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Just some guys 49…

September 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview

aaron aaron2 adamchamp alexmarte alexmarte2 bdsm bdsm2 boomer brock brunosteve bulrogludovic colby damany damien diego diesel3 diesel4 dieseljarecwentworth dieselPhouse2 dieselPhouse5 dieselPhouse6 dieselryan dirk1 dirkfolsomberlin dirktiedup dylan1 fabio fran gogo hans harry1 harry2 harry3 harry4 harryspartacus ian jesse jessieleoforte jonnyhazzard laurentteddybeard lee martinvenice pedro sagat sergei sethf stalin steve steve2 steve3 steve4 steve5 tony1 tony2 topher

Notes: Two amazing photos shot and styled by Aaron Cobbett; Adam Champ jerks off for a crowd in Monteray; Alex Marte boobies and feels like he is OLD!!!!!; two shots of BDSM from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam; Boomer Banks poses provocatively; model Brock is too hot for words; Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz in one of their first films; Model Bulrog Ludovic; Colby Keller rimmed by an aligator; damn, Damany is tops!; Damien Crosse poses in front of a cathedral; Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria fuck; five shots from Parliment House in Florida feature Diesel Washington, Colby Keller, Jarec Wentworth, Ryan Rose and bf; two photos of Dirk Caber at Folsom Berlin, the last one with Ben Brown; Dirk is tied up at the moment…; a hottie in Ibiza photographed by Dylan Rosser; FABIO in the shower; Francesco D’Macho with a friend; three go-go boys at Revolver; Hans Berlin; five photos of Harry Louis, the last with Spartacus; Ian; Jessie Jackson in hot pink, Jessie with Dirk and Leo Forte; Johnny Hazzard in a selfie; hot bear Laurent Teddybeard; Lee; Martin Mazza in Venice, Italy; Pedro Andreas is getting intense; an extreme close-up of François Sagat; Sergei by Michael Stokes; patriotic Seth Fornea; Pavel Petel with Stalin make-up by Sergey Ostrikov; five photos of hottie Steve Raider; Tony Orion can’t sleep and tries to look cute; Topher Dimaggio chills on the beach.

Adam Champ in his own words

October 15, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Erotic film star Adam Champ. (Photo: Courtesy Colt Studio)

“I left home after finishing college in 2000 when I was 24 years old. My first stop was Miami. Life was fantastic in South Beach. At that point, everything was new to me, I felt as if I was in Paradise. While I worked as a personal trainer, several porn companies attempted to induce me to work with them. The money was tempting, but the altar boy in me won out over the devil in me.

“After a couple of years, I moved on to New York City, where I started working as a flight attendant. I was flying long-haul routes between Puerto Rico, New York City and South America. Tired of life on the wing, but still in the Big Apple, I started dancing at the Gaiety Theater in the Time Square area. It was the first time in my life that men showered me with love, attention and affection, telling me I was handsome and beautiful. It was a sensory overload. Working there, I met many people who were edging me ever closer to work in the skin trade.

“A year later, I crossed the continent to explore the fabled Golden Gate I had heard so much about. San Francisco was everything I had dreamed of. It was there that I was enticed to work at the famous Nob Hill Theatre, a place I consider to be the cradle of my career in erotica. There, in Baghdad-by-the-Bay, I met most of the porn industry honchos.

“When I was living in San Francisco, I liked to visit Union Square, and I enjoyed long walks to Golden Gate Park. I liked to feed the squirrels and visit the buffalo herd. Also I liked strolling in the Castro, but I wasn’t very familiar with the club scene.

I was like a kid looking in on a candy store, but not really knowing how to get in. I never really went into the bars. Even though I was a totally nude go-go boy, I was still pretty shy. I was hoping someone would see me walking by and pull me in.

“I am a huge fan of the Folsom Street Fair. I enjoy the freedom you can experience only on the streets of San Francisco. We can let our hairy asses hang out, and hold hands in broad daylight! Believe me, we couldn’t do that in a million years in my hometown of Buenos Aires, or ‘Bueni,’ as I call it. The gay scene down there is still unfortunately pretty repressed, although there are major gay discos and saunas that rock around the clock.

“While I was dancing in New York, I met Mexican television producers who invited me to work with them. The idea of appearing on Latin TV seduced me from the first moment. So I didn’t sweat it, and gladly moved to Mexico City. As I prepared for my television debut, I learned that I had to blunt my sharp Gaucho accent. Nowadays you can’t identify my accent. I went to language boot-camp to learn how to speak Spanish without a telltale South American accent. I did live appearances at clubs in Mexico City, and many TV commercials, and I was the poster boy for one of the most important discos. People there loved me, and still do. I think that was the key of my success in that country. To become one with the people.

“When I started working in a very popular soap opera, I received the third proposal from Colt Studio. While on the telenovelas I had so much fun, and I had the opportunity to meet many Mexican celebrities. I always appeared almost naked; I must admit I enjoyed that very much! I guess I was just eye-candy. After contractual disagreements I decided to depart Mexico, and accepted the longstanding Colt Studio proposal. I moved to San Francisco, where my new, more sexual life blossomed.

“My first shoots were awesome, I felt remarkably comfortable. John Rutherford asked me if I had not done porn before, because I was so natural on screen. I fell right into it was my pairing with the incredible Luke Garret. Our personal chemistry made me oblivious to the cameras and crew around us. I didn’t need any little blue pills, Luke kept me hard during the entire session.

“The one who captivated my undivided attention was sexy Italian Carlo Masi. I was single for five years, and the thought of a serious relationship was the last thing on my mind. But Carlo seduced me mind, body and soul; so we quickly decided to become boyfriends. Wonderful things began to unfold for us, as well as complications. We were living in San Francisco almost a full year, but later we decided to move to Carlo’s home city: glorious Rome. At first it was a major challenge to adapt myself to European culture. Carlo was my connection, my guide, my translator, my loving facilitator, he gently eased me into the stylish Italian lifestyle.

“My actual persona is very different from the boy you watch onscreen. I know sex is an important matter in life, but it is not everything. Onscreen I am 110% sexual and dominating. Actually, I am dominating in real life, but not so pervasively sexual. I am a very quiet and calm man.

“My favorite movie is Naked Muscles, where I was on the cover, and featured in two scenes. One with Chris Wide, the other with my boy Carlo. Shooting the scene was complicated. It’s not easy shooting a scene with someone you are involved with. When it is something solely physical, it’s much simpler.

“I also like my solo in Minute Man 29, where I was also featured on the cover. It took a very long time shooting that scene due to technical difficulties; it was a very hot day, and my tender skin burnt in no time. But it was worth the sunburn; that movie earned the 2008 GAYVN award in the best solo category.”

by Ernie Alderete

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Visit Adam’s blog here.

Where to see Porn Stars! Some are right here!

July 26, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Alexsander Freitas can be seen LIVE at the PLUNGE Pool Party in LA on July 28th! I just missed seeing Alex at a party in NYC because I was too worn out to go! What a shame! But it he had a super time and many of his pals [including Samuel Colt, Morgan Black, Chris Porter, and Kennedy Carter with his bf, to name a few] where there and there are so many wonderful photos, so head over to his blog to see them!

PORN STAR will be featuring a XXX LIVE appearance by [lovers] Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder on Friday July 27th from 9 PM to 6 AM at STEAMWORKS in Berkley. The DJ will be Little Rock. That should be an incredible party! Eep!

Rogan Richards is in PARIS right now!!!!! And will be there through the weekend until Monday July 30th! No details on where he will be performing, but he will be shooting with Exterface! I can’t wait to see the results of that shoot!

Well, if you happen to be in Seoul, Korea, you can see Samuel Colt at the White Party! LOL! It is this weekend, Friday and Saturday from 3-4 AM at the Itaewon Club Pulse. Call for reservations. Mmmphh!

Finally, get LIVE with Adam Champ on-line on Sunday, July 29th at 8 PM EDT or 5 PM PDT! Check out his blog for details!

What do you mean I’m not working this weekend??? Thank god! I work way too hard as is!” I love Steve Cruz‘ new long hair – isn’t he gorgeous with it long?

Well, you could have seen me at Hustlaball London!!!

François Sagat‘s new Facebook cover photo.

In this new photo of Angelos Pethyeriotis, you can see that his barber clipped his eyebrow accidentally. This barber should be fired immediately!

Some people look better with less clothes on. This is especially true of Lucio Saints.

Junior Stellano getting high at Folsom.

A wonderful photo of Adam Killian fucking someone on a boat. Anybody know who it is?

Dylan Roberts twirling a soccer ball.

Drop the towel Bryce! Don’t you love his new beard?

Wilfried Knight‘s new Colt movie FUR MOUNTAIN is out and he another film coming out with Men At Play any time now. Check his blog for details. These are the first films he has made since his car accident.

D.O. looks a bit “Terminatorish” in this photo by Richard Gerst. Of course the photo was sent to me by our DO stalker, Glenn! Many thanks Glenn!

This is a close-up of Jesse Santana’s python at IML. Below is Jesse’s real python:

The snake’s name is Pharaoh and he has owned it for 8 years!!! What a beautiful color it is! A good size too!

Landon Conrad can just make me swoon in this David Wagner shot! How fucking handsome is he???

Leo Forte models a new singlet for Fort Troff. Over at Leo’s blog he has written an essay called “Lord of the Flies”. Give it a read; it is a look deep into Leo’s soul.

Large Tony reveals his namesake.

Pavel Petel letting it all hang out in Yalta.

Happy Birthday Nick Moretti!

July 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

I met Nick at the 2010 GAYVN Awards and the Folsom Street Fair and a nicer guy you could never meet! He is really a sweetheart! He turns 49 years young today! He looks so hot at his age it really is wonderful! He also has tremendous charisma going for him. He has the soft side that will care for his old, deaf, and stinky dog, Cynder, and then the unpredictable and even sadistic side that wants to tie you up, flog you and then fuck the shit out of you! LOL! But he is sensitive too! He has had a tough year and there is no one whose shoulder he can cry on. I was hoping to see him at the Grabbys and IML in Chicago, we never managed to meet up.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!! Hope you have had a fun day!!! Kiss all your pets for me, including the fish! So, everybody visit Nick’s blog and wish him a great day!

Just some guys 19

June 14, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Adam Champ

Junior Stellano


Alexsander Freitas


Petter Fill on the Spanish Steps

Leo Forte

Harry Louis in Rio; Harry has retired from porn while he is BF with Marc Jacobs.

Colby Keller shows us his pussy.

Paul Wagner takes a bath [huge high-res photo].

Jesse Santana at Folsom 2011

Pedro Andreas on the beach

Pavel Petel, still in Russia, still hot as fuck.

The iconic François Sagat.

Jonathan Agassi at Tel Aviv Pride.

Lovers Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder via Men of Porn.

A young Nick Moretti. Whose puppy was he?

Vito Gallo styled as Tom of Finland – photo by Gio

Large Tony.

Prince Carl Philip from Roids N Rants.

Adam Killian [Glenn sent me this asking if this tree grows in my backyard – and it does! But without Adam under it! 🙁 ]

Bryce Star bares all.

Dan Monroe appears in this Justin Monroe photo 3x!

My new secret crush, Erik Rhodes. Who tragically died this morning of a heart attack. RIP Erik! What a warning to users of steroids!