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The extended Stag Homme Family

June 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Sigh. I collect photos and sometimes they get out of control. For this I apologize. By now I have so many photos of Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse that just slipping them into some “Just some guys…” posts isn’t really dealing with them adequately. So, here is the data dump, if you will, of my cache of the broader “Stag Homme Family” of photos:

One person you might not recognize who hangs out with Damien and Goran, is David Baramiya. Of course the cute little dog is Benji!

OMG! See the Stag Homme Blog!!!

March 4, 2013 Posted by suefairview

48106_474052052642839_401846593_nThat’s right! It is not enough that Stag Homme “puts out” the very best in porn, so to speak, with the hottest models in the industry, best quality and technology. No. Now they have a blog also so that fans can share XXX BTS videos, rehearsals, previews, news and more for free!!!! If you love the Stag Homme men, the the Stag Homme Blog is for you!

The latest news includes learning that Jessy Ares is in Madrid to shoot with Stag Homme’s own Orlando Toro:


Here is a clip from the blog that I particularly liked:

My last 11 months in 274 seconds. MachoT by francescodmacho

See what else you can find at the Stag Homme blog!

Just some guys 30!

January 16, 2013 Posted by suefairview

2650_78507181123_94283_nPhotographer Aaron Cobbett is the blogger behind Rose et Ridé. Here he looks his best.

6203_339257759503291_739878070_nFrançois Sagat looking seductive as only he can. Congratulations on his award for XBIZ Best Movie of the Year Incubus 1 & 2!

27302_313529112092655_1001023390_nPedro Andreas is bulking up!

6392_313346545444245_1104351356_nMeanwhile, his dog Tomas is growing up!

68611_191139764360786_590336863_nColton Ford at 50 years old, as photographed by the brilliant Joe Oppedisano.

163358_321953304576096_957218599_nLogan McCree with Jeff Stronger, Jonathan Agassi, David Avila and a pal.

165018_4468014571132_476995580_nNick Moretti in a cool motorcycle jacket.

301639_2495871678360_1538422982_nPetter Fill enjoys the beach!

387886_376108889142019_1500226028_nAdam Champ and Carlo Masi cuddle with Champito.

406654_185337708278859_1223295325_nXBIZ Best Performer of the Year, Trenton Ducati looks seductively at the camera in his Timoteo shorts.

424820_4370195645376_484354470_nThe Stag Homme crew: Francesco D’Macho, Carlos Gustavo, Goran, Orlando Toro, and Damien Crosse.

487039_445170648884271_878683815_nFan favorites Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. Isn’t Bruno just totally hot in that sweater?

527765_294894547292459_106073290_nJonathan Agassi is so hot, he needs a splash of water to cool off!

541841_10151201553621976_1782215652_nDave Mason models his own hot pink & black custom [for Michelle Visage!] hoodie for Trophy Pony @ Slick It Up. The item is offered in platinum & blue as well as purple & gold.

679420668Large Tony looking very hot.

A8O5Ye4CUAAPsA7.jpg largeThere is no doubt about it, Paddy O’Brian is a very handsome man.

A_5sOSLCEAAJqNX.jpg largeBryce Star heads off to dreamland with his puppy.

A_m1o62CIAIOKje.jpg largeSome fans of Lucio Saints‘ made this hoodie for him!

A_obRycCMAEtgPJ.jpg largeAdam Killian and his bf vacation at Whistler Mountain.

A_um1LaCQAA9t6J.jpg largeSamuel Colt and Drake Jaden take a piss and were caught on camera. There are no private moments for a porn star.

A-cgdLDCYAEVsMk.jpg largeVito Gallo looking gorgeous as usual.

angeloA rare view of Angelos Petheryotis vacationing in Miami. What a fucking hunk!

AqeWGN8CQAALcWr.jpg-largeAny photo of D.O. is a great one!

AzQupaoCUAEZbaU.jpg largeJunior Stellano is all wet!

BArLFP1CIAE2q1u.jpg largeBF’s Christian Owen and Jimmy Durano smooch.

BAUkquPCMAEbLbb.png largeJake Genesis as his former self at the 2013 Cybersocket awards.

chasebyjoA terrific portrait of Chase Hostler by Joe Oppedisano.

ncikgermannycThis dream-come-true is @nickgermannyc on Twitter.

nds28182_053Dean Monroe displays assets that helped him win Best Performer of the Year at the 2013 Cybersocket Awards! Congratulations Dean!

spenceralexSpencer Reed & Alex Marte – two beefy studs!

tomasbrandTomas Brand frames a photo of he and love Logan Rogue.

tumblr_mgfor7baDG1rqp5duo4_1280 tumblr_mgfor7baDG1rqp5duo5_1280 tumblr_mgfor7baDG1rqp5duo8_1280Rogan Richards flexes at the 2013 Cybersocket Awards, where he accepted Men At Play’s award for Best European Porn Web Site. Congratulations to MAP! More photos at Rogan’s blog.

tumblr_mglejd194G1r13tm3o1_1280 tumblr_mgmioivB2b1r13tm3o3_1280Pavel Petel models for Rufskin and as always looks quite sexy doing it.

xbizawardsBest Performer of the Year, Trenton Ducati and Adam Killian at the 2013 XBIZ Awards. Sigh. The hotness.

Stag Homme Studio’s STAG TV Season 2 Episode 4 Reviewed

November 4, 2012 Posted by suefairview

To celebrate 4 years since we started Stag Homme Studios we are bringing back original episodes of our popular series Stag TV. This is how it all started, sexy, funny, raunchy show perspective of how our lives used to be while traveling around the globe and starting our first business in the adult industry. These episodes were users favorites and each one is unique and original.

In this episode, “Spanish Summer”, takes you throughout Francesco and Damien´s summer after their wedding; Pedro Andreas moving to Madrid and shooting “Numero Tres“, Madrid Pride, their honeymoon in Marrakech and their summer holiday in Barcelona where they shot Jean Franko in “Kama Sutra“. This is Stag TV at it´s sexiest, loudest, and most entertaining yet. There´s even a part of the episode that is of the highest interest to all you piss pigs out there. “Spanish Summer” is also jam-packed with pornstars. In addition to Jean Franko and Pedro Andreas you get to see a little of Matthew Rush, Lucio Saints, Manuel Lopez and Orlando Toro.


What a highly enjoyable romp down memory lane with Damien Crosse as narrator, and sometimes Francesco. I loved it! I am a real sucker for behind the scenes and travelogue stuff and that is what this is, but presented with humor and sex! LOL! What could possibly beat that? You won’t find anything like that on the networks, or even on cable!

Here are some screen captures I took of the part about Numero Tres. In the first one, we see Pedro Andreas in a small attic room where he is supposed to be making love to his machine gun.

As you can see, he is watching porn to stay hard for the scene. He was also wiped down with baby oil and misted with water to look sweaty. This was all done by Damien, who was hardly professional. LOL! Damien said of porn: “I really love porn that offers the point of view of the actors and Numero Tres has loads of it.”

The next two screen captures are  where Francesco is taking the double penetration from Pedro Andreas and Damien, and below that where he is taking both loads from them.

Too priceless not to screen capture in my point of view. I love that Stag TV covers this!

And, if you have never visited Madrid, the one time you would want to is for Madrid Pride. So it is just wonderful that Stag TV takes you to Madrid pride and the parties that happen during it.

Here we see Pedro and Orlando Toro in their silver angel costumes for the Pride parade.

Next, Stag TV takes us to Barcelona. All of the must see neighborhoods are covered, such as the Rambles, and the Gothic Quarter, as well as the Barceloneta Beach, which is likened to Fire Island. Architects of note, such as Gaudi are mentioned and their buildings shown. Highlights are places to buy fancy Addidas sneakers:

And places to buy tempting snacks such as Piadina at Pulcinella:

From there it was onto Marrakesh, where we get to see Francesco childishly happy with the room and accoutrements. Here he is awaiting Damien’s kiss in a bed full of rose petals:

Francesco also gave a tutorial on how to tie a keffiyeh:

I feel faint looking at all of those muscles!

Finally, we get to see Jean Franko fucking the cum right out of Damien. I love this part because they do a Kama Sutra position and fail at it! LOL!

For those of you who are into piss, there is plenty of coverage of porn stars pissing on Damien! But I figured that I would let you discover that! LOL!

You can’t lose with this episode of Stag TV! See the free XXX preview here!

Just some guys 22…

July 17, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Chase is king of the hill! [In Upstate NY]


Wilfried Knight in his first movie since his MVA.

François Sagat as Madonna in MDNA.

An Akhal-teke, a horse breed from Turkmenistan, known for their metallic, shiny coat. Via Cristiano. My newest horsie crush! I must have one!!!

Angelos Petheryotis. YUM!

Yoikes! Spencer Reed is going to be at Dore Alley! Wish I was!!!

Dunno who this hottie is at the beach, but I like his choice of swim attire!

Digging this photo of Spencer with a chandelier!

Orlando Toro with pals that include Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho.

This coming Friday, July 20, Alexsander Freitas will be LIVE in NYC at EASTERN BLOC [505 East 6th St. between A and B]. Also see my favorite ginger Kennedy Carter there! I’m sure it will be quite a show!

Bryce Star is ready for Spiderman to drop in!

Kennedy Carter and his to die for sexy BF [below] did a porno for CockyBoys earlier this year. See more photos at Kennedy’s blog.

Landon Conrad looking very hot for photographer David Wagner. *swoon*

Large Tony goes “commando in camo”.

The adorable Lucio Saints shows his stuff.

Maikel Cash looks terrific in next to nothing.

Marc Dylan‘s cock.

Nick Moretti‘s new cover photo is incredible! Don’t you think so?

Rogan Richards makes a convincing gladiator in this shoot done by Simon Barnes. He will be in Dublin from July 18-25.

Jesse Santana looks scrumptious in this Cherry Pop ad!

Spencer and Adam Killian swap spit at Hustlaball London. Or it could be piss or water. ???

Spock is a poodle that is hundreds of years old! He is owned by Gus Brocanello.

Steve Cruz looking dapper at an awards show.

Lovers Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder model Timoteo.

Vito Gallo with Brock Roslyn as his puppy dog.