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A few more Fair View photos!

July 13, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Sagat in Zombie wardrobe

Kennedy Carter with some Pitbull family

A muddy Francesco D'Macho

Chase as photographed by Joe Oppedisano

Damien Crosse at Madrid Gay Pride

D.O. - from Glenn

Mario Rodriguez Soto in Slick It Up

Andrey Kosh in the Classic Net Suit by Slick It Up

Dave Mason, Sagat in SIU, with friend

Jonathan Agassi in a kilt

GayVNs 2010: Source Guiltily Pleasured

The 2010 GayVNs are currently airing on Showtime, check your local listings.

Logan McCree: A candid and intimate interview, part 1

April 2, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Logan McCree is 31 years old, won Mr. Leather in Germany in 2004 and has been a porn actor since 2007. His accolades include:

·  2009 GayVN Awards winner of Performer of the Year and winner of Best Sex Scene in The Drifter with Vinnie D’Angelo.

·  2009 Grabby Awards winner of:

Best Duo Sex Scene for The Drifter with Vinnie D’Angelo
Best Three-Way Sex Scene in To the Last Man with Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner
Best Actor in The Drifter

·  2010 XBIZ Awards winner of Gay Performer of the Year

In late 2010, he launched his own website with private videos which he called . More information can be obtained from his official fan-site,

Sue: You could probably live anyplace in the entire world if you wanted too. What is it about Scotland that appeals to you and why are you moving there?

Logan: Well, I was always interested in Scotland. Something about the landscape, the ghost stories and the rough weather fascinated me long before I went there for the first time.

Seven years ago an old comrade from my military times went to Scotland with me for a short holiday. He slept in a tent and hitchhiked cross-country. And the whole country, nature, people, weather…. everything was exactly how I was hoping it to be. It felt like finally coming home.

Ever since then I knew that I wanted to live in Scotland. But there is always a “right moment” for everything and I didn’t want to move to Scotland just to realize that I’m not ready for it. But last year started to get the feeling that the right time has come.

While I am answering your questions I am sitting in a nice little chocolaterie [YUM!] in Durness (on the eastcoast of Scotland) and in a couple of hours I have an appointment with a lawyer to talk about the plot of land I want to buy. It is very exciting for me even though it’s also a bit terrifying, because I don’t really have a lot of money.

Sue: Why specifically are you a vegetarian and when did you start? What won’t you eat (for example, will you eat eggs, fish, or dairy)? What do you eat to get the protein you need?

Logan: I am a vegetarian because to me killing an animal is a crime as long as I don’t “have to” do it. And I feel absolutely fine with not eating meat. I got no problem with other people eating meat, it’s their choice, but I would feel very guilty. I am a full vegetarian but not vegan. Which means, I eat all sorts of vegetables, grains and nuts, but also egg and dairy products. I don’t eat fish and sea fruits. Protein is not a problem, since I eat a lot of dairy products and protein shakes to support my workout.

Sue: Why did you decide never to do drugs and alcohol? Was there a particular incident or person that triggered this?

Logan: Well I guess I was never really fascinated by drugs. When I was a teenager I would drink some alcohol just to try it. I actually got drunk three times. I never smoked a cigarette… First, because my mother was a heavy smoker and I didn’t like that but also because there was a guy at school, Michael, he was a couple of years older than me and he was one of the sport-guys in my school. I kinda was in love with him, but not in a sexual way… I dreamt of him being my older brother or best friend. He once said “Cigarettes suck” so it was clear to me that I would never touch a cigarette, because my big idol told me so 🙂 We are actually still in contact. He is married now and had a kid. And he is still a non-smoker.

I stopped drinking alcohol because there was a time in my life in which “less is more” was my golden rule. I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, black and green tea, taking medicine and eating sugar. And sugar is the only thing that [I] embraced back into my life (after a couple of days) 🙂

Taking drugs [was] always was a sign of weakness to me. I hate loosing control and drugs make you lose control just like alcohol does. (I know that every drug has a different impact on every person and I don’t want to generalize them, but I can see no reason why I should take any kind of drug. I am very, very happy with who I am and how I feel 🙂

Sue: What is your philosophy on life?

Logan: I try to serve god. I am not part of a religion and no book or priest can tell me what god expects of me. I think that god (or however you want to call him) is in contact with everybody. We just have to listen carefully. I try to do that. Sometimes I don’t listen closely enough and after a while I realize that I am on the wrong path. In that case I just change the direction and go on. I don’t believe in punishment and sin and judgment. At least not like most Christians do.

The most important things for me are: try to act good. Help people (to help themselves), be honest, don’t kill and try not to hurt, if you see something bad going on, interact without judging.

Sue: After you have moved to Scotland, what do you think you will miss most from Germany?

Logan: My friends, my girlfriend, CozyCoreClub – the party I run every Tuesday, Dresden – my Hometown and going out to the movies (there is no cinema in the village I want to move to).

Sue: Are you a country boy or a city boy and why?

Logan: A country boy. I don’t feel comfortable cities at all. I especially don’t like Berlin. (New York on the other hand is ok for me, I don’t know why.) Of course there are some things about cities that are nice, like cinemas, comic book stores, cd stores….but that’s about it, to be honest. But I love the fresh air in a forest, the landscape and animals. I feel much more alive on the countryside.

Sue: What were the formative moments in your childhood?

Logan: The biggest impact on me had [to be] comic books and movies. Spider-Man was my biggest hero and his sense of justice still has a huge impact on me.

The most formative moment in my youth I guess was the death of my mother.

Sue: Who are your role models?

Logan: Wolverine (the X-Men comic character) and Archangel Michael I would say. Wolverine represents my wild side, connected to nature and earth and Michael the spiritual world that is part of my life. Both are warriors which is definitely what I am.

Sue: How old is your Siberian husky/German shepherd mix dog Ares? Will you always own a dog and if so, what kind will it be?

Logan: My dog is nine years old now and he is a very healthy boy 🙂 I think I will always go for a wolf-like dog.

Sue: When you jerk off, what thoughts put you over the edge, are they fantasies, or is reality enough?

Logan: To be honest, for me fantasy was always better than real sex. Ever since I was a teenager I loved to think about sexual situations, things I never wanted to happen in real life. That hasn’t changed much over the years. Most of my fantasies are related to situations that could happen, like hitchhiking and getting a lift by a handsome straight man, who wants to try it out with a guy. When I was younger I had quite a lot of fantasies about being gang raped. That’s something I would never want to experience in real life. A lot of these dreams took place in huge shower rooms. The kind you would find in a gym or a prison, but much bigger. It was almost like a labyrinth. I am also quite fascinated by father-son stories. For some reason full-on sex is usually not part of these situations. Its more about jerking off or watching somebody.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this in-depth interview, where Logan discusses his gender identity, relationship status and the future of

GAYVN 2010 Red Carpet Photos

September 28, 2010 Posted by suefairview

See the memoir here.

GAYVN 2010 Red Carpet: A Memoir

September 28, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The photos to go with this memoir are here. The photos are out of order since I had to redo them after I moved my blog.

Getting to San Francisco was fortunately uneventful; I checked into the Good Hotel and rested before it was time to get glammed up for the cab ride to the Castro Theater for the big event: the GAYVN 2010 AWARDS! I had heard that the stars were staying at my hotel, but I had to be there at least an hour and a half before show time, so there was little chance I would see any.

Here is a photo of the theater from across the street. Below, my fellow photographers wait to be ushered to the Red Carpet area. With his back to us is Victor Hoff of MOC blog and the fellow the furthest to the right is from Mirror Ball in London.

Jonathan Fouke and Sister Roma showed up and the party started. Sister Roma was very gracious when we met and I liked her immediately.

Finally we were ushered upstairs to the second floor of the theater, where a bar had been set up as well as a tiny interview and red carpet corner. Both the latter functions were shoved into the end of the second the floor which was divided into two spaces to accommodate them. The plan was that stars were to interviewed first by Sister Roma and Scott Tanner and then be photographed. That turned out to be a very inefficient plan, as the line to be interviewed grew and grew. Plus the lights made the dead-end space very hot. Here is Scott Tanner waiting to begin.

Mike Dreyden was the guinea pig, since he was the first star to arrive. I already knew him from New York and we are buds!

All systems are go!

I had to photograph this twink, Jason Pitt, just to capture his faux hawk, which was so pretty. He said that he created it himself.

He really is more handsome in person and this photo doesn’t do him justice.

Chi Chi La Rue arrived looking as glam as possible.

Alexsander Freitas throws a most muscle post for the cameras.

He then gave me a crushing hug and we exchanged greetings. He commented that he was nervous about his parts in the show. I told him that he would be just fine.

Next up on the red carpet was Sam Colt.


Extremely confident, Samuel showed up eating a green apple and faced the huge group of photographers, but never turned to me! The nerve! Oh well, here is the best photo I got.

Here is Adam Champ talking to Joe Pessa [another photographer].


Adam was beautifully dressed using a turquoise scarf as a tie. He didn’t seem to be with anyone and kept his own company. Later on outside the theater, I approached him and we introduced ourselves. I saw the light bulb go on inside his head and he said “Oh, you know Toni!!! Have you ever met him?” And I replied that I hadn’t but would love to. He agreed. Toni, take it from me, his chest fur is very soft.

Blake Riley was with a boy [Landon Mycles] with very BLUE eyes, whose name I don’t know.


The always bubbly Race Cooper was there! What a great guy!


Here are Race’s abs:


Race had a little ab contest going, but the other guys wimped out. CAN YOU BLAME THEM????

Next up was Adam Killian.


Seeing all this porn royalty in one place was a tad overwhelming. That plus the heat, I was feeling dazed! But pleasantly so. I had to focus on work! All these gorgeous men; what to do?

Next was Paul Wagner, whom I had last seen at the wedding of Francesco and Damien in Madrid. It wasn’t too tough to get him grinning from ear to ear.


He’s shy, but what a sweetie. You just want to hug the stuffing out of him. But you know you can’t or he would be mortified.

The true stars arrive, the owners of, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse:


I was so glad to see them again! Big kisses and hugs were given all around. They were surprised to see me working and I explained that I was earning my ticket to the show. They were all like come with us and sit with us, and I was saying, no man, I gotta finish shooting the red carpet! I gotta work! Finally Damien said “Werk!” I could tell by the way he said it that that was how it was spelled! You know, the cool way, not the mundane boring way. But he understood that I was working. Cool.


You know, all while we were photographing stars, shit was happening behind us in the interview area. Here, Paul and his partner Scott watch Adam don a glittery gauntlet with Sister Roma.

This whole deal was fucking amazing!

Bruno Bond arrived with his partner Steve Cruz:


Aren’t they a handsome couple? This was the first time I had met Bruno and I was just struck speechless by the sight of #4 on my porn crush list. Speechless I tells ya! I love the new way he chose to cut his mustache. He is just drop dead gorgeous in my eyes.

A group shot of the Raging Stallion Studio stars:


Left to right they are: Jason Adonis, Steve Cruz, DO, Race Cooper, and Bruno Bond.

Here is a side view of the ever photogenic Junior Stellano:


My flash gave me away, and he turned to the camera and smiled!


You can see how a smile lights up his face, but he doesn’t need it. Logan McCree is in the background.

Junior’s date was Conner Habib. Here, Junior takes a bite out of Conner’s cheek.


By that time, Sister Roma and Scott were interviewing porn duo Francesco and Damien. But I was supposed to be concentrating on what was going on in front of me on the red carpet.


Next up was beautiful man, Logan McCree.


Sometimes when you meet people you get a greater appreciation for just how handsome they really are. This was the case for Logan. He is just stunning in person. Plus, he knows the correct way to wear a kilt!


Tony Aziz walked up and threw his tee-shirt over his head and opened up his pants. Nobody was sure how far he would disrobe! But this is the front view. There were flashes of the base of his thick cock, but I didn’t catch any in my photos. I could see that he was wearing a chain cock ring.


And this is the rear view:


Tony was there with Collin O’Neal.


Race Cooper also posed with them:


Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed arrived next to be photographed:


Phillip is another one where the camera never does him justice.

Matthew Rush and body builder Bif Boswell were together at the show.


Both seemed to be enjoying them selves  immensely as they bared their ginormous chests.

Here is the newly bearded Kyle King.


Here is Stróngboli, the director of Love Addiction that starred Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin.


He came up and introduced himself to me and I was very glad of it. What a suave, sophisticated and masculine man. We discussed the future of his films post Marvin & Andreas and the exciting new stars he is bringing along. I wish him luck!

Cutie Dominic Pacifico posed for us next:


Another show stopper was Wilfried Knight, who attended dressed as Jesus Christ in a kilt.


Naturally he posed in a crucifixion position.


“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) I guess he wasn’t raised as a Catholic, or he would have known to keep his feet together. As it was, he could hardly keep a straight face. Some people thought he was desperate, I just thought it was a piss! You just have to know that Wilfried has a tremendous sense of humor and keeps everybody laughing.

Unfortunately, he does not know how a kilt is supposed to be worn!


For shame, for shame!

The Slick It Up Arm Guard was spotted on the red carpet this year as well.


The photographer next to me said “I want that!” I said “What the arm guard? You can order it from Slick It Up!” He replied, “No, the chest!” Eep!

Cole Streets posed with a shirtless Brandon Bangs. [Thanks Toni!]


Alec Mapa could be counted on the bring the drama!


Nick Moretti is one of those stars whom photos fail to represent fairly. He is larger than life in person and has the tiniest waist and largest chest that I have ever seen.



He looks hot in that high and tight hair cut, doesn’t he? As soon as he was done posing he rushed over to introduce himself. His friendliness and charisma was irresistible. He was charming. The flogger he wears is just part of who he is. That is so hot!

I am a sucker for blue eyes, so I photographed Brody West:


Diesel Washington kept wanting to make tough faces, but I kept telling him to smile. Finally he did!


He told me was nervous about his upcoming skit with Alec Mapa during the show. He shouldn’t have been – it was a show stopper!

Steven Daigle was one wild cowboy at the show; he showed up on stage with only a strategically placed cowboy hat!


Austin Wilde came with Ryan Raz. I asked him to remove his shirt and he wouldn’t. But Ryan unbuttoned it for me!

This is Allen Silver, the Best Actor Nominee [Dad takes a fishing trip] with Will Swagger.


Cassandra Cass was on the red carpet.


As was Raphael Alencar in all his glory!


Then the red carpet shoot was over and we were all sweaty and released to get water from the bar, which was mobbed with porn stars! I shot this photo of Francesco D’Macho being pensive:


You see boys and girls, he continues to be gorgeous every moment of every day. Notice the pouty bottom lip. The deep blue eyes and furrowed brow. He needs me to soothe that brow and suck on that lip. Maybe a nibble on those ears. That lovely necklace is from Brasil, he said. See how is sits high on his muscular chest. It doesn’t even hang. Sigh. His skin feels so soft; but with hard muscle underneath. When he hugs you, you can feel the bristle from his cheek stubble and it is heaven. His powerful arms come around you and you lose yourself. At least I did. I close my eyes and am transported. But then I have to me again. Responsible adult married lady. Good girl. Get a grip. Come out of his spell and back to reality. That was all in your head. It was all fantasy.

Time to go downstairs and watch the show.


Arab Heat: Reviewed

August 11, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Arab Heat
Tales of the Arabian Nights, Part 3
Directed by Tony Dimarco
A 2 Disc Set
This is a limited DVD run–when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD format.
The movie opens with a nice three-way featuring Tony Aziz, speaking Arabic, Aybars, and Dominic Pacifico who plays the “serving boy”. He has to be the luckiest serving boy ever, since he gets to bottom for both men in this scene! Notable here is that Aybars sucks both mens’ cocks at once, proving that he does indeed have a very big mouth!
The scene opens with Adam Killian by himself on the arch window sill suffering from heat and horniness. His body glistens with sweat and we can clearly see his erection through the cloth covering his pelvis. He runs his hand down his body and puts a leg up onto the arch. He brings a ladle of water and pours it onto his asshole to soothe the burning ache there. He grabs his erect dick and with his leg up on the arch opens his ass to the world. He sits up and ladles water all over his body.
In walks Francesco D’Macho with a huge tent in the front of his pajama bottoms. I felt it was just what Adam needed! He goes over to the water and pours a ladle full over his head. He sits beneath Adam who pushes his cloth covered erection towards Francesco. Francesco takes the erection into his mouth. Then Adam lifts his legs, baring his ass, which Francesco laps at like a dog. Adam pours ladles of water over his cock while Francesco rims and blows him.
The entire scene went on like that. Words fail me to describe the pairing of Adam Killian and Francesco D’Macho. This scene is so creative that with every instant of the water being ladled from the ewer and falling sparkling over their gorgeous furry bodies  a new sexual masterpiece was revealed. The scene was glorious to watch. The camera caught prime views of Adam’s hairy asshole and of both mens’ erect cocks. It was evident that both of them were on their a-game for this scene [where was the gagging that Adam did in his scene with Scott Tanner in “Muscle & Ink“?]. And it clicked! This scene is the highlight of this DVD and must be watched. Beauty in motion – I am surprised the water didn’t boil when it hit them; that is how hot this scene was.

I must say, that Alessio Romero shows his chops as a bottom here with the “gifted” Antonio Biaggi. He can throat Antonio’s monster cock, and take it all the way up his ass. No small feat. I was impressed. They were in a palm tree garden with clay pots filled with water lilies and floating flowers. They had a cracked crystal pitcher of water they poured over themselves to keep cool as they had sex. At one point, when they were fucking standing with water cascading over them, they reminded me of this Oliver Frey painting:
It was a very creative and artistic moment; well-directed and inspiring. Hot sex, but beautiful too. What more can one ask for?
I was really looking forward to this pairing! Bruno Bond and Damien Crosse: two of my favorite adult entertainers! I was not disappointed! The scene opens with Damien toking on a hookah, so typical! LOL! Bruno crawls up on him making intense eye contact and reveals Damien’s erection from his pajama bottoms. Bruno pulls back Damien’s foreskin delicately and touches the tip of Damien’s penis with his tongue. Then he begins a gentle and attentive blow job. Damien keeps toking. At some point he caresses Bruno’s chin lovingly and gives him a toke. Bruno inhales deeply and exhales from his nose while continuing the blow job. That was really hot! I really enjoyed seeing smoke being blown over Damien’s meat.
Bruno rims Damien and that stops Damien from smoking the hookah. Bruno does his trademark (™) move, which I have called the “long lick”; that is one long lick from the asshole, up the taint to the balls, continuing to the shaft and then to the tip of the penis in one long continuous motion. That earned him a moan from Damien. Plus, Bruno was rewarded with an “o” face from Damien for his rim job. Bruno is a master of the rim job.
Then they fucked. Damien fucks Bruno doggy style and they both made so much noise that I couldn’t hear the background music. It was constant “AH! OH! UH! AH! OH! UH!”, from both of them. Then they switched to missionary. Then Bruno rode Damien in cowboy. All of the positions were total hotness! I just love it when guys make noise because they enjoy sex! It is such a turn on! There was no stopping these two either! It just had to be seen  – so fucking hot! Both of the guys were in terrific shape and were gorgeous. It couldn’t have been better. All I can say is ENCORE!
The final scene had the cute David Dirdam and Tony Aziz. Tony joins David in the outdoor shower. They swap blow jobs and  David rims Tony. Next, Tony fucks David on top of a clay pot. Now, the photo below shows David screwing Tony on the clay pot. But that is not what was in the film. All I could think was that if I was on top of the clay pot, I would have bruises like crazy! I bruise like a peach! And in one portion of the scene, David has his hands underneath his ass as he is fucked by Tony, perhaps to protect himself from bruises. Besides, what kept them from falling in? I was so worried about this precarious positioning that I could not enjoy the sex!

But then David came and Tony licked it off his cock. David fucked Tony by leaning backwards over the clay pot while Tony leaned back onto him. That was kind of a reverse cowboy. Then David leaned forward, and the position became doggy style. I found that clever. Tony came and they kissed.
Arab Heat contained some cutting edge performances that must be seen. Special mention goes out to Francesco D’Macho and Adam Killian for creativity during their scene, which I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was an award winner. Close behind, is Bruno Bond and Damien Crosse’s scene, only behind because it was a tad less creative, but still and all, it was a very fine scene and again I wouldn’t be surprised to see it nominated for awards. Mention goes out to Antonio Biaggi and Alessio Romero for artistic merit, and again, there might be an award there. David Dirdam and Tony Aziz’s scene was very creative, but I was just concerned about the clay pot, but maybe that is just me. I am a worrier. The three-way was alright. But Aybars might earn attention for his ability to suck two cocks at once. That must be seen.
Direction, Tony DiMarco, must have been superior to produce this kind of quality in a DVD, as must camera work have been.  Great job guys!
This DVD is highly, highly recommended and can be purchased at Raging Stallion Studios. See the free XXX preview there.