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The Top 20 Gay Porn Star Bodies in all of Gay Porn UPDATED

July 4, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Since many of my TOP 20 GAY PORN STAR BODIES have retired, I decided to update my list and add new photos! So here we go:




19wagner1 19wagner2




17cristobal1 17cristobalpythonOn the left in the first photo and on the right in the second. Photos from DAWGPOUNDusa


16dato5 16dato_staghomme_0620 16dato_staghomme_140597


15deigo1 15diego2 15diego3 15diegogoran1










10jrbronson DSC_9918


9robin1 9robin2


8landon1Raging Stallion Studios


7marc1 7marcdamien 7marcgoran 7marcgoran2




5adam1 5adambirthmark 5adamchamp1


4samuel1 4samuel2 4samuel3


3damien1 3damien2


2francesco1All of these Stag Homme photos are from movies I have reviewed; more such photos are with my reviews or at Stag Homme.


1rogan1 1rogan4 1rogan3 1rogan2

And there you have it! Feel free to leave comments!

Raging Stallion Studio’s INTO DARKNESS Reviewed

March 20, 2014 Posted by suefairview



Directed by Steve Cruz

A world of naked mystery, erotic thrills and ritual sex awaits fans of men who are INTO DARKNESS.  Shawn Wolfe, Trelino, Tyson Tyler and Dato Foland get the powerful action started off by fighting over Boomer Banks’ 10-inch monster cock. They all get a taste for the dark side, and they’re all satisfied in the end. The enigma continues as Race Cooper collides with Seven Dixon for a fuck that shakes the set. The centerpiece for this dark descent into sexual pleasure is a six-man orgy that climaxes as five tops – Race Cooper, Boomer Banks, Trelino, Tyson Tyler, and Dato Foland – dominate Exclusive Shawn Wolfe’s tight hole, and then deliver their carnal potions into his mouth. With three sexy shades of darkness, Trelino is put in an erotic spell by Dato Foland and Tyson Tyler. Dato, whose broad hairy chest enchants, takes time out to fuck Tyson before the two of them invoke Trelino with their massive members. In a much-conjured finale, Exclusives Shawn Wolfe and Boomer Banks share each other as sacraments, and Shawn welcomes Boomer’s gigantic tool deep into his darkness. The candles lit by these studs at the start of the film burn down gradually and fade INTO DARKNESS as the huge cocks churn out load after satisifed load.

“Beauty comes in a spectrum of color – light to dark. This movie celebrates that. I’m fortunate to have studio support on a group scene movie, which these days is rare,” states director Steve Cruz. “I can’t decide what I enjoyed orchestrating more: Shawn Wolfe as he gets plowed by the entire cast; Boomer Banks offering his 10 inches to the blow job gods; Seven Dixon getting his muscle butt pummeled; or the spellbinding beauty of Dato Foland. This much carnal excess must be sacrilege!”


I liked how in the opening scene Boomer Banks was laying in the center of the pentagram and the four other men, Shawn Wolfe, Tyson Tyler, Trelino and Dato Foland each lit a candle as a way of introducing themselves. The part of the scene that followed held quite a bit of symbolism, and conjured images as if Boomer’s erection was a devil’s totem and the men were disciples worshipping it with their mouths. What actually happened was that each man was allowed to show off his blow job skills, and at one point, the men took turns throating Boomer’s massive meat. This was an extremely clever concept, with great staging and direction. Subsequently, the men then broke into two groups: one of Boomer being blown by Tyson and the other of Dato being blown by Shawn and Trelino. I found this to be more staged, but the oral sex was expert and everybody came.

MBV043_SA_2632 MBV043_SA_2672 MBV043_SA_2702 MBV043_SA_2728 MBV043_SA_2845

 Race Cooper and Seven Dixon performed in the second scene of INTO DARKNESS.  There was a particular intensity and excitement maintained throughout the scene that appealed to me and seems to be associated with Race’s performances. Race likes to include some roughness in each of the scenes that he is in, and typically adds spitting, slapping and punching [which just I love] and he seems to have brought over from his experience in BDSM porn [which I also love]! This ‘roughness’ was evident in this scene in the kissing, blow job, rimming and fucking segments and helped to keep the intensity high. Choking was even added during Seven’s cum shot. I was also happy with the dirty talking and the hardness of the fucking. Unfortunately, the scene was the standard sexual choreography and from that point of view was a tad boring. Good job, but might have been better had more creativity or variation of segments been added, such as the quick blow job in between fucking.

MBV043_SE_4029 MBV043_SE_4099 MBV043_SE_4123 MBV043_SE_4184

The next scene opens on a 6-man orgy [WOW!]. The men are arranged in 3 pairs at 3 different levels, as if they are in a Zen rock garden. At the highest level are Tyson Tyler fucking Shawn Wolfe doggy style, at the middle level is Dato Foland fucking Trelino missionary style and on the floor is Race Cooper riding Boomer Banks reverse cowboy. Tons of camera views were available of all of these pairings, which was wonderful! Notably, Tyson holds Shawn’s hands behind Shawn’s back and Shawn slapped the structure he was on. Trelino did a side-to-side split, showing his flexibility. Yikes! I appreciate the difficulty of arranging an orgy like this, but I was kind of hoping that we could see the men re-arrange with each other into another configuration, even if there had to be a break between the shots. But, wow, a six-man orgy – kudos to Steve for accomplishing this.

MBV043_SB_2910 MBV043_SB_2921 MBV043_SB_2967 MBV043_SB_2999


Dato Foland and Tyson Tyler rimmed Trelino who was wide open and also slapped his ass. Suddenly, Dato was fucking Tyson reverse cowboy and Trelino was AWOL. In the next moment, Dato was doggy style fucking Trelino, while Trelino was blowing Tyson. Tyson came into the air, missing Trelino’s open mouth. Dato sprayed cum onto Trelino’s abs and Trelino’s shot landed on his own pubes. Okay. The sex in this scene was professionally and well performed. The editing was rough, to say the least and the scene made no sense as a progression. I enjoyed the rimming because there were two handsome men doing it. Though the 3-some fucking left something to be desired as Trelino should have been tag teamed, which I see from the photos that he was but it was edited out. Also, I don’t like to see men with their arms at their sides who are doing the fucking or receiving the blow job in these 3-somes. This shows no imagination or ambition at all. In Dato’s case, I know he can do better, as I have seen it at Stag Homme.

MBV043_SC_3260 MBV043_SC_3297 MBV043_SC_3397

Boomer ably blew Shawn in the next scene and then proceded to fuck him in three positions, including doggy style, pile driver, and missionary. What I liked about the scene was the dirty talking, which was mostly from Shawn, the level of professionalism of the sexual acts, though they lacked anything special or notable, and the power fucking from Boomer. I also appreciated the oral cum shot from Boomer. I would say that this was a very good effort from these gentlemen. Both left something behind, in otherwords, I know they can do better. Notably, we are back to the predictable sexual choreography.

MBV043_SD_3879 MBV043_SD_3982

Here is the scene that I waited for because I had seen the photo, but it was not in the summary of scenes in the at the Raging Stallion Store. The gang bang of Shawn by Tyson, Race, Trelino, Boomer and Dato was the final scene on the DVD. Shawn was in a missionary position and the men took turns fucking and/or being blown by him. Then, Race, Tyson, Boomer, and Trelino cum into Shawn’s mouth, Dato’s shot sprays over Shawn, and Shawn cums onto his own pubes. Yikes! What a hot scene! Not to be missed!

MBV043_SB_3030 MBV043_SB_3076

INTO DARKNESS is most definitely a worthwhile purchase for those who like orgies and diversity. This DVD IS IT. Steve Cruz has done a superb job with this film as far as finding a hot cast and getting them to work together on a film that brings the viewer INTO DARKNESS. I reveled in the diversity of this film. I loved the varied and beautiful skin tones! Production value was quite high. Set design was simple yet completely perfect for the theme. The metal wire mesh scrims lended a fine sheen when back lit by white spots, in front of an all black background. This allowed the models to be the center of attention. I adored how models were arranged on the set in the first scene with the pentagram, and in the scene where they are arranged in a triad. These showed such a wealth of imagination. The viewer is brought ‘into darkness’ in terms of darkness of skin tone, darkness of the set design, darkness of the candles going out, darkness of the pentagram, and darkness of the sex. Genius!

Very good performances were turned out by Shawn Wolfe, Dato Foland, Boomer Banks, Race Cooper, Seven Dixon, Tyson Tyler and Trelino. While all are capable of a tiny bit better performances, the important thing is that they performed together and were part of something greater than themselves: diversity. What is not to love? Even better, is that there was an orgy with tons of oral cum shots. Can’t beat that. Direction was excellent. Editing could have been  better, such as including more positions of Race Cooper fucking Seven Dixon, and showing Tyson Tyler fucking Trelino in the scene with Dato Foland. Sexual choreography was more typical than I would have liked, which is another thing that made the models’ performances only very good.

Highly, highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.

The Top 20 Gay Porn Star Bodies in all of Gay Porn

August 9, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Okay. So I read the Sword’s Best Gay Porn Star Bodies and really disagreed! So I decided to write my own! Only one is not currently in porn and their blogs are on my sidebar if they have one:

20. Liam Magnusson


19. D.O.


18. Jimmy Durano


17. Marc Dylan


16. Race Cooper


15. Ryan Rose


14. JR Bronson


13. Ray Han


12. Topher Dimaggio


11. Landon Conrad


10. Samuel Colt


9. Adam Champ


8. Dato Foland


7. Goran


6. François Sagat


5. Damien Crosse


4. Francesco D’Macho


3. Trenton Ducati


2. Pedro Andreas


1. Rogan Richards


And there you have it! Feel free to leave comments!


Just some guys 36…

April 21, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: François Sagat is posing again; Pedro Andreas’ puppy is growing up; Rogan Richards and his life-mate Tommy did Room Service in London when they were there; Dirk Caber, bf to Jessie Jackman; Nick Moretti and his dog Cynder; Zeb Atlas and his ugly beard [what was he thinking???]; style icon Dave Mason with sweet treats; Pedro Andreas as Tarzan; Benji, Francesco’s puppy; ginger Seth Fornea has a blog; Francesco & Damien; Adam Killian posing for Fahrenheit; Diesel Wasington cookin’ up somethin’; a meal with Damien can turn into this; Angelo Marconi shows his assets; Paddy O’Brian fucks Donato Reyes; Jake Genesis with Brazilian buddies; Marcus Ruhl in front of a mirror; see Tom Wolfe and Draven Torres LIVE next weekend in Cleveland [I guess Tom is retiring?]; Lucio Saints has his cock out in the snow; Jus who is Jake Genesis fucking?; Colton Ford looks pretty damn good for a man in his fifties; Samuel Colt and fiancée Chris Porter were in Germany where they met up with the director Strongboli [Love Addiction] and his husband; Jimmy Durano shows his other assets; Leo Domenico and Tomas Brand go-go dance; Marcus is all tied up; an extremely furry Bruno Bond is all ready for us; a lovely photo of Jay Roberts; Junior Stellano parts his cheeks; Adam Killian rims a costar in “Hole”; Paddy gives us a glimpse of his tool; Alexsander Freitas in his younger days; Jimmy Durano’s puppy Ollie has captured my heart; Trenton Ducati warms up the stripper pole; Race Cooper poses for Kevin Hoover; Spencer Reed finds a chair that suits him on his honeymoon in Dubai; Alexsander is in Brazil with good friend Gazelle Paulo, who is wearing one of Alex’s shirts; Marcus in the Caribbean sun; Vito Gallo looking fine; Ollie begging for ice cream [I would give him some]; Diesel working hard on Hard Wire; Trey Turner naked; Tate Ryder taking a fist for the first time; Angelo Pethyrotis and Colton kissing; Bruno Kinght zipping off to his bf’s house; Bryan Cole reading the emergency instructions at his hotel; Diesel gets into character; Diesel with Leo Forte as they work the scene in Naked Swords’ Hooker Stories film; Dirk recently landed a gig with Mr. S Leather; D.O. modeling; Draven posing in all of his extreme cuteness and hotness; Samuel’s puppies Bacon & Eggs; Goran treats with a coati mundi in Iguacu; Colby Keller is all restrained and ready for you to do with whatever you want; this is exactly what I want Trenton to do to me!; Diego Vena and D.O. at Cocktails with the Stars [photo by Tball]; Diego [photo by Tball]; Jessy Ares poses for Sold Out Clothing; Junior Stellano’s new puppy; Ollie using Landon Conrad as a chair; Diesel manhandles Pierre Fitch; Robin Sanchez has packed on the muscle; Rogan and Angelo in Colton’s “Let me live again” video; Jesse Santana at Playtime; Angelo naked; Steve Cruz as a cub in 1994; an awesome photo of Trenton; Trey screwing around; a close-up of Trey’s cock; hot as fuck and still in Russia – it is Pavel Petel!

Sorry for not posting the links, if not on my sidebar, google them!

So much to see and do in NYC this weekend!

March 22, 2013 Posted by suefairview

All of your favorite adult entertainers are in town this weekend for several events! First of all, the Oscars for adult entertainers, The International Hookies!

hookies2013WebAdThe really big stars will be there including Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder, Tommy Defendi, Rafael Alencar, Vito Gallo and Draven Torres. Nominees are here.

Plus tonight, see Samuel Colt LIVE at Splash:

BF-bmHUCMAEYck-.jpg large

Next up on Saturday is a pre-Black Party event called XLS Filthy Noir starring François Sagat:

BF7pJDZCAAEJ26WEntry is free with a Black Party ticket!

Finally the Black Party!


For which appropriate dress is “heavy”.

And don’t miss The Dirty Carnival in the afternoon! It is hosted by Mr. Pam and features Tony Buff, Race Cooper, Vito Gallo, James Jameson, and Max Ryder.

DirtyCarnival575[Unfortunately I will not be able to attend for personal reasons have to stay home and dogsit.]