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November 3, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I can’t say for sure that the DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is based based on a true story, but it does give one a feel for what it was like back then in the mid-80’s when AIDS was a newly discovered disease with few known treatments and even fewer treatments available. At that time, FDA was being really hard-assed about enforcing thier regulations and most doctors were totally unsmpathetic to patients. Pharmaceutical companies were being greedy as all get-out. I haven’t seen DBC yet, but I will and I will review it for my readers.


But if you would like to see a wonderful documentary about those times, see HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE, that was made by David France, who was there. It shows the rise of Act-Up to fill the need of patients who were literally dying for new drugs and put pressure on the FDA, doctors and drug companies*. This ground-breaking film is available on Netflix.


*I recall when I was working for big pharma and we brought Videx to the FDA for approval [the 2nd drug to be approved after AZT], I was in contact through clinic visits with several members of Act-Up who kept asking if a demonstration was needed. But, we [the company] were so well prepared thanks to our tireless and dedicated staff, the only question remaining was to determine the dosage on which the data were not clear. Besides, by that time FDA had bent over backwards, allowing us to use Expanded Access data in our application; something unheard of just a year or so ago.