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Stag Homme Studio’s INTO THE WOODS Reviewed

July 26, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme takes you “Into the Woods” with Bulgarian heart-throb Goran and the delectable Basque Xavi in his bottoming debut. This outdoor masterpiece fuck-flick is all about primal masculine beauty in its zenith. These muscle-studs take turns choking on each other´s shafts in an interplay of sweat, spit and unbridled heat. Goran then devours Xavi´s virgin ass before voraciously tearing it up and then squirting a gallon of thick white cum all over his precious face. However, it´s not just Goan´s cum that Xavi´s going gaga over…he’s got quite the appetite for Goran´s piss as well.

Directed by Damien Crosse & Francesco D’Macho


I was impressed for many reasons by INTO THE WOODS. First of all, I love both of these models! I have had a crush on Xavi since he appeared on the screen in his Stag Homme debut with Damien Crosse, so long ago, but it seems like yesterday to me! Such a hot little fucker! And then Goran! Woof! What can I say? Could anyone be hotter than Goran? Not in my book! [Dato who? LOL!]

There was pretty guitar music for the lead in to this scene. I really enjoyed the blow-job swap at the beginning of the film and how it demonstrated the models’ expertise at this particular skill set. But it is not really a “swap”, since they go back and forth about a half a dozen times; it is more like watching a tennis game where the players are nude and blowing each other! LOL! It was super hot though, with all of the face fucking and hips moving and spitting and kissing… Woof! I was blown away.

There was a short rimming sequence that was predictive of things to come as Xavi moved his ass and body on Goran’s finger and tongue like and expert bottom. Once inside Xavi in the doggy position, Goran held Xavi close and really pounded him for a while. Then Goran let Xavi ride his cock while he stood rock solid as the boulders they were leaning on. That was hot. Goran’s copious cum shot coated Xavi’s entire face. Goran then peed a stream in front of a kneeling Xavi.

The combination of the woodsy setting by the stream, lovely guitar music, beautiful men, and multiple camera angles made for a highly romantic film that must be seen to be experienced. I really liked the camera angle from above that showed Goran’s tight, white butt fucking Xavi. There must have been some tight editing to meld these great camera angles into one film that turned out so great! What superb work this is by both the models and the directors, Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. Congratulations guys; it is another hit!

Highly, highly recommended.

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Stag Homme Studios SPYCAM: XAVI & MYLO Reviewed

September 25, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Xavi invites over his trick, newcomer Mylo, and secretly records their sexual encounter. Voyeurs and hidden cam lovers this is for you.

Starring Xavi and Mylo.


Oh yeah. Voyeurs are gonna love this one. Xavi fans too. It is really wonderful to see how Xavi has come into the Stag Homme fold, beginning as a confused hooker picked up by Damien who perhaps harbored some trepidation as he was asked to jerk off in a cable car in THUGS IN PUBLIC. How could he have known that it would lead to a career at Stag Homme?

But Xavi was up for anything that Damien asked of him, from exposing his cock to a stranger, to pissing, to giving a blow job, to cumming. Is he not the cutest and hottest thing you have seen?

In SPYCAM, Xavi sets up the camera to spy on his trick, Mylo. Xavi then gazes up into the spycam as if to flirt with us or himself. The entire video could have been a solo dedicated to Xavi, as far as I am concerned. But, Mylo was worth every penny, as he was able to throat Xavi’s fat cock. The rimming was great because Mylo pulled back his ass cheeks and Xavi used his forefinger and licked it. Unfortunately, because it was a spycam, there were no close ups! Mylo’s butt was nicely accentuated by his tan lines. During the missionary position, Xavi placed 4 fingers in Mylo’s mouth, which demonstrated his poise and was hot! After jerking off, the men had virtually simultaneous cum shots with nice loads.

If you are a voyeur or a fan of Xavi’s, SPYCAM: XAVI & MYLO is highly recommended. See the free preview at Stag Homme Studios.

Stag Homme Studio’s MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER Reviewed

July 25, 2012 Posted by suefairview

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as spending the summer along the Mediterranean coast. And at Stag Homme you get to experience it for yourself in its most brilliant glory. Xavi and Damien Crosse star in this intensely sensual fuck-flick which intertwines erotica and hardcore porn. Director Francesco D´Macho brings you “Mediterranean Summer”, your best wet dream.

Starring Xavi and Damien Crosse.


MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER, an erotically romantic vignette, reminded me most of SENSES / While the City Watches, also from Stag Homme. In SENSES/CITY, which came out pretty much together, we had Damien Crosse and Adrian Toledo standing in a hot tub on Martin Mazza’s roof top overlooking the city of Madrid, while in SUMMER we have Damien and Xavi purportedly near a beach on the Mediterranean. In SENSES, there is music in the background, just like how in SUMMER there is a ‘waves hitting the shore’ sound track in the background. Use of background sound at all is quite rare in a Stag Homme production. In both we have water trickling down the muscular bodies of the models. In SENSES, it was from a small hose, while in SUMMER, it was from a fine mist. I must say, that I appreciate the effect that this water has! Both films were directed by Francesco D’Macho, who demonstrates his fine appreciation for the male body, romanticism, eroticism, and copious directing and production talent. [I don’t think he’ll ever tire of making films that star Damien. Who would???]

The models do what they do best. The make it look so easy, hot and romantic. But trust me, it is not easy to do this and make it look this great. Aside from the sexual skills that both Damien and Xavi have, and they are manifold, both are gorgeous men at their physical peak.This is the stuff on which dreams are made.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

CONTATTO: A NEW Stag Homme DVD from Raging Stallion Studios! UPDATED

September 28, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Hoo boy! Is this one ever going to be hot! It includes Stag Homme Studio‘s features Holding Sand, Gran Via, Al Gusto, S.P.Q.R. and Mad Hunter’s Stalls and stars Francesco D’Macho, Damien Crosse, Xavi, Adonis, Adrian Toledo, Goran and Valentino. The film was directed by Francesco D’Macho. All of these scenes were tremendously awesome! Read my reviews, which are linked to the titles, if you don’t believe me. They were all home runs! What a deal this disc is! Run, don’t walk and buy it! What a terrific way to see the works of Stag Homme without actually joining. Stag Homme Studios hire the most beautiful young men in the world to be in their films and they don’t seem to work for other companies. You can only see them on Stag Homme releases. Another great reason to buy this DVD.

From RSS:

A series of sexual vignettes that are sure to leave you wanting more, Contatto takes the fantasies of Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse and brings them to life in this ultra-realistic series of encounters that can only be dreamed of. A super sexy delivery boy earns his tip by using his mouth and ass, a romantic rooftop sexual rendezvous, a super-hot, dreamy shower, a raunchy and spontaneous nightclub bathroom tryst and finally a primitive and ultra-masculine Roman soldier fight and fuck fest that is one of the most unique and fiery and powerful scenes ever filmed by Stag Homme.

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Stag Homme’s Gran Via Reviewed

June 7, 2011 Posted by suefairview

[A note about the cigarette smoking in the first part of this film. While I applaud Stag Homme Studios for showing the condom and being a strong proponent for safe sex, I am horrified that they would show cigarette smoking in one of their films! AIDS kills 1.8 million people per year globally, while tobacco kills 5.4 million; three times as many! And all preventable! What was Stag Homme Studios thinking by glamorizing smoking in this film??? How many young people will now see smoking as cool and sexy and keep on doing it or take it up? I understand that smoking might indeed be part of such a sex filled afternoon in Spain. But I wish that Stag Homme would understand their position as a global role model for health and safety and take the responsibility to edit the smoking out of this otherwise beautiful film.]


This was a truly beautifully shot film which starred gorgeous young men with smooth, soft as a peach skin (the pattern on the bed linens actually left marks on Adriano’s butt). Both Adrian Toledo, now a Stag Homme Exclusive, and Xavi are tan with dark eyes and hair and have that Latin loveliness that includes long eyelashes. The pacing of the film was nice and slow, just like a hot Spanish afternoon should be. It is way too hot to hustle, just another sip of champagne and blow me some more! Boy did they!

The famous street scape was recognizable to me; I remember the clock tower and think we met Cristiano for breakfast across the street from there. So many people have a terrific view of the lovers from their windows, but in Madrid this doesn’t seem to matter. Lo mas!

The rimming has to be the most delicate I have ever seen! Xavi uses his tongue as if it were a ballerina, dancing over Adrian’s hole gracefully and then returning to his mouth with a flourish. He opens Adrian’s hole wide for us to see.

The fucking was nice and slow as well. All through this the boys were so photogenic. Their faces, bodies, genitals, all of it seemed gorgeous and perfect. The results are captured in the photos which are divine! Adrian rode Xavi cowboy and then Xavi screwed him in the missionary position. Both had very nice cum shots. What a super way to spend an afternoon in Madrid!

The actors were terrific, the camera work was fabulous, and the location certainly could not be beat! This was a total winner except for the smoking. Get rid of that, and you have another home run for Stag Homme Studios!

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