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Boca a Boca [Mouth to Mouth] Reviewed

December 29, 2011 Posted by suefairview

From Netflix:

In this outlandish Spanish comedy, Javier Bardem stars as an aspiring thespian who hones his technique over the fiber-optic cable as a phone-sex operator, thrilling the men and women of Madrid alike with his repertoire of exciting aliases. But just as his big break seems a foregone conclusion, a sexy caller embroils him in her plot to entrap her roving husband. And this time, his gift of gab may not be enough to save his bacon.


This was a typical European, over the top situation comedy/farce laced with sexuality. These can be a bit much, but I really rented it just to watch Javier perform under the hetero- and homo- sexual circumstances and see how he did. He is such a fine actor, that he amazed me! He has such ability, surely he was the star of this film. No question about it.

He was at once cuddly and cute, the next moment slow and seductive to a man over the phone, and the next passionate, devouring and manly to a woman at the table. In a scene close to the end of the movie is has taken umbrage at the director’s choice of Coca Cola as a beverage with a meal instead of wine and throws a fit, one that everyone agrees is a fine bit of acting. Javier is like Sean Bean, I would watch him shovel dog shit.

I have seen Javier Bardem in Biutiful, Eat Pray Love, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and No Country for Old Men. I would have loved Eat Pray Love, but I hate Julia Roberts, so that ruined it for me [3 stars]. I did adore Vicky Christina Barcelona [5 stars]. Who didn’t? Biutiful was too sad, but he was great in it [3 stars]. No Country for Old Men was very powerful, but again, very sad [4 stars]. The theme here is that Javier is a wonderful actor! I recommend Boca a Boca if you would like to see his range and have a laugh all at the same time.

I give it

**** stars

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