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Just some guys 40…

September 12, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Adam Champ in a harness; a blue-point Siamese on Adam Killian’s lap; Benji! with his bunny; black sand on an adorable butt; Aussielicious blogger Brenton swims nude; Carlos Gustavo for the WE Banana Party; Colby Keller drinks orange soda; Damien Crosse in front of an exquisite door in Madrid; Dave Mason being fabulous in Greece; David Dieza dick; Diesel Washington booty; Tony Buff with Puppy Draven Torres; Stag Homme Execs Damien & Francesco; Jesse Jackmen works the weight room; Hans Berlin werk; Jimmy Durano recently showed his ass on twitter; Landon Conrad as a cowboy; Leo Forte made up and photographed by Mr. Pam as an alien; Leo in Naked Sword Originals STALKER; Liam Magnusson; Lucio Saints get kissed by Adrian Toledo; Marc Dylan is awake; Marc’s erection; Marcus Ruhl looks hot; Marcus has classical features; as well as a hot body; Ollie looking perky; Ollie shopping at Lowes; Paddy O’Brian; Pavel Petel as Donatella, styled by Sergey Ostrikov; Pedro Andreas in a cowboy hat; Pedro making a silly face; Pedro looking gigantic at the gym; Jessy Ares new album cover PORNPOP; Ray Han displays his wares; Ray is all nice and comfy in his bed; Ray cooking his favorite meal bare-assed; 2 shots of Ray getting his leather on; a client took this shot of Rogan Richards taking a piss; Rogan showing his wares; François Sagat as mime; Samuel Colt with Bacon; Samuel shows his wares; Samuel with Sister Roma at Southern Decadence; Damien and Dato Foland in Catolonia; Seth Fornea; DJ Spencer Reed; Chris Porter with Eegs; fledgling synchronized porn swim team huddles for warmth including Leo, Mr. Pam and Angel Rock; Logan McCree initiates a young man into the wonders of BDSM; Tate Ryder’s cock; Tate’s butt; Tate using a dildo in the shower; Tate is highly flexible; Topher Dimaggio is also a model; Trenton Ducati and Angel Rock in a scene for Dominic Ford; Trenton Trophy Boy; Trenton shows his wares; Trenton’s erection; Ryan Rose’s junk; the smoldering Ty Roderick; Ty’s cock.

So much to see and do in NYC this weekend!

March 22, 2013 Posted by suefairview

All of your favorite adult entertainers are in town this weekend for several events! First of all, the Oscars for adult entertainers, The International Hookies!

hookies2013WebAdThe really big stars will be there including Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder, Tommy Defendi, Rafael Alencar, Vito Gallo and Draven Torres. Nominees are here.

Plus tonight, see Samuel Colt LIVE at Splash:

BF-bmHUCMAEYck-.jpg large

Next up on Saturday is a pre-Black Party event called XLS Filthy Noir starring François Sagat:

BF7pJDZCAAEJ26WEntry is free with a Black Party ticket!

Finally the Black Party!


For which appropriate dress is “heavy”.

And don’t miss The Dirty Carnival in the afternoon! It is hosted by Mr. Pam and features Tony Buff, Race Cooper, Vito Gallo, James Jameson, and Max Ryder.

DirtyCarnival575[Unfortunately I will not be able to attend for personal reasons have to stay home and dogsit.]

Post Grabby Party – Spin: part 2

June 7, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Here is the final installment of the Spin Grabby After Party.

1) Vito Gallo and now he knows who I am!

2) A good model is always looking for a prop. Vito spots the perfect prop! Adam Killian! PERFECT!

3) Always ready Adam gets into it immediately! Adam is wearing the Slick It Up macho shirt in navy blue. Those may be the skull beads that Lucien was talking about.

4) Adam flexes and another camera flash adds to mine – see how much better the lighting is?

5) Adam still working it – sticks his tongue out!

6) The guys take a break as Vito talks to Landon Conrad.

7) Vito talks to a dude in a Slick It Up big head shirt, whose name I really wish I knew.

8) Landon, Adam and Vito, who is apparently cooking up a new scheme in his head.

9) I see evil Vito thoughts.

10) Scotty B with Troy Collins and Tucker Scott.

11) Conner McGuire, Ash, and Hayden Richards make a very pretty three-some.

12) So I kept taking their photo.

13) Conner kisses Ash.

14) Pretty hot, huh?

15) Vito is back with unknown SIU muscle stud.

16) Vito goes to work, as only a model can! Show us how it is done!

17) Stud reacts to being groped! LOL!

18) Well, if you like that, how about this! Look at Vito’s tongue!

19) OMG! I was just trying to keep Vito in my camera lens area! What great work! You know, anyone can show some ass, but it takes a master to do this! Look at the projection in Vito’s face!

20) Favorite couple: Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond.

21) A second shot of the happy couple.

22) Uh oh! It is just like I said: Tony Buff has that red rope out! What is he gonna do with it????

23) Oh no! He’s singled out Tyler Sweet and another very cute boy! Not Tyler!!!! Looks like he’s gonna tie them up together! Eeeeeeeee!

24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) & 30) tying up the boys!

31) I grow impatient with my view and jump up onto a bar ledge about chair rail height so I can loom over them! Now I can really see what is happening!

32) Tony is almost done!

33) The boys can’t wait!

34) My camera battery dies!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Just when Tony had finished tying up the boys, my camera battery died and I did not have a spare one with me!

But I will tell you what happened. The boys flipped about at the end of the ties and played a kind of tug of war. It was quite hot, if one is into boys. Tony finally untied them and with no live camera left, the party was over for me. It was really late; well after 1 am, going on to two.

I noticed that Diesel Washington looked like he was leaving and I asked if I could tag along. He said that he was taking the subway, and I said that was just fine with me. Diesel is 6’5″ and a city boy. I felt perfectly safe with him. He said that he would be glad to be my escort back to the hotel. What a gentleman.

So we headed out of the club with Diesel’s bf Donnie, who is very nice, in tow. It was a few blocks to the station through some rough looking neighborhoods. On the first block there were some ladies of the night, to whom Diesel responded “I like to see what is on the stroll in cities… Not too bad Chicago! Not too bad!” And they weren’t! They actually looked high class. We reached the station, bought our tickets and boarded the train.

On the ride back, Diesel regaled me with more details about his vision for his new project DawgPoundUSA. The website is a Raging Stallion quality porn site with features by men of color. I have already visited it and find it quite a thrill and very fresh! Diesel is so stoked about some of his new script ideas and so was I when I heard them. I think that this is exactly what the industry needs right now, a fresh influx of new blood to give it a good swift kick in the pants and shake things up a bit. I don’t know how he stops himself from running out to film the new stuff he is talking about, it so exciting! Good stuff Diesel! So much potential there! Make it happen man! Make it happen!

Keep an eye on DawgPoundUSA!


June 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So, here is the fifth and final installment of 2012 GRABBY AWARDS photos. There are 20 in this set:

1) FabScout boys Logan Vaughn, Tyler Sweet, Bryce Star, Rex Roddick not from FabScout, Connor Patricks, and I forget his name!!!! Sheesh! Too many names!

2) Bryce waxes eloquent about something with Rex.

3) Bryce being naturally cute and hot.

4) Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce Bryce… Did he say something????

5) Hey look! It is the BEST DUO: Adam Killian & Tony Buff for The Other Side Of Aspen 6, FALCON Studios! That was a terrifically hot snowmobile scene! Tony came twice in that!

6) There is Honey West in a a glam gown with Adam!

7) Hot and sweet Jesse Santana is with newly minted Grabby winner Andrew Jakk with Austin Andrews prepares to present the Grabby for Most Manly Man.

8) And the Grabby goes to Tom Wolfe! Yay!

9) What is so funny about this is that all during the Grabby Awards show, Arturo had been saying to me “How do you take this award home to your mother? Do you say, ‘Hey mom! Look! I just won the award for best uncut cock!’? Or do you say ‘Hey mom, I just won the award for best rimming!’?” So we both just burst out laughing when Tom pulled out his cellphone to dial up his mom and tell her that he just was awarded the Grabby for Most Manly Man! Too funny!

10) So there is Tom saying “Mom, I just won a Grabby for Most Manly Man! So I don’t want to hear about it anymore!” LOL! Priceless! The crowd went wild!

11) Tom listening for the response. LOL! Mom’s probably passed by now!

12) Here are Christian Owen and Sister Roma.

13) And someone that looks like Kyle King joins them.

14) Austin Andrews as Superman and Chi Chi.

15) The awarding of the STEAMWORKS FAN FAVORITE to The Other Side of Aspen 6 from Falcon. Spencer Reed speaks for Shane Frost, Preston Steel, Landon Conrad and Brandon Lewis.

16) Same group, Landon speaking.

17) The Grabby for BEST MOVIE – is awarded to Assassin from Lucas Entertainment and pandemonium ensues! I can pick out from this photo L to R: Adam Killian and Mr. Pam.

18) Same group, but we can also see Rafael Alencar.

19) Same group. Assassin has swept the Grabby Awards, taking a total of 3: Best Videographer, Best Director and Best Movie.

20) Grabby co-hosts bid the audience farewell: L to R: Austin, Tom, Honey, Chi Chi and Adam. What a great job they all did!

Now it is time to partay!


June 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So, here is the fourth installment of 2012 GRABBY AWARDS photos. There are 19 in this set:

1) Hayden Richards and Topher DiMaggio get up to speak. Don’t remember about what.

2) Everybody looking at stage left, but I don’t recall why. L to R: we see Logan Vaughn, Tyler Sweet, Hayden, Topher, Diego Vena and Unknown hottie. Maybe it is Spencer Reed arriving late to receive his Best Performer Grabby.

3) Spencer Reed arrives and seems to have his award in hand. With him is Trenton Ducati, also seen is Christopher Daniels. Topher is stage left of them.

4) Spencer still joking around. Now we see Tristan Jaxx to his left.

5) The microphone is handed to Christopher Daniels.

6) Adam Killian shows up wearing a white towel on his shoulders!!!! Brain blows a fuse as camera shutter clicks convulsively!

7) Click

8) Click

9) Click

10) Click

11) Tom Wolfe and Austin Andrews come up from behind Adam and surprise him. See, now I would never have caught that on camera if I had not been just motor-driving the camera shutter while Adam was on stage! LOL!

12) Back to business; as much as one can with three shirtless menz.

13) Lex Sabre and and Unknown man present the Grabby for Best Solo.

14) The Grabby goes to Austin Wilde in Bad Boys Get Spanked and Then Fucked by C1R!

15) Look how stoked Austin is!

16) Austin in the spotlight! Hotness!

17) The Grabby for BEST ALL SEX was awarded to The Other Side of Aspen 6, Falcon Studios. Accepting this award we see L to R: Steve Cruz, Tony Buff, Landon Conrad, Adam Robinson, Bruno Bond, and an Unknown person, perhaps a Falcon executive.

18) Another shot of the TOSOA 6 BEST ALL SEX Grabby winners. [Tony still has the red rope hanging off of his belt!]

29) Parker Perry addresses the audience as Christopher Daniels, Diego, Cavin Knight and the unknown hottie look on.