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Just some guys…

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Bruno Bond & Ty LeBoeuf


Rape of Brawny Stud

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Source: Brawny Stud

Who the fuck is Francesco D'Macho????

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Francesco D’Macho

François Sagat

Marco Da Silva

Jason Ridge

Golden Gate, Episode 2- The Island of Lost Toys: Reviewed

November 24, 2010 Posted by suefairview


They say that San Francisco will take you in when no one else will, but that’s little comfort to Alejandro who’s traveled twenty hours to see Adam – only to get stood up. Without Adam to pick him up, Alejandro’s lost, a stranger in a very strange land. When he stumbles across a café, and a chance meeting with Robert his luck finally takes a turn for the better.

studio: NakedSword

director: Chris Ward

models: Kennedy Carter, D.O.

themes: Latino, Hunks


I was really looking forward to seeing episode 2 of the Golden Gate series because I used to travel to foreign countries so much of the time and wanted to see how this was going to be handled. I enjoyed seeing Alejandro’s arrival at SFO, wheeling his little bag down the moving walkway. [Boy have I been there!] He takes a cab to the Castro – Where is Adam??? He only speaks Spanish and seems to handle the waiter at the open air café without problem, but what to do about his dead iPhone? Then his white knight, Robert offers him a charge off of his laptop, which is even white! Robert offers him a coffee, “café” or “agua”, being that he is not so uneducated, a man of the world at that! Alejandro, feeling comforted, accepts.

Next thing we know, they are arriving at Robert’s place! Alejandro enters and asks if he can take a shower. After his shower, he comes out in only a towel and Robert offers to help him with his bag. They open it and out fall black dildos! Robert says “Where do you stick these?” They tussle for them and Alejandro’s towel slips to the floor, revealing a gorgeous boner which Robert wastes no time falling on with his mouth.

Eventually, Alejandro falls onto the twin bed and sprawling there with his pretty erection he looks like a god and larger than life. And I thought, that would look so nice on my bed! I should get one of those! No, I need one of those on my bed! That’s right. Oh, back to the action…

Alejandro licks his fingers and sticks them into Robert’s hole, which is all pink and pretty! [I don’t recall seeing Kennedy’s hole before this. It reminds me of Ty LeBoeuf’s hole which is pink too!] After a bit of rimming, the dildo play ensues. That was fun to watch and Robert was pretty keen on it. Next, Alejandro fucks Robert for real, and that was for me when the problem starts. Suddenly, he speaks perfect English! WHAT? He says things like “You like my big dick ?” HUH? I mean, the sex was great, but what is up with the perfect English? Was that part of the plot or just a mistake? I could see if it was part of the plot, that would be in keeping with the twists and turns in the Golden Gate series so far. For example, in episode 1, the trick’s wallet was stolen.  I could also see if it was an honest error. You can’t tell people to shut up when they are having sex. But a true pro like DO could stop talking during sex if you asked him to. So I am going with it as part of the plot. I also don’t buy him being a waiter. He is just too well dressed for that. Unless he works at some upscale restaurant. What really got me though, was that Robert didn’t notice that Alejandro spoke English.

For me, I was so distracted by that, I could hardly focus on the movie, but they have sex to completion and each have great cum shots that were very nice to see.

After sex, Alejandro’s boyfriend calls and they have “words”, in Spanish, over the phone. Alejandro heads in for another shower, as he is all sweated up again, and Robert lies back on the bed in a wonderful glow.

Well, my interest is even more peaked by this episode. Is the English a flub, or a twist? Only future episodes will reveal the answer to that. Meanwhile, there is all this great sex, and gorgeous men to look at. Nothing at all wrong with now, is there?

Highly recommended.

See the free Golden Gate preview here.

The 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards

February 16, 2010 Posted by suefairview

So many folks we love and admire won 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards, I’m going to group them by studio. Here are the winners:


Best Actor
Runner up: Steve Cruz- Focus/Refocus

Best Videography
Runner up: Dirty! (Leif Gobo/Mustang Studios)

Best Art Direction
Focus/Refocus (Bruno Bond/RSS)

Most Passionate Sex
Runners up: Dirty! Ty LeBeouf and Race Cooper (Mustang)

Best Sex Scene Top Ten
Hard Friction DVD Alessio Romero/Fabio Stallone

Best Sex 3 or more
Focus/Refocus Adam Killian, Steve Cruz & Ricky Sinz (RSS)

Best Rimming
Focus/Refocus Steve Cruz, Cole Streets (RSS)

Best New Studio– The completely reborn Mustang Studios

Savage Humor Award– Diesel Washington in Red Light (Mustang)

Best Supporting Actor
Ryan Raz, Focus/ReFocus, Raging Stallion Studios

Best Non-sexual Performance
Joe Wicht, Focus/ReFocus, Raging Stallion Studios

The Year’s Best Sex (Top Ten)

Francesco D’Macho & Damien Crosse, Porn Stars in Love, Raging Stallion


Best Film Foreign
Love Addiction, Sarava Productions

Best Director Foreign
Strongboli, Love Addiction, Sarava Productions

Best Sex 3 or More

Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas & Bruno Bordas, Love Addiction, Sarava Productions


Best Director — Web
Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho,


Having a Blast! *cum shot*
Runners-up: Manuel Lopez, Stag Fight, Stag Homme

Best New Kids on the Block



Best Daddy-Boy Scene
Nick Moretti & Conner Habib, Brief Encounters, Pantheon Productions


Best Solo
Adam Killian, Taken: To the Lowest Level, Rascal Video

Final thoughts:

I must say, very few surprises here. Steve Cruz was well rewarded for hustling his buns all year, starting a new studio and working so hard on Focus/Refocus. Great going Steve!!! As was Bruno Bond for his Art Direction too. Our hottest threesome WAS the hottest, no surprise there! But with Adam Killian, Ricky Sinz and Steve Cruz, how could they not be? The über sexy couple of Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse was in the top ten for the year’s best sex; how many of us are surprised by that? Not me! Plus they garnered the win for Best Director in a Web setting. I can’t think of anyone else who would. Then Love Addiction for Best Foreign Film, I think that by now we have all agreed that it just is. I am so glad that Nick Moretti won for best Daddy-Boy scene! Congratulations Nick! I love to see a good guy win! Hmm. Sure wish I could see that solo of Adam Killian’s… It must be pretty hot!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Hat Tip: Steve Cruz