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HAPPY 2016! Here are some hunks for you to celebrate with!

December 30, 2015 Posted by suefairview

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And now… Dionisio Heiderscheid!!!!

August 25, 2014 Posted by suefairview






Last photo of Dionisio at Buckingham Palace.

Photos for Rufskin and Ruf Mag:

10450541_10152476337652570_7739980895678849045_n 10491992_10152064261501442_8529769915923172626_n 10500245_10152072565451442_280198212885767902_n 10524622_10152124118131442_1949511074683054359_n 10525814_10152093569166442_4542435577633932499_n 10533032_10204227326182157_7917291793928065777_n 10556485_10152565092537570_429229040843013354_n 10581626_10204431210839146_1194307805_o 10585246_10204431208759094_1951987774_o 10585246_10204431210799145_2114559204_o 10586962_10204431208879097_345256036_o

This photo is by Joe Oppedisano:



TYBALT – A Limited Edition Cine-Zine by Richard Gerst from Richard Gerst on Vimeo.

Jesse Jackman is one hot Daddy!

August 5, 2013 Posted by suefairview

WOOF! That is all I can say about Jesse Jackman! I think he is hotter now, than he has ever been in his entire life! To be honest, I never noticed him until he worked with François Sagat on Incubus. But then, wow, where has he been my whole life? His partner is Dirk Caber, who is not exactly lacking in hotness either. LOL!

Notes: Jesse & Dirk take in a Sox game at Fenway; horsing around; posing with Scott Hunter; Jesse posing; Jesse drinking; with Johnny Parker; Dirk licking Shay Michaels; another shot with Johnny; a close-up of Jesse’s arm band that he then lost; with Charlie Harding; in full leather regalia; smoldering hot; the happy couple; Cupcakes!; don’t get burned on the hotness; what is not to love?; Dirk looking awfully hot himself; at Notre Dame; kissing; lusting after a bike; with Jessy Ares; Dirk spotting in the gym; clowing around on the slopes; pretty in a close-up; naked in the locker room; flashing his jock; trying out the new bondage bed; film at 10?; Jesse with his Philly Crush; who has apparently done some modeling in the past; Jesse with Josh West; a fan reacts to Dirk’s kilt; then to Dirk’s surprise, has a peek underneath; Jesse costumed as Posiedon is photographed by the great Joe Oppedisano [on the floor]; the resulting photograph; Jesse really pulls off this look he is so handsome.

All I can say is, who wouldn’t want to join in a threesome with this pair? ? ? ?


Homage to Joe Oppedisano

April 9, 2013 Posted by suefairview

0D6P7042alta 0D6P8062a 1 44 64 971 2010Jun08_5068a 2010Jun24_7309a 2010Jun24_7319a 2010Jun24_7459a 68611_191139764360786_590336863_n 72811_227808440693918_2114226428_n 181023_221446487996780_983886539_n 544881_227808400693922_803258142_n 579810_227808344027261_997335094_n BEGmBtqCUAEWeWR.jpg large BEGRrX7CcAElAAN.jpg large BETBz7qCIAAWjQ-.jpg large colton samuelModels include: Adam Killian, Antonio Biaggi, Colton Ford, Chase Hostler, Fred Faurtin, and Samuel Colt.

Joe Oppedisano is incredibly talented; his use of light and props as well as the treatments of his models are extraordinary and set his photographs above all others. He and his art are unique. Mix his photos with those from other photographers, and his stand out because of Joe’s style and talent. What a great gift to the world Joe is.

Some outfits are by Slick It Up

Just some guys 31…

January 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards for Australia Day; Pedro Andreas wants YOU to have a good day! Jesse Santana has some fun. François Sagat prepares the stage for his concert at Centre Pompidou with Jean Luc la Verna. Adam Champ posting suggestively to attract custom to his online shows. Dave Mason; Damien Crosse can be seen LIVE in Columbia; Adam Killian tops Vito Gallo; Adam, Vito and Rafael Carreras get soaked for Lucas Ent. in Costa Rica; Adam in Thailand; Spencer Reed with a disco ball; Colton Ford with Angelos Petheryotis; Vito naked; D.O. grease monkey; Samuel Colt & Lucio Saints bts; Jake Genesis; Lucio rims Adrian Toledo; Francesco D’Macho & Damien will be LIVE in Columbia [btw – it is Francesco’s Birthday today!!!]; Angelo making us all sigh; Bryce Star at Gigolo Hollywood; Diesel Washington & Sean Duran; Trenton Ducati’s ass; Jessy Ares with his plane ticket to Costa Rica; Bubble butt contest between Kyle King and Tate Ryder; Paddy O’Brian nude; Paddy hushing up Donato Reyes; Isaac Jones posing; Adam Killian gesturing; Tomas Brand & Dean Monroe in British Pounds; Channing Tatum shows his best side, photo by Joe Oppedisano; Colby Keller rimming someone; Adam in Costa Rica; Dean Monroe on all fours; Cal Skye; Gio & Diesel; Leo Forte clowning around with Diesel; John kissing bf Liam Magnusson; Junior Stellano digs his truck out of the snow after a snow plow had buried it; Junior practicing being a bottom; Liam’s back; Liam nude; Colt men, Luke, Gage and Adam; Marcus Ruhl; Matthew Mason’s butt; Paddy; Rob Evans; Jesse’s cock with PA; Tomas Brand; Pavel Petel; Large Tony; Two shots of Vito’s ass [because one is never enough!]; Samuel Colt & Alexsander Freitas plus pals; A younger Nick Moretti; Johnny Castle enjoys a ride with Zeb Atlas.