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2011 GRABBY Nominees Illustrated!

March 15, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Congratulations to all of the GRABBY nominees for 2011! Here are a few I wanted to single out just for kicks!


Kennedy Carter


Samuel Colt

Race Cooper

Conner Habib

Adam Killian

Wilfried Knight

Angelo Marconi


Tommy Defendi

Adam Killian

Kyle King

Wilfried Knight

Matthew Rus h


Ricky Sinz, Brutal 1 & 2, Raging Stallion Studios


Adrenaline, Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed, Alexsander Freitas, Mustang

Brutal 1, Jason Adonis,Trent Diesel and Spencer Reed, Raging Stallion Studios

Costa Brava, Lucas Fox, Marco Salgueiro and Alex Marte, Kristen Bjorn


Samuel Colt/Crotch Rocket-Mustang

Conner Habib/Raising The Bar-Channel 1 Releasing

Adam Killian/Raising The Bar-Channel 1 Releasing

Angelo Marconi/Brutal 1 & 2-Raging Stallion Studios

Diesel Washington/Getting Levi’s Johnson-Jet Set Men

Bren Wyson/Brutal 1 &2-Raging Stallion Studios


Austin Wilde,Angelo Marconi, Antonio Biaggi, RJ Danvers, David Dirdam and Tony Aziz. Tales Of The Arabian Nights 2/Raging Stallion Studios


Bruno Bond/Steve Cruz, Hot Sex/Raging Stallion Studios

Kristen Bjorn, Horns of Plenty 1/Kristen Bjorn

Tony DiMarco, Brutal1&2/Raging Stallion Studios


Austin Wilde,Angelo Marconi, Antonio Biaggi, RJ Danvers, David Dirdam and Tony Aziz, Tales Of The Arabian Nights 2/Raging Stallion Studios


Arab Heat/Raging Stallion Studios [Bruno Bond!!! Eeep!]

Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios


Steamworks/Raging Stallion Studios


Arab Heat pt.3, Adam Killian and Francesco D’Macho, Raging Stallion Studios

Tales of the Arabian Nights pt 2, Aybars and Steve Cruz, Raging Stallion Studios

Costa Brava, Marco Salgueiro,Alex Marte and Lucas Fox, Kristen Bjorn


Kristen Bjorn, Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios

Steven Scarborough, Loading Zone/Hot House Entertainment

Tony DiMarco, Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios


Night Maneuvers, Raging Stallion Studios


Thirst, [Stag Homme Studios #5], Raging Stallion Studios


Hard Friction Edge, Volume 1:Fresh Meat, Raging Stallion Studios


Tony DiMarco, Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios



Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios

Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios

Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn


Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios


Angelo Marconi

Craig Reynolds

Vince Ferelli


Joe Oppedisano

Kent Taylor


Angelo Marconi and Brenn Wyson, Brutal 1/Raging Stallion Studios




Dean Monroe

Steve Cruz

Francois Sagat

Vince Ferelli's Birthday

March 13, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Vince Ferelli’s Birthday was this past Thursday and I hope he had a great day! Happy Belated Birthday Vince!

Source: Hot Flash

Night Maneuvers: Reviewed

December 14, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Studio: Raging Stallion

Director & Videographer: Tony Dimarco

Cast: Adam Champ, Chris Porter, Conner Habib, DO, Derek Reynolds, Heath Jordan, Kennedy Carter, Paul Wagner, Sami Damo, and Vince Ferelli.

Excerpt: Boys will be boys, and soldiers will be soldiers. There ain’t no girls in the barracks, so guys have to help themselves thru the daily grind of army life. Its still the age of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but lets face it—the army is a much more receptive place than it used to be!


It was interesting to see how the pairings would take place when the current Army is hostile to homosexual activity, so I watched this film with interest! But it all seemed fairly natural, if cold, to me. In the first scene, Kennedy Carter is paired with Derrek Reynolds. I am a sucker for Kennedy’s ginger pubes and laid back manner so I enjoyed seeing him here. There was some clever but cliche dialog before they got into it. Derrek is handsome and beefy; at one point his entire body was glistening and that was very hot! But later he full on drippy sweating and that was really gross! But before Kennedy cums, his cock head was all purpley and gorgeous! Wonderful! that made the scene for me! (more…)

Caught on Tape: Reviewed

November 10, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Caught on Tape was produced by Raging Stallion Studios and directed by Steve Cruz. What follows is my review of this film.


DO has an amazing view from his balcony overlooking San Francisco bay. He can see from the Golden Gate Bridge to Coit Tower. On a lower roof terrace he espies GAYVN Performer of the Year Wilfried Knight and muscle-bound Vince Ferelli kissing and he focuses his videocam on them. They tear each others shirts off in their passion and Vince goes down on his knees to suck on Wilfried’s cock. He throats Wilf in one go and Wilf’s mouth let’s go a huge dollop of drool onto Vince’s back. They then switch and Wilf blows Vince and Vince exclaims “Oh fuck!” We cut to DO and see that he has a boner and is gripping it tightly. Oh yeah, this was hot.

The boys don their clothes and move into the stairwell to continue to have passionate sex that is well lighted by the natural sunlight coming through the clear-story window above the stairs. This must have been difficult to shoot, but it was well worth the effort as the result is wonderful. The men’s muscles and features are highlighted to advantage making the scene unique and memorable. The men are limned by light, as if gilded with silver. Already gorgeous men are as if decorated in this way; I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them. None of the photos show this effect. Vince’s thighs, which were just huge, were unbelievable here! This was a truly great scene; I just love to see these big muscle guys getting fucked and Wilf does a terrific job of it here as would be expected from a Performer of the Year. Truly great scene!

There were a few things I really liked about scene 2. Derrick Hanson is in a fitting room, gets naked and begins to wank off. DO stops by and begins to blow him. What I liked was the way that Derrick grabbed DO’s long hair and jerked his head to face fuck him. That was hot! I also liked before they fucked how DO bear hugged Derrick from behind, putting his huge cock between Derrick’s butt cheeks, and lifting him into the air. Derrick obviously was so horny for DO. Later, while they were fucking, there is a shot through the black leather curtain of the dressing room that reminded me of a shot through the screen door in scene 3 of Attraction. This small voyeuristic element might be a signature of the director, Steve Cruz. Of course each scene is all about voyeurism, as the cameras are rolling on the security cam in the fitting room. The boys are getting all sweaty fucking and then they stand and jerk off. DO’s cum shot is impressive and hits the mirror way on the other side of Derrick. Wow! Derrick’s shot fountains all over himself. What a scene!

I liked the beginning of scene 3, when Angelo Marconi is walking past a brick wall with beautiful graffiti on it. Then he looks at his blackberry and is on Grindr and Angel18 arranges a hook-up with Sexyman69 (Adam Champ). Adam meets him in an iron gated alley, where Angelo waits shirtless (Cheeky huh? Unless you are the very sexy Angelo!). They kiss and it is very sensual. Angelo removes Adam’s shirt, kisses his nipples and opens his jeans to suck his cock. Adam reaches down to finger Angelo’s ass and slap it. Then we see the camera view; it shows us Adam removing Angelo’s jeans and blowing him. Both men are hot and gorgeous! I could watch them all day! The rimming is high quality. I love seeing Angelo getting fucked as he grimaces and I can’t tell if he is in extreme pleasure or pain, but whatever it is, it is hot. There is one time when the two are braced between the walls and Adam fucks Angelo staccato, that was so hot, I don’t know what to tell you. I can see why Adam is Raging Stallion’s Man of the Year. Adam fucks the cum right out of Angelo and it lands on the wall in front of him! Adam pulls out and jerks his cum out in a huge arch that was very showy. This scene was a show stopper and I loved every moment of it.

Scene 4 had a funny start. DO comes home from shopping, remember the fitting room? And sits down to watch some porn. As he surfs by headless men jerking off, he goes by what looks like Bruno Bond spanking Chris Porter and saying “Bad boy!” LOL! [Um, I would have loved to have watched that!!!] Plus there was a squirrel, who looked a lot like Race Cooper, based on the abs, saying something about his nuts. Too funny!

But then the doorbell buzzes and cutie Dayton O’Conner who DO admits and carries to the couch. This pair has real chemistry and Dayton is a very talented bottom. After all of the sucking and rimming (DO’s asshole is as perfect as the rest of him) Dayton backs into DO’s cock at first in doggy style and then DO delivers the fuck stick seriously . DO covers Dayton’s mouth with his hand to keep him quiet when he got noisy, and that was terrifically hot. Dayton manages to scream out “Fuck me harder!” They were sweating so much, that DO’s hair got wet. “Fuck me harder; make me cum!” screamed Dayton, who was blushing majorly. He got his wish, as he came and the shot went way over his own head. Has to be seen to be believed.

Really, all of the performances on this DVD were solid. For standouts, I would rank them this way Adam Champ and Angelo Marconi, Wilfried Knight and Vince Ferelli, DO and Dayton O’Conner, and DO and Derrick Hanson. But all of the performances were very good and difficult to separate. There were no weak performances on this DVD which was high quality the whole way through. But with a high-caliber cast like this one, this is what I would expect.

There is a voyeuristic element to this DVD also; the hidden camera one that catches the sex on tape. Each scene has a hidden camera someplace in it and if you are a voyeur, this is the DVD for you!

Aside from all of these elements, there are also some directorial aspects that come through and were appreciated. Like the lighting in scene 1, the view through the curtain in scene 2 and all of the little clever things in the film. But really, when you think about it, the entire casting, theme, and creation of a film is due to the director in some respects, so kudos to Steve Cruz on this one! It is a total winner! Highly recommended!

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Attraction: Reviewed

October 19, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Attraction was directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond and stars both directors as well as Morgan Black, Sebastian, Brandon Lewis, Sean Stavos, Vince Ferelli, and Heath Jordan. What follows is the Fair View review of the film.


In scene 1, Steve Cruz stands by his window overlooking the city lights on a rainy night and texts ” I miss you”. Then he gets into bed alone. Morning dawns and he is joined by fuzzy, cuddly bear, Heath Jordan. Isn’t this a dream come true, to wish for your lover, only to be awakened by him? Steve shows his appreciation by delivering a mind numbing blow job that mesmerizes Heath. Heath returns the favor and blows Steve lazily while Steve makes some very hot noises that were in themselves quite a turn on.  Steve gives Heath a combination rimming and blow job that makes Heath’s eyes roll back in his head and gives him a very rosy blush. As I have said before: Steve is a master of the blow and rim jobs. Heath fucks Steve in missionary then Steve fucks Heath in doggy.  But the editing between them was kind of rough, as the screen just went dark and then they were in the next position. I would have liked to have seen more of the transition. Heath rode Steve cowboy with Steve bouncing up and down on the bed and Heath jerking off. Suddenly Heath got up and Steve came a little bit in the condom, pulled it off, and jerked a bit more out. Heath jerked off and came on Steve’s abs, then laid down on Steve and they kissed.

Wow. What intense sex that was! You put two guys together who really know what they are doing and just let them go at it! Steve is a master; everything he touches turns to gold. This scene was no different. It was pure hot gold.

If you are into body-builder sex, scene 2 is made just for you! Vince Ferelli and Sebastian are perfectly muscled up hunks that are shown to distinct advantage in every part of kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking in this enjoyable outdoor and indoor sex-romp of a scene. Most memorable for me was when Sebastian was blowing Vince and the veins on Vince’s quads could be clearly seen, just as if he were lifting. Also, there were numerable times when the men were together that the composition of their muscled bodies as they made love was simply beautiful to see, but unfortunately, the photos don’t capture those moments. The entire film must be viewed to see them! No problem there though! I found the sex to be incredibly hot especially when Vince’s cum shoots all the way up to his chin. Sebastian leans between Vince’s legs in the last part and they kiss for a quite photogenic closing. Don’t miss it!

You learn something new everyday. I learned from watching this that hammocks are perfect for soixante-neuf because both of you fall towards each other. Clever lads those Brandon Lewis and Sean Stavos! Just two hot boys having sex in the great outdoors, then they run their cute white butts down the path into the nearby cabin to finish the job. There was one shot through the screen door that was very nice in a voyeuristic way. Both have very nice cum shots, making this a sweet scene.

Bruno Bond [number 4 on my top 5 porn crush list] and Morgan Black are out on the deck kissing, shirtless. They gaze at each other intently and I noticed how pretty Morgan’s eyes are. As the scene continued there were some very nice little nuances that I noticed. The men smiled at each other at times and there were instense looks of passion followed by kissing. These made for really special segues and transitions that I appreciate being shown in porn. When Bruno was riding Morgan cowboy, I loved the setting, as the chairs were old, weathered Adirondak [and looked like teak], plus Morgan’s eyes had a happy look in them, as if he was damn glad to have Bruno on his lap. He was having a good time! Most of the time, Morgan was fucking Bruno doggy style and Bruno held his face in a tight grimace grunting “uh, uh, uh, uh…”. Morgan would say things like “Nice tight ass!” The end was really hot because after Morgan pulled out and came, Bruno stands and with trembling thighs says “Oh yes!” as he shoots his load all over his hand while Morgan devours his ear. So fucking hot! Um yeah, it was good for me too! What could be hotter than that?

Um, I dunno. Gang bang Bruno?????

You’re kidding they did?

You bet your life they did! And what a gang bang it was! Bruno was fucked a total of six times by Brandon Lewis, Sean Stavos, and Morgan Black and face fucked by Brandon Lewis. At the beginning, Bruno really looked lustily at Morgan and Sean as they came up onto the deck while he was riding Brandon reverse cowboy. Bruno’s cum shot was by far the most spectacular since his thighs and this time even his ass, trembled uncontrollably. How does he do that? By the end, he looked bushed but happily satisfied.

This scene really is a must see. I enjoyed it far more than I anticipated I would. It could have been better if there had been more shots of all three guys. The photo below is what I would have liked to see more of, instead they showed close-ups of Bruno’s front or back. But I suppose that is a very editorial comment.

The scene made me so excited and hot that I wanted more than it was offering. Actually, I mentally lost control and this is a first for me while watching porn. I wanted to see Bruno take a DP. But even as I write this, I want to erase it, because I don’t want to pressure anyone into doing anything they don’t want to do, or be hurt doing it. That is my dark side talking; my BDSM side. I have to remember that this film is called Attraction because it is about experienced men having great sex, not hurting each other. I have to restrain myself and enjoy what is offered. But what a fucking finale that is if it sets your mind spinning like that!!!

Attraction is a great DVD that offers solid performances by all of its stars. The body-builder scene is a must see for muscle fans. Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are terrific in their scenes and Morgan Black is fantastic as an addition and has a great look. The finale is a whopper beyond compare and I can honestly say that the impact of it turned me on to levels beyond which I have previously experienced in any porn I have seen. I attribute this mostly to Bruno Bond, as were he to be removed, my response would not have been nearly as dramatic. However, I cannot separate the contribution of the other actors in the scene but I really liked Morgan Black. What a great job producing and directing this DVD! Highly, highly recommended!

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