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Yikes! Everybody Moved!

April 13, 2014 Posted by suefairview

You heard it right! While I was out of the country, two of my favorite blogs moved without telling me! [Maybe I should take the hint!]

The first one was “A PLACE IN THE SUN” by my blogger friend Doug and is now “HEAVEN & EARTH“:


Way to go Doug; keepin it fresh! I love Doug’s blog for the bodybuilders, creative writing and original art.

The next one is by my long-time friend Tony, who is from Bulgaria. He let his blog Attempted Entertainment lapse and has reinvented it as Attemted Entertainment 2:


Tony has quite an eye for international men and never failed to post men from around the world. Sometime I envied his knowlege of worldwide pornstars. So glad to see him back blogging again! Welcome back Tony!

Zeb Atlas has TWO NEW WEB SITES!

November 15, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Oh boy! Zeb has a membership site where you can join and see his films, photo sets and live cams, plus previews for non-members at The other site is a Tumblr blog with photos of Zeb. Both are on my sidebar. Here are some photos from the tumblr blog:

tumblr_inline_mw9s9wmGoj1r3m9ce tumblr_mvlbzyDIVd1r7llzeo1_1280


September 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview


It is about time that the absolutely stunning and handsome Ty Roderick created his own blog! Well, he has one now and it is my new link!

Feast your eyes on those classic Italian features! Gorgeous, no? And Ty describes himself as purely sexual and dislikes labels. Yipes! Me likey!


But not only does Ty have looks, but he is smart too! Though undereducated, he has a high IQ and continues to study on his own to improve himself and increase his potential. You can read all about these life issues on Ty’s blog.

Oh, and he also writes about his work as an adult entertainer for CockyBoys.

IMG_3639 IMG_3718 ty+roderick+cockyboys+7

There are plenty more photos of  Ty, and links to all kinds of interesting contests and stuff like that. So, visit Ty’s blog right now, and see if you don’t love it!

New Links: Donato Reyes, Jay Roberts & Scott Hunter

April 16, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I have been remiss! I have added new links and not reported them to you, my dedicated readers! Shame on me! A thousand pardons! Better late than never???

Without further ado, here they are:


Donato has been around for about a year. This Spanish star made his debut in Kristen Bjorn’s SANDS OF TIME and in JAGGED MOUNTAIN Part 2. Since then he was hired by Stag Homme Studios and worked in THE VISIT with Goran, which was very well received.

jagged mountainHe also worked with Rogan Richards in Men At Play’s ROGAN’S CREW, which again pushed Rogan to #1 at MAP, so that was also highly regarded. Goran and Donato were reuntied in Men’s STRIPTEASE and then again in MAP’s PERSONAL SERVICE. Donato was next paired with Francesco D’Macho in Stag Homme’s SERRANO, followed by THE MUSE, in which he starred with Damien Crosse and Goran.

His more recent work has been with Lucas Entertainment and Men. Here are some photos from his blog:

26d3bd9be2c61d7b0b93c1c665535039 donato gd (45) LVP150_01_Donato_Reyes_Tomas_Brand_01Notably, he has a flip fuck with Tomas Brand as he is versatile. But you can read his latest news for yourself at his blog!


jayrobertseasterThe photo above is how Jay Roberts spent his Easter. There is also a hot video that you can see here.

Jay does his own filming as well as being an adult entertainer. If you visit his blog you will see all of the hot projects he has in the works. This one in particular interested me: Tomy Hawk!!!

photo-copySo, visit Jay’s blog and find out more!


Scott Hunter is an English lad and has been in the business for the last year. So far, his only films have been in Europe. He has filmed with Paddy O’Brian, Spencer Reed and Lucio Saints. Earlier this month he traveled to San Francisco and L.A. to shoot films for Raging Stallion Studios and Titan with big name stars like Tom Wolfe, Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Dirk Caber and Adam Champ. Here are some photos from his trip, which you can read all about on his blog:

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Meet Jessy Ares: Porn Star, Singer & my new link!

February 26, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I discovered that Jessy had a blog and visited it immediately! Here is what I found:

IMG_7858Jessy is a fun loving and sometimes naughty young man! LOL!

He posts many videos on his blog that are NSFW. Here is a sampling: