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Getting Real With Diesel The Show Spotlights Str8upgayporn

February 10, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Diesel does it again!


Getting Real With Diesel The Show Spotlights Str8upgayporn from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

Raging Stallion Studio’s OPEN ROAD Part 2 Reviewed

January 6, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. Hookups are on the horizon, and directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond drive the wild and unruly action in Open Road, Part 2. A thumb and a highway are all it takes to experience intense, in-the-moment sexual encounters. Mike Dozer cruises back roads in his van, looking for guys like Boomer Banks, who will exchange a sexual ride for a ride on down the road. Christian Wilde’s is frustrated while he is fixing his broken down muscle car, but he takes his mind off it by stroking his hot meat. Then, he finds unsuspecting Jimmy Fanz and takes out his frustrations on Jimmy’s ass. Tommy Defendi makes a pit stop at a public restroom that escalates into sex with plumber Mike Dozer. Mike loves getting his deep hole snaked by Tommy’s massive tool. The Open Road ends in a vineyard, where Donnie Dean helps lost Esteban Del Toro find his way in exchange for an intense tailgate fuck on Donnie’s truck. Even though Esteban was lost on this back road, he sure know his way around Donnie’s willing body and ends his journey deep in Donnie’s hole. Once you’re on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 2, it takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you’ve ever seen.


A hot and fun scene from Boomer Banks and Mike Dozer opened this DVD. Mike picks up hitchhiker Boomer in his plumbing van and says “I’ll take you where ever you need to go.” At an abandoned metal building, Mike blows Boomer and is able to throat ALL of Boomer’s monster cock. Yikes! Boomer rewards this with a bit of face fucking. Mike says “Big ol’ fucking dick!” Boomer returns the favor with a blow job and a rim job. But then in a surprise move, fucks Mike’s hole with a wrench. Boomer than fucks Mike doggy style, to which Mike says “Oh fuck that’s deep! Fuck that hole big boy! Fuck that’s a big cock!” The pair then fucked in the cowboy position, which was cool, because when Mike moved, the whole van moved! But Boomer did most of the moving and even did some quick fucking. There was an impressive oral cum shot at the end that must be seen. Mike then dumps all of Boomer’s stuff out of the van’s window as he drives off and leaves Boomer standing in the dust . “Thanks for the ride!” he calls out the window. Great work guys! A lovely scene that was fun to watch.

5131_RSS114_SG_692 5131_RSS114_SG_788 5131_RSS114_SG_821 5131_RSS114_SG_875 5131_RSS114_SG_929

Christian Wilde drives his silver Camarro into a wooden garage, where it will not restart. He decides to jerk off. While he is doing that, Esteban Del Toro watches Chris’ purple headed stiffie from the open doorway and then chooses to move on. But, an oblivious Jimmy Fanz walks right into the situation and Chris wastes no time grabbing him and tearing a hole in the ass of his blue coveralls, to take advantage of him! Chris pushes Jimmy over the open driver’s door and slams his erection into Jimmy’s hole! Jimmy cries out; pleasure or pain? We know not! LOL! Chris then fucks Jimmy sideways cowboy saying “Sit on this dick!” They take turns moving. Then later Chris fucks Jimmy missionary on the hood of the car. Jimmy cums with Chris’ dick up his ass, then Chris pulls out and cums; the first spurt going way up in the air. Chris leans forward and says “Did you like that?” Jimmy nods that he did and adds “The hot rods too!” Nice team work and nice little scene guys! Good job. As usual Jimmy’s facial expressions seal the deal.

5131_RSS114_SI_301 5131_RSS114_SI_338 5131_RSS114_SI_384 5131_RSS114_SI_411 5131_RSS114_SI_441

Tommy Defendi and Mike Dozer’s scene was impressive! First of all, Mike was able to throat Tommy’s cock at will, which made Tommy moan really loudly. Tommy reciprocated with a fine blow job of his own. After a nice rimming by Tommy though, the fun really began to start. There was such intensity built up when Tommy fucked Mike in the doggy style that it was just amazing! Penetration was shown and both men moaned so loudly during it, I have never seen such a thing in porn. It was as if these guys were made for each other; they moved as one. Both men worked up a sweat and Mike was trembling and his ass was bright red from where Tommy was slapping him. Tommy seemed extremely motivated by this fuck. They then reversed and faced the opposite way; Mike saying “Fuck! That’s so deep!” Tommy then leaned back onto the urinal and stall wall and Mike rode him reverse cowboy. Very pretty! Later, Mike came and the camera showed it on the mat on the floor. Tommy had an oral cum shot that was so huge, it went all over Mike’s face. Nice! What a great job by both of these men! Congratulations on this tremendously hot scene. Mike Dozer is now one of the hottest bottoms in porn.

5131_RSS114_SJ_151 5131_RSS114_SJ_165 5131_RSS114_SJ_214 5131_RSS114_SJ_226 5131_RSS114_SJ_244

Donnie Dean and Esteban Del Toro were featured in the final scene of this DVD. Donnie gives a tutorial on how to do a perfect blow job. Yay Donnie! Esteban then gives Donnie a very nice rim job, in that he even inserts a couple of fingers! While fucking Donnie doggy style on the tail gate of the truck, Esteban says “Delicious!” I loved to watch the way these guys move and they sure did look fine up there together. The pair seemed to have a fun and jokey rapore that one doesn’t get to see much with models these days. It was very nice to see that. In the missionary position, Esteban said “Are you okay now?” Donnie nodded yes. Then Esteban rammed his cock into Donnie and said “And now?’ It was too funny. Both men had great cum shots. Though these guys are kind of twinkish for me, and a bit less furry than I prefer, this was still a pleasant way to end this DVD. Both of the men took themselves seriously and did a great job. Very nice!

5131_RSS114_SF_406 5131_RSS114_SF_458 5131_RSS114_SF_473 5131_RSS114_SF_539 5131_RSS114_SF_569

Buy OPEN ROAD Part 2 because amateur hour is over and this is the real deal! Some of the best tops in the business,  hung studs like Boomer Banks, Tommy Defendi, Christian Wilde and Esteban Del Toro, fuck the best bottoms, like Mike Dozer, Jimmy Fanz and Donnie Dean. The action is not to be missed! Some of these scenes might even be nominated for awards. Camera work was excellent! I loved all of the little pans to side action such as showing how the stall door was moving while Mike Dozer was being fucked by Tommy Defendi. Way cool! Direction and editing was terrific! Sets and locations were perfect. Casting was perfect. Music was even good. One thing to note, however, is that the sexual choreography was a bit stale. but otherwise, this was a very hot and enjoyable film.

Highly, highly recommended.

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