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Gregory in blue

February 19, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Photographer: Aaron Cobbett – see the rest of the set at his blog, Rose et Ridé

Model: Gregory

Jiffy Jim: a new link!

January 20, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Yesterday I learned a new word. Zentai. I had previously seen full body suits, but had no idea what they were called. It took Jiffy Jim’s blog, which is about “zentai, rubber, leather, spandex and more”, to educate me. Turns out that Jim and I have lots more than an interest in fetish gear in common though. We also both like Dave Mason and Slick It Up, Nick Moretti, Chase, Logan McCree, and Stan’s blog Metro Dystopia. It is a match made in blogger heaven! It was inevitable that we should link blogs! We have Erik of Roids N Rants to thank! So, please do check out Jim’s blog! Here are some sample photos from his blog [please enlarge them and I do apologize for there being so many].

SLICK IT UP: The sexiest source for Halloween

October 11, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Bummed because you don’t have your Halloween costume yet? I have the answer right here sexy dude.


Even their suits are a costume! But check out these costumes:

Let’s say you want to be the Slick Devil:

All you would have to do is get the Red Racing Suit:

and the red sexecutioner hood:

and some horns and you are all set!

Or, say perhaps you wanted this equestrian look that Race Cooper did for the Folsom Street Fair:

All you need is the neoflex jeans:

and some real equestrian stuff, such as a riding helmet, crop, boots, and leather bow tie. For the gloves, you can get them at SIU or purchase real riding ones. It is up to you!



Or, you could do the Cannon Ball Run thing with the Racing Suit:

Now, let’s talk about hoods! Slick It up has so many hoods, it boggles the imagination! We all know that a good hood can make a costume. Here are a few of the hoods offered at SIU:


Assassin Hood


It just screams Spider Man to me! And you can keep it and play with it later!!!


Head Harness


The Head Harness is a very sexy look and quite inexpensive as well. Much better than a mask. Models love them! Think how versatile this will be with any costume! And how flattering to your look!


Neoflex Hood


Slick It Up offers hoods in all materials, such as Neoflex, latex, etc. so that they shine, or not, plus you can get any size eye or mouth holes, or not. Essentially you can any variation of shine or holes possible, the varieties are endless! They really are worth a look for your costume or bedroom needs. You will find what you are looking for. As far as costuming the possibilities are endless! It is only the imagination that limits one!


Wrestling Hood


The Wrestling Hood is another example of what I was just talking about. Smaller eye and mouth holes, but with a latex look, it has an appeal of it’s own.


Net Hood


Then of course there is the Net Hood! It works best with the Net Suit, but I would think you might want to wear something under that, so as not to get arrested for indecent exposure! LOL!

Get all these great costume looks at SLICK IT UP!

New Head Harness Available at Slick It Up

August 22, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Click HERE to get it. Its only 28.99

Models: Dave Mason, François Sagat, Gregory
Photographers: Tim Palen, Aaron Cobbett
NB: Gregory is smoking an electronic cigarette. Aaron has used them to quit smoking.

New Double Zip Jeans with Yellow Stripe!

May 20, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Available at Slick It Up
Model: Gregory NYC
Photographer: Aaron Cobbett