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Why aren’t you watching VIKINGS on the History Channel? UPDATED

April 4, 2013 Posted by suefairview

vikings_onesheet_fn-550x814So, I have discovered VIKINGS on the History Channel and have been watching it since it began. I really like it and thought I was the only one until yesterday when I saw a tweet from Samuel Colt saying that he thought Ragnar was hot. Of course Ragnar is hot; he is played by Travis Fimmel! Let me jog your memory:

travis fimmelThis is Travis Fimmel. Sharon Osborne swears this is not photoshopped. It is wysiwyg. And she should know, since when Travis and his pals first came to the US from Australia, they bunked at her place!


Reader Dan sent me this photo:

pavWhich clearly shows that Pavel Novotny’s pubic area and cock have been photoshopped onto Travis Fimmel’s photo. Bloggers, like me, are just as susceptable as anyone else to frauds like this. I apologize for mistaking this photo as real. Thanks to Dan for his sharp eyes and good memory of cocks!

You also may remember Travis from his gig as Tarzan in 2003:

Travis-Fimmel-inteview-Vikings-actor-travis-fimmel-33179383-481-581His acting sucked, but who cared when you got to just watch him.

Now, he plays the stoic Ragnar and he is just perfect for the part. Here are some photos:

history-vikings-600x330 tumblr_mhy03sfP2X1qckdsco1_500 vikings_ragnar_2-P vikings_ragnar_5-P Vikings-History-Channel-9 Vikings-History-channel-2013-Travis-Fimmel-Katheryn-Winnick-travis-fimmel-33470736-1200-800The action is very fast paced, which is great! Vikings are barbarians, which is also great! Sex is rampant but there are some rules. Mostly Ragnar is the lead character and that is why I watch. Here are some videos to tell you more about the Travis in Tarzan and this series.

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