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Rogan Richards & Jay Roberts at Cocktails with the Stars

December 21, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards flew from LA to San Francisco to be at Micky B’s and do Cocktails with the Stars. All photos were taken by TBALL  and the report is from TBALL’s blog. Here is what TBALL had to say about the evening:

Jay Roberts, Rogan Richards, and legendary straight female star Tera Patrick were the guests at Micky’s on December 19th. Everyone contributed a gift toward the toy drive currently underway that benefits local kids in West Hollywood.  I have definitely developed a porn crush on Rogan.  He’s got that slammin’ body, but he has a hot Aussie accent and fun sense of humor along with it.

Here are the photos that TBALL took:

IMG_3158_1Rogan and Micky B share the couch.

IMG_3159_1IMG_3160_1IMG_3181_1Jay Roberts tries to get into Rogan’s pants.

IMG_3206_1Rogan with TBALL

IMG_3236_1Rogan’s ass

IMG_3264_1Rogan flexes for Scotty B.

There are many more photos at TBALL’s blog.

Rumor has it that Rogan worked with Hard Friction and Trenton Ducati!!! I am trying to get photos of that!

Here is an Instagram that Steve Cruz tweeted:

trentonroganSteve also Tweeted that: “They had an amazing live show. Releases 2013 online”

I cannot wait!

Hard Friction’s INSATIABLE Reviewed

August 15, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The horny men of Hard Friction are ‘Insatiable.’ Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond direct another group of sexed-up studs as they get it on in front of an online audience. The slick studio production meets the immediate urgency of chemical attraction as eight muscled and inked men, pound eager holes with giant cocks in another high-energy romp in the Hard Friction Live studio.


The first scene was wonderful with the pairing of ingenue Ty Roderick and the dazzling Bryce Star. Ty’s skills include being very forthcoming with stroking Bryce’s ass during the opening “kiss” sequence and having an impressive facial and verbal response during Bryce’s blowing him. There was terrific eye contact and of course Bryce can do no wrong. Some advice for Ty here, lean forward and try to finger Bryce’s ass if you can reach it. Ty next rims Bryce, who right away says “Feels so fucking good! Fuck yes! Fill my hole!” What a pro Bryce is becoming, taking every opportunity to say something! That is so impressive! Bryce then reaches back to spread his own cheeks to show us his pretty hole; that is just great! He then adds “Just like that! I want you to fuck me. Put that dick inside me.” That would have been a great place for Ty to respond with something like “You want my dick?” When Ty is fucking Bryce doggy style Bryce says “Fuck yeah! Just like that! Fuck yeah, pound my ass!” There was nice eye contact in reverse cowboy position and a nice noise level of moans. Ty did a bit of power fucking up into Bryce that got my attention! Whoa! Impressive! A bit of advice for Bryce. It seems that the studio is grooming you to be the next Angelo Marconi, so congratulations on that. Your look is perfect and you are doing everything right. Here is a tip on one thing that Angelo is doing that you are not, and that is to put a couple of fingers in your ass while you are being doggy fucked or rimmed. Then pull them out and lick them or feed them to the top. That is WAY hot when Angelo does it. Ty, here is some advice if you want to be successful like Logan McCree. Finger the bottom’s ass; bottoms love it. Lend a hand when the bottom is jerking off. That shows that you are interested in more than just your own pleasure. Respond in full sentences to whatever the bottom says. Initiate dialog during a scene. Here are some simple examples of dialog that a top can use: “You want my dick?”, “You like my dick?”, “How does that feel?” and “Sweet ass!”. You probably know to do these things and are just intimidated by the whole porn process. So relax, and let’s see what you can do! Oh yes, and more power fucking, please!!! A great scene for these two younguns! What a super pairing! Hot stuff!

Don’t they look cute kissing?

In a nice pattern break, Trenton Ducati and Fabio Stallone do a flip-flop fuck scene. Trenton kept up a soliloquy during the entire scene, urging Fabio into responses instead of Fabio’s usual mumbling of “ohyeahfuckyeahfuckyeahohyeahfuckyeah…” At least Fabio seemed wide awake in this scene. Trenton was gorgeous topping and bottoming; in my book he can do no wrong. At times this scene was hot and Fabio is presentable, in that he does have muscles and can look hot. So if for a moment I could forget who he was, the scene would be hot. I think that Trenton was an awesome partner for Fabio if this was an attempt to rescue Fabio’s career. Trenton is cheerleader and versatile sexy partner in one man. What a deal for Fabio! The only thing that Fabio said clearly in the entire scene was at the end during the cum sequence he asks Trenton “You want my load?” as he jerks off into Trenton’s mouth for an oral cum shot. That was nice. I found the scene to be a bit one-sided though. Fabio does have a pretty un-cut penis and a wonderful body, but I do not care for his mumbling at all. I really cannot enjoy his scenes and even though I totally love Trenton Ducati I don’t know how to rate this scene. It was hot at times, but at other times, not so much. If you are a Fabio fan, you will love this scene!

Spencer Fox and Charlie Harding go at it in the next scene. Spencer blows Charlie keeping up the eye contact and otherwise being a pro. I could watch him all day! Charlie keeps up his “Daddy” banter. LOL! Charlie tosses Spencer up onto the table; I adore manhandling! So fucking hot! And blows and throats Spencer saying “Damn that’s a big dick. Its quite a fucking challenge.” That’s when I decided that this was a nice pairing! Very nice! Charlie fucks Spencer missionary slow and serpent-like saying “Oh you feel good, good damn hole! You like that dick?” It was quite hot to watch Charlie fuck like that! During the doggy position Charlie says “You like that Daddy dick in your Boy hole?” To which Spencer says “Oh yeah, my ass is so spread for you!” Now that was fucking hot! I can’t tell you how much it gets me off to hear the models talking to each other. It just makes the scene so much hotter. Then, during the cum sequence, Charlie has his hand jerking off Spencer’s cock as well as his own. What a super scene!

I was very impressed with newcomer Calvin Koons in his pairing with Jimmy Durano in the final scene. Calvin is cute as a bug in a rug, has a good body, PA piercing, and a bubble butt to die for. What more could a girl ask for? His eye contact during his oral sex with Jimmy was nonstop and he throated with little difficulty. Durano showed us Calvin’s pretty hole while rimming him. Calvin seemed to do all of the moving in the cowboy position, intermittently posting and rotating his hips, and his face was very expressive. Jimmy was moved to say “Yeah fuck!” Then after an around the world move, he was riding reverse cowboy. The next position was doggy and both men were moving together with a very nice rhythm. Which means that Calvin knows what he’s doing as a bottom because every time Jimmy got out of step, Calvin would look back and fix it. Jimmy ended the scene with an oral cum shot. Calvin, totally exhausted came onto his own thigh. A very impressive debut for Calvin! I haven’t seem bottoming skills like that since Steve Cruz! Of course he has a long way to go. The first big step for both of these gentlemen is to speak up! This was the quietest scene I have watched in a long time! SAY SOMETHING! But, fantastic scene! Great work guys!

Buy INSATIABLE because it is packed with three hot as fuck scenes featuring stars such as Bryce Star and Ty Roderick, Spencer Fox and Charlie Harding, and Jimmy Durano with newcomer Calvin Koons who had an impressive debut! There is also a scene featuring fan favorite Trenton Ducati and Fabio Stallone. Camera work was good for industry standards and direction was also good. See what’s cooking at Hard Friction!

Highly recommended! See the free XXX previews here. Buy individual scenes here or the DVD here.

Hard Friction’s SO INTO YOU Reviewed

April 9, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So Into You
Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond

Hard Friction releases another collection of unrestrained, uncomplicated, sex! At the core of each scene you’ll find an undeniable attraction between men; a spontaneous connection that pulses and throbs. A passion that swells as it is unleashed, bursting forth in a blast of excitement that can only be captured LIVE in the moment of immediate gratification. A look shared between men in their sexual prime, ‘So Into You.’


I really like this pairing right from the get go. When Alexander Garrett was blowing Micah Brandt, he throated the young man without any problem. Micah verbalized his appreciation and got into a push-up position to capitalize on Alex’s sucking ability. That was hot and rarely seen in porn. When it was Micah’s turn to blow Alex’s huge meat, he goes for it with relish, and doesn’t quite make the throat, it is just too big. He places Alex’s dick in both hands, and eats it like a little boy with an ice cream cone – what a pretty picture that was! Alex was verbal. They then do a 69 blow job, during which Alex easily slips as many as 4 fingers in to Micah’s ass while rimming him. Micah cries out in ecstasy and moves his hips involuntarily. Alex gives Micah’s ass a hard slap. “MORE?” Alex asks; “YES!” Micah responds lustily. Alex slaps him 5 more times. The verbal parts were repeated and so the slaps are repeated. Now that Micah’s ass is nice and red, Alex opens it wide for the camera. This sequence was scorching hot!

Alex doggy fucks Micah during which Micah cries “Harder!” and “Your cock is so fucking big!”. There is also more slapping, which I love! During the missionary position, Micah holds his “o” face and Alex jerks him off, which is good. During the climax sequence, Micah jerking off, while lying prone with Alex’s fingers in his hole. Micah cums copiously fountain-like. Alex stands over Micah, while his balls are being licked and jerks cumming to a nice facial shot. Micah licks the end of Alex’s cock and pushes the rest of the cum into his mouth. They both look quite spent and well they should! What a great job this pair did on this scene. They surely put their best effort forward and I would call this scene a masterpiece. Really! I’m not kidding. A masterpiece. They could not have done better.

Christopher Daniels makes sucking off Spencer Reed look so easy. He throats him without any problem and can eat both his balls. I am so jealous. He lets Spencer face fuck him without it fazing him at all. It was incredible to watch. Spencer throws Christopher up on to the padded table exposing his ass for rimming and pushes a finger in. We get to see Christopher’s pink pucker. Christopher rides Spencer cowboy, doing all the work. He stands and switches to reverse cowboy. Spencer says “Oh yeah, ride that cock boy!” and rocks his hips a bit. In the missionary position, Spencer does all the work and looks awesome doing it. Spencer kneels over a prone Christopher and delivers a facial cum shot. Christopher also cums. Spencer licks up Christopher’s cum and then his own. I felt that Christopher gave his top performance here, but while Spencer was into fucking Christopher, he did not try his hardest to make a great scene. His effort was only a B+. But a B+ from Spencer Reed is not all that bad since he is such a hot motherfucker anyhow.

Brand spanking new hot model Bryce Star is back and paired with the laconic Lawson Kane. Lawson always reminds me of a bird with a worm when he blows guys and it is no different when he blows Bryce. I guess it is a testimony to his large mouth and ability to suck powerfully. But due to editing, this was only shown for a short time. The same with the rimming of Bryce by Lawson – it was way too brief! The next sequence was nicely done. The boys were sitting side-by-side and then Bryce hopped onto Lawson’s lap for some pretty reverse cowboy. There was great eye-contact and even some verbalizing!!! Wow! Bryce says “So good” to which Lawson answers “Yeah”. That was the hottest part of this scene. I get that Lawson’s forte is making eye contact – but he really needs to expand his tool chest to incorporate verbalization if he intends to go anywhere in the porn business. Bryce could have a big future in porn if he builds definition in his torso and incorporates a bit more verbalization into his routine. He is so pretty that he really does not need to do much more than that. This was not a bad pairing, the guys seemed to click; there just wasn’t enough chatter or passion for me to get into it.

I must say the Jimmy Durano does have a nice cock! I’ll give him that! Adam Herst goes for it with gusto as he tries to throat it and isn’t put off by a bit off gagging. Jimmy face fucks him, but isn’t as pushy as say, D.O. would be. Jimmy slaps Adam’s face with his cock. During the rimming, Jimmy opens Adam’s ass wide for the camera. In the missionary position, Adam has a nice “o” face and says “Fuck yeah”. After some reverse cowboy, there is some pile driving by Jimmy along with jerking off Adam, which Adam says is “So amazing!” After Adam cums, Jimmy has a facial cum shot. Again, this scene was way too quiet for my taste. The heat would be turned way up if Jimmy would say anything; even in Spanish!!! But both men worked very hard and the pairing was good.

To my mind the stars of SO INTO YOU are Micah Brandt and Alexander Garrett. They gave the performance of their lives in scene 1. Was it just the chemistry of the pairing or because each man in his own way is such a hot performer? You tell me. All of the rest of the performances were strong though quiet. Get this DVD, jerk off to it, and it won’t wake up the kids! What a deal! No, seriously, the rest of the cast did very well also; everyone worked very hard. I just prefer a bit more chatter, eye-contact, and heat with my sex, but I give the DVD a solid B+. Great direction and camera work were evident.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX previews here. Buy the DVD here.


Hard Friction’s SATISFACTION Reviewed

February 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Hard Friction’s directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond capture the excitement of their live, erotic webcasts in Hard Friction’s 11th feature release, ‘Satisfaction’. The sex is slammin’, and the connections are real! Fans of big thick cocks, foreskin fetishists, and lovers of extra juicy cum shots will certainly get their fill! Just like the title says, scene after scene, this rager gives you the full “Satisfaction” you’ve been craving!


Jay Roberts and Angelo Marconi have nice chemistry and good eye contact during their scene which help to make it a hot one. Whereas in Jay’s previous performance in Nasty Fuckers, he was almost entirely silent, he manages to moan quite nicely, thank you, here with Angelo. I found the reverse cowboy position to be quite hot. Jay fucks a load right out of Angelo in the missionary position, then jerks one out in a fountain that lands showering his own body up to his pecs. Not so bad for a virtual newcomer! I really liked the set on this one; very subdued coloring and spartan that highlights the men.

I can’t say that I was too impressed with Dylan Hyde. He does have a cute face, but he is too skinny to be attractive to me. Regardless, he and Christian Wilde had good eye contact and went through all the motions whilst moaning and groaning and Chris even had an impressive cum shot, the first spurt of which went all the way to Dylan’s face. This pairing just didn’t work for me, but I can’t say that the guys didn’t do the job.

How come I have not noticed Steve Vex before? Cute and with a good sized endowment, he is right up my alley! What a great pairing to have him with Ben Brown! Hard Friction seems to be all about eye contact, as all of the couples are doing it. I love Steve’s dirty talk: “Fuck yeah, suck that cock dude!”. Ben Brown keeps up with the dirty talk, remarking “Your cock is so big!” while being missionary fucked. Both men move and moan together and have nice blushes going while fucking. The come shots were notable in that Ben got a facial from Steve and some landed in his mouth. Ben shot his bright, white copious load next. This was a very nice pairing and a hot scene.

But the best was saved for last here. The earth-shattering scene starring Morgan Black and Felix Barca is not to be missed! I suspect that these two have been together before. LOL! Morgan’s eye contact with Felix during the blow job is romantic, and this is mostly because of his looks and partly because of his subtle messages. Felix moves his hips demonstrating that he is a superb bottom and we shall see more proof of this in this scene. Felix is quite sensitive and reactive to everything that Morgan throws at him. During the rimming, Felix again moves his hips back onto Morgan’s tongue. That was really fucking hot to see! Morgan makes eye contact again, and that was truly wonderful! Morgan fucked Felix in the reverse cowboy position and again it was so romantic. I think that Morgan’s face looks like a male out of the 1800’s and that is why it appeals so much to the romantic in me. But, Felix lifts his feet and shakes his ass; a move I have never seen before! INCREDIBLE! I’m going to have to try that at home! LOL! Then, even more amazing, the men do a flip-flop fuck. Morgan lies there with his arms open, as if to say “I am yours my love; fuck me!” And Felix does! He fucks the cum right out of Morgan; a nice little puddle. then when it is Felix’s turn, Morgan sucks it out of him and Felix cums all over Morgan’s face and mouth. The whole scene was GANGBUSTER HOT!

Run out and buy this DVD to see the phenomenal scene between Morgan Black and Felix Barca. You won’t regret it. It is a world class effort on their parts. Other scenes that were good included Steve Vex with Ben Brown and Jay Roberts with Angelo Marconi. Christian Wilde and Dylan Hyde were fine, but I was not attracted to Dylan. You might be, so I will withhold judgement. The camera work was good for the industry standards. Once again, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond bring out the hotness and deliver the goods in the form of hot men and hot sex. Boy do they! Great job guys!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

New hot boy on HARD FRICTION LIVE!

November 3, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Micah Brandt

WOOF! Is what I had to say when I first saw Micah Brandt, who will be LIVE on HARD FRICTION on Sunday, November 6 at 8 PM! So tune in and see what Micah gets up to!