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The All New Rio Swimsuit! Plus – Hot guys wear Slick It Up!

April 13, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Sorry I am late posting the new Rio Swimsuit, but I was out of the country. But, here it is! Better late than never?!

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Hot guys wear Slick It Up…

Models include: François Sagat, Pavel Petel, David Mason Chlopecki, Felix Barca, Ru Paul, Adam Killian, Alessio Romero, Ian Jopson, Ross. My apologies to those I have not recognized.

Photographers include: Kevin Hoover, Steven Klein, Julien-Stéphane Exterface, and Marco Ovando.


Hot guys wear Slick It Up!

February 16, 2014 Posted by suefairview

171535_10152232559421412_1060889786_n wellington jakeshears felixbarcazippouch BetFvTrCEAAzgxD.jpg large 1888663_10151911760851463_52941217_n 1796429_575697949189772_918421324_n 1689005_10151843278572167_291528444_n 1660475_10152201608929507_417427306_n 1656220_10102792539974408_139963893_n 1622603_10203369350301401_368725217_n 1622222_10152245042843679_1640258743_n 1621958_1406156826302219_237458261_n 1621680_10151894155956976_769745948_n 1620981_10151899709788144_1348931463_n 1545828_10151857734491976_459887747_n 1518897_10151857731856976_2051683279_n 1512717_923531219217_1177313923_n 1509290_679824402076308_1809566332_n 1499657_10151899675483144_111648087_n 999279_583560565055804_1239819765_n

Notes: Pavel Petel with canine friend; via Brando Calrissian from Dirtyponyboy tumblr; Wellington Nascimento having fun in the body harness; Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters in Slick It Up; Felix Barca  – something so fresh could be so hot….. SIU Zip Pouch Jock; Angel Rock and Jimmy Durano wear Slick It Up to an awards show; Blogger Brenton Parry at the Company of Men photography show has painted a model with tribal designs while wearing his New York City SIU T-shirt; Gio in a sexecutioner hood; a selfie of someone in a Slick Tuxedo; Amanda Lepore murders Dave in the SIU commercial; a couple wows in the Slick Tuxedo in RED; the animal shorts worn to work; the camo suit at Ipanema Beach; Leathkiboi Finn in his first SIU suit; the Marco Ovando suit on the beaches of Rio; Travis uses the net suit for his show; 2 photos of an anonymous guy in SIU; Noel reported that his black and gold jumpsuit was the life of the party; Pavel adds wings to his flag thong; Travis again; a customized shredder suit seen in Times Square NYC.

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SPUNK RUSH from Raging Stallion Studios & Stag Homme!

June 18, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Stag Homme #15 – Spunk Rush
Directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho

Madrid-based directing duo Damien Crosse & Francesco D’Macho, creators of the popular Stag Homme line, serve up a spunk-filled banquet of scenes with Spunk Rush. Unstoppable cocks meet insatiable holes in five jism-filled tales of getting off. Always hungry for sex, Damien pays homage to three classic porn scenarios. First is the pizza boy. Felix Barca delivers the pizza to Damien, with his furry body for chaser. In the next classic fantasy, Damien and sexy/cute Goran — both artists — hire Donato Reyes to model nude. When Donato unveils a physique that would make Michelangelo pant, his body becomes a living canvas. After getting painted, he gets fucked separately, and in the middle of a manwich. Versatile sex pig Jessy Ares shows his spunk in two scenes. Francesco seduces him in an episode of the ‘Spycam’ series, winking at the camera Jessy doesn’t know is there while Jessy fucks him senseless. Then Jessy flip-fucks with Damien in the classic massage scene reimagined. A hot mouth and a big cock set Jessy right in no time. Last is the first installment of series #3 of 30 Loads of Facials. Smooth, straight Bruno learns what a real blow job is when he gets an oral work over from Damien. You’ll be adding your spunk to theirs by the end of this gritty, European Spunk Rush.

4881_SHV015_SA_39.41 4881_SHV015_SB_111 4881_SHV015_SB_147 4881_SHV015_SB_242 4881_SHV015_SC_115 4881_SHV015_SC_914 4881_SHV015_SD_315 4881_SHV015_SD_416 4881_SHV015_SD_724 4881_SHV015_SD_849 4881_SHV015_SD_957 4881_SHV015_SE_353 4881_SHV015_SE_639 4881_SHV015_SE_649 4881_SHV015_SE_738 4881_SHV015_SE_806 spunk

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Raging Stallion Studio’s COCK SHOT Reviewed

February 19, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Cock Shot
Directed by Adam Killian

Cock Shot is a deep, probing exploration of an all-male world, whose big-dicked citizens stalk in search of unrelenting bottoms. These hugely endowed studs and the holes of these ravenous bottoms cruise the barren world looking for their match, the men who will provide them with all the sexual gratification they desire. Cock Shot is the second in Adam Killian’s Monster Bang trio, in which he explores a post-apocalyptic vision where the normal order of human need — food, shelter, clothing — plays second fiddle to intense sex, and where orgasm is the prime directive. This world captures the sexual senses of every inhabitant, and each of the featured studs use up close and even penetrating body language is the preferred means of communication. Despite his bright tattoos and gym-sculpted torso, James Ryder is an inexperienced youth driven by testosterone to seek gratification. He welcomes the tutelage offered by Trenton Ducati, who teaches him how one hungry man fulfills another. What begins as a wank for Jessy Ares and Rod Daily turns into full-on sex when each realizes the other is watching and wants more. The homeless Jimmy Fanz learns what it means to be the object of a man’s desire when stalker Shawn Wolfe interrupts his dreams with a cock that demands release. Finally, handsome Jake Genesis and ultra-hung Ty Roderick enact a slow, sensuous cock dance that puts all their senses to work in a sensuous flip-fuck that’s extremely passionate. Put the name Adam Killian on your list of new directors to watch out for, then grab Cock Shot and get transported to a sexual future where all the holes are waiting to be filled with the hugest dicks to be found.


Trenton Ducati once again proves why he is my favorite performer here in COCK SHOT as he gives a tour de force performance with costar James Ryder. Actually, he coaches James on how to be a better bottom and in doing so, improves the overall performance for both of them. Aside from Trenton’s usual hot sexuality and dirty talk, he urges James on by saying “Tell me how that feels…” or “Do you like my fat cock; you have to tell me!” James does reply. Once James said something and Trenton said “Repeat that!”, which was good, because James mumbled it and the comment was a winner: “Stretch my fucking hole!” Trenton took the time to position James’ back correctly in the doggy style and tell him to push back into him, but James never did quite get it, just hunching his back again and pulling away with each of Trenton’s mighty thrusts. James – have a look at Felix Barca in Stag Homme’s PIZZA PERVERT to see perfect bottoming in the doggy style. Felix is backing into each thrust from Damien Crosse demonstrating perfect bottoming technique. Trenton mixed up the action by throwing in lots of rimming and blow jobs with the fucking. For the life of me, I don’t know why more directors don’t insist on this! It really makes for a better and more interesting scene. In this case, it gave the scene and endless quality of sexuality and fun. I enjoyed every minute of seeing Trenton adore James’ ass and body. The best part, was when Trenton asked James if he would like to pile-driven. I don’t think anyone would give a negative response to that question! And what an “outcum”! James came into his own mouth while being fucked! Then Trenton jerked off onto James’ body. Trenton Ducati really made this scene a winner, even though he had to coach his willing partner, James Ryder.

MBV035_SB_032 MBV035_SB_113 MBV035_SB_207The next scene was more artistically lit, so Jessy Ares and Rod Daily looked very muscular and hot. Jessy was his usual growling, dirty talking and sexual beast. I was not that impressed with Rod’s blow job technique. I feel that he needs to expand his repertoire and try some new moves, such as eye contact and throating. Also, he needs to speak up when he talks instead of mumbling into the floor. Rod was audible at times, but at others he was not. Aside from those critiques, the scene was fine. There was a gorgeous camera shot of Jessy’s glutes flexing in response to Rod’s blowing him, something you rarely see and Jessy rubbed his erection on Rod’s foot [one for the foot-fetishists]. Rod did move well in one sequence of the doggy style as well as during the missionary position. Again Jessy mixed up the pattern of sexual repertoire by interspersing brief blow jobs and rimming. The cum shot was really fucking hot, as Jessy plowed it out of Rob, who came growling. I watching enjoyed this scene and both men did a great job!

MBV035_SD_128 MBV035_SD_166 MBV035_SD_172I was impressed with Jimmy Fanz’ bottoming in the doggy style position in his scene with Shawn Wolfe. He moves so well, backing into Shawn and riding Shawn’s cock, even managing to make a snake-like movement that must be seen to be believed. Shawn was able to move with Jimmy, which shows his ability and coordination as a top. The other thing I liked about this scene was the way the two men communicated throughout the scene, trading dirty talk that I just love as is turns me on to no end. Again the sexual action was broken up by rimming to keep it interesting. Shawn fucked the cum out of Jimmy, which seems so much more intimate to me than the side-by-side jerking off that is usual for studios. I really prefer it. This was a great pairing for these men and great direction.

MBV035_SC_3hero MBV035_SC_259The final scene was a flip-fuck starring Jake Genesis and Ty Roderick. I was blown away by the intensity of the two men throughout the scene and think the pairing was a super one. This scene was close to perfect and I loved how both of these models looked and performed. Great job!

MBV035_SA_732 MBV035_SA_791 MBV035_SA_860 MBV035_SA_880 MBV035_SA_990COCK SHOT is a winner for director Adam Killian. All four scenes are hot and not only star the latest most popular models in adult entertainment today, but feature interesting sexual combinations that are typically not seen in porn. Also, there is artistic lighting and set design previously used in Adam’s COCK CRAZE. Adam once again demonstrates that he is able to get the best performances out of his models. There was however, a bit of distracting extra camera movement in at least two scenes, that I previously referred to in my review of Cock Craze. But that is minor at most. What a great freshman directing effort for Adam!

Highly, highly recommended!

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Stag Homme Studio’s PIZZA PERVERT Reviewed

February 10, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme gives you a remake of perhaps the most of classic of porn themes dating pack from the 70s, the pizza boy and a horny customer. ¨Pizza Pervet – That 70s Porn¨ goes real oldskool, taking you back to the age of fun and raw sexuality. This time the pizza boy is the hot bearded Catalan, Felix Barca, and the horny fucker is none other than Damien Crosse, in a role which definitely suits him perfectly.


Why is it that pizza men are so hot? If you go into any pizzeria anywhere in almost any city or country, there is bound to be a hot guy someplace near the ovens. There is where I live. I have nicknamed him “Pizza Stud”. [Don’t tell my husband – LOL!] Maybe it is the Italian/Latin heritage that makes it so. Felix Barca is no different in this scenario.

So, Damien Crosse answers the door with a full erection, of course, because we know who Damien is. He has probably scoped out this entire situation beforehand. He knows his “Pizza Stud” is on his way. Felix takes one look at Damien’s hard dick and gets on his knees to worship that fat slab of meat. Who wouldn’t?

image_4image_3Right away Damien begins making his noise that he is so famous for. By this time one would have to toss ice cold water on them to break them up as the pair are in full lust mode.

Next, Felix drops his pants and we get to see just how well Damien has scoped out this one! Damien glucks™ and throats Felix’s ample meat.

image_1aimage_3aimageaBut the best was yet to come! Damien teases Felix’s asshole with his dick and then doggy fucks him. During the penetration, Felix cries out as if in pain. Now, I have seen a lot of men having sex together. *cough* But I don’t recall seeing two men developing a rhythm together that works as well as Damien and Felix do. As Damien is thrusting forward, Felix is moving backwards simultaneously, and so they meet with a combined force all while making it look so easy. It is as if they do this all day, every day of their lives. Damien uses both hands to slap Felix’s ass cheeks and that adds to the sublime hotness of the scene.


Next, they fuck in reverse cowboy position, with Damien moving in a very rapid fashion. We finally get to see Felix completely naked. Woof! There were great cum shots at the end.

There is 70’s style lounge music playing in the background of the film that adds to the 70’s decade depiction of PIZZA PERVERT. That and the camera filter used nail the time frame. All I can say, is that if 13 € gets one a pizza and Felix Barca, I am moving to Madrid! Um, make that two for me! LOL! Great job Stag Homme!

Highly recommended. See the full feature here.