stomp all over poor Cinderella in a full fetish suit available at Slick It Up.

Prince Brian fights his way through the evil thorns to get to SLEEPING BEAUTY in his Slick It Up gear.

The Big Bad Wolf Brian gives it to Little Red Riding Dave doggy style. Both are attired in Slick It Up gear.

Dave enjoys the sensual feel of a serpent in his eyeless hood, available at SIU. Erik of Roids N Rants offers these words of wisdom:

You might think that people find hoods – especially the ones with no eyeholes – too extreme, but in my experience they actually are one of the favorites among non-fetish guys.

Quentin Elias shows off his moves in a leather-look thong, available at SIU. You can see the rear view at the Gallery.

All of these photos were shot by Aaron Cobbett and are from the Gallery portion of the Slick It Up website. I love to visit the Gallery and see photographers whose work I adore plus famous models and porn stars!


March 3, 2006 Posted by fairviewsue

(Cue Disney Music…)

Once upon a time, about 1984, a fair young maiden, used to work as a Radiation Safety Officer and Safety Coordinator (RSO/SC) at a major company’s castle. Her boss was kind and patriarchal; a total Machiavellian with politics who advised her wisely.

There was also a big, bad, sloppy chemist who was labeling antibiotics with radioactive isotopes and making the castle labs all hot (and not in a good way) and contaminated. This mess was showing up in all of the castle’s monthly sampling audits thus lousing up the castle records.

Being newly assigned, of course, the fair maiden wanted to shut him down, but how, oh how to do it without angering him and the lordly vice presidents he worked for?

Her boss showed her the way. He said, “Convene the Radiation Safety Committee you chair my dear and have them define limits for contamination in labs and then have them vote him shut down. Then it won’t be you shutting him down, it will be the committee.” Brilliant! And it worked. Sloppy Chemist was even on the committee and voted himself shut down. Then, one of the lordly Vice Presidents was angered, and telephoned the RSO/SC maiden and said brusquely, “I hear, fair maiden that you have shut down my chemist.”

“Twas the committee, Sir.”, she replied, “But thank you for seeing him as shut down.”, as she meekly straightened her corporate tie.

Just when all was well again at the corporate castle, the big bad state auditor called and said an audit of the castle’s labs and records was impending. “Oh no!!! What ever shall we do???” Cried the fair RSO/SC to her boss. Trouble seemed never ending!

“Calm down my dear.” I have a plan. He instructed her to write a memo to him detailing the problems and cleanup needed to remedy the situations. Also a mention should be made of implications the audit could have for the castle such as fines, shut downs, etcetera. He made sure that this memo was copied to the president of the company. Appropriate cleanup actions were taken; the audit conducted; and all was well in the castle again!

Some time later the company was reorganized and supervision of the RSO/SC maiden was to fall to another Vice President at a new castle. Oh despair! Plus, the new castle needed an additional RSO/SC. A meeting was set up for the new Vice President and RSO/SC maiden. When the interview commenced, the new Vice President held up the very memo that the RSO/SC maiden had written to her boss and copied to the President, and said, “We are a friendly group; this sort of thing will not be needed, nor will it be heeded.”

The fair RSO/SC fretted because she knew that at that time other RSO/SC were being imprisoned as castles hung them out to dry for failure to communicate problems to the lords. She ran back to her boss saying, “What am I to do?”

“I have a plan my dear. I have a position open in my clinical auditing group and you may have it if you like. Then just say nothing until you must to that mean Vice President and when you do, don’t tell him where you are going.”

The maiden followed his advice exactly to the letter. She called the new, mean Vice President at the eleventh hour and told him that his plans should not include her. He was furious and hounded her for where she was going, but she remained tight lipped.

He then called the fair maiden’s boss and said, “If you think that you can keep that RSO/SC position you are wrong; it is all mine! You do not get to keep the fair maiden either.”

The fair maiden’s boss corrected him by saying, “Sorry, but I have a new position of my own as a clinical auditor that the fair maiden has accepted. So, see I got Cinderella and you got the pumpkin and the mice.”