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The Folsom Street Fair 2010: A Memoir

October 8, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The photographs that go with this memoir are here.

I was so excited; my first Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco! I planned to wear my blue jean short-shorts with black thong underwear underneath [one never knows!], my black camisole top with lace fringe, my Harley-Davidson Pavement Harness Boots, with gray hiking socks underneath, my vintage Calvin Klein 1980’s eyeglasses with sun glass clip, my motor cycle cap, and my black Hopi fetish bear dangle bead earrings. I was a vision of leather bear lover mama!

[A note about the boots. Of course I couldn’t show up at a leather event without having a proper shine on them. So, when I was at Newark International Airport, I had my specialist, Patrick, work one into them. He was a real pro, twirling the brushes and everything! I was very impressed. Thanks Patrick, my man!]

So it was around noon and I was ready to hit that street! I did and not too far up ahead I saw Alexsander Freitas. I called out to him and he turned around, saw me and didn’t recognize me at all. I called to him again and he did the most marvelous double take. So we walked down 7th Street together to the fair, which wasn’t all that far. He got in for free, since he is an entertainer, and I paid a donation. Right away we saw a naked man with an erection and there was a small crowd taking his photograph. Alex said “Isn’t that amazing?” I kept wondering what was so amazing about it. It was just a guy with a stiffy in public. But I decided not to say anything.

There were lots of men in harnesses or naked, and lesbians in all kinds of dress. There were booths lining the sides of the streets and some in the center. Alex seemed wowed by it all. For me it was so similar to Folsom Street East, just far larger. There was a chariot of sorts with one lesbian driving and another hitched to it and pulling. He photographed it. Then we did a little video together that he posted to his site.

There was a huge center booth and tent erected and a commensurately huge crowd around it at about the center of the fair. It was the booth for where Van Darkholme was doing his shows. Apparently the nudity was the big draw. But when we were able to push our way past it, we began looking for the Raging Stallion booth in earnest since Alex had to report for work before 1 PM. We started asking around to see if anyone knew where it was. No one knew shit from shinola. But we turned a corner, and there it was; in front of the toilets!

Alex went over to the side to get ready and I quickly snapped a photo because he looked so much like a dancer. I stepped away and there was Race Cooper horsing around with Tony Aziz. I snapped a picture of them playing. Then Race showed me his authentic vintage riding cap that he got in a shop that smelled of moth balls. The rest of his outfit was achieved with an authentic riding crop and riding boots, leather gloves and bow tie, plus a new style of neoflex jeans by Slick It Up. Um, the to die for body ya gotta work for! LOL! By then the full complement of Raging Stallion men had shown up. In addition to those already mentioned, Jason Adonis was there as was Chris Porter and Kennedy Carter.

I decided to roam and see what I could see. I watched Van Darkholme tying up some guys. One of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence felt ill and they were all coming out of the medical area together when they gathered and posed for a photo. Divine! I went by the Hot House booth and photographed Kyle King. He wouldn’t flex for me because he felt small. I said “Honey, this is small!” And I raised my puny arm and made a pathetic bicep. But fine,  I’m not going to force anybody to do what they don’t want. Then I photographed Craig Reynolds who gave me my first and only freebie of the fair! A Hot House DVD that I have yet to watch! Thanks Craig!

I continued around the corner and the Falcon booth was next. Whoa! BLUE EYES! CUTE FACE! STOP THE PRESSES! Who is this hottie? It was Aden Jaric. [Click to enlarge.] I could just fall into his eyes. Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling… Head over heels. Okay, I got him to sign a photo for me. I am such a fan girl. Hopeless, that’s me. I’m probably old enough to be his mom. Sheesh. Should I be walking him across the street holding his hand like a little boy, or should he be helping the old lady across the street? LOL! Put me out of my misery already! OMG! Just shoot me! I think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon just quietly watching his dirty vids. Now THAT is a guilty pleasure.

Back to the real world. Folsom Street Fair. Ah, Mr. Washington! Please smile for the camera. Thanks! That was loverly. Diesel takes photos that I am jealous of. Like these:

Had I known that this shot was available for the taking, I would have tried for it!!! I wouldn’t have just settled for the ass shot that everyone got! Nice view, isn’t it?I don’t recall even seeing Logan at the fair! Now I hear he is trying to send me an email. If you read this, Logan, I have sent you a message on your Facebook.

I also spotted Bobby Clark. Then I realized that I was starving and needed food. So I trekked back through the now massive and mob-like crowd to get to 8th Street where the food vendors were. I passed Van Darkholme flogging a man and kicking him in the chest and found it very energetic and photogenic. So I stopped and clicked off a few snaps.

The bottle neck at the Kink booth, to see the naked people, was such that there were so many rows of people trying to pass each other, it was crazed nearly naked madness. You could have lifted your feet up and you would have been carried along by the crowd, or squeezed to death. I can see how people die in these circumstances if there is a panic. Finally, I pushed through and got to 8th and found some food and was eating some BBQ chicken on a stick. Off in the cloud of smoke, I could see Nick Moretti. I had to stop by and say “Hello!”

Nick was eating pad Thai noodles and had fresh pink and red flogger marks on his back. He was SO sexy with his furry bare chest and flogger hanging from his belt. YUM! I’ll say it again, pictures just do not so him justice. When you see him in the flesh he has tremendous charisma, force of personality. And body – wow! How can he have such a freaking hot body at his age? It is difficult to believe he is this troubled and vulnerable person he claims to be on his blog. He is all BDSM Dom and mature control when you meet him. Maybe he just had me fooled at the fair with his show persona? Oh well. It was fun! He was there with his really nice and cute friend [with pretty green eyes!] Paul from Fort Lauderdale. I asked Paul to grab Nick’s crotch and he put his hand down in the front of Nick’s jock. Nick almost jumped into the air, he was so shocked! Paul just got this really mischievous look on his face; he was enjoying every moment. After Paul took his hand out, Nick had to adjust himself a bit – it was too funny. Nick asked me if I thought that Van was micromanaging his shows. I told him that I really didn’t know enough about what I was watching to tell one way or the other, but certainly he was controlling every aspect. He looked shocked by my answer. He indicated that he thought I was an old hand in the BDSM game. I corrected him and said that I had no actual experience at all. I was married for 25 years and my sex-life was more or less vanilla. I only watch it on the internet and fantasize about it. We chatted a bit more about this and that and I found Nick to be sweet and genuine. Paul was wearing the Slick It Up arm guard and neoflex jeans and looked really hot in both! They were headed back to see Francesco D’Macho and I was also headed off in that direction, but it would be impossible to stay together in that crowd, so we separated.

I headed back for the Raging Stallion Booth and had to go through the meat grinder again. But once I got there I ran into Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse right away. I gave them both big hugs and my card and right away Francesco told Damien “Baby, we should get cards!” Then I told Francesco how I thought that StagHomme got ripped off by not taking home any awards. He said that he was quite happy with the 6 nominations and that for one company to produce so many in one year was quite impressive and sent a signal of quality to the entire industry. I said that he has a good point. Then I really wanted to have my photo taken with them, since the last time was at their wedding.

DO came up to me smiling because he finally had his shirt off and I could get a shot of him half naked for free! We had been joking at the Man of the Year party, I wanted him to take it off, and he said that he didn’t for business reasons. LOL! But I got one this time! Then Bruno Bond proved how useful short-shorts can be with the help of Cole Streets. See how unconcerned Bruno looks. He must get this kind of treatment all day long. Must be nice. I finally got to tell Cole that I loved his acting in Focus/Refocus. He thanked me and said that after that movie he got an offer to do a small mainstream film. I said “Oh! Just like François Sagat!” He laughed and said “Yes! François and I are just like that!” and held his two fingers together. We both laughed. The ever sexy Angelo Marconi passed by. Adam Champ showed up to do interviews for his television show. He interviewed Steve Cruz, and then Angelo Marconi.

Then I met Kent Taylor, who sends RSS DVDs to me for review,  who was a bit browner than usual because he had just returned from Costa Rica. I took his photo. Then Brian Randall, an Aussie from the Affiliates portion of RSS, came to meet me and I took his photo also. I told him to do something Australian and he held up his beer.  Both were really nice guys and very happy that I had come all the way from Connecticut to see the GAYVNs and Folsom.

Next I shot Dominic Pacifico, a really cool little dude. Then I walked backwards and took another ‘throw a rock, hit a pornstar’ shot of the RSS booth. They were everywhere! What an overwhelming experience! You just can’t imagine! Bruno tasted Dominic’s ass. I asked Dominic to take my photo with Bruno. He did a great job, taking 3 photos in all! Thanks Dominic! I had plenty of time to speak with Bruno and I told him how I enjoyed his set design in Focus/Refocus. and felt it was too bad that the GAYVNs deleted that award from the show or he might have won it this year. I mentioned that I was very impressed with the ram’s skull over the bed in the first scene presaging the entire plot in the movie. He took off then, and added that he had 46 costume changes and the color intensities in green and purple increased for each character as the plot intensified. [I kept thinking, there were costumes??? Just kidding!] We then got to talking about porn crushes. His first two are Francesco and Damien. My first is Francesco and my second is Pedro Andreas. I assured him that if he met Pedro in person, his list might change. He, Bruno, is number 4 on my list. For the life of me, I could not remember numbers 3 or 5 while I was there with him! [They are Kurt Rogers and David Taylor.] Bruno also said that he was now directing with Steve and having a blast doing that. By then Steve had returned and I congratulated him on his award for Best Supporting Actor. He told me that when he was assigned his role, he felt compelled to take acting lessons. LOL! Then Kennedy Carter came up to us and I provoked him by saying “Prove you are a ginger!” He was more than happy too! Steve gave him a hand! What a great shot that was!

Tommy Defendi made a very evocative pose and I snapped a photo of him. Kyle King came over to the booth with his sweety-pie. I caught a photo of a stud hanging out. Wilfried Knight came over to get us all laughing again. We were talking about the mash-up of people at the Kink tent, and Wilf said that Americans are so repressed, that when they see public nudity, they go apeshit, and rubber neck because they have never seen anything like it.

Then Tom Wolfe came up and wanted to meet me. I shook his hand and grabbed his leather gauntlet covered wrist with my other hand, and almost hurt myself on his metal spikes. Okay! But I gave him my last Fair View card anyhow.

By then I had been on my feet taking photos for 6 hours. The stars were packing up to leave and the fair was closing. I arranged to walk back to the hotel with Adam Champ. He donned his pants, tee-shirt and sneakers, grabbed his boots and we headed out. His fans stopped him numerous times for photos with him. Each time, he was patient and smiling. I even held his boots for him once. We made it back to the hotel, said our good-byes and parted. I was so wiped and exhausted I collapsed on the bed. I had a shower, ordered a small pizza and ate the whole thing. I had taken over 600 photos and had an unbelivable time.

The next day, I began traveling in the early morning. My flight wasn’t until 10 AM, but I left the hotel at 8 to get to the airport. It took me until 1 AM the following day to get home because of United Airline’s fuck-ups. Plus they lost my bag at O’Hare. I was sick for a week with sinusitis afterwards.

But it was definitely worth it. I would do it all over again.

Raging Stallion Annual Man of the Year Party: A Memoir

October 7, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The photos that go with this memoir can be found here.

I had decided to wear my sheer cut velvet top that was black with a dark red design paired with jeans. I wore my comfy sketcher sneakers. I put on my Swarovsky crystal drop earrings, since they are sparkly and match. The meet time was 8:30 PM in the lobby. I was there and so was Adam Champ. Together we waited for 15 minutes and nobody else showed up. He decided to call Angelo Marconi’s room phone from the desk and see if he was in. The desk referred him to a house phone, after Adam gave them Angelo’s real name. There was no answer. I mentioned that he could be with Alex Freitas, since Alex mentioned that he was going to the party with Angelo. Suddenly it occurred to me that the two of them could be hooking up and I spoke the thought out loud, but when I saw Adam’s face drop, I instantly regretted saying it. Suddenly I didn’t want to call Alex so bad. It was almost 9 PM anyway, so I proposed that Adam and I just head to the party. He agreed and we went out to hail a cab.

The cab got us to there in no time flat, since it was only about two blocks away. DO showed up right behind us; he had walked from the hotel. So there we all stood looking at the numbers on the buildings, trying to figure out which one was Suite 181. We found 179 and then 190 across the street, but where was 181? Suddenly a beefy guy appeared and called out to us that his doorway was what we were looking for. Sure enough, he carded us (I live!) and we went up the flight of stairs into the club.

Most of the Raging Stallion guys were already there and very few other patrons. I showed Adam the photo of my puppies on my cellphone and he got his cellphone out and showed me a photo of Carlo and Champito out on the beach. He said that Carlo over feeds Champito to the point where Champito has grown taller and longer than the breed standard for a chihuahua and he is not happy about it. As he was talking I was getting my SLR camera out and ready to shoot.

Behind me, Victor Hoff from MOC blog walked past me and said “Hi!”. He then told me that his boss, Steven, was at the bar and wanted to talk to me. Adam had to get over to his peers, so I headed over to Steven, an ordinary looking bespectacled white guy. We exchanged cards. He began to tell me how much he loved my blog and that he wanted to interview me, would I be okay with that? Sure. Next he mentioned how unusual female bloggers are in the gay porniverse and that he had already interviewed Tamara from her blog, Guiltily Pleasured and how wonderful he thought it was. I agreed that there were few of us lady bloggers out there. But I said that Tam’s goals and mine were a bit different. Then I explained that she was in it mainly for her pleasure, and sometimes to represent for African Americans. While I also enjoyed gay porn, I also had loftier goals as well, like safe sex for example. Also, my blog enters into political realms at times including repeal of DADT and abolishing the death penalty.

Then I switched up the conversation to the GAYVN awards and asked if he thought that StagHomme got ripped off. He said that he sure did, and if I wasn’t going to write about it, he sure was. Next, since he seemed to be into tall, dark, handsome men, I mentioned meeting Mr. San Francisco Leather, Lance. Steve, looking quite interested, said that he would look him up.

Then I really felt that I had to get to photographing the event, so I excused myself. Raging Stallion men were everywhere. I ran into Race Cooper first, who was only wearing a jock, and took his photo from behind. Man that guy has a sweet ass! Next I saw Aybars, whose hair has grown so long! I just had to touch it! Then Samuel Colt and GAYVN Award winning Best Actor of the Year Logan McCree were hanging around and I told them to do something naughty. I love seeing what porn stars will do when I ask that! Next I took a group photo of Conner Habib, Chris Porter and Ryan Raz. Conner’s shirt said something about Joss Whedon and we discovered that we both love Buffy! Tamara was there with Scotty Boardman and Francesco D’Macho was there also. I grabbed the front of Francesco’s shirt and pulled on it and clicked the photo at the same time. He made such a goofy grin! I could see Damien behind him, all bright-eyed. I gave them both hugs. Lurking nearby, I could see that Alex Freitas has finally made it to the party. He gave me a hug and some excuse about waiting for Angelo to get ready. Whatever.

Now I just cruised around taking photos. Bruno Bond and Tony Aziz. Angelo Marconi, shirtless and sexy as ever. GAYVN Best Performer of the Year, Wilfried Knight and Tamara. Lovers Steve Cruz, who also was awarded GAYVN for Best Supporting Actor of the Year, and Bruno. I asked them to engage in a sloppy kiss, but they just kissed normally after cracking up and Bruno commenting that they really don’t do that.

I mentioned the sweet thing that Adam Champ said about partners in the sex industry working and how at the end, it was all the same. Steve agreed heartily and said “It is all about the emotional connection. Then the physical just doesn’t matter at all.” I felt that was very wise of him to say. So much wisdom and love from these gay men really moved me.

DO approached me and asked what the purpose of my blog was. I gave him a quick run down of the history and came down to, aside from the porn, that it was all about safe sex, working for gay equality, and in general helping young gay people come to terms with their gender identity. He was impressed and said that he would do whatever he could to help me out. What a cool guy! No one had ever asked me about my blog in such bottom-line terms before.

Then the presentations began. I had to rush up to the front and squeeze my way past the crush of people watching and then the line of photographers to get so that I was in position. By then, all the RSS stars had their shirts off and were in line across from us waiting to be interviewed by Steve Cruz. That was quite a sight! There were no bad photographs! Bruno wasted no time and began kissing the man next to him, whose name I didn’t know. What a horn dog!I snapped photos.

The porn stars took turns with Steve. Finally, Chris Ward presented the Raging Stallion Man of the Year Awards to Adam Champ [the hairy] and DO [the smooth]. Videos of this can be found at Crimes Against Nature [the wonderful blog of Diesel Washington]. Plus Diesel interviewed each recipient. I shot photos of the awards and then solo shots of the winners as well as shots together. The party broke up quickly after that. I stowed my camera and everyone I knew was gone. I figured I would have to cab it home alone, since though the place was really close to my hotel, the neighborhood was a really bad one.

So, I left the club and hit the street to hail a cab. There were many clubbers out looking for cabs and my hopes of finding one declined. But then I spotted Adam Champ leaving the club and heading down the sidewalk alone. I sprinted after him calling his name. He gladly assented to walk me back to the hotel. He was still high from winning Man of the Year and was really happy with the team feeling of working at Raging Stallion and that it was a vast improvement over Colt, where he was actually told negative things about himself. I said that I had some contact with Colt’s affiliate program and found them difficult to work with from a disabled person’s standpoint. Whereas, Raging Stallion, StagHomme and Liberate Studios were able to be more flexible when it came to disabled persons in their affiliate programs. He said that it was no wonder that Colt went bankrupt.

On 7th Street, we walked past a bar, and one of the two patrons exiting walked right into me. Fortunately, I bounced off of him, because he was enormous [at least 300 pounds (136 kg) and well over 6 feet tall (1.83 m)] and might have flattened me. They were completely wasted and never even noticed me, even after they walked right into me! Adam was right by my side immediately with a look of concern to see if I was okay. Fortunately I was totally unharmed. I found his solicitousness so charming! What a gentleman! We made it back to the hotel without any other event and parted ways.

Next – the Folsom Street Fair!

Saturday: Rest Day! – A Memoir

October 5, 2010 Posted by suefairview

At 6:30 AM my eyes popped open and I arose refreshed with only 5 hours of sleep. I dressed in jeans, a shirt, a cute Nepalese hoodie I had just bought at the Chester Fair, and my Sketchers. I took the elevator downstairs and asked the desk where I could get eggs at this hour. They told me to go down Mission a few blocks and I would find the Blue Bottle Café on my right. So off I went. I passed a cute little Chinese market and noted it for future reference. When I hit 4th Street and saw Bloomingdale’s, I felt I had gone too far. So I walked up 4th to Market Street and headed back for my hotel on 7th, looking for breakfast places on the way back. Everything was closed or just had coffee and pastries. But on 7th on my way back down towards my hotel, I saw a little Chinese Restaurant that had Dim Sum! I was tempted. But I was committed to checking out the Blue Bottle Café.

I got back to the hotel and got more specific directions, like that the café was really in an alley! Well how the hell was I supposed to find it in a fucking alley! I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, cut me some slack, I’m staying at your fucking hotel, I AM FROM OUT OF TOWN! Okay. I’m calm again. So again I head out. I find the alley, and see no café. So I head down the alley and make a left at the end, and there it is. Shit. It is CLOSED. It does not open until 9.

I left immediately and headed for the Dim Sum place. I sat in a booth and ordered steamed pork buns, sui mai and hot tea. The tea was wonderfully fragrant and smelled like flowers. It must have had jasmine in it. I have long adored steamed pork buns; they should be piping hot, so when you open them the steam goes up your nose and you can smell the cured pork. I love eating the white and doughy outer part; just stuffing it into my mouth makes me happy. Then the pork filling is delicious; quite the reward that feels so undeserved after all that bready goodness! The whole thing feels so decadent as a food!

The siu mai were delicate and yummy too!

I finished my meal quickly, paid and returned to my hotel. I felt sleepy again and went back to bed at 9 AM. I slept for 3 hours. When I awoke it seemed to be much hotter outside, so I put on  my blue jean short-shorts with the strategically placed hole in the ass, a bright yellow tank top, my sketchers, the Murano glass cross earrings, my vintage 1980’s Calvin Klein eye glasses with sun-glass clip and my leather motorcycle hat. The my cellphone rang. It was Tamara. She said that she wanted to take me to the Castro to see the gay people. I said “Tamara. I am in San Francisco. ‘I see gay people.'” She did not think it was funny either. Sigh. But at least we could do lunch.

We decided to meet midway on Mission Street from her hotel in 10 minutes. Timing is everything and we nearly walked right into each other. There was a Muni Station nearby and we took it a few stops to the Castro. We got off and walked around for a few moments when we met up with a towering black man, who was huge and gorgeous! What a man! Grrrr! She kissed him and introduced him as Lance. They walked off together and the back of his leather vest said “Mr. San Francisco Leather 2010” in black on red. Woof!

So I followed them down the street, much like a lost puppy who had found it’s master. Lance apparently ruled this neighborhood and was on his way up to a leather bar nearby. We nearly tripped over Johnny Hazzard on our way there, but only gave him a casual wave, since we were with a real man. Lance led us to a bar that was crammed full of leather-men, leading the life. We pushed our way through the half-naked bodies, most wearing harnesses up top. Many seemed to be body builders and only some were chubbies. Everyone seemed to know Lance and greeted him, then moved out of his way as he headed for the bar. Tamara saw someone she knew there and left us to ourselves. I gave Lance my Fair View card. He gave me his card. I mentioned how hot it was. He said that I should feel free to lose some clothes. I replied that I could not, since I was married and being a good girl. He smiled and said that he understood the married thing. Then with a smirk he elevated the tone of his voice and said “Honey, I’m going to San Fran and I’ll be true to you! Okay sweetie pie, you do that! Kiss, kiss! Love you!” I just laughed. He was so funny. This big man talking about understanding marriage was too much. “Yeah, something like that. I live vicariously through Tamara,” I replied. “Oh, you’ve made a good choice there!” said he, winking. Tamara finished talking and we began to head for the door. Then she ran into more people she knew and again we stopped so that she could talk to them. I was starving at this point. I looked up at Lance and said “She never feeds me. She never lets me eat.” He said ominously “I’ll feed you.” I raised my eyebrows and got a good visual of me gagging on his huge black meat. “Oh. Sorry. I forgot. You’re married.” I smiled. He smiled. Tamara pulled me out to the street.

We began to search for a restaurant without luck. We did however, run into Cole Streets who was returning from grocery shopping. We exchanged greetings and I told him that I loved him in Focus/Refocus. He said thanks and left. We continued our restaurant search. Suddenly I regretted that I had not told Cole that it was his acting that I liked, not just the sex part. I felt really crappy, but Tamara assured me that I would have the chance to rectify the situation at the Folsom Street Fair.

We found a sushi place and settled on it for lunch. I had my usual sushi order, tea, wakame (seaweed salad), miso soup, Unagi (grilled fresh water eel sashimi), maguro and sake sashimi (tuna and salmon on rice). Tamara had already eaten and had a glass of water. I adore sushi and was replenished by my meal.

She said that she needed to get back to her hotel to rest before this evening’s festivities. I needed a shower, that was for sure! So we rode back on the Muni. We parted ways and I thanked her again for taking me to the Castro. I raced back to the hotel where I had a quick shower and chilled for some time. I threw on jeans and a shirt and decided to call Alex Freitas and see what he was doing for dinner. I found his number and dialed him up.


“Hi Alex it is Sue.”

Silence. Alex is often terse like this on the phone. I could tell from the deep tone of his voice that either I had just woken him up, or that he had just woken up.

“Did I just wake you up?” Some unintelligible noise in the background. “I was wondering if we could get together for dinner before the party tonight? More unintelligible noise.

“Oh? No you didn’t just wake me up.”

“Where are you Alex?”

“I am at the Burger place across the street from the hotel.”

“I’m on my way.”

I hung up and raced over there. There he was, second in line at the order window. He looked like he had just woken up [but still not a hair out-of-place!]. He ordered a vanilla shake and a burger. I didn’t want anything, but I thanked him for asking. We sat together and I watched him eat and wake up. He began to talk about his childhood. He used to run with a pack of teenagers in Rio that did cocaine. He said that most of them are dead now from overdoses or just the life.  He himself overdosed, but lived. When he turned 18 he took up body building to get off cocaine. He had finished his burger by then and we got up to walk back to the hotel. Once we hit the street, he lit up a cigarette. By then we were talking about other things. He mentioned that he was going to ride to the party with Angelo Marconi and how surprised he was at how much chemistry they had on their last shoot together. [That would be on Steamworks.] I was puzzling over that comment when a homeless man starting begging a cigarette off of Alex. Just then the light changed and I grabbed Alex’s arm to pull him across the street and away from the homeless man. But Alex resisted and gave the remainder of his cigarette [half!] to the homeless man saying “These guys have it really hard these days with prices so high.”

Then we crossed the street. The hotel has a little more private square for parking with a patio table and chairs off to the right. We sat down and Alex lit another cigarette out of sight of the homeless people. Night was just falling when Adam Champ walked up with DO.

We began talking about how sex workers deal with relationships and sex outside their partnerships. Adam Champ had the best thought on the matter. He said “In the end, everything is the same.” Somehow, I found that sentiment really touching and beautiful. It was said with so much love and devotion. Carlo should have witnessed it being said – He is a lucky man indeed!

We arranged a time to meet in the lobby for the party and I went back to my room to get ready.

Next – The Party!

The 2010 GAYVN Awards After Party – A Memoir

October 4, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Photo source: Guiltily Pleasured

Tamara pushed me into the front seat of the big black SUV. I whipped around to see who else was in the car. There was Wilfred Knight in the back passenger window seat, looking like a newly crowned king, Tamara squeezed in next to him, and in the driver’s-side window seat was QueerClick. The mood in the car was bounced pleasantly from thrilled to pieces to ecstatic. Everyone was high with happiness at Wilf’s recent win for Best Performer of the Year. I quickly turned to congratulate him again and thank everyone for allowing me the shared ride. The driver got in and off we sped.

Discussion turned to how well Wilf’s award was well deserved but how his moment was stolen by the fucking computer and the announcement for Best “WEB” performer, which he is not. And that he will never get that moment back. But, he said “I am keeping the award!” We then discussed other award winners. I mentioned that the biggest rip-off of the night was StagHomme getting 6 nominations and no awards. QC quickly agreed with me. Tamara thought that some of the choices were really vanilla. Everyone agreed with that. Then we were at their hotel, Marriott Marquis, where the plan was that they would get changed.

We all got out of the SUV and charged into the hotel. We parted ways in the elevators, the boys went to their floor and Tam and I got off on ours. The deal was to meet back in the lobby in 10 minutes. She did a quick change into a tee-shirt and jeans and I gasped as I looked into the mirror at my make-up. Eep! At least my hair looked okay. Thank god I got it permed! We met the boys downstairs and they too were in jeans and tee-shirts. Everyone was in comfy clothes except for me! So we got out on the street and hailed a cab to Club Envy. We got one pretty fast, for San Francisco. We all piled in and the cab sped off. The club was less than one and a half blocks from their hotel! We all looked at each other. But then we got out and Wilf stormed the Club’s door like the winner he was, and even though there was a line down the block to get in, they had no option but to take down the rope and let us in first. Apparently they recognized him as BEST PERFORMER OF THE YEAR.  We charged into the club ahead of everyone, even a stunned looking Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse, though they may have been stunned by alcohol. That was a first for me that I will never forget. What fun!

We were carded [too funny!] and proceeded to be checked for the VIP room, which I unfortunately did not have access to. Boo! So while everyone else got to go running upstairs to the VIP room, I was by myself, downstairs in the dance area in a floor length silk dress, a runway sample by Karl Lagerfeld that I had purchased around 1990. So I picked out a chair and plunked myself down. My mind was reeling from all the events that had already transpired during my evening so far. My daily life is so uneventful that when compared to the last several hours, well, there just is no comparison. All the people I had met and taken photos of, all the people I had hugged and spoken to, I would remember for the rest of my life.

Then, suddenly Tamara was there. We tried speaking a few times, but the music was way too loud. We had to yell at each other. She arched a finger as if to say “Follow me…” and so I did. We went to the lady’s room. There we held court and talked for a good hour or so. You know, it is really strange. At most venues, the men’s room gets the overflow of ladies seeking relief from a crowded lady’s room. But at a gay bar, the reverse is true. Hot gay men who need to pee enter in droves. All of them are polite and asked if we were waiting to pee. Or worse, they would peek in, see us and duck back out. Then Tamara would invariably, rush out after them and crook her finger to lure them back in. We were sure that one hottie, a blond with a ripped and killer body, Erik was a porn star, but alas, he wasn’t. Erik honey, you should be! But some real porn stars did show up, Logan McCree, Tony Aziz and Kennedy Carter. But damn, my camera wouldn’t work and my memory, you know, people have had their hands in my brain, so after a certain hour, if there isn’t a photograph, I just can’t be trusted to say what may or may not have happened. Tamara claims she has blackouts. Well, let’s just leave it at that. I don’t even remember what we talked about! But I found it fascinating at the time!

After that she was going to go back to the VIP area and I told her I was going to catch a cab back to my hotel. Tomorrow was a complete day of rest before the Raging Stallion Studios Man of the Year party. I couldn’t wait to hit the sack!

1984 VW Rabbit GTI – Kleine GTI Ad

February 11, 2009 Posted by suefairview

The first new car I ever bought was a 1984 VW Rabbit GTI. I already was driving a used Rabbit (I don’t recall the year) and loved the short wheel base, tight turning radius and responsiveness of the car. Then I saw this commercial and just had to buy it.

newVideoPlayer(“/84_VW_GTI_476.flv”, 506, 423,””);

I was not disappointed. I used to jump this baby on small hills, drive her over 100 mph, and even won some drag races with her over much faster cars when the drivers had no idea how to shift. I only sold her when the 16 valve GTI came along and was so much better.

I just can’t seem to get the video to play, so it you want to see it go here.