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Muscle & Ink: Reviewed

July 24, 2010 Posted by suefairview

From Raging Stallion Studios:

Directed by Steve Cruz
A 2 Disc Set

This is a limited DVD run–when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD format

An erotic homage to muscled up tattooed men. In his first solo directing project, Steve Cruz ditches the elaborate set and setup and gets right to the business of passionate man on man sex.


Alexsander Freitas is really in his metier in this film and as such, he excels. Scene 1 opens and Alex and Damian Dragon are kissing on a black matte bondage bed with dark gray sheets in the corner of a cement room.  Damian moves very gracefully as he sinuously twists and turns like a serpent around Alex’s meaty body; kissing and sucking his way around the maze of tattoos and fur. I have never seen Damian before on film and it seems as if both Alex and I would like him to stay still for a moment so that we could have a better look at his Asian body art, but Damian has other ideas as he strokes the two erect cocks before him and wakens the sexual beast within Alex.

Damian demonstrates his oral skills on Alex, who enjoys them immensely and returns the favor by topping him in three positions: doggy style, reverse cowboy and missionary. Alex does the work of both men in reverse cowboy as he thrusts upward into Damian with staccato frequency as well as takes Damian’s weight on one of his arms. That was quite an impressive show of strength. It is always a wonder to watch Alex’s muscular body thrust into another man, as I have always loved to watch body builders have sex, and Alex is extremely passionate. In the missionary position, he pretended to strangle Damian and that was hot! I thought that maybe he could have slapped Damian a few times or so on the very white un-tattooed parts and that would have added heat as well. A bright red hand print on all that white flesh would have been very hot! Damian’s cum shot was an impressive spray and Alex’s was an impressive mess!

I really enjoyed this scene with Alex and Damian because the theme was a “macho” one. So I was able to get into the whole toughness of Alex’s attitude and sexuality. It makes me think that rather than restraining himself in “serene” or everyday types of porn, maybe Alex should continue to find roles in more macho types of porn or try BDSM where his passion and tendency for roughness could be exploited. In any event, this is the best I have seen from Alex and he just keeps getting better and better.

I did enjoy seeing Drake Jaden’s beautiful white bubble butt and winking asshole in scene 2 as it was fingered by Santino Vega while Drake blew him. Santino does a graceful back bend illustrating just how flexible he is during the blow job. Santino really got into fucking Drake and even slapped his ass once. These guys just don’t stand out and are going to have to work harder to keep up with the stiff competition of the bigger stars. But they are young yet and have far to go.

Johnny Gunn really worked his tail off as a bottom in scene 3 with Christian Wilde. He is one of the more experienced bottoms I have ever seen in porn. His blow job goes from treating Christian’s cock gently like a rare delicacy to a popsicle, and then he is able to throat it without gagging! Amazing skills! Christian is transported to heaven and moans and groans uncontrollably. Christian then reciprocates, or tries to anyhow.

Next, Christian fucks Johnny in the cowboy position. Or should we say that Johnny fucks Christian in the cowboy position, since it is usually only Johnny that moves! He can clench his ass and lift it to grab Christian’s junk [well, so much for that being my trademark move!], he posts, he swirls his hips and he alternates these three moves constantly driving Christian insane with pleasure. Christian has merely to sit there and move his hips and enjoy the rider atop him!

Then they switch to doggy style and again it is as if Johnny is topping Christian! He keeps moving back and forth on that big fat cock of Christian’s. Finally they switch to missionary and after a few minutes of watching Christian move like a snail, suddenly he gets in gear and starts fucking for real and Johnny says “Yeah, fuck me harder!” Johnny cums in little sprinkles and Christian cums in 5 big squirts. [Oh to be young!]

The set for scene 4 was a padded wooden cross swing in a cement room. Adam Killian and Scott Tanner trade blow jobs but I found them difficult to watch because both men were gagging all the time and that is a real concentration breaker for me. But Adam did inhale Scott’s pubes and that was hot!

Adam begins by fucking Scott doggy style and thrusting his penis all the way in and then taking all the way out and repeating that. Scott blushes his turn on quickly, as he hangs onto the cross for support. Then Adam puts a leg up on the cross for better leverage and the rear shot of his perfectly tanned butt was steaming hot. Then Adam grabs Scott bodily and fucks him like the gorgeous fuck animal that he is. We see every muscle in his body straining with the effort. What a super hot sight that was! It is embedded in my memory forever!

Adam then lies down on the cross, making his ass available to Scott. Scott rims him [it is the only rimming in the entire film sadly!] and we get to see Adam blissful at last! Scott fucks Adam on the cross with Adam still looking gorgeous [I can’t take my eyes off of him] and then Scott pulls out and cums in smallish clumps on Adam’s inner thigh. Adam quickly stands and shoots a huge squirt of milky jism on Scott’s chin. Very hot scene!

Muscle & Ink delivers on its promise of sexy tattooed men having steamy man sex. Standout performances were delivered by Adam Killian,  Alexsander Freitas and Johnny Gunn. Notable performances were delivered by Damian Dragon, Drake Jaden and Scott Tanner. If you love seeing muscular, tattooed men having lusty sex with each other, then you will adore this film and play it again and again! Highly, highly recommended!

In the 'Dark Room' with Johnny Gunn!

October 14, 2009 Posted by suefairview


Steve Cruz has a terrifically hot inteview with Johnny Gunn on his blog today. Here are some excerpts:

SC: What was it like to get recognized for the first time… or to have your first ‘fan’?

Johnny: I’m pretty oblivious to the whole “fan” thing. I was at starbucks and this guy came over and told me he loved my work. I thought he was talking about my tattoos and I proceeded to tell him about my sleeved arm for about 5 min. He just looked at me strange and was to polite to correct me.I figured out as I was walking home that he was talking about my porn work. I burst out laughing.


[Hoods and fetish gear by Slick It Up.]


SC: Who knew you were such a slut… Double Penetration?! Ever done something like that before? What was it like?!

Johnny: I think a lot of people knew I was a slut…You didn’t get the memo? DP is something I would fantasize about and love to watch on film. Never in a million years did I think I could pull it off especially on camera for my first time doing it. I think it was possible because I did a scene with Tim Krugur a few days before which is a double penetration in its self. I’d love to sit here and say that it hurt and that it was really hard to do but the truth is that it was pretty fucking easy. It was the last scene so I was warmed up by the time we did it. I highly recommend it!!!

 There is plenty more at Steve’s blog and more NSFW photos too!

Cruz News August ’09

July 21, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Here are excerpts from Steve’s news:

Leif Gobo and Steve Cruz are directing the next big thing mid August. The movie is called ‘Dark Room‘ and will star Johnny Gunn, Mustang Exclusive Samuel Colt and new sensation Tom Wolfe… and a cast of hot and hung others to be announced. Sponsors of the up-cumming project are Slickitup.comand A fetish film about voyeurism and submission….

Raging Stallion
Steve Cruz, yeah that’s me, returns to the screen as a performer in the month of August. I’m one of 5 starring roles in the latest porn thriller as yet untitled…. I know who’s fucking me but you’ll have to wait for the full cast list…

Hard Friction
If you’ve been following my tweets you’ll know I’ve spent most of my time this month editing and filming content for a joint web project with Bruno Bond. The website Hard Friction launches early this fall. So far we’ve completed scenes with Rising Stars: Dominic Pacifico, Luke Riley, Tony Aziz and Derrek Diamond. In addition we’ve traveled to London and Chicago to find fresh talent and are excited by noteworthy performances by 3 new discoveries…

To read the full news, head on over to Steve’s blog!

GayVN 2009 Photos

March 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Source: Dillon Buck, many more at his blog

Johnny Gunn Sword Video

February 26, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Hat Tip: Attempted Entertainment