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Tim Tebow to New England Patriots!

June 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


The former QB from the Jets has been picked up by the Patriots. I am so glad that he has a job in football! You can see two videos, one of which has a brief interview with Mr. Tebow at  FoxSports.

Retirements & Releases: from Jake Genesis & Tom Wolfe to Tim Tebow

April 30, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Big porn news today! Jake Genesis has retired after only 8 or so months of being a top performer! Read all about it at QueerPig []. A major part of his issue is his Catholic religion. Sigh.


He sure will be missed! All the best Jake!

Hat tip to Jesse Jackman’s Facebook []

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Tom Wolfe [] has retired after a bit more than 5 years in the industry and a stellar career. Notably, last year he was awarded the Grabby for Most Manly Man. He has worked for Titan Media, Massive Studio, Falcon Studios, Mustang, Raging Stallion Studios and Naked Sword.

Best of luck to Tom and his partner, Cal Skye!


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Tim Tebow has been released from the Jets after one season. Read more about it at the Huffpo [].

New York Jets v New England Patriots


Tim Tebow in New York!

September 21, 2012 Posted by suefairview

VOGUE has just done an article on Tim Tebow with photographs by Annie Leibovitz. In the video accompanying the article (below) Tim comments that “Not all of NY is city!” Interestingly, Tim, and the rest of the Jets team, worked out this past summer at my alma mater, SUNY College at Cortland [article here]. Cortland is a small farming town with lots of apple trees, corn and cows. Main street is one way. Yeah Tim, NY is not all city! LOL!


Hat tip: Joe.My.God.

Just some guys 23…

August 19, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Steve Cruz was overjoyed to find himself directing Zeb Atlas in a new Falcon movie!

Adam Champ shines in gold lamé at a show.

Angelos Petheryotis proves that there is a god in heaven, but his name just may be Angelos.

Rafael Alencar in Switzerland and I so wish I had the unedited copy of this photo!!!

Petter Fill looking gorgeous at home in Brazil.

Eggs just got back from the groomer; here she is with her owner, Samuel Colt. Below, with her fellow pet, Bacon.

Cal Skye covered in husband Tom Wolfe‘s cum. *cough* I do believe that it is Tom’s dick in the photo. Below, Tom’s backside in a photo taken by Gio.

Spencer Reed shows his new tattoo on his right bicep while dancing at Bounce. Below, Spencer learns the hard way not to let a crowd maul your junk [I believe it is at Hustlaball, London].

BTW – Spencer is moving to Germany in 2 weeks. Sounds like it is for good.

What has been going on in Barcelona???

The boys from Stag Homme are having a swell time there!

Here, Francesco and Damien pose together for a photo.

When Francesco tweeted this photo, he said something like he was having the time of his life. Hmm. Could it be love, or just lust?

Here is Junior Stellano with one of his two current loves in Barcelona. I’m not sure if this is the serious one or not but he is to die for hot!

François Sagat has had a one week “relationship” with Helen, who is a horse. I’m not sure exactly what this has entailed, but it has moved him to FB post and tweet about her, so obviously she has touched him deeply. I can understand this. Horses are very beautiful and sensitive creatures.

Here is a photo of D.O. that I forgot to post.

So. unless you’ve been on Mars, you know that Colby Keller has been going around the country spanking people. LOL! Here he is really concentrating on doing the job right for this young twink. Below, he sits in the Boiling River. Looks great, but he is not nude! Ruins my fantasies! In a wider shot, there are families with children around. Boo!

I love this shot of Alexsander Freitas by Gazelle Paulo.

Tim Tebow poses as Jesus in an old photo used by GQ magazine.

Slick It Up model Char DeFrancesco poses for Nasty Pig. His body is just sick!

Tyler Sweet tweeted this photo to Spencer Reed. I almost adopted Tyler at the Grabbys. That is why I don’t post any of his porn. He is such a little boy in my eyes, but a very horny and naughty little boy! LOL! Sorry Tyler!

Bryce says “Hand me the shampoo, please.” What a fucking tease! Below he says “Come and lick the sweat off of me!”

Kyle King‘s ass. Now that I have seen what he can do with it, I find it all the more impressive.

Just some guys 15

February 14, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Zeb Atlas

François Sagat

Aaron Cobbett lighting Adam Killian for a Slick It Up shoot of the Viper Suit

Angelo Peterson in Miami recently. (more…)