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Illustrated 2013 Grabby Nominations

March 15, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Congratulations to all of the 2013 Grabby Award Nominees! Below are some of the nominees with my favorite to win starred. [*]


Jake Bass
Justin Cruz
Jimmy Fanz
Augusto Figueredo
Jake Genesis*
Charlie Harding
Scott Hunter
Kris Jamieson
Seth Knight
Derek Parker
JD Phoenix
Austin Ried
Max Ryder
Tate Ryder*
Chris Tyler

Tate Ryder is just incredible and should win easily.

BEEZhaRCQAAUsJd.jpg largeIf not, Jake Genesis should pick this up.


Jonathan Agassi – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tristian Baldwin – The Ultimate Top – Jet Set Men
• Jake Bass – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
Trenton Ducati* – Grind House – NakedSword
• Trenton Ducati – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Jimmy Fanz – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Mick Lovell – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Riley Price – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Austin Ried – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Mitchell Rock – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• Max Ryder – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2 – TitanMen
• Christian Wilde – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Tie between François Sagat and Trenton Ducati.

inc2_1332-650x365 BEogvyZCYAI6hcG.jpg large

• Chris Steele – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Marc MacNamara – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• Andy Kay – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Mr.Pam – Grind House – NakedSword
• Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2 – TitanMen
• Christian Owen- MalPractice – Hot House Entertainment
• Jake Jaxson & Hugo Harley – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• ChiChi LaRue & Doug Jeffries – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Marc MacNamara – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Mr.Pam – Wilde Road – Nakedsword

François should win, since INCUBUS is the most original screenplay.



• Abduction – Jet Set Men
• Armor – COLT Studio Group
• Boy Toys – Lucas Entertainment
• Hole Busters 5 – Hot House Entertainment
• Pantyhos – Lucas Entertainment
• Piss N Boots – Channel 1 Releasing
• Pony Up* – Raging Stallion Studios
• SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment

Going with the home team here.



• Foul Play – Hot House Entertainment
• Pissed and Probed – TitanMen
• Safe Word – Raging Stallion Studios
• Shove it – TitanMen
• Sounding – Raging Stallion Studios
• Take the Plunge – Hot House Entertainment
• Where the Players Go – Raging Stallion Studios

I predict that RSS will win.


Jonathan Agassi
Dario Beck
Dirk Caber
Jessie Colter
Christopher Daniels
Trenton Ducati*
Leo Forte
Alexander Garrett
Jake Genesis
Jesse Jackman
Mick Lovell
Zachery Perry
James Ryder
Chris Tyler
Mitch Vaughn

Trenton is such a very big star, and consummate performer, I think he will win this category.

BE5RVGDCcAEZWh0.jpg large


Rafael Alencar
Jessy Ares
Landon Conrad
Tommy Defendi
Topher DiMaggio
Jimmy Durano
Trenton Ducati
Kris Evans
Kris Jamieson
Hunter Marx
Paddy O’Brian*
Spencer Reed
Nacho Valente
Christian Wilde
Sebastian Young

Paddy will probably take this category as he has fucked every bottom on the planet this year.

BCIo7QHCQAAtkRx.jpg large


Jake Bass
Jessie Colter
Christopher Daniels
Sean Duran
Jimmy Fanz
Kyle King
Riley Price
Max Ryder
Tate Ryder*
Jesse Santana
Cal Skye
Trey Turner

If Tate doesn’t win for newcomer, he will win this category.

BEnzdCtCIAEMe8p.jpg large


Rafael Alencar
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Pierre Fitch
Spencer Fox
Vito Gallo
Jesse Jackman
Mick Lovell
Paddy O’Brian*
Francois Sagat
Sergio Serrano
Fabio Stallone
Johnny Venture
Christian Wilde

Many people say that Paddy has a great cock; so maybe he will win.

A-UVnXSCQAIbBKK.jpg large


• Brad Austin – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Marty Stevens – American Lovers – Bel Ami
• Uri GoGo, Adam Killian, Chris Crisco – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
Steve Cruz – Deep Inside 1 & 2 – Falcon
• Christian Owen – Foul Play – Hot House Entertainment
• Mr. Pam* – Grind House – NakedSword
• Francois Sagat – Incubus 2 – Titan Men
• Kristen Bjorn – Jagged Mountain Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• RJ Sebastian – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Andre Adair – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Mr. Pam – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Here I think it will be Mr. Pam for the wonderful “Grindhouse”.



• Nick Lovell, Dolph Lambert, Alex Waters – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Alex Marte – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• J.P.Dubois, Aaron Samuels, Luke Desmond, Skylar Blu, Marcus Jay, Jonny Parker and Lloyd Adams – Grand Opening – Eurocreme
• Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis – Grind House* – Nakedsword
• Francois Sagat, David Anthony, Junior Stellano – Incubus 2 – Titan Men
• Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels – It Gets Bigger – Raging Stallion Studios
• Justin Harris, Nacho Valente, Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes – Jagged
Mountain Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Kyle King, David Anthony and Dale Cooper – Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Tommy Defendi, Sebastian Young, Seth Knight – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Spencer Reed, Devon Adams, Shay Michaels, Tim Kelly, Brian Davilla,
Alex Slater, Jessie Colter, Collin Stone, Nicko Morales, Chris Tyler – Sniff – Channel 1 Releasing
• Dorian Deschain, Blase Woods and Chase Young – The Big Sneaky Fuckfest – Helix Studios
• Tate Ryder, Jake Genesis, Derek Parker – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Charlie Harding, Trenton Ducati, Kyle King – The Woods 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Bryce Star, Chris Tyler, Cole Brooks, Evan Mercy, Hunter Vance, Randy Star, Spencer Reed – To Fuck a Predator Gangbang – Jet Set Men

Grindhouse will probably take it, that was such a fucking hot film!



• Alaric – Sinners and Saint – Alternative Dudes
• Phillip Ashton – Fleshjack Solo – Boy Crush
• Joe Bondi – Countryboy – Eurocreme
• Dale Cooper – The Haunting – Cockyboys
• J.P. Dubois – Grand Opening – Eurocreme
• Jimmy Durano – Point & Shoot – Falcon
• Jimmy Johnson – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Adam Killian* – Fahrenheit – Falcon
Wilfred Knight – Full Load – Colt Studio Group
• Rio Rojo – Boner Buddies 2 – CitiBoys
• Nick Ryder – The Ultimate Top – Jet Set Men

Adam should win this, his solo is just plain old legendary.



• Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Break Him In – NakedSword
• Business and Pleasure – Lucas Entertainment
• Deep Inside 1 & 2* – Falcon
• Head Trip – Titan Men
• Hole Damage – Jet Set Men
• Impact – Raging Stallion Studios
• Irresistible – Bel Ami
• Jagged Mountain Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Sexy Beast – Cockyboys
• SNIFF- Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• To Fuck a Predator Gangbang – Jet Set Men

I would go with DEEP INSIDE 1&2.









• Riley Rice & Jason Goodman – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Mick Lovell & Kris Evans – American Lovers 2 Bel Ami
• Adam Champ & Jake Genesis – Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Austin Ried & Kyler Moss – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Christopher Daniels & Dean Monroe – Dripping Wet 4-Falcon
• Erik Rhodes & Spencer Fox – It Gets Bigger* – Raging Stallion Studio
• Jalil Jafar & Christian Herzog – Jagged Mountain Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Kyle King & Josh West – Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Jesse Ares & Scott Hunter – Nightfall – Titan Men
• Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Leo Forte & Christian Wilde – Stalker – NakedSword
• Jimmy Fanz & Sebastian Young – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Spencer Reed & Jessie Colter – The Club – Channel 1 Releasing
• Jimmy Durano & Mitch Vaughn – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Rafael Carreras & Damien Crosse – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Jesse Santana & D.O. – The Woods 2 – Raging Stallion Studios

Erik Rhodes’ performance with Spencer Fox was incredible and unforgettable. It should win.



Dirk Caber
Gabriel Clark
Jimmy Durano
Tomas Friedel
Vito Gallo
Charlie Harding
Colin Hewitt
Jesse Jackman
Hunter Marx
Spencer Reed
Hayden Richards
Sergio Serrano
Collin Stone
Christian Wilde

Charlie Harding or Jesse Jackman should win this award.



Jonathan Agassi
Jessy Ares
Tommy Defendi
Mike DeMarko
Trenton Ducati*
Jimmy Durano
Jake Genesis
Jesse Jackman
Kris Jamieson
Mick Lovell
Dean Monroe
Paddy O’Brian
Caleb Ramble
Max Ryder
Christian Wilde

My favorite this year is Trenton Ducati. I hope he wins!

BEdVdcKCAAEniwN.jpg large


• 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Boys In The Sand – Dragon Media
• California Boys – Buckshot
• Grind House – NakedSword
• Incubus 2* – Titan Men
• Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Sniff – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios

INCUBUS was by far the most creative and should win.



• Chris Steele – 21 Jump Street – Jet Set Men
• George Duroy – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Kristopher Weston – Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2-Titan men
• Jake Jaxson – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• ChiChi Larue – SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• Christian Owen – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Marc MacNamara – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Kristen Bjorn – Wild Attraction  Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn

Mr. Pam – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Again, Sagat should win because INCUBUS 2 was such a terrific and different movie.


• 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Incubus 2* – Titan Men
• Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Wild Attraction 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Wilde Road – NakedSword

INCUBUS 2 really is the best movie since it combines porn with thought provoking concepts and is so artistic.

Thanks for reading the illustrated 2013 Grabby Nominees. See all of the other nominees listed here.

Just some guys 31…

January 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards for Australia Day; Pedro Andreas wants YOU to have a good day! Jesse Santana has some fun. François Sagat prepares the stage for his concert at Centre Pompidou with Jean Luc la Verna. Adam Champ posting suggestively to attract custom to his online shows. Dave Mason; Damien Crosse can be seen LIVE in Columbia; Adam Killian tops Vito Gallo; Adam, Vito and Rafael Carreras get soaked for Lucas Ent. in Costa Rica; Adam in Thailand; Spencer Reed with a disco ball; Colton Ford with Angelos Petheryotis; Vito naked; D.O. grease monkey; Samuel Colt & Lucio Saints bts; Jake Genesis; Lucio rims Adrian Toledo; Francesco D’Macho & Damien will be LIVE in Columbia [btw – it is Francesco’s Birthday today!!!]; Angelo making us all sigh; Bryce Star at Gigolo Hollywood; Diesel Washington & Sean Duran; Trenton Ducati’s ass; Jessy Ares with his plane ticket to Costa Rica; Bubble butt contest between Kyle King and Tate Ryder; Paddy O’Brian nude; Paddy hushing up Donato Reyes; Isaac Jones posing; Adam Killian gesturing; Tomas Brand & Dean Monroe in British Pounds; Channing Tatum shows his best side, photo by Joe Oppedisano; Colby Keller rimming someone; Adam in Costa Rica; Dean Monroe on all fours; Cal Skye; Gio & Diesel; Leo Forte clowning around with Diesel; John kissing bf Liam Magnusson; Junior Stellano digs his truck out of the snow after a snow plow had buried it; Junior practicing being a bottom; Liam’s back; Liam nude; Colt men, Luke, Gage and Adam; Marcus Ruhl; Matthew Mason’s butt; Paddy; Rob Evans; Jesse’s cock with PA; Tomas Brand; Pavel Petel; Large Tony; Two shots of Vito’s ass [because one is never enough!]; Samuel Colt & Alexsander Freitas plus pals; A younger Nick Moretti; Johnny Castle enjoys a ride with Zeb Atlas.

Raging Stallion Studio’s THE WOODS Part 2 Reviewed

November 28, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The Woods Part 2
Directed by Tony Dimarco

In the primal redwood forests of California, the unspoiled serenity is threatened. In The Woods, something is going hump in the night. People are reporting odd noises and flashes of blinding light. Men who have never looked at other men find themselves overcome with raging hard ons and an irresistible need to suck, fuck or get fucked. And, people are disappearing! Some speculate that there are aliens in The Woods, abducting people. Could it be? And, could this be somehow related to the powerful, rough, gay erotic urges that are coursing through these sexy studs’ veins?

Award-winning director Tony Dimarco’s tale of sexual mystery continues in The Woods, Part 2 where the victims are possessed by some unexplained force moving them to commit out-of-this-world acts of intense, hardcore, energized fucking, whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself.


As THE WOODS Part 2 continues, so does the plot, but I will spare you details so as not to spoil it for you.

In the first scene, D.O. is paired with Jesse Santana and I was very impressed with this couple’s creativity. D.O. ripped a huge hole in Jesse’s pants [I love when clothing is ripped!!!] and rims him through that. The camera work was fabulous here! Jesse says “Eat my hole, yeah, spit on it!” and holds his own cheeks back while moving his hips. D.O. fingers Jesse’s hole in his usual creative way. Jesse was experienced enough not to be overwhelmed by D.O.’s aggressiveness; he thrived on it! That boy was born to suck cock! Jesse masterfully throated D.O.’s huge meat; an impressive feat. During the doggy fucking, Jesse backs onto D.O.’s cock, illustrating his experience as a bottom. Then in typical D.O. fashion,which seems to be all professionalism and panache, the missionary position was intermittently switched with rimming. During that, Jesse punched D.O. in the abs, slapped him with his erection and said “Yeah, fuck me!” The eye contact was extremely strong during this interlude. D.O. had a phenomenal cum shot that sprayed all over Jesse, even in his hair! What a great pairing! They displayed teamwork and a synergy that one rarely sees in porn. Great work!

In the next scene, Jessy Ares appears naked to Landon Conrad. This is the first time I have seen Jessy, and I was very impressed. This was also a flip flop fuck. Jessy was constantly moving; his ass during the rimming, and his bottom while being fucked in the doggy position. Jessy also shot a nice load at the end. There is room for improvement in Jessy’s blow job in that eye contact could be added. Landon looked terrific and studly, and showed intensity well. But after the creativity and excitement of the last pair; this pairing looked kind of staid and routine. There definitely needed to be more talking. Great pairing, but needs work to stand out with this high level of competition.

This is the first time I have seen Marcus Ruhl in action; he of the GQ face and drool-worthy body! Here he is paired with Paddy O’Brian, who manages to look rather lusty. I was impressed with Marcus’ eye contact during his blow job and his ability to throat Paddy’s meat. In the cowboy position, Marcus constantly was saying “Oh yeah, of yeah!” and both men took turns moving, Paddy very quickly at times. In the doggy style, Marcus gripped the sheets and grimaced, which was pretty hot, actually. I felt he could have moved a bit more, perhaps backing onto Paddy; he was still as a statue. Paddy shot a nice load here. Marcus is a newcomer with a long way to go to get experience and yet he shows promise. Still this was a hot scene primarily because if you put any pretty boy with Paddy, you get a hot scene, since Paddy is so fucking hot.

A naked Kyle King walks into Trenton Ducati’s Ranger Office and stands in front of the desk. Trenton looks at once appalled and confused as to what to do. But he reaches out one tattooed arm and strokes Kyle’s furry body and then down to Kyle’s erection. Trenton leads Kyle to lie down on his desk where Kyle presents his ass for play. What a terrific sequence this was! It really is a must see. Trenton plays with Kyle’s ass with a butt plug and blows him at the same time. Kyle’s hole is gaping before Trenton fucks him missionary right on the desk.

“Ranger” Charlie Harding walks in on them with a look of total disbelief, and strokes Trenton’s perfect body while jerking off his dick. Trenton guides Charlie to switch places with him and Charlie fucks Kyle while dressed with just his dick sticking out. Kyle flips over to doggy style for Charlie and blows Trenton.

In a pattern change, Trenton gets on the desk to bottom for Charlie in the missionary position, while Kyle blows him. Later, Kyle feeds his cock to Trenton. Trenton says “I’m going to cum!” and does on his own pubes. Kyle’s load lands on Trenton’s shoulder, and Charlie’s load lands all over Trenton’s torso. All three men walk stark naked outside into the night to look up at the bright white light that then disappears.

Have I ever mentioned that I love three-ways? Well, I do. This one was done with 3 very experienced actors who all held up their weight and did a fine job with it. I was mesmerized throughout! I loved how this all dovetailed with the premise; the looks of shock and awe initially, if you will, and then coming to the truth of the situation, which is that it was time to get down to the sex. The acting was superlative. I felt totally happy with everything that took place and when. I ask for no more. Congratulations to Kyle King, Trenton Ducati, and Charlie Harding on a fantastic scene.

THE WOODS Part 2 was so much better than part 1! All of the scenes were strong, but if I had to list them in order of how I liked them it would read like this: Kyle King, Trenton Ducati, & Charlie Harding; D.O. & Jesse Santana; Paddy O’Brian & Marcus Ruhl; Landon Conrad & Jessy Ares. This DVD is a must buy. I would get Part 1 with it because the scene with Trenton and Tomas Band is not to miss and a couple of other scenes are good too [see my review here]. Besides, the pair will be a collectors item. The camera work was good by industry standards and spectacular in some scenes. Location and direction was fabulous! The plot was not resolved at the end and so I see that there will be a THE WOODS franchise. Sigh.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Falcon’s DEEP INSIDE Part 2 Reviewed

October 29, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The hottest studs in the world have been hand-picked and flown in by the Falcon team to star in the studio’s most ambitious project of the year, a two-part scorcher filmed in a beautiful hideaway in sun-drenched northern California. With tongues slithering deep inside each other’s hungry mouths, and digging deep inside juicy assholes, these studs prepare each other to see just how Deep Inside each other they can go.

Deep Inside Part 2 features eight horny and heavy hung fuckers that keep the non-stop sex boiling in four sensational scenes. Director Steve Cruz expertly strips down two Falcon Exclusive stars, five established favorites, and a scorching newcomer in lustful bouts that start out sensual and roar into ball-busting man blasts.

Super-hung Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian takes on the super-open ass of Kyle King, while handsome Dean Monroe and fresh young Jed Athens tag each other’s asses. Green-eyed Tate Ryder throws his stunning, steely cock into Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt, and knock-out Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro tears up eternally hard-dicked Bobby Clark. You’ll be sated out of your mind by the time they’re done, after tight holes take Deep Inside poundings from massive cocks.


I found the first scene to be very entertaining as watching an experienced pro like Kyle handle Paddy so effortlessly was fun. Kyle’s manly little growls and moans during the blow job must have felt great on Paddy’s dick and it did look like Paddy was enjoying himself immensely, even getting his hips into it. Kyle totally controlled the fuck in the doggy position by moving with Paddy and arching and straightening his back so that it was as if he was using Paddy like a stud, only backing into him when he so desired. He even gave commands such as “Slow down!” and “Yeah, fuck me!”. The camera angle from Paddy’s shoulder was fabulous. Both men looked great in the missionary position and I loved the little mischievous look from Kyle. Paddy was saying something, but I couldn’t make out what it was. He really needs to speak up. All in all this was a most impressive scene and terrific pairing. I would say on a par with the Angelo Marconi scene or maybe even better.

The next scene with Dean Monroe and Jed Athens was relaxed and romantic and featured Dean Monroe at his best. Dean told me at the Grabbys that he is a tremendous romantic and I can see it here. What a terrific pairing with Jed and watching these two work together, kissing, making eye contact, whispering dirty little nothings to each other [you’ll have to turn your sound up if you want to hear it all], and finally a flip fuck, was a wonder to behold. The camera kept up with this pair just fine and the pattern break [from suck, rim, fuck in 2 positions] was more than welcome. A tremendously hot scene from Dean and Jed. Fans of Dean Monroe are going to go wild for this one!

The next scene featured a very successful pairing of Tate Ryder and Micah Brandt. Right off the top, their kissing was extremely sensual and I knew they would be a hit together. High points included the continual dirty sweet little nothings spoken by Tate to Micah, the way Micah moved his ass like Adam Killian, and the way that Tate expertly lent a hand during the fucking. This couple was pure pleasure to watch; both were very attractive and hot. I could watch them fuck all day! Wonderful scene and pairing with nice camera work.

The last scene was a disappointment. The pairing was Tyler Torro and Bobby Clark. Bobby is a terrific bottom and did his best to vocalize and emote, but Tyler just stood there and rigidly fucked him, silent as a statue. Don’t get me wrong, they looked super together, but I need more in my porn! Tyler pounded Bobby’s hole too! But I need to hear my models communicate with each other. Just one talking is not enough! Tyler really dropped the ball here.

Buy DEEP INSIDE Part 2 to see the 3 fabulous scenes starring Paddy O’Brian, Kyle King, Tate Ryder, Micah Brandt, Dean Monroe and Jed Athens. The set was marvelous, as was the camera work and direction. The sound will need to be turned up to hear what some of the models are saying.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX previews here.

What is it like to be Steve Cruz?

September 20, 2012 Posted by suefairview

I cannot believe what Steve puts up with! Watch the video [from THE SWORD] and see for yourself!