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Sunday’s Best Men!

January 31, 2016 Posted by suefairview

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À bientôt, Bis bald, Zie je snel

March 31, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Going on another VIKING cruise: Rhine Getaway. I expect to be back blogging by April 14th. Meanwhile, please enjoy some photos of Just Some Guys:


February 23, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Plan ahead if you’re contemplating the Black Party. If you’re in or visiting NYC email to set up a studio visit to purchase/try on in person. Made in NYC, shipped globally.


And now, just some guys…

16513_10152627398881976_7407607303497234299_n 1495521_10153661629327814_3844277591103712702_n 1619272_10152592085816976_1034750765442241953_n 1901175_809007025846770_3953356443815620433_n 1922402_818699581544181_200325659130778239_n 10014622_10204893322867094_2322745224525948617_n 10247379_10152590807851976_5053803312791305288_n 10325179_10206361950473322_1194707694234868141_n 10346624_10152613631341976_9194060122711070150_n 10376920_785121948190652_2795257195456238441_n10492284_10152605328126976_4237711848005542576_n 10562987_10153091725390421_7086266229502173430_n 10943108_789311111156078_5670757397231530384_n 10944195_10152601292961976_2409490395723469739_n 10959337_792471267506729_2290358411748972925_n 10959719_10153661629192814_7004449021917915664_n 10978688_10152596332316976_8592014353458462959_n 10981744_10203434717768934_1996362270972465159_n 10984104_10152629388091976_9092733848567906779_n 10991042_942806955744286_7983913207008180585_n 10991334_10152625019851976_2018821013714974237_n 10993482_10152608081471976_2146938103572751443_n 10994644_789968154428290_299356635_n 11006363_824272814320191_6675805416353236228_n 11008556_10152629410671976_7503004395085343128_n aaron exterface exterface2 exterfacephoto

Get all these looks and more at Slick It Up!

Models include: Damien Crosse, David Mason Chlopecki, JP Richards, Jay Roberts and many more GUYS!


Just some guys 51…

January 29, 2015 Posted by suefairview

alex alex1 alex3 alexmoi

Alexsander Freitas in some classic photos and with me in NYC in July 2013.


Angel Rock now has long hair!


Ben Brown, Dirk Caber and Dominic at a leather event.


A painting by Benoît Prévot; a master of artworks of people, who is famed for his erotic work.


Billy and Seth Santoro joined Dirk and Jesse Jackson the the Manhunt booth.


Boomer Banks in what is by now an iconic pose.


Carlos Gustavo feels like he has wings!


Damien Crosse on the beach in Brazil with his drop-dead-gorgeous pals.


Pedro Andreas relaxing at home in Mexico.

diego diego3way diegorome diegowagnerjonathanbest

Wagner Vitoria da Sliva has announced that he is now in a 3-way relationship with Diego Lauzen and Australian Jonathan Best. The threesome has vacationed recently in Rome and Venice.

dirk1 dirk3

The camera loves Dirk, and so do we!

eliad eliadcohen

Yikes! Eliad Cohen cuts a macho figure in these photos.


Facebook has been particularly sucky lately as far as gay members posting photos of men. This photo of Draven Torres and Jonathan Agassi was deleted:


As was this photo of Rogan Richards and Benjamin Godfre, taken by Michael Stokes:


This has led to a petition posting by Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber, along with this photo:


Facebook really needs to review their rules on blocking members so that people cannot use FB to bully others.


A closeup of Francesco D’Macho‘s face when he was younger. YIKES! Today is his Birthday. Franky is what he wanted:




Jared Leto wants you to buy this hip bag. I would settle for his hair!

jay jay1 jayroberts

Jay Roberts had some fun on his vacation!


Pavel Petel illustrates a completely safe way to bareback.

quent quentin

 Quentin Elias will be beautiful forever. RIP

DJ Lucas Flamefly is lonely since his bf returned down under.

lucas roganleather roganpit

But I guess we can forgive him, since his bf is Rogan Richards [here seen posing in Eagle Leather and in the pit performance for the Company of Men]. Here he is being cute in an Oz Day shoot:


François Sagat watches the War of the Worlds from Washington, DC.

sagatdc sagatgozer sagatseth

François poses as Gozer, and poses with Seth for the Kick Sagat opening in NYC.

Speaking of Seth Fornea…

sethfornea sethfornea1 Gulp!

The camera loves Tony Orion!!!!

tony tony2 tonypyppy

Have a look at Jonathan’s beautiful face:


Just some guys; Holiday Edition!

December 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview

20702_659117264198639_283151208142925893_n 1004550_684591128323309_119023800550838142_n 1978852_753519801401191_1110869242820014456_n adam alexf2 alexf3 alexm alexm2 bulroggabby chase colbyvincent damien dave diegowagner diegowagner2 diegowagnerflextim dirk2 dirk3 dirktony do eliad2 eliadcohen filipe francesco francois francoiskick frandam hans jayroberts johnhazzard johnonthpotty lucasharry matt paddy pavel pavel2 pedro rogan rogan3 rogan4 spencer steve tonyorion hansb tyler zackhardt10570476_10153398136751124_7340034641524472826_n

Notes: 3 insanely hot men; Play Santa with Adam Champ; Alexsander Freitas is here to celebrate; as is Alex Marte; Bulrog Ludovic and Gabriel Dahech posed for Exterface; Chase Hostler as a centaur; Colby Keller and Vincent under the tree; Damien Crosse‘s arm pit [yum]; David Mason Chlopecki without a stitch of SIU on!; 3 photos of Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vitoria da Silva, in the last one they are with Flex Extremmo and Tim Kruger; newly engaged Dirk Caber in the holiday spirit in 2 photos and with pals who include Tony Orion “under the covers”; DO wears a crown; Eliad Cohen with pals in 2 photos; turquoise waters and Filipe – a dream come true; Francesco; François Sagat as “ginger” and his newest Kick Sagat creation for the holidays; Francesco & Damien have moved to Barcelona!; Hans Berlin with pals; Jay Roberts working it!; Johnny Hazzard as a Santa’s helper and YIKES!; Lucas DJ Flamefly and Harry Louis; Matt as photographed by Simon Barnes; a peek down Paddy O’Brian’s pants makes me sweaty; 2 photos of Pavel Petel as Santa and yes, I want to sit on his lap; Pedro Andreas with his current bf; 3 photos of Rogan Richards, in the final one he has a helpful elf; Spencer Reed lookin’ good!; a quite dapper Steve Cruz; Tony Orion looking risque; Hans Berlin on crutches because of foot surgeries, wishes us all the best of the season and LOVE; a woofy-looking Tyler; archer Zach Hardt photographed by Michael Stokes; Aaron Cobbett‘s shot of a “bulgy” elf, that we would love to know better!