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FALCON 40TH ANNIVERSARY Collector’s Edition Disc 3 Reviewed

February 22, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Falcon 40th Anniversary

Since 1971, Falcon Studios has set the standard for gay adult male entertainment by presenting the hottest men on earth in films of the absolute highest quality. Falcon launched the careers of many gay icons and established the modern male sexual aesthetic. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the most celebrated studio in gay porn, we have gathered 50 scenes featuring the work of the most popular gay superstars of all time. This six-disc collector’s set is a Limited Edition.


I took one look at the FALCON 40TH ANNIVERSARY Collector’s Edition and knew I had to share it with you, my readers, because it is a goldmine for collectors. Certainly some of the names are stars that will be remembered for a lifetime, or should be! In any event, their work should not be forgotten, but treasured and watched and enjoyed over and over. There are a total of 6 discs in this incredible compilation of work.

There is so much material, that I had to break it down by discs, so here is my review of disc 3.

Down Home

In this lush and sexy scene, Kris Cord goes for a swim in a clear blue pool. Danny Somers oils his back very slowly and sensually. They do it all, just to show us that they know how, I am sure! And it is hot and wonderful to watch. Kris drops a big load at the end. Worth watching!

Hot Pursuit

David Montana tops Cliff Parker in a Mens’ Club in this special scene in Hot Pursuit. Voyeur Dean Johnson jerks off while watching the pair go at it. David had a VERY nice cum shot onto Cliff’s back; the stream was strong, it was almost like he pissed on him! A must see!

The Abduction Series

Redemption is the featured scene, and I enjoyed it quite a bit! Jesse Tyler leads a ninja-like force into a foreign military complex via the rooftop where the guards are silently disabled. They work their way downstairs, through more guards and finally Jesse reaches the headquarters, where we see a very young [and hot!] Zak Spears guarding a metal box with his life! They tussle [OMG!] and Zak prevails, finally ripping Jesse’s pants right off his ass! LOL! Of course this totally incapacitates Jesse! Who just wants Zak’s meat so bad! Sorry, but this scene was both hilarious and hot at the same time. Believe it or not, it was a flip-flop that must be seen to be believed. What a treat to see Zak in his youth!

Roll in the Hay

Aiden Shaw, Rob Cryston and Christian Fox star in this dreamy bucolic sequence about fucking the perfect blond farm boy. Dreams cum true in this one. If that is your dream, you’ll love it!

Foul Play

Hello size Queens! Brad Stone is in this one and he brings his 11″ monster-dick with him! See him fuck Brad Mitchell in three positions until they both cum! If you like big cocks, don’t miss this one!

The Renegade

In The Renegade, Hal Rockcan confides to Ken Ryker that he feels that they are “More than just buddies and that he loves him.” Ken doesn’t take that too well. But later on when Hal sneaks his hand onto Ken’s chest, Ken moves it lower into his pants. [How many times has that happened to you? LOL!] Then something happens that I have never ever seen in porn before. Ken dons a condom just to get a blow job. What follows is a touching scene with no fucking. Incredible!


Hello again size Queens! Here you get to see Chad Donovan self suck his 11″ cock while standing! Two hot football studs walk in, take one look and know just what they want! LOL! Chad tops Joshua Sterling, as does Sky Thompson during this “Lucky Pierre” three-some. The cum shots are awesome! Don’t miss this one!

The Freshmen

A fourgy! Starring Chris Berrara, Tom Chase, Mike Branson, and Tony Idol. Two trainers carry in an injured soccer player and take off his cleat to assess his ankle. An interested onlooker, wearing only a towel lurks nearby. “How does it look?” says one trainer to the other. “It looks pretty good.” One of the trainers whips out his cock and says “That will keep your mind off your ankle.” The onlooker drops his towel and we see that he too has an erection. What follows in a session of sucking and rimming. There is no fucking. Fairly intimate and tons of cum at the end.

Disc 3 of the FALCON 40TH ANNIVERSARY Collector’s Edition was perhaps tempered by the rampant advent of deaths from AIDS in the gay male population. So we see our first scenes that don’t have any fucking; just sucking and rimming. But the trend toward more muscled bodies continues as does the fondness for monster cocks. The tried and true themes are there for us; locker rooms and hay stacks. I really enjoyed the traipse through the military establishment that introduced Zak Spears though! So risque, exciting and adventurous! You certainly will enjoy this DVD that takes one back to the 90’s, even though there are sad memories in those years, they are not on this DVD. Just great sex!

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Demonicsex Trailer!

September 30, 2009 Posted by suefairview

The Sword has the Demonicsex trailer and you can see it here. Here are some photos from the film:


Samuel Colt as Flame Bottom

Samuel Colt as Flame Bottom


Zak Spears plays The Dark One who leads Samuel down the garden path, into darkest evil. You can learn all about it at the DEMONICSEX Movie site, where the last two photos are from.

Green Door Production Blog Part III

July 17, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Steve Cruz notes that Green Door ships on August 4th. Click here to reserve your copy!
He interviews Luke Riley and Drake Jaden. Here is an excerpt from the interview with Luke:

SC: Can we adopt you?

LR: Of course you and Bruno are very special to me!

SC: (He’s very special to us too, can’t wait to have you back, boy boy!)

The rest of the interview is here.

Green Door Behind the Scenes

June 13, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Samuel Colt

Source: Steve Cruz

Photo of Samuel Colt from Queer Me Now.

Behind the Scenes from Green Door

April 23, 2009 Posted by suefairview

Source: Steve Cruz

Hat Tip: Guilty Pleasures