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Diesel Washington, Dirk Caber, Hans Berlin & Harry Louis Update!

July 15, 2014 Posted by suefairview

diesel dieselboomerangelfanz'

Diesel Washington in his altogether [get a load of the pipe that man is swinging!]. Diesel poses with Angel Rock, Boomer Banks and Jimmy Fanz.

Dirk Caber showing why kilts are useful.


Lucky hairy guy getting so much needed attention.


Hans Berlin has been hanging out at Fire Island this summer. In the bottom photo he is with JR Bronson.

hans hansjr

Harry Louis shows us his ass! Hangs in Brazil; with Fernando Kairon and Rafael Alencar; while visiting Madrid, Harry ran into Eliad Cohen.

harry harry1 harry2 harrylouiseliadcohengrandvia

Naked Sword Originals FUCK & CUM

October 18, 2013 Posted by suefairview

51 Guys! 32 Scenes! 65 Cumshots! One hot fucking movie! In this unprecedented three-hour collection, director mr. Pam has cut together the very best sex from the NakedSword Originals productions — and puts you in the center of the action! No stories. No acting. No scenic shots. With Fuck & Cum it’s just wham, bam…thank you, mr. Pam! And with big-name stars like Christian Wilde, Rafael Alencar, Tommy Defendi, Leo Forte and Trenton Ducati, it’s not only enough sex to last you a lifetime, it may be the best sex of your life! “Fuck & Cum” includes scenes from NakedSword Original Productions: Wilde Road, Grindhouse, Hooker Stories, Stalker, Hooker Stories 2, Boyfriends, Private Party, Undiscovered, Into the Wilde, Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up, and Truck.
See the amazing XXX free preview here.

Hustlaball 2013 NYC – Why didn’t I go?

October 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Last year at this time I had everything all arranged to attend Hustlaball 2012 NYC; the transportation, the hotel, the dogsitter, everything. But then I began to have these terrible abdominal cramps. I thought it was the flu and cancelled all my plans. It turned out to appendicitis. Disaster! I sitll used the dogsitter, at least until I got out of the hospital.

This year, I decided not to tempt fate and just sit safely at home. Maybe that was a poor decision. Based on these hot photos and write ups, I just don’t know!

HustlaBall-NYC-2013-17-Boomer-Banks-Mr-Pam IMG_1127_0 IMG_1129 IMG_1213 IMG_1315 Mr Pam_JD Phoenix see info 2 see info 3

First photo of Mr. Pam and Boomer Banks is from Queer Me Now, where there is a write up and many more photos.

However, the best write up is at Next Magazine, where there is a gallery of photos and they make me feel like I was there. Photos include Boomer Banks & Tyson Tyler, Michael Lucas & Rafael Alencar, Ryan Rose & Ethan Slade, Leo Forte & JD Phoenix, Mr. Pam, and JD Phoenix, Brett Henrichsen, Seth Fornea & Antonio, Christopher Daniels & Marcus Isaacs.

Grabby 2013 After Party at Charlie’s

May 28, 2013 Posted by suefairview

My thanks to the Grabbys for allowing me to attend as press! See all this year’s winners here.

Notes: Alessandro Del Toro gets all sweaty under the disco ball; Adam Rhodes throws a handstand in the SIU Platinum Star Hoodie; and parts his legs; into a full split!; he dismounts on one hand!; Matthew Rush and pals; JP Richards; Adam Champ is thrilled to pose with Trenton Ducati; Adam in a solo pose; an encore; the SIU meat shirt was represented; “Shade” snogging with Spaniard Ray Han; Trenton posing; Hans Berlin with two pals; Hans was go-go dancing; I really liked this man’s tatts; Adam is talking to JR Bronson while Leo Forte poses in the background; Hans in a fresh costume dancing; Scotty B just wants to make sure I don’t miss anything in my photos of Hans; Matthew hugs Scotty; Ryan Rose hugs Scotty; Scotty molests a young man; a three-way including Trenton, Ryan and Trenton’s bf Blue Bailey; a shift on that three-way position; everybody resumes dancing and Blue shows how his pants unzip in the back; a random group of folks that had me take their photo; Trenton gets carried away with Blue; but really, who could blame him?; Ryan poses with Armond; JP rims Ray; Ray seems quite pleased; and reciprocates with a bj; oh, look, my photo is being taken!; Armond dry fucks Ryan; to the hilarity of Trenton; and then of Ryan; but Ryan and Armond continue to dance and Armond has his hand on that Ryan booty; Adam poses with Raphael Alencar; Raphael poses with pals; Jimmy Durano sparkles after winning some big awards!; a cute Jet Set Men boy, Joey Vierra and Adam Rhodes; Adam and Adam [soon to be seen in a scene together!!!]; Douglas Richter, Adam and Adam; Douglas and Adam.

2013 Grabby Awards Red Carpet Part 2

May 28, 2013 Posted by suefairview

My thanks to the Grabbys for allowing me to attend as press! See all this year’s winners here.

Notes: Trenton Ducati was nice enough to put on an exclusive photo shoot just for me!!!!! So that is what the next 10 photos are; I felt so unworthy – I wasn’t far enough away and I should have had my camera on motordrive! But here are the results. The last 4 photos in this set are by FV reader Arturo, who took some snaps of me photographing Trenton.; the tall blond is Trenton’s current love interest, with Shawn Wolf and the man himself; Trenton clowns around with Raphael Alencar; Topher Dimaggio and bf; Tom Wolfe looks ever so lustfully at Parker Perry; they smooch; and then smile for the camera; The Wildes, Austin and Christian; Scotty interviews Topher; a brightly colored and dapper Jimmy Durano with his agent; ready for anything, JR Bronson; Trenton smooches his man while Scotty looks on; Trenton posing with Scotty; newcomer Adam Rose [wearing the Slick It Up platinum star hoodie] being interviewed by Scotty. Exclusive: Adam Rhodes is to be in a new film with Adam Champ; Christopher Daniels chats with Scotty; Arturo with Adam Champ; Bruno, Adam and Steve; a clean shaven Vito Gallo, Hans Berlin, Raphael, and Scotty; Raphael engages in the now annual molesting of Scotty; Hans looks on bemused at the craziness around him as everyone is talking at the same time; the next four photos are by Arturo.