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Bel Ami’s SCANDAL IN THE VATICAN Preview via Naked Sword

October 9, 2013 Posted by suefairview


After reading all about the Vatican and its many scandals, Bel Ami’s kinky angels decide to investigate.

ns_ScandalintheVatican_1 ns_ScandalintheVatican_2 ns_ScandalintheVatican_3 ns_ScandalintheVatican_4 ns_ScandalintheVatican_5 ns_ScandalintheVatican_6

I could not resist posting this one. Mea culpa!

See the free XXX preview here.

Pavel Petel is in Kamchatka!!!

December 9, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Perhaps Pavel wants to join the ongoing Fair View Fantasy in Kamchatka? With the way he looks, he could take any part he chooses! Slurp!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer

September 19, 2012 Posted by suefairview



Dream tour guide: Pedro Andreas

March 18, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Beunos dias! I am Pedro and I will be your guide to tropical paradise today!

This is an ancient Mayan arch! Isn’t it amazing?

Look at this giant fish you caught! That is one for the record books! Ha, ha, ha!

Are you ready for the mountain climbing? Here we go!

Don’t worry, I am strong and will catch you if you fall…

Down we go! Isn’t this fun???

Let’s go ziplining!

Ahhhh… Just look at that water down there. I feel so relaxed! Don’t you?

Ready for the boat ride?

First we take this little boat out to our yacht.

Feel that wind in your hair? Isn’t it great?

Ah, this is nice. Under sail with you. Are you having a good time? Me too!

Here we are at the animal park! Look at all of the macaws! Aren’t they colorful? Noisy too!

Come and pet this lion cub! Oh you are too scared! But look how cute he is! How could you be scared of this sweet little baby?

Oh no! Now I have two little babies! Irresistible aren’t they?

Time for the beach!

Sure I will help you put your sunscreen on!

Whew! It really got too hot under the sun! A drink was a fantastic idea. What a busy day! What shall we do now?

John Stamos’ guide to cuddling

August 12, 2011 Posted by suefairview