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Just some guys 46…

August 19, 2014 Posted by suefairview


To kick off this “Just some guys”, I thought we would start with a tied up man…

adamchamp adamchamp2

What do you think of Adam Champ‘s new beard???? Where did his birthmark go????


The one and only Adam Killian.

alex1 alexm alexmarteass

Isn’t Alex Marte adorable???

armond armond2

Armond Rizzo sunning is a pretty picture!


Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria kiss in the shower


Boomer Banks lets it all hang out!


Bulrog is so sexy!!!!


Christian Wilde shows us his FRUIT OF THE LOOMS.

colby colby2

Two shots of the ever adorable Colby Keller

datocolby datopaddy datotcolby2

Dato Foland gets it on with Colby Keller for Men [see the free preview here] and poses with Paddy O’Brian.


Damien Crosse, Robin Sanchez and David Avila

diesel1 diesel2 dieselcakes

Diesel Washington has skillz!


Dirk Caber‘s ass.

dominic dominik

Dominik is looking good!


Francesco D’Macho poses with Dato Foland.


Hans Berlin just celebrated a birthday!


Harry Louis looking fit and trim!

jessedirk1 jessedirk2

Jessie Jackman and Dirk Caber on the beach at PTown. They just returned from Key West!


Leo Forte tortures hottie Draven Torres. Leo just turned 30! Congrats Leo!


Logan McCree in a thoughtful moment.


Micah Brandt looks to die for in the pool.


Nick Moretti is a really fucking hot daddy!

paddy paddy1

Paddy O’Brian is a very, very handsome man.


Pavel Petel and a rescue kitty.


Pedro Andreas in what I like to call his big boobies photo. Catch up with Pedro at XCams.


Ray Han is taking a break from porn to work and return to school. Best of luck Ray!


Hop in, the water is great [with Damien Crosse and Rick York]


François Sagat – he looks great in everything, but best in nothing at all!


San Miguel, where have you been all my life!


Seth Fornea poses with Jessie and Dirk!


Steve is a hunk!


Topher Dimaggio is super nice and quite easy on the eyes.

tumblr_n8i7kwm6RR1r7llzeo2_500 tumblr_n750ufDaO01r7llzeo1_500

And finally, we have Zeb Atlas with and without fur. I truly wish someone would hide the razors from Zeb.

Raging Stallion Studio’s THE WOODS Part 1 Reviewed

November 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

In the primal redwood forests of California, the unspoiled serenity is threatened. In The Woods, something is going hump in the night. People are reporting odd noises and flashes of blinding light. Men who have never looked at other men find themselves overcome with raging hard ons and an irresistible need to suck, fuck or get fucked. And, people are disappearing! Some speculate that there are aliens in The Woods, abducting people. Could it be? And, could this be somehow related to the powerful, rough, gay erotic urges that are coursing through these sexy studs’ veins?

Award-winning director Tony Dimarco has crafted a tale of sexual mystery where the victims are possessed by some unexplained force moving them to commit out-of-this-world acts of intense, hardcore, energized fucking, whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself.


Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved the premise of this film. How mysterious is it that men are some how being effected and turned into crazed horny beasts? That’s a big win right there!

However, the first pairing with Parker Wright and Dale Cooper could have been much better. When Dale blew Parker, there was little or no eye contact and his repertoire needs work. They do get points for the flip flop fuck though. Parker needs to be in better shape than he is by doing some crunches, but he appears to have better on camera skills than Dale. He lends a hand during the fuck, spreads his own ass cheeks and verbalizes saying “That feels so good!” Maybe that is why Parker is abducted by the bright white light and Dale is left standing naked and alone.

Things improve with Chris Tyler and Alex Graham. What I liked best about this pairing was the physical similarity of the men, which made them seem like mirror twins. They were appealing during moves like frottage, where both assholes were seen together, one on top of the other. This was a flip flop fuck. Chris shows off his experience here by verbalizing, lending a hand during sex, moving back onto Alex while bottoming, spreading his own ass cheeks, and turning to increase eye contact during reverse cowboy. On the other hand, Alex could use a bit of improvement as follows: add eye contact to the blow job and don’t wait until the end to say something. Great job moving those hips during the blow job, Alex. This was a nice lusty pairing!

Every time I see Zeb Atlas shaved I sigh at the missed opportunity to see him furry! Hide this man’s razors! It is a crime against nature to let him shave his body!

Jimmy Fanz is in the outdoor shower fantasizing about Zeb, when the man himself walks into the shower!!! A dream come true! Zeb is massive next to the slight Fanz. After a very competent blow job from Jimmy, Zeb picks him up, manhandles his ass and fingers his hole. Zeb doggy fucks Fanz wet under the shower. That was pretty hot, actually. Next, both men exit the shower and Fanz sits cowboy on Zeb, and I couldn’t tell if Zeb was lifting Fanz for not, but Zeb slapped Fanz’ ass. Then there was some missionary. Zeb was grunting throughout. Jimmy just had sort of a rapturous, blissful look on his face. But after finishing his shower, Jimmy enters Zeb’s tent to cuddle up to the large naked man; Zeb awakens and says “WTF!” Fanz takes off. Even though I really like both of these men, I was a bit disappointed in this scene. It lacked passion, not so much on Jimmy’s part, but on Zeb’s. Zeb is a big strong man and needs to go with that. I much preferred his scene with Micah Brandt in BUILT TOUGH [my review here]. I feel he could have brought some of that passion to this scene, yet still in keeping with the general plot lines. Yet, so far this is the best scene in this movie.

“Ranger” Tom Wolfe knows how to wear his fur and I love it! What a fucking stud Tom is! He is paired with gorgeous partner “Ranger” Cal Skye and this is the first scene I have seen them in together. As far as I could see, this pair did everything right, but most notably I liked the gaping asshole shot during the rimming and when Cal moved back onto Tom during the doggy style and Tom stood as stiff as a rock face. Fucking hot! Then Tom pounded Cal! Cal was very responsive while being fucked missionary on the tailgate of the truck. Unfortunately, the camera missed Cal’s cum shot, which covered Cal’s abs. Tom’s cum shot spurted over Cal’s head! The bright white light grabbed both of them. Oh yes, and the views of the Redwood forest were spectacular in the background. I could have done with more talking, but this was wonderful, passionate sex and both men were gorgeous.

By the way, while Cal and Tom were fooling around, they were seen by “Ranger” Charlie Harding, who went off without saying anything. He showed up at Trenton Ducati’s office and “Ranger” Ducati sends him back out to find them telling him “They better not be fucking around!” Charlie returns to their truck to find it empty and their uniforms on the ground.

And then the big finish; Trenton Ducati and Tomas Brand! Ducati has had a long and difficult day and he sleeps soundly on his bunk. A naked Brand comes in and levitates him. Everyone should study this scene, because Trenton shows how porn is supposed to be done. As Brand blows Trenton, Trenton writhes on the bed as if he is a cat in heat. I have never seen anyone do anything like it before. Everyone in porn should have this move to pull out when needed! Trenton’s expressive face comes into play also. The word genius comes to mind. And why not, Brand is doing a bang-up blow job! Trenton easily puts his knees behind his arms to present his ass for rimming. Both men take turns putting fingers in Trenton’s asshole. Tomas does a combination thumb fucking and dick sucking move that looked quite enjoyable. Trenton blows Tomas expertly, as Tomas continues to finger Trenton’s ass, then there was more rimming, with fingering and jerking and Trenton moving. The fucking was masterful and mesmerizing with plenty of eye contact and both men moving all the time. Trenton said “Fuck me! Fu, fu, fu, fuck me! Oh yeah! Fuck right there!” Trenton came on his own abs, and Tomas’ load sprayed everywhere. What a superb pairing of these two studs. I enjoyed the creativity in the rim job and the build up to the fucking and I cannot say that I have seen anything from Mr. Ducati that I do not like yet. Keep up the good work, Sir.

THE WOODS had quite a bit of potential, as I loved the premise. It got off to a slow start with the first pairing, but then warmed up as each pair was presented. Don’t miss Trenton Ducati and Tomas Brand; this was a singularly creative and likeable performance. Other pairings worth seeing are: Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye, Zeb Atlas and Jimmy Fanz, and Chris Tyler and Alex Graham. Typically I prefer more talking throughout the sex than there was in this film, but maybe there is less because the men are supposed to be in a trance-like state. But then why do they talk later on in the scenes? Maybe it is because of this director. Unfortunately Cal Skye’s cum shot was missed by the camera. The location was terrific; who can beat the Redwood National Forest! Still this is definitely a film worth buying. I cannot wait to watch Part 2 and that is a tribute to the premise.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Falcon’s DEEP INSIDE Part 2 Reviewed

October 29, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The hottest studs in the world have been hand-picked and flown in by the Falcon team to star in the studio’s most ambitious project of the year, a two-part scorcher filmed in a beautiful hideaway in sun-drenched northern California. With tongues slithering deep inside each other’s hungry mouths, and digging deep inside juicy assholes, these studs prepare each other to see just how Deep Inside each other they can go.

Deep Inside Part 2 features eight horny and heavy hung fuckers that keep the non-stop sex boiling in four sensational scenes. Director Steve Cruz expertly strips down two Falcon Exclusive stars, five established favorites, and a scorching newcomer in lustful bouts that start out sensual and roar into ball-busting man blasts.

Super-hung Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian takes on the super-open ass of Kyle King, while handsome Dean Monroe and fresh young Jed Athens tag each other’s asses. Green-eyed Tate Ryder throws his stunning, steely cock into Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt, and knock-out Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro tears up eternally hard-dicked Bobby Clark. You’ll be sated out of your mind by the time they’re done, after tight holes take Deep Inside poundings from massive cocks.


I found the first scene to be very entertaining as watching an experienced pro like Kyle handle Paddy so effortlessly was fun. Kyle’s manly little growls and moans during the blow job must have felt great on Paddy’s dick and it did look like Paddy was enjoying himself immensely, even getting his hips into it. Kyle totally controlled the fuck in the doggy position by moving with Paddy and arching and straightening his back so that it was as if he was using Paddy like a stud, only backing into him when he so desired. He even gave commands such as “Slow down!” and “Yeah, fuck me!”. The camera angle from Paddy’s shoulder was fabulous. Both men looked great in the missionary position and I loved the little mischievous look from Kyle. Paddy was saying something, but I couldn’t make out what it was. He really needs to speak up. All in all this was a most impressive scene and terrific pairing. I would say on a par with the Angelo Marconi scene or maybe even better.

The next scene with Dean Monroe and Jed Athens was relaxed and romantic and featured Dean Monroe at his best. Dean told me at the Grabbys that he is a tremendous romantic and I can see it here. What a terrific pairing with Jed and watching these two work together, kissing, making eye contact, whispering dirty little nothings to each other [you’ll have to turn your sound up if you want to hear it all], and finally a flip fuck, was a wonder to behold. The camera kept up with this pair just fine and the pattern break [from suck, rim, fuck in 2 positions] was more than welcome. A tremendously hot scene from Dean and Jed. Fans of Dean Monroe are going to go wild for this one!

The next scene featured a very successful pairing of Tate Ryder and Micah Brandt. Right off the top, their kissing was extremely sensual and I knew they would be a hit together. High points included the continual dirty sweet little nothings spoken by Tate to Micah, the way Micah moved his ass like Adam Killian, and the way that Tate expertly lent a hand during the fucking. This couple was pure pleasure to watch; both were very attractive and hot. I could watch them fuck all day! Wonderful scene and pairing with nice camera work.

The last scene was a disappointment. The pairing was Tyler Torro and Bobby Clark. Bobby is a terrific bottom and did his best to vocalize and emote, but Tyler just stood there and rigidly fucked him, silent as a statue. Don’t get me wrong, they looked super together, but I need more in my porn! Tyler pounded Bobby’s hole too! But I need to hear my models communicate with each other. Just one talking is not enough! Tyler really dropped the ball here.

Buy DEEP INSIDE Part 2 to see the 3 fabulous scenes starring Paddy O’Brian, Kyle King, Tate Ryder, Micah Brandt, Dean Monroe and Jed Athens. The set was marvelous, as was the camera work and direction. The sound will need to be turned up to hear what some of the models are saying.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX previews here.

What is it like to be Steve Cruz?

September 20, 2012 Posted by suefairview

I cannot believe what Steve puts up with! Watch the video [from THE SWORD] and see for yourself!


Jock’s SIT TIGHT 2 Reviewed

August 24, 2012 Posted by suefairview



Sit your ass down on some hard and overheated young cocks, and hold on tight for the butt-busting rides delivered in four hole-stretching scenes of JOCKS’ Sit Tight 2. This energetic and horned up group of fresh and smooth JOCKS are eager to release their lust on an action-packed summer’s afternoon. Bruno Bond directs JOCKS Exclusives Micah Brandt and Donny Wright, who are joined by enthusiastic stars Spencer Fox, Tanner Wayne, Luke Milan, plus up-and-cummers, Jed Athens and Leo Sweetwood. They throb for deep-tongued kissing, flip-flop fucking and fiercely grinding joy rides, and their tight holes get skewered by their buddy’s huge pokers. Pristine assholes are plundered and explosive loads blast free in Sit Tight 2, which is packaged with a free bonus DVD – the full length original JOCKS hit, Sit Tight starring Virgil Sainclair, Tristan Paris and Luc Jarrett.


For a debut performance, Jed Athens did VERY well! He demonstrated terrific oral skills on Donny Wright’s cock and then turns him to rim him. By the way, I loved the background for this scene, the Murano glass drop chandelier hanging in the atrium space and the Barcelona chair were very classy. Jed kept up the chatter saying things like “Tastes good” and “Nice hole” in between slapping Donny’s ass. After all of this, Donny said “Thanks a lot.” LOL! He reciprocated by throating Jed. Donny then fucked Jed reverse cowboy on the Barcelona chair to which Jed was very reactive saying “Fuck yeah, Oh my god… shit yeah, fuck me!” all while Donny stroked Jed’s cock. Donny fucked Jed doggy style and Jed cried for Donny to fuck him “Harder!” while Donny pounded him for all he was worth. Which was pretty hot, considering that they were slightly built men. There was nice chemistry and this was a great pairing and hot scene. The noise level from Jed was super, but could be more from Donny. Jed needs the hit the gym to appear more studly or even jock-like but otherwise, he did great for a debut performance and I was very impressed!

It is nice to see Luke Milan again, and this time showing his versatility. He is paired with Tanner Wayne. Tanner has a bit more of a repertoire to his oral skills than does Luke, including eye contact. Luke really ought to add that to his oral skills, even though he can throat Tanner with ease. Luke is quite expressive of his pleasure, with his body by writhing in ecstasy, breathing hard and with his face by frowning and sucking his lips into a straight line. It would be far better if he could add a few words to that. Tanner goes with “Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh…!” and we all know what he means! Luke rims Tanner and then doggy fucks him. I noticed that Luke’s shoulders were rolled forward in terrible posture initially and it made him look gawky and uncomfortable. But he remedied it later on. He should try to be more aware of this in future. Tanner has at Luke doggy style in a flip-flop situation and then they switch to missionary. Luke cries out “FUCK!” and a stream of cum shoots up to his solar plexus. That was NICE! What I liked about this scene was the flip-flop, because it breaks up the typical pattern and adds an element of versatility to the models. I really like Luke Milan’s looks – he could be a movie star and he has a great body. In general, it was way to quiet on set! Both of these men need to work on that. Plus it seemed to me that Tanner could stand to lose some weight in his tummy area.

Spencer Fox was the man in this scene! Every time I see him, I like him more! Though I feel he coasted a bit in this scene with Jed Athens. For example, while he was blowing Jed, he never really went down all the way on him, and I know that he could if he wanted to. However, when Jed blew Spencer, he went all out for him, throating, ball sucking, taint licking, and making eye contact. During this, Spencer pulls out all the stops, moving his hips and shaking his ass. Spencer acts hot and is hot! Spencer says “Oh that feels good!” Jed rims Spencer while jerking Spencer’s cock and fingering Spencer’s hole. Spencer asks “You like that hole?” Jed answers “Yeah, nice and sweet!” Then Jed asks “You like that?” Spencer answers “You know what you are doing! You are fucking tonguing me so good!” Great dialog from this pair! Jed then fucks Spencer reverse cowboy and Spencer is just sitting there, while Jed would very much like to jerk Spencer’s cock. So Jed says “Ride my dick”. This is another time that I thought that Spencer was kind of coasting. But next, in a show of versatility, Spencer doggy fucks Jed who says “Fucking pound my hole! All the way in!” The cum shots were very impressive. Spencer’s were big spurts and Jed’s were 4 big spurts that hit Spencer in the chest. I loved how Spencer looked in this scene and there seemed to be a synergy with Jed Athens, who was certainly propelled to his best performance in the presence of Spencer’s talent. I really got off on the chatter plus the scene had a flip-flop fuck which is wonderful to see with Spencer, who is usually a bottom, but has a very big dick. As I have said previously, Jed will need to hit the gym, but then he could have quite a future in porn with all of his skills, like lending hand.

Micah Brandt really brought his “A” game to the final scene with Leo Sweetwood. Micah performed the whole 9 yards blow job, including the gluck™ thing. Leo rimmed Micah, swept water from the pool onto his hole, jerked Micah’s cock and slapped his ass. Micah  responded by saying “You like that ass?” There was no response. “Feels so good!” Next, Micah sat on Leo reverse cowboy on the marble side of the pool, which was pretty hot. Micah laid back on Leo and lifted his hips or moved back and forth. That was also pretty hot. Next, they switched to cowboy position and Leo moved. In the doggy position, Micah moved back into the fuck, which is always nice to see a bottom do. Micah said “You like that?  Oh my god! Feels so good!” As a matter of fact the noise level from Micah was great! Leo was absolutely mute! Micah was gorgeous! Leo slaps Micah’s ass. Micah says “Fuck me harder! Faster!” Leo pulls out and cums on Micah’s ass in 5 huge squirts. Micah milks his dick onto the floor. Leo has a nothing body and needs to hit the gym badly. Leo is also over shaved, and has no pubic hair at all. Plus he is completely mute. All he provided to the scene is a hard cock and a pretty cum shot. But he could easily change a few things and be so much better! Let some pubic hair grow back, answer Micah’s questions and that would be a vast improvement in this scene. Leo does have a sweet face and some basic skills. As I said, I really did like Micah in this scene, but feel like everything good about the scene was Micah’s doing. Micah is the real star here.

Buy SIT TIGHT 2 because there are 4 very hot scenes with hung young men, 2 scenes of which are flip-flop fucks. See exclusives Spencer Fox [he should be one], Micah Brandt, and Donny Wright plus meet up-and-comers Jed Athens, Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne. The location was a splendidly decorated modern house with hot tubs and pools. Camera work was good for industry standards. Direction was excellent.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.