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Just some guys 30!

January 16, 2013 Posted by suefairview

2650_78507181123_94283_nPhotographer Aaron Cobbett is the blogger behind Rose et Ridé. Here he looks his best.

6203_339257759503291_739878070_nFrançois Sagat looking seductive as only he can. Congratulations on his award for XBIZ Best Movie of the Year Incubus 1 & 2!

27302_313529112092655_1001023390_nPedro Andreas is bulking up!

6392_313346545444245_1104351356_nMeanwhile, his dog Tomas is growing up!

68611_191139764360786_590336863_nColton Ford at 50 years old, as photographed by the brilliant Joe Oppedisano.

163358_321953304576096_957218599_nLogan McCree with Jeff Stronger, Jonathan Agassi, David Avila and a pal.

165018_4468014571132_476995580_nNick Moretti in a cool motorcycle jacket.

301639_2495871678360_1538422982_nPetter Fill enjoys the beach!

387886_376108889142019_1500226028_nAdam Champ and Carlo Masi cuddle with Champito.

406654_185337708278859_1223295325_nXBIZ Best Performer of the Year, Trenton Ducati looks seductively at the camera in his Timoteo shorts.

424820_4370195645376_484354470_nThe Stag Homme crew: Francesco D’Macho, Carlos Gustavo, Goran, Orlando Toro, and Damien Crosse.

487039_445170648884271_878683815_nFan favorites Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. Isn’t Bruno just totally hot in that sweater?

527765_294894547292459_106073290_nJonathan Agassi is so hot, he needs a splash of water to cool off!

541841_10151201553621976_1782215652_nDave Mason models his own hot pink & black custom [for Michelle Visage!] hoodie for Trophy Pony @ Slick It Up. The item is offered in platinum & blue as well as purple & gold.

679420668Large Tony looking very hot.

A8O5Ye4CUAAPsA7.jpg largeThere is no doubt about it, Paddy O’Brian is a very handsome man.

A_5sOSLCEAAJqNX.jpg largeBryce Star heads off to dreamland with his puppy.

A_m1o62CIAIOKje.jpg largeSome fans of Lucio Saints‘ made this hoodie for him!

A_obRycCMAEtgPJ.jpg largeAdam Killian and his bf vacation at Whistler Mountain.

A_um1LaCQAA9t6J.jpg largeSamuel Colt and Drake Jaden take a piss and were caught on camera. There are no private moments for a porn star.

A-cgdLDCYAEVsMk.jpg largeVito Gallo looking gorgeous as usual.

angeloA rare view of Angelos Petheryotis vacationing in Miami. What a fucking hunk!

AqeWGN8CQAALcWr.jpg-largeAny photo of D.O. is a great one!

AzQupaoCUAEZbaU.jpg largeJunior Stellano is all wet!

BArLFP1CIAE2q1u.jpg largeBF’s Christian Owen and Jimmy Durano smooch.

BAUkquPCMAEbLbb.png largeJake Genesis as his former self at the 2013 Cybersocket awards.

chasebyjoA terrific portrait of Chase Hostler by Joe Oppedisano.

ncikgermannycThis dream-come-true is @nickgermannyc on Twitter.

nds28182_053Dean Monroe displays assets that helped him win Best Performer of the Year at the 2013 Cybersocket Awards! Congratulations Dean!

spenceralexSpencer Reed & Alex Marte – two beefy studs!

tomasbrandTomas Brand frames a photo of he and love Logan Rogue.

tumblr_mgfor7baDG1rqp5duo4_1280 tumblr_mgfor7baDG1rqp5duo5_1280 tumblr_mgfor7baDG1rqp5duo8_1280Rogan Richards flexes at the 2013 Cybersocket Awards, where he accepted Men At Play’s award for Best European Porn Web Site. Congratulations to MAP! More photos at Rogan’s blog.

tumblr_mglejd194G1r13tm3o1_1280 tumblr_mgmioivB2b1r13tm3o3_1280Pavel Petel models for Rufskin and as always looks quite sexy doing it.

xbizawardsBest Performer of the Year, Trenton Ducati and Adam Killian at the 2013 XBIZ Awards. Sigh. The hotness.

Just some guys 29…

January 1, 2013 Posted by suefairview



nickm mscl MCC23 MCC14 leo IMG_3057 IMG_2927 dieselass A-xuGuQCcAAUeH6.jpg large A-VdH8NCEAAW3YQ.jpg large A-SDZilCYAAe9mt.jpg large A-fms6ZCIAAs8Es.jpg large A-fbRCzCIAAjMhp.jpg large A-elCgACcAQYzdG.jpg large A-e9wuHCQAAeqXp.jpg large A_WZLKHCYAAqSjW.jpg large A_WZkZpCYAAfNuG.jpg large A_SL0iVCYAARACg.jpg large A-3kmfdCcAEu6ww.jpg large A-1zSbACMAImJLf.jpg large A9WA-8hCUAAtqUM.jpg large A8QHTGRCIAAaflM.jpg large A8gq4T9CIAAnfc2.jpg large A8DU1y8CIAAmSaq.jpg large A8BuBuACUAI08PI.jpg large A3IPvejCAAAes6L.jpg-large 564616_309669799151094_1582646342_n 564603_186693381472091_330671794_n 553273_325870957528151_1963127339_n 551173_309478385831061_1167014919_n 540974_4486037061339_621288894_n 531895_308914889220744_662806011_n 393116_10151615828800031_1604872316_n 66015_10151125475236976_980984451_n


Just some guys 26…

October 2, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Nick Moretti is Mr. October in the 2012 HOT OLDER MALE Calendar.

The hottest threesome in history?

Pedro Andreas is getting another tattoo, but no information on what or where it will be.

Wilfried Knight in a candid photo.

Francesco, Damien, Goran, and others from the Stag Homme crew hang out.

Dave Mason is in Paris.

Angelos Petheryotis has a new hair cut.

Adam Champ feels pretty…

François shows his best asset at a Folsom past.

Bryce Star picks out his dinner while in Viet Nam recently.

Samuel Colt on the cover of the new Joe Oppedisano book J/O. Get it at Amazon.

TNT will be at a Hustlaball Pre party at Splash bar. I will be at Hustlaball as press, and hope to see tons of people there I know!

Paddy O’Brian showing us his tool of the trade.

Tommy Defendi staying lean!

Draven Torres undergoes a bit of electro-stim. He told me he wasn’t your typical boy-next door, but we can always hope.

Alexsander Freitas posing for his new TRUST NO BITCH clothing line. There are many more photos at his blog.

Damien Cross fucks Goran. This photo is from Queer Me Now.

Landon Conrad is in London working for Men At Play.

See more photos of Landon in a suit here.

Lucio Saints with a horse. I wonder if he rides? Lucio is also in London, but working with Gigolo.

Steve and Bruno share a tender moment.

Spencer Reed at 21 years of age.

Cheeky Pavel Petel! Still hot as fuck, still in Russia!

Rogan Richards with a new haircut. Rogan has some very risqué material on his blog. Check it out if you dare! LOL!

Post Grabby Party – Spin: part 1

June 7, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So the Grabby Awards were over and everyone stood up to leave and head out for the post award parties as if the theater were on fire! I turned to Arturo and bid him a sincere and hasty farewell. It was surely kismet to be sitting right next to him during the show!!!

I sped away to find my group, which was led by Ashely Camerazzi. They were pretty easy to find. Ashely was busy trying to round up the banners hanging on either side of the theater and I helped her to do that. She had to lean very far out over the balcony to grab them, and I was worried that she would do a header! But she didn’t! We rejoined our group out in front of the theater, which was now all but deserted. Alexsander Freitas really wanted to go back to the hotel and change his pants, since he had a gaping hole in them by now, I mean, half his ass was hanging out! I certainly could understand his point, and I wanted to go back to the hotel also, because I was cold, so I told him I would go back with him. See, the hotel was WAY out of the way, the club where the after party was being held was only a few blocks from where we were, but the hotel was a five mile drive back into Chicago. At the last moment, the Sold Out Clothing guys came with us in the minivan cab.

Alex and I sat in the back, and the guys sat in the middle bench. Alex told me about his vision for the Alexsander Freitas brand, in which he has tremendous pride. He intends to strengthen current collaborations and form new ones to build on the future. He also intends to open new ventures for the brand and learn new skill sets for himself, in order to open himself up to new markets and so that the brand is remembered when people work with him. I was really happy to hear Alex say these things and that he is thinking with a sound business mind about his career and future. He has such promise as a man; it is wonderful to just sit back and watch him develop.

When we arrived at the hotel, the Sold Out Clothing guys paid for the cab. That was extremely nice of them. I dashed to my room and got changed into something warmer but still sexy. Then I headed back out to the elevator and who was in there, but Bruno Bond, Landon Conrad and Landon’s BF! I gave Bruno a huge hug, since I hadn’t seen him yet on this trip and said “Hey!” to Landon. Bruno said “I think there’s something sexy under that thing!” I was wearing a zippered black mesh shirt with green and blue embroidered dots by Casual Studio with a black cotton camisole underneath with skin tight Fabrizio Gianni  stretch jeans [all bought on incredible markdown sales, mind you]. I tried my best to look coy. “Well its cute anyhow,” Bruno retorted. I replied “I own lots of cute things.”

“So do I,” piped up Landon, looking quite coy himself. We all chuckled at that! I just bet he does! I would love to see him in those things! LOL!

1)I was down in the black marble lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel only moments went Alex returned looking extremely spiffy in his Sold Out Clothing Tom of Finland shirt sans jacket. It really was the first time I had seen it without a jacket covering it. I was literally struck by how sheer it was; I could see all of Alex’s beautiful tattoos right through the material! Right away I knew I had to capture this on film and besides, Alex was looking so confident and sexy. He posed up against a wall; look how stunning he is!

2) In an homage to Joe Oppedisano, I got onto the floor and took this angle shot. It sucks, I know, but it was fun!

3) In this close up, you can see what I was talking about a bit better. On Alex’s shoulders, the tattoos are seen clearly through the shirt. On the parts of the shirt where the metallic foil is less for example, on the rays from the face, the shirt is very sheer. The effect is rather like an acid cut velvet or lacy women’s lingerie. It is almost completely see-through, yet very masculine. I also like the v-neck and tight sleeves. The shirt is quite flattering on Alex – I would say that he is drop dead sexy in it. The fabric is also very soft and pliable and has a nice hand; almost like silk.

4) We wait to see who we are going to the Spin Party with and it turns out that we all piled into another minivan cab! Daniel said “Fit 8 people into a cab! I’m Mexican! We can figure that out no problem!” LOL! So it was one of the Sold Out guys in the front [David], Tom Wolfe and the other Sold Out guy [Keith] and Alex in the middle bench, Daniel, myself, Matthew, and the bf in the back. My thigh was pressed against Matthew’s meaty one. ULP! I already have my camera out and begin to take photos in the cab. Here is one of Matthew and his BF. Aren’t they sweet?

5) In this shot you can clearly see Alex’s tattoos right through the Sold Out Clothing shirt! He is gorgeous from any angle. That is Keith to his right. Tom is to his left, not in the photo.

So we get to the party, Tom Wolfe goes to the door and there is a problem and they won’t let us in. FUCK! Tom is outraged! He just won a Grabby for Most Manly Man and they won’t let him and his party in to the official after party! WTF! He insists that we are all allowed in or he will not enter! What gallantry! He certainly was raised right! And in no time at all the snafu is cleared up and we are all provided with VIP wristlets and ushered through the door. 🙂

6) Ty Tucker plants himself in front of my camera.

7) The beautiful non-porn actor, Daniel. He was almost on my lap on the way to the after party.

8) Andrew Jakk seems to be thinking “So I won a Grabby. But still nobody notices me. I’m all alone in the world. What do I have to do to get some respect?”

9) But then Spencer Reed comes up and shows Andrew some love and brightens Andrew’s day. Isn’t that wonderful?

10) Spencer talks with Landon Conrad and Landon’s BF.

11) It sounds serious.

12) Mr. Pam gets down. LOL!

13) The ever lovable Steve Cruz with and unknown. Dean Monroe is in the background.

14) Steve, JP Richards, Dean, Bryce Star, Lawson Kane, Bruno Bond and Christopher Daniels at the party.

15) Same people, Steve laughing.

16) Must be something Bryce said!

17) Bruno poses with Christopher Daniels.

18) Topher DiMaggio is flirty, while Rex Roddick looks on with Landon and BF.

19) Everyone is laughing!

20) Landon is tweeting while his hot bf manages to look dorky. Not easy when one is that hot.

 Part 2

HYDRATE PARTY Thursday, May 24th: part 2

May 30, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Here we go with part deux. Are you guys ready??? As you may recall, I was given incredible access by GRABBYS host Mark Nagel [THANKS Mark!!!!] AND by FABSCOUT Howard, who invited me into “bowels” of the backstage area. But before we get to that, you can find a list of all of the 2012 GRABBY WINNERS HERE.

So, here are today’s 20 photo narratives, and then the photos:

1) We begin with more unidentified FabScout boy butts!!!

2) Andrew Justice and Logan Vaughn have to duck to walk through the rabbit warren. I could stand straight up, but my head was skimming the ceiling.

3) Diego Vena was clever to use the key-hole entrance as a posing opportunity. So here are 3 photos of him there.

4) Diego pose 2

5) Diego pose 3 – Isn’t he a stunner? I should have probably gotten down to more of his level and taken the shot directly on, but I didn’t think of it while I was there. Diego, man I failed you!

6) Andrew Justice is smoking an electronic cigarette. How cool is that? Way cool! Here we can see that all are packed into the rabbit warren, but I can make out JP Richards with his back to the camera.

7) Austin Wilde shows up, ducking so as not to hit his head on the pipes! They were steam pipes and some of them were toasty, leading to the overly warmness of the room! Sauna anyone?

8) Austin Wilde and his boyfriend Anthony Romero looking very comfortable together.

9) UNKNOWN blond stud talking to fellow camera warrior and local boy, Craig.

10) Austin dancing

11) Austin dancing more.

12) Austin flexing for a photographer.

13) FabScout cage dancers get busy!

14) My attempt at a “Joe Oppedisano” image of Tyler Sweet. Sucks, I know. But Tyler sure does look pleased!

15) Dean Monroe sporting his new extremely short haircut. I had to verify that he WAS Dean! But isn’t his new haircut devastatingly handsome on him? I told him so, but he was very self deprecating about it. I told him I was a fan and loved him in Priest. He said that that raised some eyebrows and I responded, “Not mine!” I also said that I loved his accent. *Swoon* But there is much, much, much more of Dean coming in my photos! So stand by!!! LOL!

16) The rhinestone football player. Don’t know who was in there. But this person cut one of the FabScout boys on the elbow. Not a pretty sight.

17) Parker Perry and Bryce Star chatting up some fans.

18) Parker and Bryce pretend doggy style. Notice how Bryce isn’t spilling is drink! LOL!

19) Parker gives me a “What’s up?” look.

20) Parker does something really nice and poses with me for the camera. Thanks Parker! Look how blue his eyes are! You could fall into eyes like that!