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Rogan Richards ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview

I think the ice bucket challenge is silly. Just write out a check to donate to ALS and pass on the rocks. Patrick Stewart feels the same way:


But has he got to ruin that fine Scotch with rocks??????

Anyhow, this video of Rogan Richards doing the ice bucket challenge with Wampa is WORTH viewing IMHO.


I sure hope all this money helps to find a treatment or cure for ALS, because it is a horrible disease and there is a tremendous unmet patient need.


March 12, 2014 Posted by suefairview

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Adult entertainer Cobly Keller writes about his one year experience on Truvada, Gilead’s new HIV protective drug that was approved for use by the FDA two years ago this July. His is the second first-hand account of use of the drug I have read and it is a very encouraging one. You can read his post and much more information about the drug, and his total experience [including paying for the drug] here.

The One Rule

December 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Jesse Jackman, a Titanmen Exclusive, has just written another article for the Huffpost. Here it is in its entirety:


My husband Dirk and I have just one rule in our relationship: “Never bring home anything you don’t want to share.” It works on all sorts of levels. For example, if Dirk meets someone he thinks is hot and wants to hook up with him, I’m always invited to join them… or I can say, “No thanks, but you boys have fun.” I’m extended the same courtesy. It fosters a sexual openness that is both liberating and exhilarating; as long as I feel included, I’m not jealous at all.

There’s more to the One Rule, though, and it pertains to sexually-transmitted diseases. We have an open relationship, and on top of that we both work in the adult film industry. The bottom line is that we’re having sex with men other than just ourselves. And shit happens.

A few summers ago I started dating an amazing man. We were inseparable; our chemistry was great and we had lots of fun. We also had lots of sex, and despite the fact that we’d each recently tested negative for every STD known to man, we always used a condom: He’d lost his first boyfriend to AIDS and was adamant about being safe.

Fast forward a little over four months. Winter was approaching, and there was this big holiday fundraiser that I was really looking forward to taking him to. The day before the event I got a very strange voicemail from him. His quivering, quiet voice said, “Hey, it’s me. I can’t come to the party this weekend. I don’t even know if we can be together anymore. Bye.” Needless to say, I freaked. Things had been going great. I called him back, shaking as I dialed. When I spoke to him, he was choking back tears.

He’d tested positive for HIV.


World AIDS Day 2013

December 1, 2013 Posted by suefairview

WAD A guest post from Brenton of AUSSIELICIOUS:

Yet again, it’s World AIDS Day. Hopefully one day this day will be a day to remember those that we’ve lost to AIDS rather than a day to also try and raise awareness and talk about safety. There is still such a long way to go with this fight. Nearly all the porn studios have caved to the demand for bareback sex and the rate of infection in young men is growing because they just don’t see HIV as a problem. The only reason people treat HIV differently to something that requires constant lifelong treatment like diabetes is because it’s a sexually transmitted disease and we all know that men lose the ability to form rational thoughts when their dick is hard.

There is still a lot of stigma against HIV+ men if they are brave enough to disclose their status to a sexual partner but those conversations and education are the only way we are going to move forward to keeping people safe and reducing the stigma. Please play safe boys. Don’t make assumptions about safety or someone’s status. You are the only person who can truly look after yourself so treat everyone you sleep with as if they may be positive and use condoms.



November 3, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I can’t say for sure that the DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is based based on a true story, but it does give one a feel for what it was like back then in the mid-80’s when AIDS was a newly discovered disease with few known treatments and even fewer treatments available. At that time, FDA was being really hard-assed about enforcing thier regulations and most doctors were totally unsmpathetic to patients. Pharmaceutical companies were being greedy as all get-out. I haven’t seen DBC yet, but I will and I will review it for my readers.


But if you would like to see a wonderful documentary about those times, see HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE, that was made by David France, who was there. It shows the rise of Act-Up to fill the need of patients who were literally dying for new drugs and put pressure on the FDA, doctors and drug companies*. This ground-breaking film is available on Netflix.


*I recall when I was working for big pharma and we brought Videx to the FDA for approval [the 2nd drug to be approved after AZT], I was in contact through clinic visits with several members of Act-Up who kept asking if a demonstration was needed. But, we [the company] were so well prepared thanks to our tireless and dedicated staff, the only question remaining was to determine the dosage on which the data were not clear. Besides, by that time FDA had bent over backwards, allowing us to use Expanded Access data in our application; something unheard of just a year or so ago.