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3 minutes of shirtless Taylor Lautner scenes.

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Shamelessly stolen from Roids N Rants


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Okay kids, great film this was not, I only watched it for Taylor Lautner and the blog. The plot is pretty straight forward: kid finds out that he was taken in by people that are not his real parents and trained to protect himself from BAD special agents! Oooo! Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it!?!?! Why, you might ask? Well, let me tell you why! Because his real mother was MURDERED! while trying to protect IMPORTANT SECRETS that his father is still trying to protect from the BAD secret agents. And, wouldn’t you know that our little Nathan [Taylor Lautner] is in the middle of the whole thing!!! OMG! He accidentally contacts the bad guys while on a lost childrens’ website and they swoop in and kill his adoptive parents! OH NO! That is when the entire chase across two whole states begin with his beard girlfriend Karen [who wears way too much eye make-up]. I won’t tell you how it ends, because I know you are all going to run out and rent this DVD yourselves!!! LOL!

I must say this for Mr. Lautner, his action scenes are quite convincing. He is in top physical shape.

He is shown sparing with his dad, wrestling in school, and fighting off bad guys most convincingly. We see flying round-off kicks, take downs, ground work, punches; I could see no flaws in his fighting. Or his physique for that matter. I only wish they had shown more skin, or skin contours through clothing. The wrestling match was in sweats. Give me a break; everyone knows that wrestlers wear singlets! That is why everyone goes into wrestling! To see guys in their singlets! You will be robbed of seeing Taylor in a singlet. Boo!

As for his acting, well let’s just say that every time I saw him all I could think about was how gay he looked! Am I the only one who see a homosexual person in him? I mean, not that there is anything wrong with that. Certainly I would adore this kid whatever his sexual identity is. So, I could not help but watch the entire movie from that slant.

I apologize to Mr. Lautner in advance for this. It by no means should be taken that I do not respect his work. It is my problem, not his. I wish him well with his future no matter what it holds.

During the movie he has a shrink, Dr. Geri Bennet [Sigourney Weaver], who he explains his dreams and feelings to. He keeps telling her that he feels he doesn’t belong with his parents and that he feels unexplained rage. And I kept thinking, when is he going to come out to her??? Also during the movie, he tries to explain to his male buddies why he hasn’t gotten it on with the hot girl who lives across the street from him. And I kept thinking, when is he going to tell them the truth? Then he is faced with the girl, Karen, herself, who asks why they never hooked up after the eight grade? And I am thinking, this is a good time to confide to her, that you are gay. But no, he comes up with a smarmy answer about how “Now he knows what he is doing.” Then he kisses her like this:

He grabs two handfuls of ass, she climbs onto him, riding him monkey-style if you will, and they fall down onto a seat on the train. Shortly thereafter, they break if off, claiming to be starved. Yeah. It did not get my blood flowing at all. He was just not that into her. He is not that good an actor.

He is just so gay. Gay, gay, gay.

However, the action sequences with him were pretty good and had seasoned actors like Alfred Molinia and Michael Nyqvist to lend them some credibility. I would recommend this film for you only if you are a Talyor Lautner fan.

** stars.

See the preview and more information here.

Just some guys 7

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Adam Killian at Hustlaball

Aden Jaric from Metro Dystopia

Jesse Colter from Bill in Exile

Taylor Lautner from Bill in Exile

Petter Fill and his hot boyfriend Fabio!

Petter Fill’s new hot friend Caio.

Jonathan Agassi and Jean Franko in Ibiza

Samuel Colt “tasting” Paul Wagner.

Dave Mason in Slick It Up.

Naked DJ Pavel Petel.

Pedro Andreas

François Sagat from Roids N Rants

Damien Crosse and Logan McCree in Stag Homme‘s THE GOOD HUSBAND

Photo from Roids N Rants

Taylor Lautner stars in ABDUCTION

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From Roids N Rants

Taylor shirtless on the set

Oh boy! This looks like so much fun! Taylor Lautner plays a young man whose picture shows up on a missing child site. He tries to find who he really is, while we perverts try to see as much of his now legal age body as we can! Did I mention there is a wrestling scene? ABDUCTION opens September 23 in the US.

Hat tip: Roids N Rants

GAYVN 2010 Red Carpet: A Memoir

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The photos to go with this memoir are here. The photos are out of order since I had to redo them after I moved my blog.

Getting to San Francisco was fortunately uneventful; I checked into the Good Hotel and rested before it was time to get glammed up for the cab ride to the Castro Theater for the big event: the GAYVN 2010 AWARDS! I had heard that the stars were staying at my hotel, but I had to be there at least an hour and a half before show time, so there was little chance I would see any.

Here is a photo of the theater from across the street. Below, my fellow photographers wait to be ushered to the Red Carpet area. With his back to us is Victor Hoff of MOC blog and the fellow the furthest to the right is from Mirror Ball in London.

Jonathan Fouke and Sister Roma showed up and the party started. Sister Roma was very gracious when we met and I liked her immediately.

Finally we were ushered upstairs to the second floor of the theater, where a bar had been set up as well as a tiny interview and red carpet corner. Both the latter functions were shoved into the end of the second the floor which was divided into two spaces to accommodate them. The plan was that stars were to interviewed first by Sister Roma and Scott Tanner and then be photographed. That turned out to be a very inefficient plan, as the line to be interviewed grew and grew. Plus the lights made the dead-end space very hot. Here is Scott Tanner waiting to begin.

Mike Dreyden was the guinea pig, since he was the first star to arrive. I already knew him from New York and we are buds!

All systems are go!

I had to photograph this twink, Jason Pitt, just to capture his faux hawk, which was so pretty. He said that he created it himself.

He really is more handsome in person and this photo doesn’t do him justice.

Chi Chi La Rue arrived looking as glam as possible.

Alexsander Freitas throws a most muscle post for the cameras.

He then gave me a crushing hug and we exchanged greetings. He commented that he was nervous about his parts in the show. I told him that he would be just fine.

Next up on the red carpet was Sam Colt.


Extremely confident, Samuel showed up eating a green apple and faced the huge group of photographers, but never turned to me! The nerve! Oh well, here is the best photo I got.

Here is Adam Champ talking to Joe Pessa [another photographer].


Adam was beautifully dressed using a turquoise scarf as a tie. He didn’t seem to be with anyone and kept his own company. Later on outside the theater, I approached him and we introduced ourselves. I saw the light bulb go on inside his head and he said “Oh, you know Toni!!! Have you ever met him?” And I replied that I hadn’t but would love to. He agreed. Toni, take it from me, his chest fur is very soft.

Blake Riley was with a boy [Landon Mycles] with very BLUE eyes, whose name I don’t know.


The always bubbly Race Cooper was there! What a great guy!


Here are Race’s abs:


Race had a little ab contest going, but the other guys wimped out. CAN YOU BLAME THEM????

Next up was Adam Killian.


Seeing all this porn royalty in one place was a tad overwhelming. That plus the heat, I was feeling dazed! But pleasantly so. I had to focus on work! All these gorgeous men; what to do?

Next was Paul Wagner, whom I had last seen at the wedding of Francesco and Damien in Madrid. It wasn’t too tough to get him grinning from ear to ear.


He’s shy, but what a sweetie. You just want to hug the stuffing out of him. But you know you can’t or he would be mortified.

The true stars arrive, the owners of, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse:


I was so glad to see them again! Big kisses and hugs were given all around. They were surprised to see me working and I explained that I was earning my ticket to the show. They were all like come with us and sit with us, and I was saying, no man, I gotta finish shooting the red carpet! I gotta work! Finally Damien said “Werk!” I could tell by the way he said it that that was how it was spelled! You know, the cool way, not the mundane boring way. But he understood that I was working. Cool.


You know, all while we were photographing stars, shit was happening behind us in the interview area. Here, Paul and his partner Scott watch Adam don a glittery gauntlet with Sister Roma.

This whole deal was fucking amazing!

Bruno Bond arrived with his partner Steve Cruz:


Aren’t they a handsome couple? This was the first time I had met Bruno and I was just struck speechless by the sight of #4 on my porn crush list. Speechless I tells ya! I love the new way he chose to cut his mustache. He is just drop dead gorgeous in my eyes.

A group shot of the Raging Stallion Studio stars:


Left to right they are: Jason Adonis, Steve Cruz, DO, Race Cooper, and Bruno Bond.

Here is a side view of the ever photogenic Junior Stellano:


My flash gave me away, and he turned to the camera and smiled!


You can see how a smile lights up his face, but he doesn’t need it. Logan McCree is in the background.

Junior’s date was Conner Habib. Here, Junior takes a bite out of Conner’s cheek.


By that time, Sister Roma and Scott were interviewing porn duo Francesco and Damien. But I was supposed to be concentrating on what was going on in front of me on the red carpet.


Next up was beautiful man, Logan McCree.


Sometimes when you meet people you get a greater appreciation for just how handsome they really are. This was the case for Logan. He is just stunning in person. Plus, he knows the correct way to wear a kilt!


Tony Aziz walked up and threw his tee-shirt over his head and opened up his pants. Nobody was sure how far he would disrobe! But this is the front view. There were flashes of the base of his thick cock, but I didn’t catch any in my photos. I could see that he was wearing a chain cock ring.


And this is the rear view:


Tony was there with Collin O’Neal.


Race Cooper also posed with them:


Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed arrived next to be photographed:


Phillip is another one where the camera never does him justice.

Matthew Rush and body builder Bif Boswell were together at the show.


Both seemed to be enjoying them selves  immensely as they bared their ginormous chests.

Here is the newly bearded Kyle King.


Here is Stróngboli, the director of Love Addiction that starred Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin.


He came up and introduced himself to me and I was very glad of it. What a suave, sophisticated and masculine man. We discussed the future of his films post Marvin & Andreas and the exciting new stars he is bringing along. I wish him luck!

Cutie Dominic Pacifico posed for us next:


Another show stopper was Wilfried Knight, who attended dressed as Jesus Christ in a kilt.


Naturally he posed in a crucifixion position.


“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) I guess he wasn’t raised as a Catholic, or he would have known to keep his feet together. As it was, he could hardly keep a straight face. Some people thought he was desperate, I just thought it was a piss! You just have to know that Wilfried has a tremendous sense of humor and keeps everybody laughing.

Unfortunately, he does not know how a kilt is supposed to be worn!


For shame, for shame!

The Slick It Up Arm Guard was spotted on the red carpet this year as well.


The photographer next to me said “I want that!” I said “What the arm guard? You can order it from Slick It Up!” He replied, “No, the chest!” Eep!

Cole Streets posed with a shirtless Brandon Bangs. [Thanks Toni!]


Alec Mapa could be counted on the bring the drama!


Nick Moretti is one of those stars whom photos fail to represent fairly. He is larger than life in person and has the tiniest waist and largest chest that I have ever seen.



He looks hot in that high and tight hair cut, doesn’t he? As soon as he was done posing he rushed over to introduce himself. His friendliness and charisma was irresistible. He was charming. The flogger he wears is just part of who he is. That is so hot!

I am a sucker for blue eyes, so I photographed Brody West:


Diesel Washington kept wanting to make tough faces, but I kept telling him to smile. Finally he did!


He told me was nervous about his upcoming skit with Alec Mapa during the show. He shouldn’t have been – it was a show stopper!

Steven Daigle was one wild cowboy at the show; he showed up on stage with only a strategically placed cowboy hat!


Austin Wilde came with Ryan Raz. I asked him to remove his shirt and he wouldn’t. But Ryan unbuttoned it for me!

This is Allen Silver, the Best Actor Nominee [Dad takes a fishing trip] with Will Swagger.


Cassandra Cass was on the red carpet.


As was Raphael Alencar in all his glory!


Then the red carpet shoot was over and we were all sweaty and released to get water from the bar, which was mobbed with porn stars! I shot this photo of Francesco D’Macho being pensive:


You see boys and girls, he continues to be gorgeous every moment of every day. Notice the pouty bottom lip. The deep blue eyes and furrowed brow. He needs me to soothe that brow and suck on that lip. Maybe a nibble on those ears. That lovely necklace is from Brasil, he said. See how is sits high on his muscular chest. It doesn’t even hang. Sigh. His skin feels so soft; but with hard muscle underneath. When he hugs you, you can feel the bristle from his cheek stubble and it is heaven. His powerful arms come around you and you lose yourself. At least I did. I close my eyes and am transported. But then I have to me again. Responsible adult married lady. Good girl. Get a grip. Come out of his spell and back to reality. That was all in your head. It was all fantasy.

Time to go downstairs and watch the show.