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Just some guys 38 [the skin edition]…

July 27, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: All links in the right column to the right; Adam Champ’s birthmark and Adam being cute; Angel Rock getting head from Tate Ryder & topping same; Benjamin Godfre; Liam Magnusson; an unknown hottie; Dato Foland naked; Dave Mason posing in one of his creations and taking part in a show that he costumed; Diesel Washingon; D.O.; Dontato Reyes; Dylan Roberts; Jesse Jackman takes a bath and tops Dirk Caber on stage; Jimmy Durano shows his assetts and looks happy pointing to the limits his career can go to; Landon Conrad tops Trey Turner; Large Tony; Leo Forte; Logan McCree; Lucio Saints front, side, and with Diesel O’Green; Marc Dylan gets a shower of cum; Jimmy blows Marc; Marcus Ruhl masters the wrestling match; Paddy O’Brian shows his now not so virgin ass and fucks a boy; Pavel Petel poses for us; Pedro Andreas poses in two arty photos; Ray Han’s booty in three photos!; Robin Sanchez with the discus; Rogan Richards eats cake in color and B&W; Ryan Rose gets throated and loves to be rimmed; François Sagat; Samuel Colt front and back; Spencer Reed fucks a boy; Topher Dimaggio and BF Anthony Romero; Topher rims and fucks Tate Ryder; Trey turner’s asshole and two photos of his cock; famous glazed donut photo of Francesco D’Macho from Verboten; Vito Gallo in Unzipped.

2013 Grabby Awards Red Carpet Part 2

May 28, 2013 Posted by suefairview

My thanks to the Grabbys for allowing me to attend as press! See all this year’s winners here.

Notes: Trenton Ducati was nice enough to put on an exclusive photo shoot just for me!!!!! So that is what the next 10 photos are; I felt so unworthy – I wasn’t far enough away and I should have had my camera on motordrive! But here are the results. The last 4 photos in this set are by FV reader Arturo, who took some snaps of me photographing Trenton.; the tall blond is Trenton’s current love interest, with Shawn Wolf and the man himself; Trenton clowns around with Raphael Alencar; Topher Dimaggio and bf; Tom Wolfe looks ever so lustfully at Parker Perry; they smooch; and then smile for the camera; The Wildes, Austin and Christian; Scotty interviews Topher; a brightly colored and dapper Jimmy Durano with his agent; ready for anything, JR Bronson; Trenton smooches his man while Scotty looks on; Trenton posing with Scotty; newcomer Adam Rose [wearing the Slick It Up platinum star hoodie] being interviewed by Scotty. Exclusive: Adam Rhodes is to be in a new film with Adam Champ; Christopher Daniels chats with Scotty; Arturo with Adam Champ; Bruno, Adam and Steve; a clean shaven Vito Gallo, Hans Berlin, Raphael, and Scotty; Raphael engages in the now annual molesting of Scotty; Hans looks on bemused at the craziness around him as everyone is talking at the same time; the next four photos are by Arturo.


Just some guys 37…

May 13, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Adam Champ poses coyly;Adam Killian fucks Marc Dylan for MEN; Alexsander Freitas on the beach in a very recent photo; Alex with his friend Lee; Alex posing in a shirt of his own design; Angel Rock screwing Marcus Ruhl; a gorgeous photo of Angelos Petheryotis and Colton Ford; Angel Rock plows Tate Ryder; Arnaud Leather Amsterdam compted in Mr. Leather Amsterdam in his hopes to attend IML in Chicago. Here he is pictured with the winner of Mr. Leather Europe and Mr. Leather Italy. In my opinion, Arnaud should have won!; Francesco‘s dog Benji plays frisbee; Bruno Knight loves his new bike!; Damien Crosse throws a kiss from the beach in Brazil and shows us his new tat that covers the old moon phases one; Dave Mason shows off his new costume that he designed for a party!; D.O. has a new movie out called ORIGINAL SINNERS that was shot in the jungles of Costa Rica [photos sent by Glenn]; Donato Reyes shows us his bottom line, um, er, hole; Francesco and Gustavo are ready to paint the town red; Goran sunning on the beach and rowing in Madrid; HRH Prince Harry is in the Unites States right now; Jessy Ares with a skunk; Jesse Jackman naked in the locker room and with his Grabby tickets! Most of you may not know that Jesse’s mom was a competition weightlifter until she turned 73!;  Topher Dimaggio for Andrew Christian; Jimmy Durano and Christian Owen take a bath with Ollie; Jimmy looks like a kid with this cap and Ollie; Ollie fever!; a sensual photo of Logan McCree; Marco Session’s ass; Marcus Ruhl all tied-up; Nick Moretti plays with a hose; Pavel Petel very sexy with long hair [Pavel Pétel for H&M, Makeup & Photo: Sergey Ostrikov]; Pedro Andreas’ new puppy all grown up and looking devastingly hunky at the seaside; Lucio Saints with Jessy Ares; Robin Sanchez’s new look: I think Rogan Richards is sexier with long hair; Rogan is trying to bring back string muscle tanks; newly retired from porn, Francios Sagat stands nude on the 16th floor of his hotel overlooking a city; Samuel Colt was so taken with HoneyMahogany on RuPaul’s Drag Race when he met her; that after copious amounts of Vodka, he tried on her pumps!; just some guy; Spencer Reed and new spouse Damir Krupic/Reed; Spencer and Damir going for a ride with a friend; Steve Cruz out shopping, maybe for the Grabbys???; Steve and Bruno going all bushy with the beards!!! I love it!; a nice portrait of Tate Ryder; Tate is rimmed by Topher; retired Tom Wolfe still hearts bottoms and now he is available; Tomas Brand at Gigolo; Tomas and husband Logan Rogue; Tommy Defendi  – I hope he knows it is impolite to point!; Trenton Ducati looking gloriously sexy in two poses; Trey Turner posing in his new Alexsander Freitas silver tank; Ty Roderick’s cock; Ty looking all kinds of hot with mirrored sunglasses; Vito Gallo posing seductively on a bed.

Just some guys 36…

April 21, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: François Sagat is posing again; Pedro Andreas’ puppy is growing up; Rogan Richards and his life-mate Tommy did Room Service in London when they were there; Dirk Caber, bf to Jessie Jackman; Nick Moretti and his dog Cynder; Zeb Atlas and his ugly beard [what was he thinking???]; style icon Dave Mason with sweet treats; Pedro Andreas as Tarzan; Benji, Francesco’s puppy; ginger Seth Fornea has a blog; Francesco & Damien; Adam Killian posing for Fahrenheit; Diesel Wasington cookin’ up somethin’; a meal with Damien can turn into this; Angelo Marconi shows his assets; Paddy O’Brian fucks Donato Reyes; Jake Genesis with Brazilian buddies; Marcus Ruhl in front of a mirror; see Tom Wolfe and Draven Torres LIVE next weekend in Cleveland [I guess Tom is retiring?]; Lucio Saints has his cock out in the snow; Jus who is Jake Genesis fucking?; Colton Ford looks pretty damn good for a man in his fifties; Samuel Colt and fiancée Chris Porter were in Germany where they met up with the director Strongboli [Love Addiction] and his husband; Jimmy Durano shows his other assets; Leo Domenico and Tomas Brand go-go dance; Marcus is all tied up; an extremely furry Bruno Bond is all ready for us; a lovely photo of Jay Roberts; Junior Stellano parts his cheeks; Adam Killian rims a costar in “Hole”; Paddy gives us a glimpse of his tool; Alexsander Freitas in his younger days; Jimmy Durano’s puppy Ollie has captured my heart; Trenton Ducati warms up the stripper pole; Race Cooper poses for Kevin Hoover; Spencer Reed finds a chair that suits him on his honeymoon in Dubai; Alexsander is in Brazil with good friend Gazelle Paulo, who is wearing one of Alex’s shirts; Marcus in the Caribbean sun; Vito Gallo looking fine; Ollie begging for ice cream [I would give him some]; Diesel working hard on Hard Wire; Trey Turner naked; Tate Ryder taking a fist for the first time; Angelo Pethyrotis and Colton kissing; Bruno Kinght zipping off to his bf’s house; Bryan Cole reading the emergency instructions at his hotel; Diesel gets into character; Diesel with Leo Forte as they work the scene in Naked Swords’ Hooker Stories film; Dirk recently landed a gig with Mr. S Leather; D.O. modeling; Draven posing in all of his extreme cuteness and hotness; Samuel’s puppies Bacon & Eggs; Goran treats with a coati mundi in Iguacu; Colby Keller is all restrained and ready for you to do with whatever you want; this is exactly what I want Trenton to do to me!; Diego Vena and D.O. at Cocktails with the Stars [photo by Tball]; Diego [photo by Tball]; Jessy Ares poses for Sold Out Clothing; Junior Stellano’s new puppy; Ollie using Landon Conrad as a chair; Diesel manhandles Pierre Fitch; Robin Sanchez has packed on the muscle; Rogan and Angelo in Colton’s “Let me live again” video; Jesse Santana at Playtime; Angelo naked; Steve Cruz as a cub in 1994; an awesome photo of Trenton; Trey screwing around; a close-up of Trey’s cock; hot as fuck and still in Russia – it is Pavel Petel!

Sorry for not posting the links, if not on my sidebar, google them!

Just some guys 35…

April 8, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Adam Champ poses with Champito; Ricky looking very sexy at his workout; Trenton Ducati was chosen as the poster boy for Hustlaball London!; Pedro Andreas saddled up; Paddy O’Brian in Dripping Wet 4; Vito Gallo, Junior Stellano, and Tom Wolfe each pose naked; Jimmy Durano is blown by an unknown adult entertainer with nice hair; Paddy fucks Donato Reyes; Angel Rock poses in the pool; Jake Genesis poses for Colt; Colton Ford whose music video we are all waiting for; Alexsander Freitas poses for Gazelle Paulo; Vito cleans up nice; Lucio Saints fucks Samuel Colt for Alphamales; Trenton’s “tool”; STAG AFFAIRS, the new dvd from Raging Stallion Studios and Staghomme; Angelo Petheyrotis snuggles with his puppy; Rogan Richards captures a cray cray day; François Sagat poses in the SIU wedding garb designed for him by Dave Mason; Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Charlie Harding and Charlie’s partner Scotty Rage at the Black Party; Chase Hostler posing for a cupcake ad; Colby Keller posing for an artist; Damon Danilo lets it all hang out; Damien Crosse with a friend in Rio; Damien on vacation; Damien with Goran and pal at waterfalls in Brazil; Diego Vena, winner of Hookie Award for Mr. Escort Florida; Derek Parker posted this photo of a TP!; Diesel Washington; D.O. and Adam Killian flip fuck in Kings of New York (I can’t think of a better pairing!!!) photo source is ATTEMPTED ENTERTAINMENT; Jimmy Durano’s dog Ollie in the cage used in the Dom; Paddy O’Brian’s cock; Pavel Petel takes a bath with rubber ducky and attitude; rear view; Samuel with a horse; Tate Ryder; two photos of Ty Roderick’s cock; Ty Roderick sitting and standing; on “the happiest day of his life”, Spencer Reed marries his bf in Germany – Congratulations to the happy couple!; Will Helm sits atop Kris Aston.

Below is a video of Jessy Ares performing “Pornstar” at Muccassassina in Rome: