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My Art Show!!!

November 24, 2009 Posted by suefairview

My art opening was titled “CHANGES” and was a resounding success! Held on November 21, at least 40 people came to the show and a member of the board declared it a hit and said attendance was record setting for the town. He also extended the period for the show through the new year!

I had prepared a bulletin that I handed out to attendees that had a mini bio explaining my passion for art and how due to my medical issues, I had a ten year hiatus from it. It also had blurbs for each piece that I adapted from Fair View Art. These came in very handy as attendees poured over them as they looked at each piece. This way, questions were more probing and interesting. One person asked how I got over my confidence problem. I said that I used the Chinese Wet Market piece, because after all the drawings of fish that I had done, if I could not draw a pile of fish heads, then I was done for. I pointed out which fish head I drew first. Then of course, I had to mention the support of the vast number of friends that also went into it along the way, which I never could have done it without!!! You know who you are!

[Cristiano – remember when I had painted just the white and thought the painting was ruined? And you came over and told me how the pink eyes would just POP! That really helped me tons! Thanks amore!]

I got some really great compliments on my work such as one person said that they had been to a show of a famous artist earlier that day, whose works sold for $60,000 and they commented that they thought my work was far better. Another tall male teenager who was there said that he was never interested in art and if he saw another landscape he was going to barf. He was in love with the fish heads painting and wondered why more artists don’t paint interesting things like that?

Favorite works included the Chinese Wet Market, Cock, Koi [with the new technique I developed], the Egyptian twins, the black, blue and red butterfly tail gold fish, deer, the Siamese cat with ball, fuscia, foggy landscape and miniata groupers.

Mostly people who have known me for a long time felt that I was with holding some great secret that I should have shared with them. [?] How does one respond to that?

Anyhow it was a wonderful evening and I was so happy! [and tired!]

Sorry for the lack of posts…

November 12, 2009 Posted by suefairview


but I am really busy working on my art show, which I have titled:


Yesterday, hubby and I went to Blick to choose mats for a dozen of my works and were there past closing time. We will return on Friday to choose frames. He will do the matting and framing next week. Meanwhile, I have been busily making out invitations, which I tried to post here, but they are in Corel Draw and these two softwares are not copacetic. I also have to design a poster, which I have a rough draft for. Those should go up in my town and neighboring towns this weekend or early next week. I was in touch with the person who does the newspaper announcement yesterday as that deadline was today. So, that should be okay. I have to write the handout for the show that details each work and has a mini-bio for me. I have a rough draft of that also. I also have to meet with the people who have volunteered to help with the wine and hor d’ouervres. Then, hubby and I will have to go to the room for the show and hang the art. Sigh. So much to do!!!

See why I am not posting?!?!? I just hope I don’t collapse before the show!

Wish me luck!

A Retrospective Show of My Artworks!

October 1, 2009 Posted by suefairview

My Home Town Library

My Home Town Library

I am very excited to announce that my home town library will be putting on a retrospective show of my artworks from November 21 to December 21, 2009! The opening will be on November 21st at 5:00 PM DST in the downstairs meeting room of the lovely Queen Ann home that was built in 1881. Wine and hors d’oeurves will be served.
Miniata Groupers, my most recent work

Miniata Groupers, my most recent work

About 25 works will be shown from my time in High School in 1974 through my most recent work. All of my works can be seen on this blog, by selecting the catagory “original art”, or by visiting Fair View Art. Some works will be for sale!
YOU ARE ALL INVITED! Especially Cristiano, who I hope will bring his “Cock” for display at the show!
[Formal invitations will be sent out closer to the event date.]

Miniata Groupers, Chinese Wetmarket, Singapore

July 27, 2009 Posted by suefairview

This watercolor painting is called Miniata Groupers and is from the Singapore series. Click to enlarge.

It is based on this photograph that I took on my trip to Singapore in 1996 at the Chinese Wet Market. This was a tank of live miniata groupers.

The painting was an exercise in watercolor washes and gradients and was tons of fun. I drew the tank and fish and then painted the water and the painting sat for a long time before I got up the nerve to paint the fish. But once I got started, I was okay and couldn’t stop.

Original Art Archive Completion

May 9, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Here is the remainder of my works that I photographed recently with my new camera to record for my original art archives. I thought that I would post them on my blog for you to look at.

The first is called “Lilacs” and I painted this watercolor and India ink in high school (click to enlarge).

I recall not being particularly impressed with it at the time, but looking back I am amazed at the tiny gradients that I accomplished in the vase. It was all done freehand and I know that I could not reproduce this effect right now. I just had that fine analytical touch that later served me very well in the lab.

The next one is “Neral Images” and is a pen and India ink contour drawing of my first Siamese cat, a Lynx point that I named after a fragrant straight chain organic chemical (an aldehyde), Neral, that I did in 1984. (I only knew about Neral, the chemical, because I studied it as component of an alarm pheromone of Achanthomyops claviger in college, an amber ant that my professor and I collected.)

When I met Sean and moved in with him he had all of these great art supplies because he was an architect. I was over the moon, I was so happy. He told me to help myself and I did. He had two tables in his home office, one for drafting and one for working. I used the drafting table for my artwork. I quickly absconded with his rapidograph pens. He had tons of paper for them, but eventually I used this up and had to buy more.

Then, in a prophetic move, I discovered pointillism. My first efforts were both in color and in black and white. Here is an early color effort of a frog that I gave up on when I became bored.

Here is a red and white bubble eye stargazing goldfish from the April 1973 issue of National Geographic Magazine that featured an article on goldfish done in Pentel color pens, followed by the cover of the magazine.

Unfortunately, I know from experience that the reddish and orange colors will fade when exposed to sunlight.

Here is a self portrait done in India ink. I used a mirror to accomplish this work.

Finally, here are two red and white bubble eye stargazing goldfish from National Geographic Magazine done in watercolor and pen and India ink. I wish I had dated this and signed it because it is a beautiful work and I would love to know when I did it. Do enlarge it to see the details. The colors are beautiful.

These are all of the works that I will include when I do a show in the fall or winter. I am going to have to do plenty of framing before then! Any ideas on how to do framing on the cheap???