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My Wierd Dream Last Night

July 23, 2007 Posted by suefairview

I’ve made no secret that I have strange and hot dreams. Well, here is an example of one that I had last night.

Sean and I were at a Country Fair and there was this blow job machine. It was huge and green mist metal and had an elaborate mouth that the victim would slide themselves under, and the machine would suck them in up to their waist. Then the machine would move like a cartoon and stretch out of shape vertically and horizontally as it pumped at the person, who would writhe in ecstasy. The first volunteer sneered and doubted that the machine could get him off, but he came right away. The second person was a woman and she came too.

During the break, all of the volunteers left, and I saw the machine housed porn stars. They were giving the blow jobs not the machine! Then, they hurriedly climbed back into the machine when the break was over.

I was completely surprised when my conservative Sean told me that he wanted to try it. He reasoned that it was only a machine, so it was okay. I urged him not to do it, but didn’t tell him why.

See, that is the thing about dreams. You cannot change silly stuff like why you didn’t tell your husband that the bj machine had porn stars in it. I woke up before he got in the machine.

Francesco D’Macho Returns to Madrid to Celebrate EUROPRIDE 2007

July 2, 2007 Posted by suefairview

On June 30, 2007 Francesco D’Macho returned to Madrid, Spain after many days away to march in the EUROPRIDE Parade as can be viewed on this youtube video (thanks to ZakWolf).

Maybe now he can get some well deserved rest. Did you hear me baby? Lie down and sleep, close your eyes and sleep. Put your head on that soft, soft pillow and get some shut eye. Pull the covers up to your chin and dream of your minou, or whatever you choose. You will feel much better after you wake up and in a few days of resting. Maybe a few weeks will help. Can your schedule handle a few weeks off? Maybe a vacation with your minou to a remote tropical paradise where you two can lay out in the sun naked, or dive deep amongst coral reefs and admire the colorful fishes. Or sail on a boat together from small island to small island, exploring tiny shoals and hidden beaches and making love on each of them. Finding conchs to remember special places by and making inside jokes that you both will remember forever. Bonding like never before. Sigh. Will that kind of time ever fit into your schedules? I hope so.

This exceptional photo of Francesco was taken by Francois Sagat. Look for an upcoming post on Monsieur Sagat on Sunday.

Update: You can see Francesco’s video posted July 4th here.

Fair View Welcomes 11 New Countries!

June 18, 2007 Posted by suefairview

I am just astounded really as I sit and think of all the readers from the many countries that visit Fair View. I look at their flags and try to envisage their lives as they go about their daily business and how that differs from yours and mine. But, at some point we all sit in front of our computers and get together here, at this silly blog. So help me in welcoming these new countries. Welcome to:










Welcome to all!

A Puppy for Mommy – Part 5, Mom Visits the Pups!

May 15, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Just a quick post to update you on the puppy situation. I spoke with my Mom yesterday and she was really excited that she was going to get to see the puppies for the first time Monday night. Here is her email report:

I saw the puppies today, held 4 Spot, think he’s designated to be mine, assuming his temperament is suitable. We didn’t take pictures since their eyes have been open for such a short time, we didn’t want to subject them to discomfort. I should get my puppy on June 22 or 23, when school is over.

I emailed back that she failed in that she didn’t take any photos. But here is an old one of 4 spot to remind you of which one he is.

He sure is cute, isn’t he?

A Puppy for Mommy – Part 4, The Final Four

May 9, 2007 Posted by suefairview

Here are the four puppies that Mom will have to choose from in close up photos at 11 days old. All are males and predominately white.

Puppy no.1. – Black head

Puppy no. 2. – White head

Puppy no. 3. – Spot

Puppy no. 4. – Ears

See close ups of all of the puppies here.

Isn’t it just so exciting!!! Aren’t they the cutest little baby puppies???