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Adam Champ & Rogan Richards Tweet

April 13, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I spend quite a lot of my time reading tweets to collect photos for this blog. Every now and then, I come across a tweet that just scorches my brain! I thought I would share one such tweet with my readers. It was between Adam Champ and Rogan Richards and here it is:

roganadamFor those of you who are from another planet, here is Adam Champ:

600017_319921974754538_1369285032_nand, that fur is so, so soft [I know, as I have touched it].

Here is Rogan Richards:

BHnbQmQCcAAITF5.jpg largeBoth men are bodybuilders and both men are tops. Both men have super sweet personalities.

So, I guess it is natural that they are attracted to one another. Adam’s partner is Carlo Massi, who is even bigger and hunkier than he is! I read this and I nearly fainted! Eep! I would love to see what Rogan had in mind! OMG! Wouldn’t you??? Actually, I would love to get in between these two big boys for 5 minutes and have them rub all over me while I was nak… Oh! Did I say that out loud? Shit!

Anyway, who is this Jed Athens guy? This is him here:

Jed-Athens-gay-porn-star-Jocks-Studios-with-Spencer-Fox-versatile-Manhunt-Daily-The-Real-Man-Project-4He must not know much about Rogan. But, fortunately, he is a bottom who is into manly men! And since he has volunteered, he could be the bottom for the DP for these guys! Though I would much rather see someone like Spencer Fox, who is a really talented performer.


Illustrated 2013 Grabby Nominations

March 15, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Congratulations to all of the 2013 Grabby Award Nominees! Below are some of the nominees with my favorite to win starred. [*]


Jake Bass
Justin Cruz
Jimmy Fanz
Augusto Figueredo
Jake Genesis*
Charlie Harding
Scott Hunter
Kris Jamieson
Seth Knight
Derek Parker
JD Phoenix
Austin Ried
Max Ryder
Tate Ryder*
Chris Tyler

Tate Ryder is just incredible and should win easily.

BEEZhaRCQAAUsJd.jpg largeIf not, Jake Genesis should pick this up.


Jonathan Agassi – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tristian Baldwin – The Ultimate Top – Jet Set Men
• Jake Bass – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
Trenton Ducati* – Grind House – NakedSword
• Trenton Ducati – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Jimmy Fanz – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Mick Lovell – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Riley Price – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Austin Ried – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Mitchell Rock – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• Max Ryder – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2 – TitanMen
• Christian Wilde – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Tie between François Sagat and Trenton Ducati.

inc2_1332-650x365 BEogvyZCYAI6hcG.jpg large

• Chris Steele – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Marc MacNamara – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• Andy Kay – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Mr.Pam – Grind House – NakedSword
• Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2 – TitanMen
• Christian Owen- MalPractice – Hot House Entertainment
• Jake Jaxson & Hugo Harley – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• ChiChi LaRue & Doug Jeffries – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Marc MacNamara – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Mr.Pam – Wilde Road – Nakedsword

François should win, since INCUBUS is the most original screenplay.



• Abduction – Jet Set Men
• Armor – COLT Studio Group
• Boy Toys – Lucas Entertainment
• Hole Busters 5 – Hot House Entertainment
• Pantyhos – Lucas Entertainment
• Piss N Boots – Channel 1 Releasing
• Pony Up* – Raging Stallion Studios
• SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment

Going with the home team here.



• Foul Play – Hot House Entertainment
• Pissed and Probed – TitanMen
• Safe Word – Raging Stallion Studios
• Shove it – TitanMen
• Sounding – Raging Stallion Studios
• Take the Plunge – Hot House Entertainment
• Where the Players Go – Raging Stallion Studios

I predict that RSS will win.


Jonathan Agassi
Dario Beck
Dirk Caber
Jessie Colter
Christopher Daniels
Trenton Ducati*
Leo Forte
Alexander Garrett
Jake Genesis
Jesse Jackman
Mick Lovell
Zachery Perry
James Ryder
Chris Tyler
Mitch Vaughn

Trenton is such a very big star, and consummate performer, I think he will win this category.

BE5RVGDCcAEZWh0.jpg large


Rafael Alencar
Jessy Ares
Landon Conrad
Tommy Defendi
Topher DiMaggio
Jimmy Durano
Trenton Ducati
Kris Evans
Kris Jamieson
Hunter Marx
Paddy O’Brian*
Spencer Reed
Nacho Valente
Christian Wilde
Sebastian Young

Paddy will probably take this category as he has fucked every bottom on the planet this year.

BCIo7QHCQAAtkRx.jpg large


Jake Bass
Jessie Colter
Christopher Daniels
Sean Duran
Jimmy Fanz
Kyle King
Riley Price
Max Ryder
Tate Ryder*
Jesse Santana
Cal Skye
Trey Turner

If Tate doesn’t win for newcomer, he will win this category.

BEnzdCtCIAEMe8p.jpg large


Rafael Alencar
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Pierre Fitch
Spencer Fox
Vito Gallo
Jesse Jackman
Mick Lovell
Paddy O’Brian*
Francois Sagat
Sergio Serrano
Fabio Stallone
Johnny Venture
Christian Wilde

Many people say that Paddy has a great cock; so maybe he will win.

A-UVnXSCQAIbBKK.jpg large


• Brad Austin – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Marty Stevens – American Lovers – Bel Ami
• Uri GoGo, Adam Killian, Chris Crisco – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
Steve Cruz – Deep Inside 1 & 2 – Falcon
• Christian Owen – Foul Play – Hot House Entertainment
• Mr. Pam* – Grind House – NakedSword
• Francois Sagat – Incubus 2 – Titan Men
• Kristen Bjorn – Jagged Mountain Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• RJ Sebastian – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Andre Adair – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Mr. Pam – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Here I think it will be Mr. Pam for the wonderful “Grindhouse”.



• Nick Lovell, Dolph Lambert, Alex Waters – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Alex Marte – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• J.P.Dubois, Aaron Samuels, Luke Desmond, Skylar Blu, Marcus Jay, Jonny Parker and Lloyd Adams – Grand Opening – Eurocreme
• Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis – Grind House* – Nakedsword
• Francois Sagat, David Anthony, Junior Stellano – Incubus 2 – Titan Men
• Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels – It Gets Bigger – Raging Stallion Studios
• Justin Harris, Nacho Valente, Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes – Jagged
Mountain Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Kyle King, David Anthony and Dale Cooper – Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Tommy Defendi, Sebastian Young, Seth Knight – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Spencer Reed, Devon Adams, Shay Michaels, Tim Kelly, Brian Davilla,
Alex Slater, Jessie Colter, Collin Stone, Nicko Morales, Chris Tyler – Sniff – Channel 1 Releasing
• Dorian Deschain, Blase Woods and Chase Young – The Big Sneaky Fuckfest – Helix Studios
• Tate Ryder, Jake Genesis, Derek Parker – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Charlie Harding, Trenton Ducati, Kyle King – The Woods 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Bryce Star, Chris Tyler, Cole Brooks, Evan Mercy, Hunter Vance, Randy Star, Spencer Reed – To Fuck a Predator Gangbang – Jet Set Men

Grindhouse will probably take it, that was such a fucking hot film!



• Alaric – Sinners and Saint – Alternative Dudes
• Phillip Ashton – Fleshjack Solo – Boy Crush
• Joe Bondi – Countryboy – Eurocreme
• Dale Cooper – The Haunting – Cockyboys
• J.P. Dubois – Grand Opening – Eurocreme
• Jimmy Durano – Point & Shoot – Falcon
• Jimmy Johnson – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Adam Killian* – Fahrenheit – Falcon
Wilfred Knight – Full Load – Colt Studio Group
• Rio Rojo – Boner Buddies 2 – CitiBoys
• Nick Ryder – The Ultimate Top – Jet Set Men

Adam should win this, his solo is just plain old legendary.



• Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Break Him In – NakedSword
• Business and Pleasure – Lucas Entertainment
• Deep Inside 1 & 2* – Falcon
• Head Trip – Titan Men
• Hole Damage – Jet Set Men
• Impact – Raging Stallion Studios
• Irresistible – Bel Ami
• Jagged Mountain Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Sexy Beast – Cockyboys
• SNIFF- Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• To Fuck a Predator Gangbang – Jet Set Men

I would go with DEEP INSIDE 1&2.









• Riley Rice & Jason Goodman – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Mick Lovell & Kris Evans – American Lovers 2 Bel Ami
• Adam Champ & Jake Genesis – Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Austin Ried & Kyler Moss – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Christopher Daniels & Dean Monroe – Dripping Wet 4-Falcon
• Erik Rhodes & Spencer Fox – It Gets Bigger* – Raging Stallion Studio
• Jalil Jafar & Christian Herzog – Jagged Mountain Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Kyle King & Josh West – Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Jesse Ares & Scott Hunter – Nightfall – Titan Men
• Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Leo Forte & Christian Wilde – Stalker – NakedSword
• Jimmy Fanz & Sebastian Young – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Spencer Reed & Jessie Colter – The Club – Channel 1 Releasing
• Jimmy Durano & Mitch Vaughn – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Rafael Carreras & Damien Crosse – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Jesse Santana & D.O. – The Woods 2 – Raging Stallion Studios

Erik Rhodes’ performance with Spencer Fox was incredible and unforgettable. It should win.



Dirk Caber
Gabriel Clark
Jimmy Durano
Tomas Friedel
Vito Gallo
Charlie Harding
Colin Hewitt
Jesse Jackman
Hunter Marx
Spencer Reed
Hayden Richards
Sergio Serrano
Collin Stone
Christian Wilde

Charlie Harding or Jesse Jackman should win this award.



Jonathan Agassi
Jessy Ares
Tommy Defendi
Mike DeMarko
Trenton Ducati*
Jimmy Durano
Jake Genesis
Jesse Jackman
Kris Jamieson
Mick Lovell
Dean Monroe
Paddy O’Brian
Caleb Ramble
Max Ryder
Christian Wilde

My favorite this year is Trenton Ducati. I hope he wins!

BEdVdcKCAAEniwN.jpg large


• 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Boys In The Sand – Dragon Media
• California Boys – Buckshot
• Grind House – NakedSword
• Incubus 2* – Titan Men
• Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Sniff – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios

INCUBUS was by far the most creative and should win.



• Chris Steele – 21 Jump Street – Jet Set Men
• George Duroy – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Kristopher Weston – Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2-Titan men
• Jake Jaxson – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• ChiChi Larue – SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• Christian Owen – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Marc MacNamara – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Kristen Bjorn – Wild Attraction  Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn

Mr. Pam – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Again, Sagat should win because INCUBUS 2 was such a terrific and different movie.


• 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Incubus 2* – Titan Men
• Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Wild Attraction 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Wilde Road – NakedSword

INCUBUS 2 really is the best movie since it combines porn with thought provoking concepts and is so artistic.

Thanks for reading the illustrated 2013 Grabby Nominees. See all of the other nominees listed here.

Falcon Studio’s SUN KISSED Reviewed

March 10, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Sun Kissed

The sun is shining on Exclusive Paddy O’Brian, who has risen to gay porn super stardom in record time.  Sun Kissed showcases Paddy – with his British charm, stunning looks, magnificent body and epic cock –  in three of his best scenes ever. Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond offer Paddy a selection of hot welcoming bottoms, and he fucks them every which way with deep probing, intense slamming and unrelenting pounding that has become Paddy’s signature. First up, Edin Sol, who is relaxing by the pool, but when Paddy emerges from the water, there’s not rest for Edin’s smooth buns. Next, hard-bodied Trenton Ducati surrenders his mouth and hole to an onslaught of Paddy’s beer-can cock. In addition to Paddy’s Sun Kissed escapades, Cruz and Bond bring you a spectacular flip fuck featuring major stars Tate Ryder and Shane Frost.  Finally, Paddy returns, and claims Exclusive Ray Diaz’s hole. Ray is only too happy to submit his amazing ass to the massive meat Paddy delivers.  You’ll want to skip the sun block and grab the lube when you enter into Paddy’s Sun Kissed world filled with the sexiest men and the hottest sex.


Edin Sol was paired with Paddy O’Brian in the first scene and certainly Edin’s performance could have easily have been improved. Edin did a very unimpressive blow job on Paddy that could have been much better if he had more eye contact and been  flirtatious. Edin never throated, but that is understandable given the size of Paddy’s meat. But that makes other easily accomplished maneuvers even more important, such as eye contact, which was minimal in Edin’s blow job. I picture what Spencer Fox would have done here, and it would have been so much better! Meanwhile, Paddy did his best, given that he is gay for pay, spreading Edin’s ass cheeks for the camera and landing some spit right on target! Paddy also initialized the talking in this segment. The missionary fucking was dead boring with no communication or ancillary movements whatsoever, until Paddy leaned in for a kiss. The doggy style was similarly routine until Edin said “Fuck me. Oh yeah!”. [How original.] The jerking off at the end was somewhat more rewarding since both men had very nice cum shots, Paddy’s was copious and covered Edin’s chest, and Edin’s was 3 or 4 strong spurts straight into the air. Paddy lovers will be enthused I am sure, but I cannot wait to see the next scene with another model who is more interesting than Edin Sol’s with his ho-hum efforts.

FVP228_SB_427 FVP228_SB_466 FVP228_SB_506 FVP228_SB_518 FVP228_SB_531I was just blown away by the scene with Trenton Ducati and Paddy O’Brian. It was so incredible because of the unrivaled showmanship and sexual prowess of both men. Plus, Paddy went beyond expectations and rimmed Trenton! [Seeing his cute butt as he sliced through the water to get to Trenton was also a treat.] Trenton shows just how a blow job should be done, with his assertive moves that included eye contact, throating, holding the body of the man he is servicing, stroking, tons of kissing and licking, and ball licking. Paddy responded by moving his hips and spreading his legs wide open to allow Trenton greater access. Of course, there was the perfect amount of communication and moaning and groaning for me as both men are known for this. Paddy fucked the hell out of Trenton’s ass and was so turned on that he had to pull out and had a lovely oral cum shot. What a hot scene! No one will fall asleep during this one! This was an amazing scene and almost perfection.

FVP228_SD_382 FVP228_SD_444 FVP228_SD_474 FVP228_SD_477 FVP228_SD_515Next up was Tate Ryder and Shane Frost who had their encounter in the house on a leather divan. This scene was also a winner and I attribute that to Tate’s efforts. Right away we see that Tate is superior in giving blow jobs. Certainly if I had to choose, I would go with Tate. LOL! Who wouldn’t want those intense green eyes gazing into yours while he throats your meat repeatedly? Or you could choose Shane, who will try hard, but gag when you face fuck him. I also liked when Tate gave quite an imaginative demonstration of ways that rimming can be done. I think that Shane enjoyed it too. Tate and Shane flip fucked and maintained appropriately dirty and hot communication the entire time, which pleased me to no end. While Shane was fucking Tate, they took turns snapping Tate’s erection against Tate’s body, which I found immensely entertaining. Tate came onto his own belly and Shane had a beautiful facial cum shot. Great job guys!

FVP228_SC_739 FVP228_SC_779 FVP228_SC_788 FVP228_SC_826 FVP228_SC_864

Ray Diaz was paired with Paddy in the final scene. I was impressed with Ray, but his performance could easily have been improved. Ray did a good job in blowing Paddy. He made flirty eye contact, attempted to throat, did some ball-licking and -sucking and generally had a terrific repertoire. Paddy did not say anything like “How does that taste?” as he usually does though. Paddy fucked Ray in three positions. During the doggy style, Ray said “Give it to me!” four times while Paddy pounded him. During the reverse cowboy, Ray rolled his eyes back in his head and during the missionary, Ray curled his toes, so he enjoyed those positions. He should have remarked on it then, instead of remaining silent. Or, Paddy could have said something. As it was, these were hot to watch and very pretty. Regardless, hot men fucking, who is to complain? Maybe they were tired… But good job here.

FVP228_SA_170 FVP228_SA_337 FVP228_SA_326 FVP228_SA_246 FVP228_SA_226

Fans of Paddy O’Brian should run out and buy SUN KISSED: they will not be disappointed as he holds up his end of the bargain. For everyone else, there are two amazingly strong scenes on this DVD, one with Paddy O’Brian and Trenton Ducati and the other with Tate Ryder and Shane Frost. These two are a must see! Direction was fine and camera work was good-by industry standards. The location was terrific and fit the theme perfectly.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Jocks’ COME AND GET IT Reviewed

September 24, 2012 Posted by suefairview


Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz

The urgent need to get it on never changes, whether the guys are chilling around the house on a late summer’s afternoon or cuddling up as the weather turns cooler. Just like the chow bell’s ring signaled to the ranch hands to feed their appetites, the simple phrase Come and Get It from these energize studs ignites their sexual appetite and their need to feed their carnal desires takes over. Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond bring their trademark high energy to eight steamed up and sweaty lads who ease into sleaze the way Summer slides into Autumn – it just can’t be stopped. Nasty Spencer Fox, blond Ridge Michaels, blue-eyed Luke Milan, and hard-bodied Ty Roderick are the demanding tops for bang-up bottoms Edin Sol, Rylan Shaw, Jesse Jordan and Adam Avery. It’s all-sex all the way as the overheated and these super-hung, young guys get it on in every room of the house – a cock eating, ass busting bonanza with mammoth cocks sliding up tight holes. So get ready for vigorous and carefree thrills, as these wild bucks Come and Get It.


Both of these young men need to work on their blow job techniques. Rylan Shaw has great eye contact, but needs to take more cock into his mouth, or expand his repertoire to cover for it. Luke Milan had terrific facial reactions to the blow job, but his performance would have been vastly improved had he told Rylan what he wanted him to do. For example “Gag on it!” Luke did a better job than Rylan; getting further down on his cock. Then, finally Luke says “I want to eat that ass!” Wonderful! Luke’s rimming technique was very pretty to watch, as he pulled Rylan’s cock backwards to suck on it. Luke was a total stud in the missionary position, where he pile drove Rylan, and I almost forgot they were twinks! Luke fucked the cum right out of Rylan and then after pulling out, came while his own thigh was visibly trembling. HOT! There really needs to be more banter between these boys. Luke is a bit more ready for prime time than Rylan as he shows more sophistication in his sexual technique, ie: he lent a hand in the reverse cowboy as well as the other things I have mentioned. Rylan was expressive of pleasure both facially and by saying “Ah!” with each thrust à la Damien Crosse. But he really needs to tack a few words together and study how to be a better bottom. Both worked very hard together. Great job!

I adore Spencer Fox and he did not let me down in his scene with Edin Sol. Spencer appeared very buff and very high energy, which set a great tone for this scene. Right off, when Edin was blowing Spencer, Spencer moved his hips quickly, and was coaching Edin. I just love to see that! Edin has wonderful oral skills. After a kiss, Spencer said “You taste really good, I can’t wait to fuck your ass!” See why I love Spencer? Then in the doggy position, Spencer asks that Edin move back onto him. Perfect! I love to see Spencer sharing his experiences from the other Studios with his scene partners. Then in the middle of fucking Edin doggy style, he stops and briefly rims him! FABULOUS! Then Spencer returns to doggy fucking Edin. Next, at the top of the stairs, there is more rimming as Edin stands over Spencer and then he sits on Spencer cowboy with Spencer holding one of Edin’s arms behind his back. They pivot to reverse cowboy and Spencer grabs Edin’s meat. Spencer lies back with Edin on top of him, so that Spencer can fuck Edin from underneath him. Then they sit back up to continue. Edin cums in 3 or 4 really nice spurts. Spencer stands and jerks off into 2 nice spurts. The sequence on the stairs was extremely hot and creative. This was a nice pairing and great mentoring on Spencer’s part. Wonderful scene!

the next scene featured Ridge Michaels and Jesse Jordan on a leather sofa. It kind of reminded me of high school and my bf back then. So initially, I was turned on by Ridge’s looks. But then he took off his hoodie, and his body was very unimpressive. At least compared to my high school bf, who was not athletic, but he did have a body. Anyhow, Ridge has this manly, sexy face and needs to get a body, or at least a chest, to match it. That is my opinion. Both of these young men need to work on their blow job techniques. Jesse has a nice bubble butt. It was very hot though, when during the missionary position, Jesse exclaimed “Don’t stop!” and then “Harder!” His cum shot went up to his solar plexus. Nice! I also liked when Jesse was standing and feeding his cock to Ridge, that was inventive. Both of these boys need to up their banter. There was an aura of fun about the scene that was nice though. Good work on that!

I was very impressed with Adam Avery in his scene with Ty Roderick. Though both men excel in the blow job department, Adam is a standout at it. Adam has a long repertoire that includes the Gluck™. He causes Ty to give great facial expressions! Ty’s rimming could be more inventive. In the doggy position, Adam says “Fuck your dick is so big! So fucking deep! Fuck that feels good!” as Ty fucks him rapidly and Adam holds his ass cheeks back. They then switch to sideways cowboy on the floor and during Ty’s rapid fucking again Adam says “Fuck that feels so good!” Ty says “You like that?” Adam answers “Yeah!” They both cum in the missionary position.  Adam is ready to be moved ahead, though he still needs coaching as a bottom. Keep up the great work Adam! Ty is moving in the right direction by speaking up – good job on that! Use some fingers on the rimming; the boys just love it! I can see that your body is as hard as a rock and you look fabulous as you are, but you are going to have to add some muscle bulk, at least I would love it if you did! Slurp! Isn’t it possible for you to do in order to further your career? At least so that you look like D.O.. Great scene, super pairing.

Buy COME AND GET IT because if you like twinks, this movie is a winner! Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, I knew it had to be great, and I was right! All of the scenes are hot and the boys did a terrific job in the film. If you happen to be a fan of Spencer Fox, Ty Roderick, or Luke Milan, they were at their best and quite impressive in this film! Newcomer Adam Avery and Edin Sol made great showings as well. The camera work and direction were wonderful.

Highly recommended. See the free preview here.

Raging Stallion Studio’s USE ME LIKE A TOOL Reviewed

September 10, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The laborers know how to use the tools of their trade. They’re working overtime to get the job done, and at the end of a long day filled with sexy coworkers and physical exertion all they want to do is get off. These bottoms are thinking – Use Me Like a Tool, and these massive-cocked tops don’t waste any time powering up and hammering their way deep into their workmates’ eager holes. Hall-of-Fame Director Steve Cruz wasn’t fuckin’ around when he paired superhot and super hung Exclusive D.O. with – not only one but two amazing receivers – Trenton Ducati and Jessie Colter. Cruz didn’t stop there! Next he brought in the massive Spencer Reed to pummel sexy Spencer Fox. And, finally Cruz offered up two exclusives in a riveting finale, humongous cocked Charlie Harding and furry, wild bottom Jason Michaels. Macho and monster cocked top men decimate hungry bottoms in four nut-busting scenes, piling their precision cocks into the tight holes of hunk-hungry guys who revel in the widest and deepest ass stretching of their lives. These wicked ass assaults leave lust saturated fuckers–and yourself–glazed with hot jizz.


OMG! I have never seen such a hot and up-tempo scene as the one with D.O. and Trenton Ducati. Both men  attack each other with such passion, they are just oozing it out of their pores! I was blown away by this scene and could not imagine anything that could follow it and do well. Both men were very verbal, led by Trenton, who is my current favorite model. Highlights of this scene were: when Trenton said “Oh your tongue feels so good! You like that hole?”, when D.O. let Trenton rim him [Probably because Trenton loves to eat ass!] and D.O. moved his ass like Adam Killian, when Trenton said “Pound my fucking ass”  and “I love your cock in me!”, when D.O. said “I love it, look at you!”, the way that D.O. broke up the fucking with rimming and fingering, and finally, how D.O.’s load was shot all over Trenton. What a fucking hot scene and pairing!

The next scene featured two models that I am also very fond of, Spencer Fox and Spencer Reed. I loved when Spencer Fox was going down on Reed and gives him the most flirtatious look! So hot and cute! Again these boys were talking all the time, which I just love! Here is a sample of the discourse during the blow job sequence:

Reed: “Fuck that feels good! Swallow that big fucking cock! Make love to that big fucking cock!

Fox: “I love your cock!

Reed: Yeah?”

Reed is then blowing Fox and throats Fox’s dick, makes eye contact and says “That’s a nice fucking dick!”

During the very long and wonderful rimming session, Reed says “Twitch that fucking hole for me boy! Spread that fucking hole for me boy! Tastes so fucking good! I could eat that hole all day. I can’t wait to get inside that fucking hole!”

And when Reed does, the camera catches that Fox’s hole is WIDE OPEN! Fox even comments “Oh it is so big! It is huge! It stretches out my tight hole! OMG! You are stretching me out! You are so big and strong! Oh! Fuck me Spencer!”

Then later in the missionary position, Reed says “You like it deep inside you. Your fucking hole is going to be destroyed after me!” Right after that, Fox shot his cum all the way up to his face! Reed pulls out, licks up Fox’s load and cums in three very nice spurts that go over Fox’s head. What a fucking hot scene and terrific pairing! Who taught these guys to talk so dirty – I just fucking loved it!

D.O. and Jessie Colter were paired in the next scene. They didn’t have quite the passion that D.O. and Trenton did but they did alright. The highlights of the scene were that Jessie was able to throat D.O.’s cock, Jessie was reactive to pleasuring and assisted D.O. by spreading his ass cheeks open during rimming, Jessie was pre-cumming tons, there was great eye-contact, and Jessie shot a nice load. But the real climax was D.O.’s shot at the end when he asked Jessie if he wanted it and then shot in 4 NICE spurts that covered Jessie! I think this pairing was not the best for D.O. when compared to the former pairing and we see it in D.O.’s performance. While D.O. was very verbal in his pairing with Trenton, he hardly said anything in this scene. While he broke up the fucking many times with rimming and fingering in the former scene, he hardly does that at all in this scene. All-in-all this was a nice scene and fans of Jessie will love it!

The final scene had a kind of an S&M twist to it and featured Charlie Harding and Jason Michaels. Charlie reached into Jason’s jeans, grabbing that furry ass with both hands, until he located Jason’s hole, upon which he said “There it is!” When Jason was pinching Charlie’s nipple, Charlie said “Pinch it harder!” And after a bit of that, Charlie said “You got me hard boy!” Jason turned out to be quite the able cock sucker, and showed off all of his skills on Charlie. Charlie said “Tell me you like it!” Jason answered “I love it!” When Charlie was rimming Jason he said “So nice to see a hairy hole! You taste good! You know what I am going to do to you next?” I had to agree, it was nice to see a furry hole!!! Then while doggy fucking Jason, Charlie twists Jason’s arm behind his back, and then also the other arm. Charlie said “I like slammin’ you deep. You like it when it is deep?” Charlie then fucked Jason in reverse cowboy and missionary position. I liked how when Jason came, his spunk was on top of his fur. Charlie had a facial cum shot and then put his dick in Jason’s mouth. I liked the S&M aspects of this scene, but Charlie is growing on me slowly. I do like Jason quite a lot. He needs to speak up a bit more. Nice scene.

Buy USE ME LIKE A TOOL to see the two fantastic scenes with D.O. and Trenton Ducati and Spencer Reed and Spencer Fox, and the two solid scenes with D.O. and Jessie Colter and Charlie Harding and Jason Michaels. Everybody gets used like a “SEX” tool!

Can we talk about sets for a while? I found the sets for USE ME LIKE A TOOL to be very appropriate, but they seemed kind of thoughtlessly thrown together to me. If I might just offer that I miss the artistic perfection and thoughtful planning of the sets that were done by Bruno Bond. Doing sets is a skill as well as an artistic talent and not just anybody can do it. Please find a suitable replacement for Bruno. It is not like this is going unnoticed. Maybe Bruno could help find his own replacement.

Camera work on this film was incredibly great. Closeups were terrific especially on Spencer Fox’s wide open hole and Jason Michaels’ twitching hole. I have been very impressed with the progress of Steve Cruz’s camera work and felt that this film was a good time to mention it. In my opinion, he is the best camera man that Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios has right now.

Direction was fabulous, as usual.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.