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I am bummed.

September 16, 2014 Posted by suefairview

First let me explain my credentials to discuss the issue of condom versus bare back sex in porn.

I worked for 22 years at big pharma, some of it in the lab as a chemist, some of it as a safety coordinator, some as a clinical research auditor, and some as a clinical research protocol manager. During that time, I worked on all phases of clinical trials that led to the final approval of a novel antiretroviral therapy. I also worked on an anticancer agent to fight Kaposi’s Sarcoma. I had dedicated my life to fighting HIV and cancer. Unfortunately, this all ended after my brain hemorrhage disabled me.

During the time I was working on the antiretroviral therapy, I traveled across the country and saw very disturbing things. I saw men [some women and children also] who were being robbed of their lives by AIDS and its related illnesses. I saw people who could not walk across the room and were blue with lack of oxygen in their blood due to AIDS related anemia. I saw people covered in Kaposi’s lesions, which along with the accompanying edema crippled them. I saw patients who were on oxygen because of pneumocystis pneumonia.  I could go on and on with the scary instances of concomitant illnesses common in AIDS patients. Back then, AIDS was a death sentence. I saw brave patients go with us to the FDA to plead for drug approvals, which we were fortunate enough to obtain.

Young people, through no fault of their own, have no idea how terrible AIDS can be as they didn’t live through that time. Some people think, “Oh, if I find that I am HIV+, I will just take some pills and be okay.” But think a minute about that. How many pills? [And they will be for the rest of your life.] What will they cost? How will you pay for them? How much will you worry at every cough that you have? Or worry with any symptom that you have? Of course, you may be immunosuppressed as well, and therefore have increased susceptibility to other diseases, including STD’s. I have suffered with a chronic illness and complying with the medication is not easy and can be depressing. From thereon forward, you will be HIV+, and need to take precautions such as telling your sexual partners that you are positive and having regular blood testing for CD4 counts and HIV levels. And of course as you get older, being HIV+ can complicate diseases of aging. Oh, and did I mention the possible side effects of HIV therapies that you will have to tolerate for the rest of your life?

Yes, I mean to scare you.

I was also a safety coordinator for about 600 employees. At big pharma we worked with all kinds of infectious diseases [including HIV] as well as toxic and radioactive chemicals. We followed OSHA and NRC procedures and were audited for same. I personally maintained records of exposure to radiation for every employee who worked with it, as was required by regulation. I also maintained accident records for the site. I did laboratory inspections and made reports. I headed both the safety and radiation safety committees and in this capacity, wrote safety procedures to improve our safety and standards.

So, my views of safe versus unsafe sex are formed by these experiences in the scientific, medical and professional safety capacities.

I  have been reviewing gay pornography since 2008. Of course I adore gay porn!!!! I thought that my blog would be a good way to spread the message that safe sex is hot sex.

In the past year or two however, many of my industry friends have opted to the bare backing scene. I too have been approached by studios who have bareback sex for reviews and promotion and I have always said “No thank you”. A well known director who has won awards told me in confidence that he believed that studios in the future would all be bareback.

My opinion is that what one does at home is one’s own business. But once a sex worker steps into a studio, that employee’s safety should be protected by the employer. Period. It is totally a question of employee safety in my mind. The entire freedom of speech argument is a non-sequitor and illogical. The studio is a workplace; the employee is given instructions to follow by the employer. It is all a question of safety. I could not go into big pharma and say whatever I wanted for fear of being fired. Or, I could not choose not to follow safety requirements because of free speech. I would be at risk of being fired. Plus I could endanger fellow employees and the property. Using condoms in porn is the only known way to protect employees from HIV and STD’s.

When AB1576 was introduced in California, I was hopeful! Finally condoms would be required in porn in California.

Resistance was fierce. Most of it was for financial reasons though; never a good slant for safety. I could recount many times that safety was sacrificed for the almighty dollar.

It was true though that sex workers’ records would have to be maintained at the studio under AB1576. But this was never a problem at our company. Personal information was kept confidential at all costs. A responsible employee would not have trouble with doing this. Also, there would be no need to sero-sort performers who were using condoms. If bare backing companies are sero-sorting, don’t they already have personal medical information? Why isn’t it a problem if BB studios do it, but as soon as it is done for safe sex, privacy is an issue.

Unfortunately, the bill failed. That is why I am so bummed.

I am against bare backing because of my concern for employee safety and also because I believe that influenceable viewers may copy what they see their favorite porn star doing on-screen. The CDC reports that HIV infections are up in the US. Infection rates are also up in Europe and Asia. Here is another article on the matter. Though no scientific study has proven the association to be true I feel the association is a no-brainer. Besides, shouldn’t we err on the side of safety?

I feel that the real heroes of this story are those sex workers who refuse to take the bigger paycheck that bare backing offers, which can easily be more than $1,000 per scene plus airfare. For many of these people, that is a huge amount of money. Also worthy of note are the studios that refuse to go to raw sex, even given the greater financial rewards available.

Part of the problem is that the porn market is changing and salaries are far lower than they were in the past for sex workers. At one time, a sex worker would earn $2,000 per scene, now that has dropped to $400 to $600. Plus amenities such as airfare are not paid out anymore.

All of these problems could be solved if there was a sex worker union formed. Salaries are determined by unions as are worker safety standards. But forming a sex worker union is quite problematic when escorting is not legal in many states. Even if it was, still the organizing and signing up of sex workers would be a monumental task.

So, I am bummed. Majorly. I have lost interest in doing reviews and even in watching porn altogether.

All I can say is that if you are a sex worker who is bare backing, take Truvada. It should protect you from sero-converting if you can tolerate it. Unfortunately it will not protect you from other STD’s.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

September 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

This is a video from a “How I roll” campaign made in 2008 that is relevant today as we all struggle to keep the number of new cases of HIV down. Find out more here.


Logan McCree: A candid and intimate interview, part 1

April 2, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Logan McCree is 31 years old, won Mr. Leather in Germany in 2004 and has been a porn actor since 2007. His accolades include:

·  2009 GayVN Awards winner of Performer of the Year and winner of Best Sex Scene in The Drifter with Vinnie D’Angelo.

·  2009 Grabby Awards winner of:

Best Duo Sex Scene for The Drifter with Vinnie D’Angelo
Best Three-Way Sex Scene in To the Last Man with Ricky Sinz and Scott Tanner
Best Actor in The Drifter

·  2010 XBIZ Awards winner of Gay Performer of the Year

In late 2010, he launched his own website with private videos which he called . More information can be obtained from his official fan-site,

Sue: You could probably live anyplace in the entire world if you wanted too. What is it about Scotland that appeals to you and why are you moving there?

Logan: Well, I was always interested in Scotland. Something about the landscape, the ghost stories and the rough weather fascinated me long before I went there for the first time.

Seven years ago an old comrade from my military times went to Scotland with me for a short holiday. He slept in a tent and hitchhiked cross-country. And the whole country, nature, people, weather…. everything was exactly how I was hoping it to be. It felt like finally coming home.

Ever since then I knew that I wanted to live in Scotland. But there is always a “right moment” for everything and I didn’t want to move to Scotland just to realize that I’m not ready for it. But last year started to get the feeling that the right time has come.

While I am answering your questions I am sitting in a nice little chocolaterie [YUM!] in Durness (on the eastcoast of Scotland) and in a couple of hours I have an appointment with a lawyer to talk about the plot of land I want to buy. It is very exciting for me even though it’s also a bit terrifying, because I don’t really have a lot of money.

Sue: Why specifically are you a vegetarian and when did you start? What won’t you eat (for example, will you eat eggs, fish, or dairy)? What do you eat to get the protein you need?

Logan: I am a vegetarian because to me killing an animal is a crime as long as I don’t “have to” do it. And I feel absolutely fine with not eating meat. I got no problem with other people eating meat, it’s their choice, but I would feel very guilty. I am a full vegetarian but not vegan. Which means, I eat all sorts of vegetables, grains and nuts, but also egg and dairy products. I don’t eat fish and sea fruits. Protein is not a problem, since I eat a lot of dairy products and protein shakes to support my workout.

Sue: Why did you decide never to do drugs and alcohol? Was there a particular incident or person that triggered this?

Logan: Well I guess I was never really fascinated by drugs. When I was a teenager I would drink some alcohol just to try it. I actually got drunk three times. I never smoked a cigarette… First, because my mother was a heavy smoker and I didn’t like that but also because there was a guy at school, Michael, he was a couple of years older than me and he was one of the sport-guys in my school. I kinda was in love with him, but not in a sexual way… I dreamt of him being my older brother or best friend. He once said “Cigarettes suck” so it was clear to me that I would never touch a cigarette, because my big idol told me so 🙂 We are actually still in contact. He is married now and had a kid. And he is still a non-smoker.

I stopped drinking alcohol because there was a time in my life in which “less is more” was my golden rule. I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, black and green tea, taking medicine and eating sugar. And sugar is the only thing that [I] embraced back into my life (after a couple of days) 🙂

Taking drugs [was] always was a sign of weakness to me. I hate loosing control and drugs make you lose control just like alcohol does. (I know that every drug has a different impact on every person and I don’t want to generalize them, but I can see no reason why I should take any kind of drug. I am very, very happy with who I am and how I feel 🙂

Sue: What is your philosophy on life?

Logan: I try to serve god. I am not part of a religion and no book or priest can tell me what god expects of me. I think that god (or however you want to call him) is in contact with everybody. We just have to listen carefully. I try to do that. Sometimes I don’t listen closely enough and after a while I realize that I am on the wrong path. In that case I just change the direction and go on. I don’t believe in punishment and sin and judgment. At least not like most Christians do.

The most important things for me are: try to act good. Help people (to help themselves), be honest, don’t kill and try not to hurt, if you see something bad going on, interact without judging.

Sue: After you have moved to Scotland, what do you think you will miss most from Germany?

Logan: My friends, my girlfriend, CozyCoreClub – the party I run every Tuesday, Dresden – my Hometown and going out to the movies (there is no cinema in the village I want to move to).

Sue: Are you a country boy or a city boy and why?

Logan: A country boy. I don’t feel comfortable cities at all. I especially don’t like Berlin. (New York on the other hand is ok for me, I don’t know why.) Of course there are some things about cities that are nice, like cinemas, comic book stores, cd stores….but that’s about it, to be honest. But I love the fresh air in a forest, the landscape and animals. I feel much more alive on the countryside.

Sue: What were the formative moments in your childhood?

Logan: The biggest impact on me had [to be] comic books and movies. Spider-Man was my biggest hero and his sense of justice still has a huge impact on me.

The most formative moment in my youth I guess was the death of my mother.

Sue: Who are your role models?

Logan: Wolverine (the X-Men comic character) and Archangel Michael I would say. Wolverine represents my wild side, connected to nature and earth and Michael the spiritual world that is part of my life. Both are warriors which is definitely what I am.

Sue: How old is your Siberian husky/German shepherd mix dog Ares? Will you always own a dog and if so, what kind will it be?

Logan: My dog is nine years old now and he is a very healthy boy 🙂 I think I will always go for a wolf-like dog.

Sue: When you jerk off, what thoughts put you over the edge, are they fantasies, or is reality enough?

Logan: To be honest, for me fantasy was always better than real sex. Ever since I was a teenager I loved to think about sexual situations, things I never wanted to happen in real life. That hasn’t changed much over the years. Most of my fantasies are related to situations that could happen, like hitchhiking and getting a lift by a handsome straight man, who wants to try it out with a guy. When I was younger I had quite a lot of fantasies about being gang raped. That’s something I would never want to experience in real life. A lot of these dreams took place in huge shower rooms. The kind you would find in a gym or a prison, but much bigger. It was almost like a labyrinth. I am also quite fascinated by father-son stories. For some reason full-on sex is usually not part of these situations. Its more about jerking off or watching somebody.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this in-depth interview, where Logan discusses his gender identity, relationship status and the future of

Threesome Logan McCree, Vinnie D´Angelo and Felix Barca: Reviewed

December 2, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Okay, so I watched the Logan McCree ménage à trois avec Vinnie D’Angelo and Felix Barca on LOGANMCCREE.TV and noticed a few things. First of all, it seems that Logan likes his bears! That’s okay with me, since I like them too [my husband is one!].Why is it that bears are so sweet? Must be all that honey!

What I liked about it was that all three participants were busy all the time, which is not that easy to do in directing a threesome. Yet I did not get the feeling that there was any plan utilized here at all; the three horny guys just went at it, which makes it all the more incredible. There was total versatility in this scene so that everybody fucked everybody and sucked everybody. But only Logan got rimmed; I guess he’s the only one of the three into that. At one point when the action got very heated, Vinnie tried to slip his dick  into Barca’s hole when Logan’s was already in there, but it was a half hearted attempt at a DP, which then got laughed off when it didn’t work with Logan saying “Two in one hole!!!” The close-ups continue to be remarkable to the extent that it was difficult to tell who was doing what to whom. At one point, Logan had to ask a bottom, I think it was Barca, to slow down or stop posting, twice, so that he wouldn’t cum. That was hot!

All three cum shots happened simultaneously where Vinnie and Logan kneeled over a prone Barca’s face and Barca came onto himself. It is a must see!

Then I took my nap and the images stayed with me, which is unusual for porn. But my subconscious mind kept trying to connect the bodies with the faces; to put the puzzle together as it were. It was a very pleasant way to drift off to sleep! But I woke continuing to be intrigued by Logan and his pals. I knew that there were videos of Logan with Vinnie and Felix on his site separately, so I watched them too.

I was very impressed with them also. What I liked about both of them, was that they give the feel that they are private videos that Logan has made just for his members viewing pleasure.

Okay, I will be very honest here. I have never really liked Vinnie D’Angelo. He is too much like my husband. They are both chubby, cuddly bears. When I watch porn, I prefer to see muscle studs instead of what I have at home. It is all part of the fantasy. But now I see that I might have been mistaken to exclude them. Bears can be hot too! As I watched Logan McCree and Vinnie D’Angelo and they were so tender together and seemed to know each other so well. It was kind of heartwarming to see. There was fondness and even love there. They were gentle, caring and receptive with each other. I’m sorry, but I found that hot. They communicated their needs, well Logan did, and Vinnie gave him what he wanted. That was definitely hot! The rimming close-ups were sublime! Actually I don’t even know how the camera close-ups were achieved. It feels like you could just nudge Vinnie out of the way and stick your tongue into Logan’s hole! The fucking was tremendously hot!

Logan McCree and Felix Barca was very hot also. In this one, Felix helps himself to nipple play. The close-ups were so close, that you see individual hair follicles! Below is my camera capture of a rimming shot, though some were even closer than this:

The best rimming images I have ever seen, EVER SEEN, were in this film. You can see Barca’s tongue go right into Logan’s hole. It is almost as if it is an internal image!

So, after watching all of this LOGANMCCREE.TV I finally felt satisfied. Didn’t take much, did it? LOL!

Highly, highly recommended!

Take a free tour here!

Porn Stars In Love

June 1, 2009 Posted by suefairview