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Falcon Studio’s EASY INN

September 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview



Directed by Tony Dimarco

‘Easy Inn’: normally it’s a quiet getaway, but this weekend it’s overrun by horny guys with big dicks, willing asses and fucking on their minds. Director Tony Dimarco shows you what happens when six studs have nothing to do… except each other. Topher DiMaggio isn’t interested in breakfast when he finds Colt Rivers in the kitchen; they fuck right on the counter. Nikko Russo’s cock sucking fantasy comes to life when Chris Bines finds him naked on the porch. Ryan Rose shows Adam Wirthmore that there’s no need for sexting when there are plenty of horny guys in real life. Colt Rivers and Nikko Russo are restless until they find each other and connect for a cum-filled fucking. Chris Bines is just looking for a gym buddy, but he and Ryan Rose get their workout in at home in a scorching, spontaneous fuck session. For horny men who only want to fuck and be fucked, ‘Easy Inn’ is the place you’ll want to be when you see all the passionate action and steamy fucking that happens there.

Nikko-Russo-Chris-Bines-1 Nikko-Russo-Chris-Bines-2 Nikko-Russo-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-1 Nikko-Russo-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-2 Nikko-Russo-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-3 Ryan-Rose-Fucks-Adam-Wirthmore-1 Ryan-Rose-Fucks-Adam-Wirthmore-2 Ryan-Rose-Fucks-Adam-Wirthmore-3 Ryan-Rose-Fucks-Chris-Bines-1 Ryan-Rose-Fucks-Chris-Bines-2 Ryan-Rose-Fucks-Chris-Bines-3 Topher-DiMaggio-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-1 Topher-DiMaggio-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-2 Topher-DiMaggio-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-3 Topher-DiMaggio-Fucks-Colt-Rivers-Gay-Porn

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Falcon Studio’s STUNNERS Preview

August 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview



The stunning, jockstrapped studs of ‘Stunners’ are horned up, raring to flip-fuck and eat each other’s loads—mere words cannot do justice to these massive, powerful ejaculations. Director Nick Foxx shows every detail of the rough, connected, high-energy sex between nine stunning studs who don’t hold anything back. Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran set the scene with a new take on cumswapping and orgasms that will rattle your speakers. Colt Rivers takes Andrew Stark’s lengthy cock deep and hard before eagerly lapping up Andrew’s load. Paul Wagner and Billy Santoro wrestle for dominance in a rough and raunchy flip fuck that leaves Billy’s face completely drenched by Paul’s incredible, multi-spurt cumshot. Sean Zevran and Josh Conners trade, spit, strokes, and cum in a passionate, steamy fuck session. Hairy Mike De Marko and smooth Nikko Russo prove that opposites do attract with a wet, sloppy pounding that ends with two massive loads. The irrepressible urge to fuck and be fucked fuels the thrilling, high-energy connections in ‘Stunners.’

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Colt-Rivers-Andrew-Stark-Stunners-1 Colt-Rivers-Andrew-Stark-Stunners-2 Colt-Rivers-Andrew-Stark-Stunners-3 Nikko-Russo-Mike-DeMarko-Stunner-1 Nikko-Russo-Mike-DeMarko-Stunner-2 Paul-Wagner-Billy-Santoro-Stunners-1 Paul-Wagner-Billy-Santoro-Stunners-2 Sean-Zevran-Adam-Ramzi-Fuck-1 Sean-Zevran-Adam-Ramzi-Fuck-4 Sean-Zevran-Fucks-Josh-Conners-Stunners Sean-Zevran-Josh-Conners-Stunners-1 Sean-Zevran-Josh-Conners-Stunners-2

Falcon Studio’s INTENSITY Part 1 & 2 previews!

August 13, 2014 Posted by suefairview



‘Intensity’ builds. It swells, it overcomes, it makes hot studs surrender to relentless compulsions, seeking out passionate, manly sex. Falcon directors Bruno Bond and Nick Foxx treat you to eight men who hold nothing back when it comes to getting off, doing it on the stairs, in the bedroom, the bathtub, even on the pool table. Jack King and Darius Ferdynand only make it halfway up the stairs before they’re all over each other. Landon Conrad and Rylan Knox trade blowjobs, but their connection is so strong they take it to the bedroom for a second round of explosive fucking. Connor Maguire and Adrian Hart use the pool table as the platform for a wild session of sucking, rimming, and fucking. Andrew Stark and Chris Bines take it back to the stairwell for a powerful, uninhibited finale that has both men working themselves into an erotic frenzy and shooting gigantic loads. Can you feel the ‘Intensity’? These eight studs lay it all on the line and take sex to a whole new level.

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Darius-Ferdynand-Jack-King-Gay-Porn-Intensity Intensity-1a Intensity-1c Intensity-1f Intensity-1g Intensity-1h Intensity-1i Intensity-1j Intensity-1k Intensity-1m Intensity-1n



Intensity’ builds. It swells, it overcomes, it makes hot studs surrender to relentless compulsions, seeking out passionate, manly sex. For ‘Intensity, Part 2,’ directors Bruno Bond and Nick Foxx turn up the heat under eight models whose smoldering sexuality builds up to an explosion of sweat, spit, and cum. Ludo Sander gets his hole filled twice: first from big-dicked powerhouse Andrew Stark, then from muscled, voracious Landon Conrad. For Connor Maguire and Chris Bines, kissing, sucking, and rimming sets the stage for a forceful pounding. Darius Ferdinand, with a strong jaw, chiseled physique, and lengthy uncut cock, swaps sensuous blowjobs with Adrian Hart, then gets seduced by Adam Ramzi for a cum-spewing hot tub flip-fuck. When you put men together in combinations like these, the only thing on their minds is sex, sex, and more sex. That’s how these studs achieve a scorching-hot level of ‘Intensity.’

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Darius-Ferdynand-Adam-Ramzi-Intensity-2-Gay-Porn Darius-Ferdynand-Jack-King-Gay-Porn-Intensity Intensity-2b Intensity-2c Intensity-2d Intensity-2e Intensity-2f Intensity-2g Intensity-2h Intensity-2i



Falcon Studio’s ALPINE WOOD 1 & 2 previewed!

August 1, 2014 Posted by suefairview



The hottest studs around sport Alpine Wood in Falcon’s Two-Part Spring Blockbuster when they share a house in the mountains for a weekend of fun. Leading Director Bruno Bond shows you how a rugged good time gets even better when these scruffy-faced Falcon men hook up all over the house in spontaneous manly action. If home is where the hard on is, these studs feel right at home in this mountain cabin where the air smells like sex. Alpine Wood, Part 1 features nine of the sexiest young, hard and horny guys, and they’re bound to burst into exciting action when their lust levels rise with the elevation. Being late for breakfast leaves Landon Conrad with nothing to eat except Ricky Decker, whose cock and hole are rarin’ to go. Ricky cums likes there’s no tomorrow. A hot bath is a perfect antidote to a cold hike for Nick Sterling and Angel Rock. Nick’s humpy body makes Angel’s cock swell to new heights. The steamy vapors of the hot tub mesmerize Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan and Angel Rock into oral frenzy. Luke’s exuberant sucking triggers carnal abandon and hungry cum eating. The noise made by Ryan Rose and Kayden Fleming in an upstairs bedroom has everyone’s cock twitching. Watch as Ryan’s mouth and hole offer twin temptations for Kayden’s lust. Jimmy Durano and Chris Bines know when to come in out of the snow, and how to warm up fast. Jimmy’s torso is ripped, and Chris can handle it. This mountain retreat filled with raging hormones will have fans longing for a getaway in the woods where they can share some impulsive, exciting sex just like the studs in Alpine Wood, Part 1

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Alpine-Wood-1a Alpine-Wood-1b Alpine-Wood-1f Alpine-Wood-1g Alpine-Wood-1h Alpine-Wood-1i Landon-Conrad-Fucks-Ricky-Decker-Gay-Sex Landon-Conrad-Fucks-Ricky-Decker-Gay-Sex-3 Landon-Conrad-Fucks-Ricky-Decker-Gay-Sex-4 Landon-Conrad-Fucks-Ricky-Decker-Gay-Sex-6



The hottest studs around have Alpine Wood in Falcon’s Two-Part Spring Blockbuster when they share a house in the mountains for a weekend of fun. Leading Director Bruno Bond shows how a rugged good time gets even better when these scruffy-faced Falcon men hook up all over the house in spontaneous manly action. Hard dicks and big appetites abound in the lodge, where the frigid weather drives men to seek the heat that only another man’s body can provide. In part 2, ten hot Falcon studs indulge in mountain fun. Landon Conrad and Brandon Jones have needs that can’t wait, so Landon lays his Alpine Wood into Brandon in as many ways as he can take it. Alex Graham and Nick Sterling work up a heat to match the embers in the fireplace. They exchange head, and Alex deep tongue-fucks Nick’s ass before nailing it and getting some in return. Luke Milan and Chris Bines get hot over a game of pool when passerby Kaleb Klark adds a spark that ignites their smoldering lust. Kaleb gets a blow job then Chris and Luke nail each other. Brandon Jones spies on Kayden Fleming, who’s having a wank in the shower. Kayden catches him, and Brandon joins him in the shower fully dressed to suck his massive meat. Leo Sweetwood and Andrew Justice spontaneously combust in the daddy-boy scene of the year. Displaying lust, tenderness and passion, these ten hunks set the Alpine Wood ablaze, a fire that even their huge loads of cum can’t put it out!

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1-Landon-Conrad-Brandon-Jones-Alpine-Wood-2 2-Landon-Conrad-Brandon-Jones-Alpine-Wood-2 3-Nick-Sterling-Alex-Graham-Alpine-Wood-2 4-Nick-Sterling-Alex-Graham-Alpine-Wood-2 5-Nick-Sterling-Alex-Graham-Alpine-Wood-2 6-Kaleb-Klark-Chris-Bines-Luke-Milan-Alpine-Wood-2 7-Chris-Bines-Luke-Milan-Alpine-Wood-2 8-Chris-Bines-Luke-Milan-Alpine-Wood-2 9-Chris-Bines-Luke-Milan-Alpine-Wood-2 10-Brandon-Jones-Kayden-Fleming-Alpine-Wood-2 12-Leo-Sweetwood-Andrew-Justice-Alpine-Wood-2

Steven Scarborough to Retire; Announces Deal with Hot House, Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios

July 12, 2014 Posted by suefairview

A huge porn merger has happened with Raging Stallion/Falcon buying out Hot House. From the Hot Flash Blog:


After an award-winning 27-year run in the gay adult industry, Steven Scarborough announced today that he is stepping down as President of Hot House Entertainment and retiring. The announcement comes as a result of a deal in which Falcon Raging/Stallion Studios acquires the assets of Hot House Entertainment, the company Scarborough founded in 1993. Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios, along with Naked Sword, make up the gay division of the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN). The acquisition of Hot House creates for AEBN the largest conglomerate of gay erotic studios in the world.

Scarborough decided to attempt a sale after receiving news that the Hot House San Francisco office/studio building was slated for demolition this fall to make way for a new office complex. Facing the daunting prospect of moving to a new facility in San Francisco where the current tech boom is sending rents skyrocketing, Scarborough thought this was an opportune time to exit the industry and pursue other interests. He reached out to Chris Ward, president of Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios, and fast-tracked a deal that allows Scarborough to exit while Ward seamlessly continues the operations of the Hot House brands in their San Francisco offices, just a few blocks away.

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I truly hope that this works well for all of the studios involved. Good luck in your retirement Steven!