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Hot gifs!!!! Get yer hot gifs here!

July 11, 2014 Posted by suefairview

These gifs were brought to you by Buzz Feed.



Henry Cavill


Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds


Joe Manganiello in True Blood


Michael Trevino in the Vampire Diaries



Ryan Kwanten has an interlude with Alexander Skarsguard on True Blood.


Travis Fimmel on Vikings


Gael Garcia Bernal


Jason Momoa in Conan the Barbarian (2011)


Chris Hemsworth


Tyler Hoechlin of Teen Wolf


anigimecadbrooksMechad Brooks


June 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Yesterday afternoon, I saw MAGIC MIKE and I found the plot to be a typical boy meets girl one. There was however, a barrage of male nudity and one does get to see every male star’s, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Matthew McConaughey, ass quite clearly. Which jives with the entire stripper scenario. There is male nudity throughout the film, as well as female nudity, since these boys are straight.The issues around being a sex worker are also dealt with here, such as drugs, finding other good paying work, getting bank loans, having good credit when your earnings are in cash, etc. You also get to see Channing dance his ass off.

There was a kind of interesting subplot filtering through though about what a sex worker does when he gets too old to continue in the business. Harmless Summer fun!

I give it

*** stars.


Just some guys 20: Pride Edition!

June 24, 2012 Posted by suefairview

How about some Sagat Champagne to celebrate Pride this year? Any speculations on the taste? LOL!

Alexsander Freitas at the Celebration of Daddy Day for Tom of Finland with Xander Woods.

Junior Stellano showing off his perfect body in a hoodie.

Dave Mason dresses sexy in a velvet collar with rhinestones for a Summer weekend upstate with pals.

D.O. plays on the fire escape.

Adam Champ takes Champito to the aquarium! Champito is dressed for Pride! Too cute!

Adam in the bath house, but we sweat! LOL!

Chase on a roof top posing for a photographer. Don’t fall Chase!!!

Pedro Andreas with attitude.

Nick Moretti tying up a costar. Nick is having his right shoulder evaluated for surgery. He has already had surgery on this left shoulder. Yikes! At least he has a good gig as Director now!

Steve and Bruno driving someplace! I’m glad that Bruno is driving!

Dean Monroe is quite happy with his body the way it is at 40, thank you. Uh huh!

Francesco and Damien pose together.

Vito Gallo shows off a new tattoo.

I am in love with this photo of Lucio Saints in an elevator.

Angelo Petheryotis and Colton Ford celebrate Gay Pride in Denver.

Paul Wagner with wombats at the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

I’d say that bird is eating right out of Paul’s hand! Which of course I would do too! LOL!

Très photogenic Harry Louis in Paris.

Would you give this guy a ride?

A fabulous photo of my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter.

Pavel Petel models for Timoteo.

Alex Marte wearing SIU lederhosen.

A close up of the the chest of Slick It Up facebook fan Ian Jopson. All I can say is “YUM!”

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder at Seattle Pride.

Just some guys 14

February 3, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Dave in Madrid

The latex look full body suit modeled in LA

Newly single Angelo Peterson and pal.

Pavel Petel with acid lipstick and an aqua wig.

Halloween in the Classic Mercury suits!

Wilfried Knight out playing with his daughter.

D.O., doing one of the things he does best, modeling.

Steve Cruz directing and shooting Adam Killian for the movie Fahrenheit.

Joe Manganiello from Joe.My.God.  – WOOF!

A little tongue action from Steve and Bruno.

I don’t know who he is yet, but YUM!

I love Pedro Andreas’ new look. Don’t you?

Kurt Rogers looking cool and shady in the pool.

BITE ME!!!  [I don’t know why I find this image of Sagat as a vampire to be so hot!!!]

Warning to all you guys who purchase Slick It Up mega-stretch jeans: you might get arrested!!! So be careful out there while wearing them!

Joe Mangiello in Hawaii

October 20, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Joe Mangiello was recently in Hawaii with a blond friend. He is very uh, well built as a result of his True Blood werewolfing and his upcoming movie Magic Mike. Enjoy the photos from Aussielicious!